A to Z of Whatsapp Beta Video Calling from Download, install to Settings

A to Z of Whatsapp Beta Video Calling from Download, install to Settings

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WhatsApp Beta Version and Video Calling

We were once waiting for new version of whatsapp messenger where you can invite and make video chat and calling on your android tablets, iphone, Samsung, windows phone, make and send lovely and funny videos to friends, but now, it is no more news that it has arrived.

Now, you can make video calls from Android and iOS, send large files and some other news features and it works with any of your contacts on WhatsApp that has the installed beta version of the WhatsApp on his/her smartphone.

This whatsapp messenger for android tablets are free to download from various app stores, you can also download the whatsapp apk version from its directory. The whatsapp updates which gave birth to the new whatsapp beta version came with outstanding features that make whatsapp to be one of the top market leaders of mobile messenger apps.

Having said that, WhatsApp can also be downloaded to your PC and Nokia Phones without any problem. When some people complain of WhatsApp not working, especially video calling, it may be from the friend you’re trying to call or rarely, when whatsapp server is down.

Other problems which can make WhatsApp not sending your message is when your internet is down and WhatsApp is not able to connect, when your WhatsApp is outdated and you need to install the latest version on your phone; all these are common WhatsApp problems and issues users talk about.

To get this fabulous service from the latest WhatsApp beta version, just follow the steps to use it on your mobile device.


1. Download the New WhatsApp Beta Version or install the APK
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It is a requirement to have the WhatsApp beta version to test all the new features,  including the video calling. You can Register for WhatsApp online on their official website and the trial version will now be downloaded to your mobile. This is how to become a beta tester

Both you and the person you want to call must have the beta version installed on their phone and of course, reliable Internet connection. Most times, weak internet connection result to poor video calling.

You can also download whatsapp beta apk version and install it manually on your tablet phone. To do this, you can go to the APKMirror web and download it free. Once downloaded, you can install it in the normal way. Other alternative, you can ask your friends to transfer it to you through sharing apps like flash share or Xender. This is usually my approach.

2. You have the WhatsApp beta and you still can’t make video calls
To solve this whatsapp problem is very simple, just go to the menu of applications within the settings of your phone, delete the data and the cache of the app and run again. You will have to login again and give all the permissions to the application. After this, it will work without any error.

If the problem persists, you must verify that you’re using the latest version of the app by going to the WhatsApp Settings > information and help > information.

3. Try the WhatsApp video calls
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Make a video conversation with the person you want to see and click on the call icon. Doing so pops up a window that now offers you two options, voice call or video call. Just select the second and wait for the connection to appear.

If it appears the option of video calls do not appear on WhatsApp, it is possible that the contact that you intend to call has executed the previous points incorrectly, suggest a review or send this article to him/her to have a more detailed guide.

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  1. What can one do when whatsapp video call is not working, the issue is worrisome sometimes, I’ve deleted, download again and re activate the app.

  2. Chaktty, how can i know if my whatsapp video call is recording or not as I still don’t get how to record WhatsApp video call on both my android and iPhone

  3. WhatsApp is definitely going to surpass what we expected since it has been acquired by Zuckerberg. A new payment solution is speculated to be integrated with WhatsApp soon.

  4. If I have to say, they’ve not improved on the video call quality, including the voice call probably because the service is free.

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