Reasons your Car is not Starting – This is what to Do

If you’ve not used your car for months and you don’t warm up the engine at least once in a week, it’s likely the engine will not pick up the next time you want to drive out.
The most common reason your car doesn’t start quickly after parking it for a long time is a draining battery.
Car batteries often run out of power in autumn and winter. Especially in extreme hotness and coldness, it’s usually a tough period for a battery.
If the car sounds like it’s starting and fails repeatedly, it is not a good sign, it is mostly because the power storage is either discharged or defective.
Reason your car is not starting after sitting for few hours, days, weeks or months

Why Your Car is not starting easily?

There are tens of reasons your car may refuse to start after putting it on, especially if it’s been parked for a long time.
However, car repair specialists have said several times that the number one reason is a battery that’s drained or dead.
The car battery may get weak if you only drive a few kilometers daily.
When you park it in your garage, without regular recharging with a quality compatible charger, it can also drain fast.
If the car will not work, it will give a clear sign with a dull humming sound.

How to get your Car working again

However, if the engine picks up after a few attempts, you can just drive around to get it charged.
A few kilometer drives can get your car working again.
  • Using a Jump Cable
If it doesn’t start at all, you may need a jump cable – This means you’ll need a working car to power your own.
Once you see someone to help you out, carefully connect the black cable to the negative pole of the starter and your dead battery.
The red cable is connected first to the positive pole of the donor battery and then to the positive pole of the dead battery.
Once this is done and your engine is working, you can now disconnect both cables from the batteries again – Start with the black cable and then the red one.
  • You may need to Replace the Battery
If your battery is really bad and can not work again after using a jumper or quality compatible charger to boost its energy level, then the only option will be to replace it.
It may be that the battery is expired or extremely damaged. Here you need the expertise of a car technician to get your battery replaced.
Even if you just want to charge a battery that’s still working, doing it yourself can cause havoc to your vehicle, let only replacing it with a new one.
For example, if you forget to maintain the on-board voltage with a backup battery when the battery is removed, you can damage the sound system.
Car repair professionals will not make common mistakes that people make in car battery replacement, and they will also know the right battery type for your car.
There are important differences in car batteries that only professionals will understand – This is not about quality or brand alone.
What is good for Volkswagen Beetle may not necessarily be suitable for a Mercedes.
Also, car specialists can help you to get batteries at lower prices.

Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car for The First Time

Owning a car is one of the things we usually aspire and many people don’t buy a good vehicle the first time they’re buying a car.

This is because of good feelings of having this property and that’s the reason we want to illuminate your mind to get it right whenever you want to buy either new or used car.

There are different car classified sites to get the Best certified and most reliable used cars by private sellers and public owners near you is

It was once described as the most complete mega-site for car sales due to rich illustrations of the car specs and reviews to ensure you get good deals for your budgets.

Are you looking for used cars under $7000, 5, 000, 4, 000, 3,000, 2000 or 1,000 dollars or below, you can get different vehicles, brands, and models from the site.

You can use a car filter tool at the top of the site to set your parameters of what the car should be.

But if I may ask you, is the price the only determining factor while buying a car?, what about the Car engine health, ability to test drive before taking home, safety, how to easily get it registered and licensed, is it ecosystem friendly car, etc.

Here are the checklists of things to look for while buying a car, especially used car and this will serve as car buying tips or a brief shopping guide for your pre-purchase inspection.


Questions to ask when buying a used car

  • Why is the owner trying to sell the car
  • How many kilometers are on the speedometer?
  • What is the condition of the car engine, seat, body?
  • What are the specifications of the car
  • Is the seller the first owner?
  • What accidents have been recorded in the car?
  • Is the car having the necessary documents?
  • Is the car covered by an insurance policy
  • What price performance do you have?
  • Can the owner/seller talk about himself/herself
  • Can you test drive and when can you take a test drive?

These are some of the steps to take when you want to buy a used car.

However, the best way to buy a used car is to get a good agent or purchase from a trusted dealership and there’s nothing better than to be aware of the factors to consider before buying a car for the first time.

Having said that, purchasing cars online is now becoming popular since people hardly get ripped off and they can get reviews from independent car experts before ordering their fav cars.

Before test driving, know what to take with you, the person you should bring with you, a vehicle professional who can also help you better with what to look out for, and things to check when buying a used vehicle.

