What to Look for when Buying A Home for the First Time

Are you trying to buy a home for the first time in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or any of the top European or Asian countries and you’re thinking if you’d need a realtor or you can buy your house without any agent.

Yeah! You can buy houses that are listed for sale by the real owners, even the ones that are near you and you can as well outsource real estate managers to get the job done for you.

However, other things that are important are the steps involved, the process of buying a house, how long it will take you to finalize the deal in any country you’re buying from since there are regulations guiding the buying and selling of landed properties.

how to search and find your dream house online

In the UK for example, it can take less or more than four weeks depending on several variables like buying with a loan or cash, etc.

And to the process, you list the qualities you want your house to have, viz: landscape, bedrooms, garden, amenities, etc depending on your taste.

There are many things people can simply look out for when buying a house.

After that, your budget how much you want to spend, get qualified and approved for credit in mortgage bank or buy cash, contact the seller or agent and start making an offer and after the offer is accepted, make payment and start working on the transfer of documents.

The real estate business in the UK has been profitable in this last decade, and now that the economy is slow due to the pandemic, there is no better time to begin the process of buying a home than today.

If you’re taking a mortgage, you should consult an expert on working on the terms, and you can use a mortgage calculator to calculate your repayment, interest, and others.

Working with a local realtor and their team of qualified associates can help you discover your home, a place to raise your family, and create lifetime memories.

Just like I said, there are many parameters to consider when searching, selecting, and buying your dream house but the most important factors an average homebuyer should consider are the following.

what to consider if you are buying home for the first time

How many houses Can I Afford?

A determination needs to be made as regards to the house you can comfortably afford without going into too much debt.

A home represents one of the largest single assets Americans own and too much mortgage can turn a dream home into a long-term financial burden.

You can check out online for the best states to buy houses from in each country to get a cheap house.

Some first-time home buyers like to buy their first apartment in California or New Jersey because there are less expensive and affordable properties there and the market is competitive.

An analysis of your monthly income (before taxes), expenses, loan type (i.e. fixed, ARM, 15-, 30-year, etc.), down payment, and other debt information can give you a good sense of the mortgage you can apply for.

If you don’t know how much mortgage you can qualify for, how much you should spend on a house based on your income, there are mortgage affordability calculator to help you calculate how much mortgage loan you can afford and how much you should spend on a house.

You’ll input your income, for example, if you’re earning $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 per annum, it’ll suggest a reasonable budget that will not affect other aspects of your life as a rule of thumb.

Another tip: pre-qualify for any mortgage you seek before discussing a home purchase with a realtor. You can also use loan prequalification calculator sites


Should I Fix-it-Up or Buy New House?

The proliferation of home improvement shows on media such as HGTV and the DIY channel have fed a desire in many to attempt to buy and renovate older homes.

Words like ‘open concept’ and ‘cathedral ceilings’ seem to capture an inspire a desire to tear down the old and rebuild new.

Generally, it’s not advised to buy a fixer-upper home as a first time home buyer and a low-income earner as the cost of fixing an old house, renovating the damages, and restoring it could cost you high budget if you don’t do your homework very well before making an offer to the seller.

Get a home renovation cost estimator spreadsheet or use an existing remodeling cost estimate template that’s having similar variables to the old house you’re buying to get the average cost to completely renovate the apartment.

Do both the interior and exterior makeover, gut the rooms to your taste or better, use some software and mobile apps to calculate and estimate average improvement cost per square foot.

However, What you choose should be based on where you want to live, the type and style of home you desire, and the cost to renovate it.

As an example, a recent report put the cost of renovating a pre-1950 home of 2,000 square feet at $320 per square foot versus $280 a square foot for a post-2000 built home, a difference of $80,000.

So, for example, you’re buying a 100-year-old house, the cost of repairing the wrecks is lightly going to be more compared to when you’re buying a modern house.

The buying cost and the remodeling cost altogether can even equate the budget for a new residential home construction when you do the breakdown properly.

Therefore, you need to weigh the cost of restoring old houses from start to finish, buying a relatively new house with modern architecture, and let’s say no more than 10 or 20 years old.

Compare this to when you go for new construction and make the final judge on whichever one you’ll get the most return or value.

should I buy a new house or fixed the existing one

Location: How Close/Far Can I Be from Work?

You may want to ask, why is location important when buying a house? In the real estate business, location is one of the most important factors in pricing and making fast sales.

As an employee, you need to decide on your priority, whether cost or location should be considered first.

Choosing your new or next home, you should account for the distance and amount of time it’d take you to get to work unless you’re changing jobs before or after closing on a house.

Sitting in traffic for an hour or more doesn’t make for a pleasant start of the workday nor does it add to your quality of life when rushing out the door at 5 or 6 pm, to catch a child’s school event or spend quality time with the family.

If you are not one of the fortunate work-from-home or telecommuters, your daily work commute is a factor to consider.


What’s in my Neighborhood (Stores, Restaurants, Community Centers, etc.)?

In addition to choosing the right neighborhood for your commute, you also need to consider the proximity of certain amenities to your new home.

