How WhatsApp is Hacked & How to Protect your Account

Cyber-security is now a global subject of security as it affect us all in this digital age. Our lives are now connected to the internet because of the fact that information are more processed online and with the growth and expansion of social sites, internet privacy is threatened as hackers find it easier to get access to people’s profile and their confidential information.

Not only do hackers crack the system to get information, the owners of these social sites often release this information to third parties for various reasons, most especially for marketing and advertising, making people’s personal information to be susceptible to being stolen from crackers.

If you’ve ever ask if someone can hack your WhatsApp account either with your phone or remotely, I can tell you that one of the most messaging app susceptible to cracking is your WhatsApp because of bug that allows internet criminal to spy, hijack and steal private data without the need for passcode.

You don’t need WhatsApp hack download software before you can hack WhatsApp chat history online, spy messages without installing app on the potential victim’s phone or survey. All you need is the phone number of the target person and few steps to read someone’s WhatsApp messages of other number online free, send and receive messages.

The steps that some hackers follow to hack your WhatsApp account are the following.



  • The first thing is to have the phone number of the target ( There are some who can hack WhatsApp on your android device without access to phone and without verification code, but this is with some sniffer and spy tools).
  • The second thing is to get a smartphone which you’ve not downloaded the WhatsApp app on it or activate it.

The most serious part of this is the backup feature of WhatsApp in which many people don’t know it has its cons; they only think it’s all good but that’s what make your WhatsApp susceptible to hackers in this method. If you don’t backup chat history, then, that’s the end of the road to WhatsApp hackers to access your chat without having your phone but if you do, it can be used against you.

  • The next step is to install WhatsApp on the new phone and activate it with the target phone number you want to hack the WhatsApp associated account. After that, you will receive verification code which can be sent as message or voice call, however you choose to receive the code and you have to enter it.

In this method, your account can not be hacked remotely and for you to secure and stop your WhatsApp account from being hacked, you should be careful with your SIM card not to get it into the hands of a wrong person and if your phone is lost or stolen, the first thing is to block the SIM card and possible the phone if you have confidential data on your phone.

Once the cracker has completed these tasks, he can now begin to use your WhatsApp account to receive your messages, send and invite people. He may send messages to your contacts to request funds and do some other shitty things.

It does not matter whether you use android or iPhone, your WhatsApp account can be hacked but to know if your account is being monitored or hacked, you can be vigilant about strange messages and inclusion into strange groups and if you’ve confirmed that someone else is using your account and you want to know how to logout the person, there are some steps to take.

How to Prevent & Regain your WhatsApp Account from Hacking

You can import your contact on the SIM card to another line and change the WhatsApp account phone number to another line. This will make the former account to be void.

You can also delete WhatsApp data from your phone, be it android, Samsung, iPhone or others. Just go the phone’s settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp and click CLEAR DATA or any phrase similar to this, depending on the phone.

Note that, WhatsApp only keep your activities on your phone unless you backup; when you clear the data from your phone, it will wipe your chat history and you’ve to login again, receive verification code and activate it. This trick will get you out of internet criminal who has already hacked your WhatsApp account.

You can also delete your WhatsApp messenger from your phone and reinstall the app again, and verify your account again.

If you’ve activated your WhatsApp account to be used on computer/desktop, you can also logout from the system on your mobile phone. While on desktop, just click the logout button and if you’re on mobile, go to Setting >> Click WhatsApp Web/Desktop and logout from all computers and confirm this action.

If you want to counteract the attack of hackers in getting access to your WhatsApp account chat history, simply disable the WhatsApp backup service. You can manually disable it by going to the WhatsApp settings >> Chats >> Chat backup, Tap Backup to Google drive and choose Never.

Once you’ve done this, you’re better protected and if someone is already using your WhatsApp account without your permission, kindly follow different methods I mentioned above. Do you like the article, kindly share with your friends on social networks.

How to Hack Whatsapp Account Chat History & Steps to Be Protected Online

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