How Self-Driving Cars Works and its Advantages

In this series, we will be taking a look at how the technology of driverless cars works and what it can mean for the future.

In this particular article, we are going to cover some of the advantages associated with fully self-driving cars.

Although they may not seem that significant at first, we will see that there are some definite advantages as well as some possible cons.

First off, let’s take a look at how the technology of driverless cars works.

How autonomous cars work and its advantages

What is Driverless Car About?

One thing that car companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, and others have been doing is to develop prototypes of these vehicles that are able to drive by themselves.

These prototypes are typically equipped with sensors and computer systems that allow the car to navigate itself around different scenarios on the road.

The computer systems in these autonomous cars are able to “plan” for future changes in road conditions and determine how the car should react to them, thus, reducing the risk of getting into an accident.


Advantages of Driverless Car

  • It’s more Comfortable

The technology of driverless cars has really impacted the car manufacturing industry

It will definitely impact lives and change many things in the society.

Most people who drive these autonomous cars don’t even realize that they are driving it.

They are so comfortable with their existence that they aren’t even aware that the car isn’t actively operating.


  • It can Reduce Traffic Congestion

The next question that most people have is how self-driving cars will benefit society.

For one, these cars will be able to help relieve traffic congestion.

The problem that we have today with finding parking is huge, and if you have a car that can drive itself around and through all of this traffic that is going to be a major benefit for cities.

Another big benefit to self-driving cars is the fact that they will help make your commute much easier.

People who drive around in a regular automobile are often stuck in traffic because of bad roads, traffic jams, and other problems.

However, if you’re driving a self-driving car, you won’t have to deal with these kinds of problems because you won’t even be in the traffic.

This can greatly decrease the amount of time that you have to sit in traffic so it will save you a lot of time.


  • It Reduces Pollution

Since these vehicles won’t need to use gas or oil, there will be fewer pollutants released into the air, which will also help our planet. It will also help reduce traffic gridlock.

People who’re able to travel the same amount of distance as a regular human would without having to worry about using gas or oil, which could definitely help out our environment.


  • It Makes Navigation Easier

The last question that you might have is how the technology of driverless cars could help you if you ever decide to get one of these vehicles.

One of the best parts of the technology is the mapping system that is installed in the car.

This way, you can get directions from anywhere in the world that you’re located by looking at the map that is installed within the car.

This is great for getting around if you don’t want to make any stops, but it is also a great feature if you ever need to make a journey to another part of the city.


  • It’s the Current Big Thing in the Car Manufacturing Industry

The final question that you might have is how driverless car technology could change the world.

Well, it could change the world, if you think that it could.

Currently, there are a number of people who have cars that are equipped with this technology, and they use them every single day.

If you are able to get to a part of town that you don’t normally get to on your own, you can get to it in a much more comfortable way.

There are now companies who are starting to sell these cars to consumers, and they are doing very well.

If you want to get one of these cars, you should start looking right now.



All things considered, it is quite interesting how the technology of driverless cars works, especially since they will be able to change the way we get around in the future.

It may not be a reality for some time, but in ten or twenty years, you will definitely see these cars everywhere.

If you are someone who wants to get a car like this, you should definitely start looking online today.

There are a number of websites that offer you great deals on autonomous cars.

You should start looking right now, and you won’t regret it.

Tech Gadgets to Offer as Gifts during Christmas

Whenever Christmas is approaching like this, most people and cities will kick off the Christmas festivities with lighting.
It is one of the most celebrated festivals across the world, and people do spend a lot during this period.
The fact that it’s being celebrated at the end of the year, both Christian and non-Christians are usually happy to witness the last month of the year.
The most interesting part of Christmas is the act of showing love by giving gifts to people.
In this digital era, technological products are offered more as gifts during Christmas.
Here, I would like to discuss the latest trends in gadgets and technological devices that are going to triumph this Christmas.
  • Smart Speakers

Smart speakers have become an essential product in most homes in the US or UK.

These voice assistants are here to stay, offering users a world of possibilities.