Are you ok with driving a mile or two to do your grocery shopping or visit your favorite restaurant? How close to the city’s cultural center do you need to be and how important is that proximity?

The answers to these types of questions which should be discussed with a realtor can make a difference in where you choose to live.

To complement the checklist, there are other determining factors of the house to choose depending on personal preference and some conditions of living. Some of them are:

  • The age of the building as we’ve rightly said and some associated risks.
  • The architectural design and aesthetics of the building
  • The size of the house, depending on the size of your family or your taste of an ideal house
  • The  layout of the property and the ideal space you need
  • The potentials for expansion and addition of other structures.
  • The proximity of an apartment to the children’ schools
  • The crime rate of the environment or neighbors’ Characters
  • The cost of maintaining the property and other costs such as taxes and dues.
  • The potentials in flipping the property fast and making good profits.



Chloe Marie enjoys dining out with her husband, getting involved with community events, and taking dance lessons.

When she’s not doing one of these activities, you can either find her cooking her favorite foods in her newly upgraded kitchen or snuggling on the couch with her dog and reading a good book.

Hot Tips for International Mobile App Marketing/Advertising

On our planet, there are about 7000 different languages spoken and the market for mobile apps is growing in all countries and regions of the world.

It is estimated that the download numbers for apps, will be nearly 270,000 million worldwide in 2017.

For companies and app developers who want to showcase their apps in the international scene, there is a brief overview of the most important factors to consider when marketing your app in multiple languages.

1. Find out Target markets

Locate countries with high Smartphone users and think about where your app is to be published.

Search like apps (apps that’s similar to your own in major features and functions) their strengths and weaknesses analyses and highlight the unique features of your own app.

Possibly, you can assess and evaluate the cultural acceptance of the market for
their own app in order to prepare your own app in tune with the culture of the market you’re targeting.
How to promote mobile apps across the globe

2. Localization

Adjustments of the app to the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the market.

You need to make it translatable in other languages; research on the name of the app you consider whether it is a more appropriate term in the local language for the offered service.

A very good example is the conversion from the “Evernote” app to “Yinxiang Baker” (memory note) in Chinese when the app was expanded to China.

Already in the design of the text fields in the GUI of the app, it should be kept in mind that, you can take texts in other languages in other sizes.

Other elements that must be observed when an app when you localized the app are: date and time format, metadata, symbols and icons, colors, currency formats, graphic design, as well as the
legal texts and their legal security.

3. Translations

The app should support all languages spoken in the country of destination.

Start with the translation with the mother tongue and then add the lesser-used languages gradually.

Approximately 70% of app users are not native English speakers.

According to a study, the number of app downloads increases by 120%, and 26%, once an app is translated into the respective national language.

An app in English, Spanish, and Chinese is understandable for approximately 50% of all app users worldwide.

Languages, where the user’s willingness to buy is higher than average, are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Italian.

There are many downloads when the app in Russian, Portuguese or Mandarin is published. So, this should give you a hint.


4. Choice of App Stores

While Google Play and the Apple app store are the favorite download sites in the United States of America and almost all countries in Europe, it’s not always like that in Asia.

For example, Google Play is not available accessible in China, Instead, app developers there use Baidu, which is already the second-largest app distribution channel around the world.

The choice of the distribution channel of the destination country is crucial for success. The user will have to change his download habits to your app download.

5. Stay active on the typical social channels

You need to add your app to the local social networks and allow users to register it via these channels in the app.

For example, China: Renren, South Africa: MXit, Russia: V contacts. If you want to offer users the possibility to log in via Facebook or Twitter, this should be addressed also as country-specific, since this is not in all countries.

6. Regional support teams

As soon as the app in a specific language region is successful, the next thing to do as a developer is to build a local team.

To set up a global team requires a lot of work. But seen in the long term, it really worth the energy you put into it.

Localization by: app Web page, social media channels, and corporate strategy.

Regionalization of: marketing, support, public relations, and legal department.

Applying for a patent at the country level is a major challenge to promote an app worldwide.

But with good research and preparation, international success is entirely possible.

Spaceship Name Generator – Create a Unique Title Now

Ships are watercraft that are used by maritime officials and sailors to navigate water and travel from one location to another.

They’re mostly used on oceans and other deep waterways, conveying bulk goods and equipment which most of the time can not be carried by vehicles and for other purposes.

Boat on the other hand is a form of smaller watercraft that is also used in the same respect to ships but in a lower capacity.

They’re made in different patterns and sizes and are mostly found in lakes and rivers.

Most of the time, the two are used interchangeably but they’re clearly not the same.

However, is your family having a boat or ship, are you writing about a ship and you need to come up with a fictional name, here the tools to generate both ship and boat names.

how to find unique name for spaceship

lowchensaustralia:  is a simple fantasy ship name generator that displays unique and awesome vessel names.

If you’re trying to christen your sailing ship, you just need to select the gender of the owner, whether male or female, and enter the number of names you want to generate, and right on your screen, you get the name.

