Top List Of Best Free Wifi Calling Apps(Bug Free)

  The advancement in mobile telephony has not only brought convenience to mankind, it has improved the quality of lives. Right from the era of public mobile system after second world war to the time of mobile phones which send and receive signals(radio signals) via microwave antennas mounted on tower( usually called network Mast)

    There had been tremendous improvement in the quality of Voice calling. Although the idea of both video calling and WiFi calling had been discovered for century and development were made; such as, greater bandwidth, invention of webcam etc. WiFi calling and video calling became increasingly popular in the 2000 century.
The following smartphone applications will take care of WiFi calling on your android phones and iPhone or iPad.
WALKIE TALKIE WIFI APP : It is an an application that can work on any smartphone that has WiFi hotspot capability and it can also be used with router. Once the WiFi hotspot is connected, the app can be used as push-to-talk and it support more than sixty (60) languages.

  UPP TALK CALLING APP :This is a messaging application that is developed by UPPTALK SL. It features both local and international calling without any barrier and there are various versions that are compatible with android system, iOS and windows operating system.

TAPEaTALK :This calling app can use both WiFi and 3G/4G data to make both local and international calls. Moreso, you can make changes on the app in the connection area of the settings. Click on the check box for WIFI ONLY. Just like many free apps out there, ads are displayed while using the, you will be seeing advertisement but you can remove it by simply making upgrade purchase


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  1. I think many big names in mobile app development are going into WiFi calling app since this is becoming popular everyday but the apps are seem to be old and there are already new apps for free texting and calling and the list you provided here is not comprehensive enough. I appreciate lit though, just making suggestion if you could add more.

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