Among the most frequent uses are listening to music, knowing the latest news, controlling other electronic devices in the home, shopping, or ordering food at home.

In this way, these devices make our lives easier, since they have a large number of utilities for all kinds of situations.

Today, consumers can find a wide variety of models available in the market for all budgets.


  • SmartWatches

You can buy smartwatch as gift during christmas

Smartwatches are one of the most relevant gadgets of the current technological revolution.

Smartwatches have become one of the perfect gifts for all ages.

These devices, which are associated with smartphones, offer a large number of functionalities that make life easier for people.

In this way, these smartwatches allow you to access the internet, receive all notifications from the associated smartphone.

You can also make calls and receive calls, as well as send emails and text messages.


  • Object Tracker

One of the latest trends in technology for this Christmas is object finder.

These electronic devices can help to find a missing object – it points out the exact location of the item.

Most of these devices use GPS or their own mobile networks to find items with great precision on a map all kinds of objects that have been connected to the device, such as lost keys or mobile phones.

All this with a range between 20 and 40 meters away. An innovative gadget for people who’re prone to losing their belongings.


  • Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones you can afford

Music is part of our lives. For this reason, wireless headphones are good to go for most people.

It can be a perfect gift for people who like to listen to music.

You can go anywhere with wireless headphones, and you can be sure your comfort is not disturbed with this.

Wireless headphones on average are more durable than the traditional headphones that use a cord.

In addition, they also allow you to control the volume of the music from the headset itself, without having to touch the smartphone. All of this with great sound quality.


Things to consider in New HVAC Installation

A new air conditioner can be an excellent investment for a property. New AC units can reduce electricity bills, perform reliably for years, and create great indoor air quality.

It’s important to trust the best air conditioning company available to make sure you get dependable work and equipment the first time.

Howard Air has been creating comfort and trust for over 40 years in Arizona, dealing with all forms of issues with air conditioner and we have experience with all types of installations.

Things to consider before buyiNG HV ac  

New Construction AC Systems

Howard Air has experience installing ductless AC systems for new construction projects. This can be for an addition to your current home, or an entirely new build from the ground up.

We can integrate our plan with your design to create the most effective and energy-efficient HVAC plan possible. We have both a design team and a professional installation team, so builders get the benefit of using one company for the entire process.


3 Benefits of New Air Conditioners

It can be tempting to pursue AC repair instead of buying a whole new system to save some money in the short run. In the long run, though, replacing the system is often the better choice.

Howard Air employs trustworthy technicians who will always give you a clear and honest understanding of your options. Here are just a few of the reasons a new AC installation might be your best bet:


1. Reduced Energy Bills

New AC units are extremely efficient and may require less energy than your old unit even if you get repairs.

This reduces your carbon footprint, keeps your house cooler, and saves you money on monthly utility bills.

The long-term savings more than makeup for the initial cost.


2. Quiet and Dependable

A new AC system will run with minimal noise, so replacement is a great option if your current unit is noisy. All of our units are built to last, too, so you can stop worrying about whether your HVAC system will make it through the summer.


Air Quality

A new AC unit will make sure the air in your home is as clean as it is cool.

This means fewer breathing problems are caused by allergens, bacteria, or other contaminants.

New HVAC equipment can reduce humidity and moisture, so there’s less chance of mildew and mold in your house.

A new unit will also filter stale air to keep your home feeling fresh.


When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Before rushing out and hiring the first A/C company you come across, following these tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience and avoid getting ripped off.

  • Ask friends and family for referrals – typically, people won’t recommend someone they had a bad experience with.
  • Get more than one quote – by getting two or three estimates you help to educate yourself on what a fair price to pay is.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest estimate just because it’s the least amount – more often than not you pay for what you get.
  • Read online reviews before making up your mind on a contractor – this will ensure the company you hire is trustworthy.

When it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner, count on the brand Arizona trusts.



Howard Air has received all kinds of awards and accolades, and customer satisfaction is our top concern. Contact us today to see how fast we can replace your AC unit.