While reviewing the tool, we realized that you can generate up to 200 vessel names at a time and you could possibly generate more.

Some of the names we created are :

The Trader Mage, The Duke Tale, The Ernest Sigil, The Covert Scythe, The Brave Lagoon, The Ernest Night, The Trader Moon, The Bane Slayer, The Lone Mage, The Champion Soldier, The Western Lagoon, The Southern Liberator, The Fighter Doom.

Others are: The Duke Shark, The Marvelous Night, The Trader Warrior, The Fighter Sea, The Cunning LiberatorLiberator, The Blue Trident, The Alarm Blood, The Secret Dawn, The Chaste Hope, The Goddess Air, The Endless Seeker, The Disrupting Sorcerer, The Courage Chariot.



Sci-fi ideas is a science fiction spaceships name maker to generate cool ship names in your movies, books or another fictional event project where airships, spaceships or boats are featured.

It can randomly generate star wars ship names, names like alien ships, pirate of the Caribbean ships, medieval ship names for historical events, pirates of the Caribbean ships, etc from their database upon visiting the site and if you need another name, simply refresh the page. One con here is that you don’t have more choices to choose from at a time.


abl.keprouty:  ABL airship name generator is a random airship name creator to get pontoon boat names, names similar to fishing boat halo ships, UNSC ship names, etc.

While you’ll get classy and great boat names here, you should be mindful of how to use them as they’re only meant for fantasy and fun.

Similar to ABL is thimbleprojects which is a Steampunk Airship Name Generator that randomly produces names for your airships. The names here are similar to sailing generalship, badass pirate boat and ships, Vikings ships, and their crew.

www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=pirateshipnamer is an ideal rogue trader ship name generator since you can get more badass cool pirate ship names st random with a limit of 25 vessels.

Some of the names gotten are:

Buccaneer’s Mermaid, Dragon’s Bloody Barnacle, Hades’ Horrid Saber. Killer’s Whore, Pirate’s Dirty Blade, Sea’s Night, Sea’s Skull, The Evil Buccaneer, The Greedy Manta, The Black and Bloody Rage, The Cruelty of the Caribbean, The Cruelty of the Manta, The Damned Cutlass of Hades, The Damned Strumpet, The Damned Thunder of the South.

Others are: The Dark Greed, The Disgraceful Plunder of Atlantis, The Dishonor of Hades, The Dreaming Plunder of the Sargasso Sea, The Fearful Fear, The Morbid Star of the Seven Seas, The Red Scream, The Scurvy Eel of the Seven Seas.

Springhole: generates names for your crafts in any form. There’s nothing to enter to get the title, you only click the ” Open a channel and hail” and get 5 clever boat names at random.

If you also want to learn about boat decals, side graphics, and design, rules for naming a boat, craft air management, food, space, waste, Fitness, fuel, damage and repair management, and other information about crafts.

Lingerandlook:  Do you have a name already for your boat but want to rename it and make it more appealing, want ship names like Zeppelin, famous names, funny ship name for 3, halo ship and sailboat side names, or naming a family boat, there are great names you can get with a little tweak to blend with the attributes of the ships.

For example, you can request for any name without any preference when you choose “Any name will do” or better select names best for a small boat, a big boat, famous ships & boats. If you like alliteration or want to generate humorous puns and boat names for pleasure.

mithrilandmages:  is another good one to randomly generate names for yacht, ship, and boat.

The author boasts of close to 100k modern names for craft already in their database and when tested, we found one word short names mostly which are best for your personal boat and you can easily get personalized boat names here.

For example, names like Reni B, Eldena, Cernia, Germa, Le Saint Laurent, Shark Bait, Joie De Vie, Chat Eau, Dhamra, Artful, Castilian, Kingscote, Ingouville, Shropshire, George Davis, Lairdsrock, Gulfoil, William Bisbee, Sardegna, Capitaine Saint Martin, Bergeronnette,

Katrina Mist, Samconstant, Laristan, Posang, Check Knot, Mission Santa Barbara etc.

allthingsboat  is not only a tool but contains resources to help in naming your boat. It has a collection of different categories of boat names in a list.

Like someone who has much experience in marine, boat names, most of the time correspond with the individual personality, company’s or organization culture, etc, and here you get a list of clever boat names, funny boat names, popular boat names, etc in respective categories.

Some of the categories you can choose a name from are

  • Hilarious boat names for funny skippers
  • Yacht names for gangsters
  • Funny fishing boat names for proud fishermen.
  • Sailboat names for philosophical sailors
  • Awesome boat names for permanent vacations
  • Dirty boat names for dirty boaters
  • Great boat names for alcoholics
  • Funny names for pontoons
  • Good boat names for family boats
  • Boat name ideas for the recently divorced.
  • Popular boat names for un-creative boaters

You’ll also get publications related to boat insurance in the United States of America..