You should know how much he’s going to take, to ensure his inspection cost is not too costly.

Depending on several factors, most especially, whether you want a full car inspection where everything is complete or minor inspection like the safety emission, you should have a good deal anything below $200.

The Inspection documents and maintenance invoices are also important.

Check Vehicle papers before you complete the car purchase agreement which should be in writing, get a guarantee for the used car, and proceed to Vehicle handover before driving the car home.

This is only applicable when you’re buying with cash and not on loan, although there are car dealerships that can finance clients with no credit checks, and on bad credit no money down or low payment basis.

Putting your car care in safe hands

Your car will develop fault someday, that shouldn’t be an issue but getting it into the wrong hand can be a serious danger.

You can have your car maintenance and repair done by RepairSmith if you’re in the US.

They offer ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ for car owners, making it easy to schedule your car maintenance without being at home.

RepairSmith is a growing startup that’s already rendering services in LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, Phoenix, Sacramento, etc.



Volkswagen Battersea reopens at state-of-the-art new site

Lookers Volkswagen Battersea has started 2019 by opening a brand new £10 million showroom.

The new showroom, at York Road, forms part of a partnership with Linden Homes, which has seen £100m invested in a mixed-use housing and commercial scheme.

The 90,000 sq ft fully internal dealership represents £10m of the joint investment and displays 90 used cars and 17 new cars, as well as an increased choice of accessories.

The servicing department has also received a revamp and comprises 14 service and repair bays as well as two dedicated MOT bays.

The changes have certainly made an impact, with the new site already helping to increase the location’s customer satisfaction ratings to above the national average since opening.

Lookers Volkswagen reopens site in uk

The new site has also created 20 jobs so far to cater for the extra footfall, with 65 people based there in total.

There are 18 customer parking bays on site, including a priority bay for easy accessibility, and two electric car ports.

A dedicated EV area comes complete with iPad tutorials and vehicle examples, as well as an electric charging location map.

The duplex showroom gives visitors the chance to browse a wide range of models, as well as relax at the in-branch coffee shop with free superfast Wi-Fi.

Each floor also has a dedicated children’s play room, equipped with books, activity sheets and iPads.

Several office spaces are also available for customers to use while waiting for their car to be serviced, helping them to avoid any disruption to their working day.

The new VW Battersea site is now open for business, but will be rolling out the red carpet for an official launch between March 7th – 10th, where vintage cars will be on display alongside hot food and refreshments.

The new showroom will soon be welcoming a host of new models through its doors, including the new T-Cross SUV.

John Sands, Brand Manager at Lookers Volkswagen Battersea, said: “We’re thrilled with the new dealership and the increased facilities it has given us.

The showroom is an impressive space that is delighting our customers and giving them the space they need to enjoy their experience with us to the fullest.

The environment we’ve created is ideal for such a prestigious brand and it’s a pleasure to welcome our customers through its doors.”

Duncan McPhee, Lookers Volkswagen Franchise Director, said: “Our new dealership in Battersea is a huge step up in terms of the look and feel of the customer experience.

Volkswagen is a key brand for Lookers and we are proud to be able to represent it so magnificently at the new site.”

Advantages of using Green Car

A green vehicle is one that has little impact on the environment compared to conventional ones.

Green vehicles are powered by alternative fuels. Cars and trucks produce a lot of fuel. Buying a green electric vehicle is one of the ways that people can reduce their carbon footprint.

The International Energy Agency projects in the recent world energy outlook (WEO) that there will be at least 140m electric cars in the world by the year 2030.

It may be difficult to establish how efficient your green electric car is after it dies. The following are some of the ways you can improve the greenness of your electric car even after it dies

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If you do not need your electric car anymore, one of the most efficient ways to get rid of it is to give away to someone else. You can also subscribe to junk removal service to help taking the dead car

You may take your car to a junkyard for repair and resell. If your car is beyond repair, junkyard associates will remove valuable parts and sell them to someone who may need them. They may sell it to a metal recycling center.


Recycling the Batteries
There have been concerns about the disposal of batteries for electric cars at the end of their lives.

The Batteries from electric cars can be harmful to the environment. They produce metals and chemicals that could be harmful to the soil and water sources.

Fortunately, you do not have to throw them away. Lithium can be reused in devices that need to be recharged such as phones. It can be extracted from the batteries.