Reasons your Car is not Starting – This is what to Do

If you’ve not used your car for months and you don’t warm up the engine at least once in a week, it’s likely the engine will not pick up the next time you want to drive out.
The most common reason your car doesn’t start quickly after parking it for a long time is a draining battery.
Car batteries often run out of power in autumn and winter. Especially in extreme hotness and coldness, it’s usually a tough period for a battery.
If the car sounds like it’s starting and fails repeatedly, it is not a good sign, it is mostly because the power storage is either discharged or defective.

Why Your Car is not starting easily?

There are tens of reasons your car may refuse to start after putting it on, especially if it’s been parked for a long time.
However, car repair specialists have said several times that the number one reason is a battery that’s drained or dead.
The car battery may get weak if you only drive a few kilometers daily.
When you park it in your garage, without regular recharging with a quality compatible charger, it can also drain fast.
If the car will not work, it will give a clear sign with a dull humming sound.

How to get your Car working again

However, if the engine picks up after a few attempts, you can just drive around to get it charged.
A few kilometer drives can get your car working again.
  • Using a Jump Cable
If it doesn’t start at all, you may need a jump cable – This means you’ll need a working car to power your own.
Once you see someone to help you out, carefully connect the black cable to the negative pole of the starter and your dead battery.
The red cable is connected first to the positive pole of the donor battery and then to the positive pole of the dead battery.
Once this is done and your engine is working, you can now disconnect both cables from the batteries again – Start with the black cable and then the red one.
  • You may need to Replace the Battery
If your battery is really bad and can not work again after using a jumper or quality compatible charger to boost its energy level, then the only option will be to replace it.
It may be that the battery is expired or extremely damaged. Here you need the expertise of a car technician to get your battery replaced.
Even if you just want to charge a battery that’s still working, doing it yourself can cause havoc to your vehicle, let only replacing it with a new one.
For example, if you forget to maintain the on-board voltage with a backup battery when the battery is removed, you can damage the sound system.
Car repair professionals will not make common mistakes that people make in car battery replacement, and they will also know the right battery type for your car.
There are important differences in car batteries that only professionals will understand – This is not about quality or brand alone.
What is good for Volkswagen Beetle may not necessarily be suitable for a Mercedes.
Also, car specialists can help you to get batteries at lower prices.

New way Phone is Hacked via Sound Waves

Hacking is getting more popular every day and there are different new methods to hack a mobile phone without downloading any software on your smartphone.

These spy software are most times expensive and the free to download ones don’t usually do the job.

Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of South Carolina jointly discovered some vulnerabilities in cell phones, most especially the smartphones: tablets, iPad, Android, iPhone and some other digital products in which motion sensor chips are used.

The team, which is led by Kevin Fu, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan discovered that one can influence the functions of smartphones, automobiles, and some medical equipment through tiny accelerometers in the devices.

In other words, this is another new way for hackers seeking for how to hack into someone’s cell phone without touching the phone or the owner knowing.

You don’t control the phone from your phone yet it’s done remotely whenever the user listens to music. The phone is hacked through the sound waves.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell if a particular phone has been hacked using music sound waves and this seems to be the best phone hacks for android.

No app, no number before one easily breaks into another one’s phone, read their messages, access gallery, spy on phones to get call logs and others.

Kevin fu said they were able to achieve this with some hardware physics, making it possible to control the sensors and microprocessors.

With the new hack, he attributed the success precisely to the adjustment of the acoustic tones in the phone to trick the 15 different models of accelerometers in recording a sound that never happened.

The team presented the document in the IEEE European Symposium on Security and privacy in Paris and also to the Vulnerable hardware manufacturers to understand the risks that phones have and how to prevent a real attack from hackers.

This approach is used as a backdoor to the phone device to control other aspects of the phone system or other digital devices.

This method is not published to be used as a method to break into people’s phone devices and privacy and few devices were only selected for this study.

While this is not to create fear in the hearts of smartphone users but a wake-up call to identify this vulnerability and improve the motion sensor chips used in all these digital devices.

The scientists further stated that this hacking method would also be improved as hackers are looking for more alternatives to achieve a deeper effect through this method and mobile phone hacking as a whole.