  1. Basic ship maintenance
  2. Review of the best boat insurance providers
  3. Commonly used boat names every year
  4. Sea tradition for renaming a boat
  5. History
  6. Needed equipment for long trip boat journey
  7. Using solar-powered generator VS gasoline-powered generator, etc and other comparisons.

saillouisville:  If you’re struggling with coming up with a cool boat name of your choice, you can use Capt’n Joe’s Boat Name Generator and start sailing. There are hundreds of unique names combination, however, the author only suggests using this tool for naming new vessels and not renaming old vessels or do it at your risk.

BoatNames:  Publishes a long list of best ship names, famous British ships, fake us navy ship names, his ship names, fake British navy ship names, and other boat names starting from A to Z.

www.coolboatnames.com/ also offers pirate ship names, fishing boat names, sail boat names from thousands of cool names in their account which you can browse by alphabet or category. cropped logo cropped logo diamond logo 1


Reasons your Car is not Starting – This is what to Do

If you’ve not used your car for months and you don’t warm up the engine at least once in a week, it’s likely the engine will not pick up the next time you want to drive out.
The most common reason your car doesn’t start quickly after parking it for a long time is a draining battery.
Car batteries often run out of power in autumn and winter. Especially in extreme hotness and coldness, it’s usually a tough period for a battery.
If the car sounds like it’s starting and fails repeatedly, it is not a good sign, it is mostly because the power storage is either discharged or defective.

Why Your Car is not starting easily?

There are tens of reasons your car may refuse to start after putting it on, especially if it’s been parked for a long time.
However, car repair specialists have said several times that the number one reason is a battery that’s drained or dead.
The car battery may get weak if you only drive a few kilometers daily.
When you park it in your garage, without regular recharging with a quality compatible charger, it can also drain fast.
If the car will not work, it will give a clear sign with a dull humming sound.

How to get your Car working again

However, if the engine picks up after a few attempts, you can just drive around to get it charged.
A few kilometer drives can get your car working again.
  • Using a Jump Cable
If it doesn’t start at all, you may need a jump cable – This means you’ll need a working car to power your own.
Once you see someone to help you out, carefully connect the black cable to the negative pole of the starter and your dead battery.
The red cable is connected first to the positive pole of the donor battery and then to the positive pole of the dead battery.
Once this is done and your engine is working, you can now disconnect both cables from the batteries again – Start with the black cable and then the red one.
  • You may need to Replace the Battery
If your battery is really bad and can not work again after using a jumper or quality compatible charger to boost its energy level, then the only option will be to replace it.
It may be that the battery is expired or extremely damaged. Here you need the expertise of a car technician to get your battery replaced.
Even if you just want to charge a battery that’s still working, doing it yourself can cause havoc to your vehicle, let only replacing it with a new one.
For example, if you forget to maintain the on-board voltage with a backup battery when the battery is removed, you can damage the sound system.
Car repair professionals will not make common mistakes that people make in car battery replacement, and they will also know the right battery type for your car.
There are important differences in car batteries that only professionals will understand – This is not about quality or brand alone.
What is good for Volkswagen Beetle may not necessarily be suitable for a Mercedes.
Also, car specialists can help you to get batteries at lower prices.

10 Whatsapp Mobile Tricks You Need to Know

The reasons millions of users of the WhatsApp app are happy these days has been very clear; in that, the social network will stop charging its annual payment of a dollar and promises free for life.

Of course, the news gets most users of WhatsApp to be excited but to make the most of the social network, we will learn 10 tricks that are very useful.


1. How to prevent your WhatsApp friends from knowing that you read the messages that they sent to you.

For Android users, it is easy, you have to download the beta version of the application and go to the Settings tab > Privacy and deselect “reading confirmation “.

For iPhone, it’s a bit more complicated. First, you have to make a jailbreak, a process that allows access to the operating system and download things that are not in the App Store.

Then you have to download an application “WhatsApp receipt Disabler by Bigboss” that allows disabling the famous blue tic.

WhatsApp mobile chat tweaks and shortcut

2. Send files in other formats.

We all know that in WhatsApp, you can only send photos, audio, and video, but with applications like Clound send in Android or mp3 music downloader on iPhone, You can also send PDFs, APKs, or Word documents.


3. Block your WhatsApp.

For some WhatsApp users, the phone key is not enough, so, if you want more security, applications like WhatsApp lock allows you to install a second key.


4. Store the Notifications on your computer.

Applications like Notifyr on iPhone and Desktop notifications in Android allow you to see notifications that reach the cell phone on the Mac or PC.

You need to install the application on your android phone and the extension in the search engine you use on your computer.


5. Install the WhatsApp messages on your Android tablet.

WhatsApp does not want to go down on a tablet, but there is an option.

In the tablet, you must download the latest version of WhatsApp in the format, APK, which is on the website of WhatsApp, the desktop version.

You should also download SRT AppGuard, an application that shields the tablet from being recognized as a tablet.

In Str AppGuard, select WhatsApp and press monitor, allowing that application to make a version of WhatsApp.

When you finish monitoring, download and deactivate “read phone status” and “identity under phone calls” Then activate WhatsApp using your local phone line to be called and give you the three-number verification code.

