Russian Name Generators for Baby Boy & Girl – Surname, First & Patronymic for Male Female

Russian names are very unique and special, unlike other names, each name has different forms and pronunciations, so also each name has historical background or origin and meaning.


For example,  the Russian name SASHA – means the defender of mankind, NATASHA – meaning a person given birth to on the Christmas day etc…. To generate both fake and real name for online use, we’ve reviewed the top players in name generating tools and here we list the best for you.


Atlantagamer : This generator is powered by iGM game support system and it’s easy to use. Select your preferred gender and select the country you want including Russia and other twenty countries to choose from, such as Japan, China, Korea, Italy, America etc and click generate.


It’ll create about 50 names, both surname and given names; depending on the country, you either have two names (surname and first name) or three names( surname, first name and last name). You can get popular Russian baby girl’s names that are commonly uses and others. This is not just a Russian names generator but a profile creation tool in which you can select gender and randomly generate fake profile.


If you’re afraid to reveal your personal data on some sites, especially now that sites engage in selling personal details to marketing agencies even when they promise to keep your information confidential, exposing your details to spammers who may want to use it for unscrupulous activities, you’ve for the right program to do that.


The first thing is to select whether you want male name, female or to generate random names having both gender and select Russian federation and it will generate fake name, fake phone number, fake email, username and password.


It will also generate fake financial data such as Credit Card Type, Credit Card Number, Swift Number, company’s name, social security number and other details such as interest and browsing details.


A similar one to fakenametool is and fakenamegenerator which also generate fake profile details once you select the name of the country, name set and the gender.


learningrussian This one is a little bit different. It’s for those who want to learn Russian language. Learn about unique Russian names, the first name, patronymic or Middle name and the last name or surname.


One of the things that makes Russian names to be unique is that, a name can have different forms and different meanings associated with them and children are permitted to change their first name upon maturity if they so desire.


Russian middle name (patronymic) for example is gotten from the father’s first name by adding (son of or daughter of) which is not common in any eastern Europe.

Patronymic means suffixes are added to the father’s name; for example, evich or ovich can be added to father’s name as patronymic for boys while evna or ovna can be added to father’s name for girls.


You can take free courses learning Russian language, use free Russian dictionary to learn grammar and vocabulary, read literature and use free online translator. is a Russian name search engine where you can get different kinds of Russian names, popular baby boy and girl’s names, nicknames, ridiculous and funny sounding names, fantasy names and also cool names fo both Russian men and women.


Use there rich names’ search tool to find both male and female names, choose the first alphabet or sound you want the name to start with, contains or end with and also choose how many syllable the name should have.


Another advantage of this tool over others is that you can input the personality you want the name to have, select whether you want to generate popular names, familiar ones or uncommon names.


Nameberry also list over 500 Russian names from there database and you can just pick anyone you like starting from names starting from A to Z. You further search there blogs for unisex baby names, celebrity, historic names etc.


Bestlittlebaby : can also create Russian first and middle names. Other useful name generators under the control of this developer are twin name generator, mermaid name, doctor’s name, zookeeper, pilot, jungle name, chef na!e generator etc. : Thinking of what your English name is in Russian name or language, quizopolis translate your name to Russia and you’re also compensated with points for your actions which you can save and spend only if you sign up an account.


Also, you can generate Christian Elf , Turkey names, puppy names, biker names, opt for quizzes, surveys and answer questions in fun polls.


Similar one to quizopolis but not as useful or resourceful is

Where you simply fill your name and it’ll generate Russian name in meaning to your name including patronymic. Blogthings is also similar to this. It also generate Finnish names, Viking, Goth, androgynous names, pilgrimage, Christian, fantasy names and others.


Behindthename/ is a generate random name generator that enables you to select how many given names you want, 2,3 or 4, both first name and middle names, select masculine or feminine, surname and name set. Select Russia as your name set category and generate full name according to your selections.


Namesgenerator: randomly publishes 10 Russian names at every site visit. You can use this site to find the gender of a particular name, origin and meaning, search random names of Chilean, Spanish, Portuguese, French people, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian etc.


Similar one to namesgenerator is which also generate 10 random russian names.

Name-generator: is your ideal Russian character generator. You can select from ten’s of characters like king, queen, Prince, princess, imam, mistress, professor, D.C.I, Rev , select character type (great leader, evil, poetic, virtuous), select whether it’s human, vampire, zombie, witch/wizard.


You can also select from other preferences such as Date of birth, nationality, the nationality of the character’s parents, religious background, rate the popularity of the would-be character’s surname and given name, the first character to start with or/and ends with the name and generate up to 100 names at a time.

Russia101 puts an end to your search for baby’s names. It lists over 100 baby’s names for both male and female children. If you want to generate your own baby’s name, fill the family’s name and select either male, female or male & Female and generate the corresponding names accordingly.


fantasynamegenerators on the order hand only published random Russian full names for both female and  or choose to get only men’s names or women’s names.

Similar one to this is which only creates names based on demand and can also generate your character’s name, dragon, nickname, superhero, D & D names etc.

























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