It’s important to know that this experiment was first performed on a Galaxy S5 phone and in a graph of the readings of the accelerometer, a Fitbit fitness reader was tricked by playing a malicious audio file with a loudspeaker of the smartphone to gain control over the phone’s accelerometer and manipulate the program which the smartphone relies on.

This is just like when a mobile app is used to control a radio-controlled kid’s toy car.

Kevin fu reiterated that, with the advancement in robotic technology and remote controlling devices, these loopholes would be more common in several other devices as more industries are embracing robots and the flaw is definitely another hacking point.

Accelerometers are very important materials needed in developing robots, they constitute the microelectromechanical systems and are used for navigating, measuring acceleration and, to determine the orientation of minicomputers.

Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car for The First Time

Owning a car is one of the things we usually aspire and many people don’t buy a good vehicle the first time they’re buying a car.

This is because of good feelings of having this property and that’s the reason we want to illuminate your mind to get it right whenever you want to buy either new or used car.

There are different car classified sites to get the Best certified and most reliable used cars by private sellers and public owners near you is

It was once described as the most complete mega-site for car sales due to rich illustrations of the car specs and reviews to ensure you get good deals for your budgets.

Are you looking for used cars under $7000, 5, 000, 4, 000, 3,000, 2000 or 1,000 dollars or below, you can get different vehicles, brands, and models from the site.

You can use a car filter tool at the top of the site to set your parameters of what the car should be.

But if I may ask you, is the price the only determining factor while buying a car?, what about the Car engine health, ability to test drive before taking home, safety, how to easily get it registered and licensed, is it ecosystem friendly car, etc.

Here are the checklists of things to look for while buying a car, especially used car and this will serve as car buying tips or a brief shopping guide for your pre-purchase inspection.


Questions to ask when buying a used car

  • Why is the owner trying to sell the car
  • How many kilometers are on the speedometer?
  • What is the condition of the car engine, seat, body?
  • What are the specifications of the car
  • Is the seller the first owner?
  • What accidents have been recorded in the car?
  • Is the car having the necessary documents?
  • Is the car covered by an insurance policy
  • What price performance do you have?
  • Can the owner/seller talk about himself/herself
  • Can you test drive and when can you take a test drive?

These are some of the steps to take when you want to buy a used car.

However, the best way to buy a used car is to get a good agent or purchase from a trusted dealership and there’s nothing better than to be aware of the factors to consider before buying a car for the first time.

Having said that, purchasing cars online is now becoming popular since people hardly get ripped off and they can get reviews from independent car experts before ordering their fav cars.

Before test driving, know what to take with you, the person you should bring with you, a vehicle professional who can also help you better with what to look out for, and things to check when buying a used vehicle.

You should know how much he’s going to take, to ensure his inspection cost is not too costly.

Depending on several factors, most especially, whether you want a full car inspection where everything is complete or minor inspection like the safety emission, you should have a good deal anything below $200.

The Inspection documents and maintenance invoices are also important.

Check Vehicle papers before you complete the car purchase agreement which should be in writing, get a guarantee for the used car, and proceed to Vehicle handover before driving the car home.

This is only applicable when you’re buying with cash and not on loan, although there are car dealerships that can finance clients with no credit checks, and on bad credit no money down or low payment basis.

Putting your car care in safe hands

Your car will develop fault someday, that shouldn’t be an issue but getting it into the wrong hand can be a serious danger.

You can have your car maintenance and repair done by RepairSmith if you’re in the US.

They offer ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ for car owners, making it easy to schedule your car maintenance without being at home.

RepairSmith is a growing startup that’s already rendering services in LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, Phoenix, Sacramento, etc.



Data Warehouse Architectures – Types & Components

A data warehouse is a repository that stores different forms of information from different sources.

Data warehouse Architecture (DWA) is the organization of the data and storage facility.

Data warehouse usually stores dispositive data. The architecture should be able to extract valuable information from raw data using the most effective approach.

It now transforms the information into a simple structure using a dimensional model that provides valuable insights into business decisions.