It introduces it in WhatsApp and ready.


6. Prevent people from knowing when you’re connected.

Under the name in the chat, WhatsApp puts a phrase in which it tells what time was the last time one entered the application.

To avoid it, enter the settings > account >> Privacy > last seen.
There are three options there: every one, (my contacts) and Nobody. Just choose the one that suits you.


7. Retrieves deleted conversations.

You erased some conversations by accident or you just regretted it. Sometimes, your cell phone can keep the conversations in its memory.

But if one uninstalls and reinstalls the WhatsApp, at one point, it asks if you want to restore the history of messages. Say yes and you’ll have them back.


8. Prevent yourself from downloading photos and videos automatically.

It is one of the main reasons why the data is exhausted when the photos and videos start downloading automatically.

To avoid it, you have to do the following, go to the settings tab > Chat settings > media auto-download.

You can choose to go down only when you are connected to Wi-Fi or never or always.


9. See your statistics on WhatsApp.

It is a fact that, on many occasions, curiosity is the main cause of the number of messages you have received and sent.

It is also useful to manage statistics to follow articles or files that you share. It’s simple: go to Settings > Account > network usage; and you’re done.


10. Choose one image on another.

Yes, there are applications that allow two photos to be sent in one.

An image arrives, and once the sender clicks on it, you see the other one. Megiapp on Android and FhumbApp on iPhone allows you to do this.

How to save more Money with Living cost Calculators

We tend to spend much when it’s available, thinking it would be like that forever.

Even billionaires of the world today adjust their spendings at one time or the other to meet the demands of their financial goals or other aims in life.

To manage your family finances, you need the best family budget planning tool to ensure proper budget management.

One of the financial tools you will need is calculator.me. With this tool, you will be able to plan money savings and investment, retirement, and loan repayment.

How to manage family expenses and save more money

For budget planning, open the tool, enter your net income for a specific period you would like to translate into a percentage.

The amount and percentage of your income you should spend on the following list will be calculated.

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Recreation
  • Savings
  • Gift
  • Personal etc

To further manage your spending, the opportunity cost’s tool will help to refresh your mind on the concept of opportunity cost.

It will help to cut off expenses on products and services that offer you less value and attract more expenses.

Simply calculate the costs of all expenses on unnecessary items you bought over a period, enter it.

You will get the forgone interest earnings, the Real cost of expenditure, and the value of savings after factoring inflation.

You can also manage your monthly expenses by checking on your utility bill.  Energy consumption does have serious effects on your bill if you’re a low-income earner.

You can, therefore, use the appliance operating cost calculator the average cost per kilowatt, and the cost of operating those appliances at home.

This can help you to make alternative decisions on high energy-consuming products at home



Good budget finance app

It’s one of the best budget calculator app that helps you to keep track and manage your finances without the exorbitant price of employing a family/business budget planner.

It has real-time tracking, easy-to-use interface, and synchronization across many devices.

This made it easy to share your budget with your business associates, lawyer, banker or any other stakeholder to your business life in other to keep them on the same page.

There are different versions for computers, android phones, iPhone, iPad, and iPod which made the app ‘everywhere you go’.

The good-budget app is a good budget manager for daily, weekly bi-weekly, or monthly budget.

It enables you to plan your budget, stay on the budget, add transactions as you start executing them, and check your activities/report in illustrative charts which depicts where you’ve spent much and where you’ve spent less.

Other things you can do with the application are the checking of account balance, adding a new income source, and the income, searching for your transactions by category.

Also, you can view your budget in a specific timeframe, so also your expenses to find out other factors contributing to your budgeting and expenses.

For example, you can use it for a food budget, bill budget, and other household expenses or huge project like home building budget, taking out the pain in making records in the traditional budget book which your spouse can find it disgusting.

living cost tool to help save more money for investment

You can customize the app interface to your taste by changing the styles to make it more fascinating and enhance readability.

If you’re thinking of getting the best free household or business budget app for android, iPhone, or Mac, then GoodBudget is not going to disappoint you.

The web version of the budget app has fewer advanced features more than the mobile app; it enables you to download your transaction history to CSV.

While the app is free, you can get more features enabled such as synchronization to as much as five devices, unlimited Envelopes, access to up to five years of transaction history, and e-mail support for subscribers.

This app has helped a lot of people to control their spending habits and save more money based on the reviews we got from users and it was highly recommended by famous companies like Forbes, Boston Globe, Verizon Wireless, The New York Times, etc.

You can’t have a less good experience if you start using the Goodbudget app and it’s one of the best-shared budget apps for couples; lightweight with just 4.9MB size, 4.0 android version compatibility, and other higher versions.


How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages & Steps to Be Protected Online

How WhatsApp is Hacked & How to Protect your Account

Cyber-security is now a global subject of security as it affects us all in this digital age.

Our lives are now connected to the internet because of the fact that information is more processed online.

With the growth and expansion of social sites, internet privacy is threatened as hackers find it easier to get access to people’s profile and their confidential information.