Old batteries may not be powerful enough to run an electric vehicle but they may be perfect for less demanding tasks such as storing electric power from solar panels.


Recycling the Frame
If you take your car to your local junkyard, the junkyard associates will look at it to establish whether or not it can be repaired.

If it is not possible to repair it, they will break it down and recycle the different parts.

The frame contains plastic, steel, and rubber. These materials may serve as raw materials for producing new products.

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Recycling the Computer Parts
Your electric car comes with advanced electronics and computer parts.

If you do not dispose of them as you should, they may have adverse effects on the environment.

Most electric cars come with advanced computer parts including sensors and electrical networks. These parts contain mercury and other toxic metals.

Disposing them in landfills may affect the environmental impact of your electric car.

You can take them to a recycling center where they will disassemble or melted down for future use.

Over the last decade, more and more people have discovered the need for sustainable living and switched from conventional cars to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles reduce the use of fossil fuel and they do not need as much maintenance as gas-powered vehicles.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your electric car stays green even after it dies.

Careless disposal of parts may affect the environmental footprint of your electric car.

Even though electric vehicles may not offer ‘zero emission,’ they are a lot better for the environment than conventional ones



Jenna Mancinni has a passion for helping people understand and learn what it means to ‘lessen their carbon footprint’.

She speaks publicly to grade schools and teaches kids the benefits of recycling and the importance of the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

She also enjoys putting used products into her, one of a kind, art pieces.

How Fair is the Dodge RAM 1500 Interior Feature when Compared to Chevrolet Silverado Model

The 2018 RAM 1500 has a lot to offer, but it’s still falling behind some of its more advanced peers, especially when of comes to ecosystem friendly cars.

Model comparisons show how much the RAM is missing when it’s competing against more advanced models like the 2018 Chevy Silverado.

However, in terms of dependability and towing capabilities, it’s hardly fair to compare anything to the unbeatable Chevrolet brand.


There are other areas where the 1500 RAM offers some benefit, but the interior just isn’t one of them. Car and Driver called the 2018 RAM 1500, “long in the tooth,” and awarded it only three out of five stars.

There are a few key things to consider that can help a buyer understand how the RAM interior stacks up against the competition

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2018 RAM 1500 Interior Parts

An attempt to keep manufacturing costs down led Dodge to some questionable decisions inside its newest RAM1500. Many buyers find themselves looking for RAM LED interior lights to revitalize a dark cabin.

To get better interior lighting from the manufacturer, you may have to upgrade trim levels and shell out some extra cash.

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Decent audio features, technology accommodations, and quality materials are available at the RAM 1500’s upper trim levels, which means you can only enjoy them if you’re willing to spend the money on them.

Unfortunately, the lower trim levels make it very apparent that something is missing. Substandard material makes everything feel just a little bit off. The seats aren’t quite as comfortable, and the look isn’t as polished.

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RAM’s Interior Style & Space

The 1500’s cabin is small and cramped compared to most other pickup trucks. The space is much less airy and inviting than the interiors of other vehicles in this segment.

The RAM 1500 falls short on head room and leg room, which can make riding in the new RAM uncomfortable for adults. It’s easiest to tell the difference on long commutes or after a hard day of work when you really need room to stretch.


The space is the biggest drawback about this car, but some of the styling choices are off-putting as well. The higher trims use nice materials like leather and genuine wood, but the composition remains a bit off.

The dash design and other fine details are unrefined, and Car and Driver went so far as to call the look tacky.


What’s the Best Pickup Truck Interior?

2018 isn’t the 1500’s year, but other American manufacturers are more than capable of picking up the slack. Other brands are pushing the boundaries for spacious and luxurious interiors.

See where performance meets interior comfort with options like the Chevrolet Silverado. Chevy has been crushing the RAM in reviews, and Car and Driver calls the 2018 Silverado 1500, “nearly perfect.”


Chevrolet’s roomy cabin earns that praise, and you’ll agree once you sit inside the state of the art cabin. Visit your local Chevy dealership location to test drive a Silverado today and see the difference of car tech innovations yourself.

The Chevrolet interior makes you feel so at home you might not want to get out!



This article is written by the Valley Chevy Dealers. You can visit them online or on their Facebook page to test drive a brand new Chevrolet vehicle today at the Phoenix dealership closest to you.