Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

Review of Best Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle, Foldable to Make Flat, Reusable & Safe

Nothing equates natural water and several studies have shown the immense benefits of taking water regularly but we don’t usually like to drink water all the time, even while thirsty, unless we can just take a bottle of water on the go without any stress.


For you to take enough water to keep you healthier, you need to drink more water everyday and how can you achieve this? You need to always have a standby water bottle which you’ll take with you when going to office, give to your children when going to school, keep in your travel kit when travelling or for camping.

Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

To get this done, it has become easy since you can just buy collapsible and foldable water bottles you can easily take to gym for sports, backpacking or travel. Depending on your choice, you may like the plastic water bottle, order for the best reusable water bottle, insulated stainless steel water bottle online from Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other quality E-commerce site at cheap price. However, don’t always go for cheap product, ensure you’re buying from trusted quality brands.

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There are many brands in reusable water bottles’ manufacturing industry, for example ValourGo, Hydro flask, Contigo, Hello G, Bkr but based on the consumer reports and reviews on different merchant sites, ValourGo brand ensure you get the best drinking water by producing one of the best self filtered flat water bottle. Filtration is always important and if the water bottle is self filtering, it becomes so good.

Foldable Water Bottle

The insulated stainless steel bottle gets your cold water to remain cold and the hot water to remain hot and if the plain water bottle is your choice, you can always get from ValourGo, their reusable water bottles are made with soft silicon materials, making it a safe water bottle for your family.

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bisphenol-a (BPA), one of the properties of plastic made water bottles was discovered to be harmful as it interferes with the human hormones and many brands started producing BPA free water bottles but unfortunately, findings had shown that some other chemicals like Phthalates, bisphenol-S, bisphenol-F, Polyvinylchloride could also be more hazardous, so, don’t be fooled with the “BPA-FREE” label.


ValourGo Silicone water bottle is safe to use as the silicon is a non-toxic polymer, the water bottles don’t leach or off-gass, resistant to temperature, non- staining which make it very easy to clean.


The foldable water bottle is soft, reusable, indecomposable and can withstand temperature and rough use by your children. It comes in different eye-catching colors (Aqua blue, Charcoal gray, blue and pink), dimensions and weight.

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The valve of the water bottle is well designed to prevent leaking and to trap air inside the water bottle to make it stand. Also, it has a lock ring at the side to prevent the valve from opening suddenly and it’s folded with the silicone cord and also has handle, altogether, making it carriable for your kids.


The collapsible water bottle is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for food use, cheap when compared with similar products from other brands and a perfect choice for you.


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  7. Very informative post! Choosing a water bottle with a nozzle may be ideal for situations when you need to drink on the go. You won’t be sloshing and spilling while trying to sip out of a wide-mouth bottle.

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