Types and components of Data  warehouse Architecture

Types of Data Warehouse Architectures

There are different types of data warehouse architecture. We have a traditional and modern architecture that is still evolving.

The five main architectures are Independent, Centralized, Data Mart, Hub-and-Spoke, Federated, and Data Mart Bus.

You can as well combine two or more of these architectures for more effectiveness in data warehousing.

However, the three main types of architectures to consider when designing an enterprise data warehouse are Single-level, 2-tier, and 3-tier architecture.


  • Single-Level Architecture

A single-level data warehouse architecture focuses on creating a dense data set while reducing the volume of the stored data.

This architecture may not be suitable for every business, especially companies that process huge data with numerous streams, and complex data requirements.

The advantage of this architecture is that it will write off duplicate data and eliminate redundancy.


  • Two-Tier Architecture

With this architecture, the material data sources will be split within the warehouse itself.

The only disadvantage here is that 2-tier architecture is not scalable, but can be more efficient in terms of data organization and management.


  • Three-Tier Architecture

Among the various data warehouse architectures, 3-tier architecture is the commonest type of data warehouse architecture people employ because it creates a well-organized data flow from raw information to valuable insights.

The lowest level usually consists of the database server, which creates an abstraction layer for data from different sources, such as transactional databases used for front-end applications.

The second level contains an online analytical processing (OLAP) server. The data at this level will be changed to an arrangement that makes it easy for analysis and multiple testing to be carried out.

The third and top level of the architecture is the client level, which contains the tools and Application Programming Interface (API) used to analyze, query, and report on high-level data.


Main Components of the Data Warehouse Architecture

Now that we’ve discussed the three main data warehouse architectures that businesses employ, let’s look into the main components of a data warehouse.

A data warehouse-design has five major components which are the following

  1. Data warehouse database
  2. Extraction, transformation and loading tools (ETL)
  3. Metadata
  4. Data warehouse access tools
  5. Data warehouse bus


1. Data warehouse database

Your database is the central component of a data warehousing architecture. The database is where you keep all the information about your business and refer to when you need to pull data for business decisions.

There are different forms of a database, and you’ll need to choose the best that suits your business model and operating environment to store data in your warehouse.

Let’s see the popular types of the database you can choose, and the basic differences between them.

  • Typical relational databases: These forms of the database are row-oriented, and you can use them on a daily basis.

Examples of such databases are Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.

  • Analytics Databases: As the name implies, these are designed specifically to enable data storage facilities to maintain and manage analytics effectively. Examples of these are Teradata and Greenplum.
  • Data Warehouse Applications: This is not really a storage database, but some providers offer their clients applications that provide both data management software and hardware for data storage. Examples are IBM Netezza, Oracle Exadata, and SAP Hana.
  • Cloud-based databases: A cloud-based database can be hosted and accessed in the cloud. There will be no need to order hardware from the vendor before you set up your data warehouse.

Examples are Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure SQL, and Amazon Redshift.


2. Metadata

Metadata defines your data warehouse and provides a framework for data storage.

Metadata helps with the structuring of the warehouse, the storage, and even the use of the data warehouse.

Metadata can be categorized into Technical and Business Metadata.

Technical Metadata: This stores data that are needed by developers and managers when performing warehouse development and management tasks.

Business Metadata: Deals with the information that helps to understand and interpret the stored data in the warehouse.

Metadata, no doubt, is important for both companies and their technical teams to understand and convert the data stored in the warehouse into useful information.


3. Extraction, Transformation and Loading Tools (ETL)

In data warehousing, the ETL tools are very important because they are at the focal point of the data warehouse architecture.

ETL tools are used to extract data from different sources, organize and arrange it, and load it into a data warehouse.

The chosen ETL tool in your data warehouse architecture will influence the following

  1. The time it takes for the data to be extracted from sources
  2. The method of data extraction
  3. The simplicity and nature of the transformations applied.
  4. The rate of data validation and cleansing to improve end-product analysis
  5. Structuring the distribution of information from the fundamental repository to your BI applications


4. Data Warehouse Access Tools

A data warehouse uses a database or a group of databases as its basis. Generally, enterprise users can not work directly with databases so they’ll have to use support tools.