If you’ve ever asked if someone can hack your WhatsApp account either with your phone or remotely, I can tell you that one of the most messaging apps susceptible to cracking is your WhatsApp.

This is because of bug that allows internet criminals to spy, hijack and steal private data without the need for a passcode.

You don’t need to download software to hack WhatsApp chat history online, spy messages without installing an app on the potential victim’s phone or survey.

All you need is the phone number of the target person and few steps to read someone’s WhatsApp messages of another number online free, send and receive messages.


The steps that some hackers follow to hack your WhatsApp account are the following.



  • The first thing is to have the phone number of the target (There are some who can hack WhatsApp on your android device without access to phone and without verification code, but this is with some sniffer and spy tools).
  • The second thing is to get a smartphone which you’ve not downloaded the WhatsApp app on it or activate it.

The most serious part of this is the backup feature of WhatsApp in which many people don’t know it has its cons.

They only think it’s all good but that’s what makes your WhatsApp susceptible to hackers in this method.

If you don’t back-up chat history, then, that’s the end of the road to WhatsApp hackers to access your chat without having your phone but if you do, it can be used against you.

  • The next step is to install WhatsApp on the new phone and activate it with the target phone number you want to hack the WhatsApp associated account.
  • After that, you will receive verification code which can be sent as a message or voice call, however, you choose to receive the code and you have to enter it.

In this method, your account can not be hacked remotely and for you to secure and stop your WhatsApp account from being hacked, you should be careful with your SIM card not to get it into the hands of a wrong person.

If your phone is lost or stolen, the first thing is to block the SIM card and possibly the phone if you have confidential data on your phone.

Once the cracker has completed these tasks, he can now begin to use your WhatsApp account to receive your messages, send and invite people.

He may send messages to your contacts to request funds and do some other shitty things.

It does not matter whether you use android or iPhone, your WhatsApp account can be hacked.

To know if your account is being monitored or hacked, you can be vigilant about strange messages and inclusion into strange groups.

If you’ve confirmed that someone else is using your account and you want to know how to logout the person, there are some steps to take.


How to Prevent & Regain your WhatsApp Account from Hacking

You can import your contact on the SIM card to another line and change the WhatsApp account phone number to another line. This will make the former account to be void.

You can also delete WhatsApp data from your phone, be it android, Samsung, iPhone or others.

Just go the phone’s settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp and click CLEAR DATA or any phrase similar to this, depending on the phone.

Note that, WhatsApp only keeps your activities on your phone unless you backup.

When you clear the data from your phone, it will wipe your chat history and you’ve to log in again, receive verification code and activate it.

This trick will get you out of an internet criminal who has already hacked your WhatsApp account.

You can also delete your WhatsApp messenger from your phone and reinstall the app again, and verify your account again.

If you’ve activated your WhatsApp account to be used on a computer, you can also logout from the system on your mobile phone.

While on desktop, just click the logout button and if you’re on mobile, go to Setting >> Click WhatsApp Web/Desktop and logout from all computers and confirm this action.

If you want to counteract the attack of hackers in getting access to your WhatsApp account chat history, simply disable the WhatsApp backup service.

You can manually disable it by going to the WhatsApp settings >> Chats >> Chat backup, Tap Backup to Google drive and choose Never.

Once you’ve done this, you’re better protected and if someone is already using your WhatsApp account without your permission, kindly follow different methods I mentioned above.

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in various Fields

3-Dimensional printing is not a new technology that is used to produce prototypes. However, this technology is still evolving and additive manufacturing is now used across different industries.

3D printing and additive manufacturing applications help companies to manage their resources such as time, materials, personnel and even money.

There are now several companies using 3D printing for producing products made by additive manufacturing.

With technology changing the approaches of finding a solution to a problem, we can not underestimate the impacts of additive manufacturing in the future.


Additive manufacturing in Medicine

3D printing in healthcare emerging applications is becoming more popular in the medical field.

Over two decades ago, Bioprinting became one of the main applications of 3D printing. In today’s medical practices, a 3D printer can be used to create a human liver.

People like Organova (inventor of the first commercial bio-printer – NovoGen MMX), Makoto Nakamura, and scientists from Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine Lab at Columbia University have developed printer models to keep up with this trend.

The applications of additive manufacturing in the medical field are not limited to bioprinting, but it is also used in the production of prostheses; prostheses can be individually adapted to humans and animals.

Also, 3D bioprinter is easy to be moved closer to the exact body area where doctors are working on in the theatre. This is one of the benefits of 3D printing in the medical field.

3D bioprinter is also used to print organs for pre-surgical exercise for practicing doctors and students studying medicines and other related courses.

Today, standard hospitals and clinics are now using 3D printers to meet their patients’ needs.

While the above-mentioned benefits of 3D printing in healthcare are highlighted, there are problems with 3D tech and challenges faced by healthcare companies.

Some of the disadvantages are

  • High production cost
  • High energy demand
  • Production materials are scarce
  • It leads to Harmful Emissions
  • It can increase Plastic pollution


Additive manufacturing applications in the automotive industry

Applications of 3d printing in the automotive industry have increased rapidly in the last two decades. We now have 3D printed automobile parts.

