WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application that currently exists, the availability of the app has been mainly for mobile phones, but now it is possible to install it on our computer.

  WhatsApp PC is available for Windows and Mac operating systems, which confirms that it is possible to chat from our computer by installing a simple program. To have WhatsApp pc you need to count an active WhatsApp account on a mobile phone, linked to a phone number.

In WhatsApp for computer, you will simply need to show that you are an active user to use it. Once you link your account, the mobile must be connected either via Wi-Fi or data connection to receive the messages. ie, WhatsApp for Windows and Mac is simply an installable version of WhatsApp web.

However, it is a primary requirement to have an active account linked to a phone number. WhatsApp for PC works exactly as it does on your mobile device, with the advantage that the computer has a larger screen and keyboard.

How to install WhatsApp for Windows and Mac

Download WhatsApp for PC

  • In Windows, WhatsApp for sorted only works from Windows 7, while on Mac will work in the latest versions of OS X.


  • Link the mobile account with the PC
    Open WhatsApp on the phone and access the WhatsApp web section. It is located in the app Setup menu. It will open the camera of your mobile, bring it closer to the QR code that appears when you start the program WhatsApp for PC.


  • Enjoy WhatsApp on your PC
    If you have any question, you can ask in the comment box!
How You Can Download & Install WhatsApp For Computer

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