Some of the support tools are the following:

Query and Reporting Tools: These tools help users to create enterprise reports (usually in the form of spreadsheets, calculations, or interactive visual representations) for their analysis.

Application development tools: These tools help users to create customized reports and present them in interpretations intended for specific reporting purposes.

Data mining tools: These help to systematize the process of identifying arrays and links in a huge chunk of data, adopting advanced statistical modeling methods.

Online Analytical Processing tools: OLAP tools help users to create a multidimensional data warehouse, and support an analysis of enterprise data from different perspectives.


5. Data Warehouse Bus

This defines how the data flow within a data warehousing architecture. It usually contains a data mart.

A data mart is an access level with which your data is transferred to the users. It is used to group the data that is created for the respective user group.

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in various Fields

3-Dimensional printing is not a new technology that is used to produce prototypes. However, this technology is still evolving and additive manufacturing is now used across different industries.

3D printing and additive manufacturing applications help companies to manage their resources such as time, materials, personnel and even money.

There are now several companies using 3D printing for producing products made by additive manufacturing.

With technology changing the approaches of finding a solution to a problem, we can not underestimate the impacts of additive manufacturing in the future.


Additive manufacturing in Medicine

3D printing in healthcare emerging applications is becoming more popular in the medical field.

Over two decades ago, Bioprinting became one of the main applications of 3D printing. In today’s medical practices, a 3D printer can be used to create a human liver.

People like Organova (inventor of the first commercial bio-printer – NovoGen MMX), Makoto Nakamura, and scientists from Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine Lab at Columbia University have developed printer models to keep up with this trend.

The applications of additive manufacturing in the medical field are not limited to bioprinting, but it is also used in the production of prostheses; prostheses can be individually adapted to humans and animals.

Also, 3D bioprinter is easy to be moved closer to the exact body area where doctors are working on in the theatre. This is one of the benefits of 3D printing in the medical field.

3D bioprinter is also used to print organs for pre-surgical exercise for practicing doctors and students studying medicines and other related courses.

Today, standard hospitals and clinics are now using 3D printers to meet their patients’ needs.

While the above-mentioned benefits of 3D printing in healthcare are highlighted, there are problems with 3D tech and challenges faced by healthcare companies.

Some of the disadvantages are

  • High production cost
  • High energy demand
  • Production materials are scarce
  • It leads to Harmful Emissions
  • It can increase Plastic pollution


Additive manufacturing applications in the automotive industry

Applications of 3d printing in the automotive industry have increased rapidly in the last two decades. We now have 3D printed automobile parts.

Additive manufacturing is now changing how we move and transport things. The benefits of 3D manufacturing are felt in both marine, aerospace and land transportation means.

Whether in aerospace, automotive or shipping, companies are looking for ways to manage their time and money.

Since it costs so much, for example, to transport materials into space, authorities, airlines, and transport companies are looking for ways to minimize the high transport costs.

To help to reduce the high costs, additive manufacturing is being relied upon. It makes it possible to optimize the topology so that weight can be optimized without having to sacrifice load capacity.

The advance of 3D printing in the field of metal spare parts also allows technological and pragmatic advances in the automotive industry.

In the current state of 3d printing in the automotive industry, we now have cars or ships that are manufactured using a 3D printer.


Additive manufacturing in the construction industry

The application of additive manufacturing in the construction industry has not just started in recent decades.

Architects and civil engineers have been using CAD programs to design and construct buildings on their computers for quite some time now.

With the advent of additive manufacturing 3D printing, many construction companies can now use this technology to build models.

With 3D printing, architects can now develop building models with many details. More engineers are now finding it easy to use this technology since they are already used to CAD programs long before the advent of 3D printing.

3D printing can be used to deliver building construction within a short time and with less human resources.

For example, Apis Cor (the first company in the US that developed specialized equipment for 3D printing) completed a 3D-printed house within 30 hours.

The company used 3D machines to complete this project where their movable arms helped to distribute the concrete evenly.