Additive manufacturing is now changing how we move and transport things. The benefits of 3D manufacturing are felt in both marine, aerospace and land transportation means.

Whether in aerospace, automotive or shipping, companies are looking for ways to manage their time and money.

Since it costs so much, for example, to transport materials into space, authorities, airlines, and transport companies are looking for ways to minimize the high transport costs.

To help to reduce the high costs, additive manufacturing is being relied upon. It makes it possible to optimize the topology so that weight can be optimized without having to sacrifice load capacity.

The advance of 3D printing in the field of metal spare parts also allows technological and pragmatic advances in the automotive industry.

In the current state of 3d printing in the automotive industry, we now have cars or ships that are manufactured using a 3D printer.


Additive manufacturing in the construction industry

The application of additive manufacturing in the construction industry has not just started in recent decades.

Architects and civil engineers have been using CAD programs to design and construct buildings on their computers for quite some time now.

With the advent of additive manufacturing 3D printing, many construction companies can now use this technology to build models.

With 3D printing, architects can now develop building models with many details. More engineers are now finding it easy to use this technology since they are already used to CAD programs long before the advent of 3D printing.

3D printing can be used to deliver building construction within a short time and with less human resources.

For example, Apis Cor (the first company in the US that developed specialized equipment for 3D printing) completed a 3D-printed house within 30 hours.

The company used 3D machines to complete this project where their movable arms helped to distribute the concrete evenly.

Other examples are the printing of a metal bridge in Amsterdam. Even the American Space Agency is working towards using 3D printing to design buildings on the moon and Mars.


Additive manufacturing in art & design

3D printing technologies are increasingly used in the art & design field.

Professional artists across the globe now incorporate 3D printing into their art design.

This is because additive manufacturing helps artists actualize their weird imaginations

With this technology, artists will change the scope of the art engineering in the future. Already, we can say that the future of digital art is already here.

Examples of the impacts of 3D printing are the dress collections by Danit Peleg, jewelry by Diana Law and even the production of chocolates of different shapes by Dinara Kasko.


Other areas of the applications of AM

Additive manufacturing is finding its way in almost all sectors of the economy.

It is one of the technologies that now influence our entire society as it facilitates the development of new products, personalizing products and meeting some very specific needs.

In aerospace, AM is now being explored in many space research. Additive manufacturing is already used successfully in building new satellites or a lunar station.

This will make it easy to send elements into space with much less weight.



3D printing offers different applications across several industries. It offers efficient solutions in robotics, innovations in sports, health, construction, Arts and design, etc.

How to choose Broadband Package – in Layman Terms

I can say that most internet service subscribers believe they are not getting the best from their service provider.

Therefore, people keep searching for the best internet provider with the best broadband package deal in their area.

It is not always about the provider but you understanding how things work with internet services.

There are different classes of broadband  and each of them has its advantages and the disadvantages


  • Public wireless – 4G/LTE
  • Public broad bandwidth
  • Private Network
  • Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN)

The ability to know which best suits your business will help you to make the right decision.


Before you go for any type of bandwidth, you need to define how you want to use the service.

Bandwidth that is required for fast live streaming of videos online, on TV and PC

  1. Is it going to be for personal use or business
  2. Are you going to be dealing with large files or not
  3. For business use, are you going to connect more than one location
  4. Are you going to be able to tolerate delay in data communication or not
  5. Will you have to keep data in the cloud
  6. How much budget can you allocate for bandwidth monthly

The list can continue like that. Another thing that’s important but not taking seriously is the understanding of the technical terms.

Some people can not differentiate between similar terms like bit and bundle or downstream and download.

The broadband companies can use the technical terms to their advantage since they’re not explained on their sites in layman terms.

Ensure you understand the broadband contract or agreement before you go for it.

Let’s look into some of the most used terms in broadband-related services.


  • 3G broadband

It is fully known as third-generation 3G mobile technology and was introduced in the UK in 2003 and now covers most of the country.


  • 4G broadband

Fourth-generation mobile technology – 4G – promises more reliable connections and faster download speeds.


  • ADSL

It is known as an asymmetrical digital subscriber line. It enables the fast transmission of data via the copper cables of your existing telephone line and is a common Internet connection.

It is easy to use both your telephone and broadband connection at the same time with ADSL. For example, you’ll be able to make phone calls while browsing the internet.


  • ADSL2 +

A higher version of ADSL that uses the same copper wires but with more modern technology. It is faster than ADSL with speeds of up to 20 megabytes per second.


  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is often used interchangeably with internet speed by both consumer and broadband companies.

It means the amount of data you can transfer at a time.

It could also mean the speed at which you can upload and download file on the internet.


  • Bandwidth conflict ratio

The bandwidth contention ratio indicates the maximum number of people sharing your broadband connection.

So if the ratio is 50:1, you can share your connection with a maximum of 49 other people at the same time.

The higher the competition rate, the lower the potential download speed.


