Android memory management Apk Apps Download Fast

Does your android phone device freeze, drain juice (battery) than usual, power off and on independently or unable to install or run apps/softwares smoothly? Does its system stops intermittently or is it extremely slow or lags carrying out rudimentary operations? All of these and more are likely (partly or wholly) related to some sort of […]

Body Fitness and Health Apps For iphone and Android Users

Some have argued that technology has taken-over all facets of our human and material lives and it will be safe to place a ‘true’ value on this and similar statements as we are not blind to the ongoing extreme revolutions in various disciplines like Medicine ,where robots are set to supplant human surgeons, in the […]

Android Data Recovery App Free Download without Root

Data, a very vital resource in the 21st century, is part of what makes the world go round in all spheres of human endeavour ranging from business, decision-making, policy articulation, research and development through to analysis. The evolution of concepts like Data management, Information security, Information/data warfare, hacking, encryption, decryption, cryptanalysis, backup to mention but […]

Avast Mobile Security/Antivirus App Reviews and Free Download

Have you insured your phone? I mean protecting your phone against virus attack. This article will enable you to protect your phone from virus attacks.Though there are many mobile security apps for securing your android apps and phones like 360 security, AndroHelm Mobile Security, Avira Antivirus Security, Bitdefender Antivirus, CM security and many more; but […]

Meaning Of Android System Apps and other Categories

What is an Android app? An android app is a peripheral phone programme that is compatible with your android phone to give it a better function. Android apps come in different forms to meet different needs of android users. Most times, these are coded applications with different java programming languages. The functions of each app […]

Android App Development Software Kits For App Coding

Android app development is widely perceived as a feasible business venture ready to be tapped but not many are really willing to cease this rare so called opportunity. Well, the reasons are not far fetched ;they are glaringly clear as they can be. The thing is that many people believe that app development is reserved […]

Top mobile App development Companies in the world

App development in this modern world, has attracted a lot of software engineers in different companies. In this day and age of rapid and radical technological and scientific advancements, old jobs and business opportunities are either relegated, modified or replaced by new and timely ones. One of such cases happens to manifest in the world […]

Free Calling and Texting Apps Download That are Easy To Use

Do you want free calling and texting app? What brings about the desire to get free things? Man naturally want to get more than they want to sacrifice. That’s the reason everyone want to put calls to friends and family at almost no cost. There are lot of things to cater for and in this […]

Meaning Of Wifi Calling On iPhone, T-Mobile Over Hotspot

    WiFi calling is not new, sometimes you run out of airtime or you get frustrated over the limited or feeble coverage of your service provider, maybe in a remote location, an underground structure, all of which threaten call-making on cellular mode and you wished there was a way out, wish that you had sent […]

Best App Building Software Top List For Free Download

Have you been dreaming to build your own iPhone app?  Every dream can become a possibility with shared contributory efforts.  You are not alone. There are numbers of nice and excellent platforms that can assist you to build your own phone application. It is no more news that,  you don’t have to spend buck of […]