Other examples are the printing of a metal bridge in Amsterdam. Even the American Space Agency is working towards using 3D printing to design buildings on the moon and Mars.


Additive manufacturing in art & design

3D printing technologies are increasingly used in the art & design field.

Professional artists across the globe now incorporate 3D printing into their art design.

This is because additive manufacturing helps artists actualize their weird imaginations

With this technology, artists will change the scope of the art engineering in the future. Already, we can say that the future of digital art is already here.

Examples of the impacts of 3D printing are the dress collections by Danit Peleg, jewelry by Diana Law and even the production of chocolates of different shapes by Dinara Kasko.


Other areas of the applications of AM

Additive manufacturing is finding its way in almost all sectors of the economy.

It is one of the technologies that now influence our entire society as it facilitates the development of new products, personalizing products and meeting some very specific needs.

In aerospace, AM is now being explored in many space research. Additive manufacturing is already used successfully in building new satellites or a lunar station.

This will make it easy to send elements into space with much less weight.



3D printing offers different applications across several industries. It offers efficient solutions in robotics, innovations in sports, health, construction, Arts and design, etc.

Meaning of Fabric networking & the benefits of this technology architecture in Business

With the potential benefits of fabric networking in the business networks, this IT architecture is the current trend now.

Meaning nd

For all the businesses which are looking to change their architecture, this innovative networking is a perfect choice.

There are several needs in the tech and business industry relating to the requirement of virtual data centers, handling the traffic between two servers along with the several application demands.

These requirements can be handled with the help of fabric networking.


What is Fabric Networking all about?

While this technology holds a lot of benefits not many are aware of its existence.

This particular technology got its name from the concept of visualizing a fabric that is very similar to the technology.

In a fabric, there are numerous individual threads that are woven together to form a piece of cloth.

In a similar way, there is this tightly made mesh architecture that makes up the fabric network.

This network has its benefits due to its flexibility and scalability factors.

Along with this, this technology is also capable of performing a large number of tasks at a given time.

Since the architecture of the fabric network if full of mesh, it supports a large number of networking switches and network connections to it.

At present, intelligent networks are managed centrally with the help of software-defined networking.

The fabric network supports software-defined networking, which will allow the management of an app or device along with the permission-based roles in a fast manner.

Since it is flexible in nature, the editing such as creation and removal of objects can be done in a hassle-free manner.

In due course, fabric networking will observe such patterns and will apply on its own.


Benefits of Fabric network  in digital business

In terms of IT management, fabric networking fits perfectly.

For maintaining a perfect IT setup, one has to manage the devices which are connected to the network along with the updating of the new devices.

On top of this, there should be security provided so as to avoid any kind of attack on the system.

While this is going on one hand, on the other side there should be error-free customer service rendered at all times.

All this can be done with ease and utmost security with the help of fabric networking.

The time spent on human resources can be saved here as the network will help in streamlining and in automating all the changes to a network if any.

In case any kind of change in the devices is to be made, then it can be done automatically which will give the employees more time to focus on the primary goals.

Along with the troubleshooting of the systems can also be taken care of.

Since human resources will be substituted with fabric technology, there is the possibility to deliver a better user experience.

The control and view of the user applications will be high and hence the best business insights can be given to the users.


Overall benefits of this technology 

Since the security will be handled with this technology there is the segmented network, which will enhance the safety of the system.

This is achieved by safeguarding the primary users and contains these users in order to protect them if any kind of security breach occurs.

In case the network needs to be expanded then it can be accommodated with the help of fabric networking.

While these kinds of large networks might cause some issues in the later stage, the fabric network will help in balancing the network.

It will also help in distributing the load so as to recover the system faster when it happens.

At such instance, valuable time can be saved in terms of troubleshooting and in recovery with fabric technology.

How Electronic data capture (EDC) works and the Advantages

Company’s data is valuable resources in the running of the business, hence data management is sort after. A company’s data should be well secured with high level of security mechanism so that the information will not be assessed by competitors and hackers.

In a bid for a business to protect itself against being overrun by its competitors and cyber criminals, it’s important to secure their data with high level of technology.

