Knowing Your Appliances that Use more Energy when they’re off
Despite all the efforts made to reduce energy consumption in households, it is not enough and we are still receiving unpleasant surprises on the bill for this important service.

Switching on lights only when necessary, use energy saving bulbs, use your air conditioners only the environment is hot among other tips; they help, but they are not the solution to your constant energy saving.

For this reason, it is important that you know what the Electronic devices that help you achieving this, power off energy consumption and based on the list, you run a plan to maintain a Permanent savings.

1.  Cable TV Box
There are various models of box for cable or satellite channels which implies different consumptions. The cable mode with video recorder is the one that demands and uses more electricity, with 43, 4w per hour.

2. Laptop
Completely off, the laptops can consume up to 8.9 w per hour. Even in “Sleep” or “hibernation” mode, it can increase up to 15, 7w.

3. Music Mini components
When you’re liistening to radio, its consumption may rise to 14, 4w, but when you’re using other features like playing a compact disc, you will have to use 150% more energy than when you only listen to the radio. Just Off your radio when you don’t need it, only plugging it only can consume Watt per hour.

4. TV, Rear Projection
LCD TVs tend to consume less energy, however, the rear projection model, still popular, can consume twice as much as the old cathode ray model, 6, 6w only plugged into the mains.

5. Microwave
If you keep your microwave oven connected, it can consume 3, 8w per hour, but if you forget to close your door, the figure rises eight times more 25w.

6. Desktop computer
In “Sleep” mode, the consumption rises to 21, 1w. And if you’re just doing nothing (with the monitor off) you can use 73, 9w.

7. Coffee Machine
It is not a very common appliance, but if you have one at home, it will consume a little more 1w, for every hour you are not using it and remain plugged in.

8. Video Game console
If it’s only plugged in, it consumes 1w, but if you leave it active mode, ready to use, the figure rises to 23.3.

9. Wireless phone
When the phone includes an answering machine, then the consumption increases by 2, 9w per hour, connected to the network 0, 98W.

10. Cell Phone Charger
The smallest of consumers, but there is a very popular saying, “Pepa en Pepa the hen fills its crop”, if you are accustomed to leaving it connected, it is most likely that, at the end of the month, it accumulated a significant consumption. Only plugged in consumes 0, 26w.

Top Common Appliances that use Most Kilowatt at Home when Off

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