  • Connection

With broadband, you can speed up your broadband connection by connecting multiple phone lines together. You get more bandwidth and therefore higher speeds.


  • Lock

There are two definitions of the term “capping”.

It is often used to describe a download limit. Therefore, you may only be able to download a certain amount of data per month according to the terms of your contract.



Canceling your broadband contract because you feel the service is poor or the bandwidth measurement isn’t accurate, you need to understand what you want first.

Switching from Vodafone, Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk to BT, Glide or ASk4 is not the end solution, you may even have to pay for cancellation fees in some cases.

Getting to understand all the technicalities of broadband will help you choosing the best-fit broadband service.

How Digital Signage works & the Advantages of Electronic Billboards

Digital Signage (DS) is the use of technology to display information in a digital format, with the aid of output devices such as TV, e-Paper, etc.

It can be referred to as electronic billboard, dynamic signage, out of home advertising or outdoor marketing and other relative terms.

Digital signage can be used to enhance the navigation of people or offer services in a business environment like a hotel, shopping mall, hall, etc.

In a large business environment, a single person can control this tech from one room and display different information across the signage boards.

The information is transmitted purposefully, quickly, dynamically, and also interactively to the visitors.

The information that can be displayed can include different forms of media like texts, graphics, animations, videos, and can be in the slideshow.

what is digital signage and its types

Types of Digital Signage

Digital signage can be classified in different dimensions. For example, purpose, the mode of the display, the environment, and even the usage.

The dynamic transmission of multimedia information can be for the point of interest (POI) and the information can be advertising messages which are for the Point of Sales (POS).

For categorization according to the medium of display, the common ones are the following


  • Digital Posters:

It is the use of an LCD screen that is mounted on a wall to display information. It’s simple to install and can be used for customer self-service and marketing.

The presentation and interaction of the digital signage systems in an environment are communicated via a network and can be managed centrally by one person.


  • Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage:

Another way of getting the message across to the visitors is to mount the screen to the ceiling. This is good when people are confined in a place and not moving around or they will stay for a while

This can be used at the cash desk, reception or counter, conference hall, etc.

The information you want to display can be stored in a USB drive, computer, media player, cloud, etc and transferred to the signage software.


  • Freestanding digital signage:

This is a little bit expensive and can be obstructive to the eyes. The signage is mounted to the floor in an enclosure and bolted to the ground.

Visitors get interacted with it as they move around. It can be used to strengthen the brand image, to entertain visitors, for navigation around the building or as a parking guidance system.


  • Outdoor Digital signage:

This is becoming used in recent times. The screen is usually enclosed to make it durable as it’s exposed to natural elements like rainfall, sunlight, and dust.

It can be used to display price as you have at gas stations, for public awareness of an event or services in the community. It can be mounted to a bridge or in any high place where there’s always traffic.


Advantages of digital signage

There are several benefits of using digital signage for your business, either retail or in the production unit.

It makes navigation easy

It a large building or company, classic digital signage can aid the easy movement of visitors and direct them to the place they need to visit for their coming.

These may include the permanently attached symbols for the basic signage already mentioned, such as lifts, toilets and more. This can be attached once and it stays there.


It’s automated and in real-time

Digital signage mounted in different places in a building is controlled centrally on a system. The information can be updated from the digital signage software and the display will be updated immediately.

You can even modify messages according to the times of the day and season. You can use one messaging format in the morning and change that in the afternoon to a more relevant message to the time of the day.

Unlike before, there will have to be another printing cost, the information would have to be proofread and the previous display will be removed before posting another one.

This used to take several people and several hours but can now be updated within seconds.


You can easily test the Marketing message that works

Since you can update the message on the LCD screen in realtime, you can A/B test your marketing messages on different screens.

You can easily change the marketing message that doesn’t work to a more effective tactic. Also, you can align your marketing tactic to a big event that’s about to happen or already ongoing.

For example, during Christmas, hajj, soccer world cup, Olympics and other big events. You just have to be creative with it. This gets people sticker to the message during such times.


Digital signage can think like humans

Cameras and sensors can be integrated into the system to make it automate some processes. For example, if a place is overcrowded, it detects it and displays new guidance on where people should go and get their issues addressed.

You don’t need to make announcements or end human personnel to tell people what to do, this takes away administrative time.

It enhances safety on your premises, improves customer experience because your visitors don’t have to be stressed up. It’s called smart route guidance.


It’s attention-grabbing

A digital poster can reduce the perceived wait time of the visitors.

In a situation where people want to complain or will have to wait for some time before their issue is addressed, digital signage can keep them entertained.

Eye-catching brand graphics on the vision, mission, and development of the brand can be displayed on the signage, video ads and other informational messages that can be displayed to keep the visitors happy while waiting.



Digital signage can be displayed on small and large screens for the presentation of information.

The information can be compressed, streamed and updated in real-time. The message on the signage can be a combination of graphics, texts, and sound background.

It can as well be in video, animation or interactively with intercommunication via touch screen, keys, cursor or speech.