We’ve discussed cloud computing in series of our posts and the merits, however, there are also inherent risks in each of the data security technologies discussed.

Of course, to beat the big fish (industry leaders) in your business, you need to understand what they do, and when you don’t have the financial strength to compete successful, you may want to consider collaboration.

Although, making a partnership with your competitors might look scary, sharing one or two data proves  more good than harm.

This is made realizable with Electronic data Capturing, Engineering  &  Industrial Design Data  Service Platform, which utilizes blockchain technology to make data sharing secure and easy.

The Electronic data capture Initiative

Blockchain as we’re seeing it now is finding its way into every phase of Internet ecosystem and it’s beyond cryptocurrency.

The EDC is a computerized system that’s Blockchain based, designed by Sung Chan Machinery Co., Ltd to organize clinical data in electronic format for use in clinical trials.

EDC system utilizes blockchain technology to protect data copyright and build an ecosystem where data can be shared conveniently and safely.  Research organizations, banks, pharmaceuticas are good examples of adopters of this system.

With EDC, data that is already on print can be transcribed into the EDC software which will store the clients’ data collected in clinical trails and save it in an electronic format.

Advantages of Electronic data capturing

  • EDC system helps with electronic file sharing in a secure environment

The EDC project seeks to build a strong, transparent and reliable community where information can be shared without infringing copyright.

EdC has been designed to provide support to third party applications and compensate contributors who help further in improving the platform.With a community foundation located in Korea,

EdC also utilizes computer-aided design software create precision drawings, two-dimensional (2-D) drawings or three-dimensional (3-D) and other technnical illustrations which will help users like architects, engineers and artists, and in building trading system of higher quality.


  • EDC provides a secure electronic data trading community

With the use of blockchain technology, the electronic data capturing makes data trading easy, fast, transparent, convenient  and secure. Additionally, it will employ the use of parallel expansion technology as a multi-chain system.


  • It supports Convergent Data Ecosystem

With the integration of other useful tools like UX, electronic data capture tool ensures that there is reliable communication between different engineering data such as robots, facilities, electronics, machinery and automobiles from different fields.


  • It ensures copyright is well protected

One of the merits of EdC is that your data will be secure and copyright will not be infringed.

The copyright protection mechanism is that, the owner of the data will first upload it on the system, and robot would  verify the data authenticity and validity.

Once the test is positive, the approved data will be protected with a blockchain.

While the data validation is carried out and completed by delegated users, authorized users are required to pass through a second verification process on the copyright and value of the data.

The validated data will then be given copyright temporarily for three months and if no issue arises, then permanent validation will be given indefinitely.


  • It fosters Smart Contracts

EdC runs its transaction system in form of smart contracts. Smart contracts offer a lot of advantages since transaction records, copyright holder records and transfer of usage rights are handled automatically without human interference.

With this capacity, huge transactions requiring large amount of data will be executed timely. Being that the contract which is deployed is immutable and highly specific, the E-data and Ed Coin can be trusted since the data will not be easy to change.


The Electronic data Coin – Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the EDC Initiative

The Electronic data Coin is the ICO of the EdC initiative that is used by the participants in the EDC platform to exchange rewards and services.

The EDCoin is the medium through which all the transactions in the EDC ecosystem are carried out. The Ed Coin offers the following benefits:

  • Peer-to-Peer E-data trading system.
  • Integration with other Data trading related services.
  • Voting participation and voting rights: With the EDCoin, participants within the EdC ecosystem can claim ownership of their data and exercise voting rights.

Participation in competition and crowdfunding can be exercised once you have password to log on to the program.

While the release date for EDCoin is yet to be released, the first volume to be issued to the market is 5 billion, 50% of the total issuance is 10 billion, the other 50% being owned by the company of which 10% are assigned to teams and advisors.

The funds raised during the token sale process will be used to develop the project and to facilitate research within the ecosystem.



Keying into the EDC initiative will bring a fast, safe, transparent, and efficient system where data can be traded among different entities in a secure electronic business environment, which is the blockchain.