LiFi: Fast data connection with light is the Future

The transmission of data with modulated light is not new, but there are more advanced applications that are developed recently in order to make LiFi shapen data communication. With more devices being developed, the growth of IoT applications, more internet penetration in underdeveloped nations, the volume of data transmitted year-by-year is growing speedily. With more […]

How Digital Signage works & the Advantages of Electronic Billboards

Digital Signage (DS) is the use of technology to display information in a digital format, with the aid of output devices such as TV, e-Paper, etc. It can be referred to as electronic billboard, dynamic signage, out of home advertising or outdoor marketing and other relative terms. Digital signage can be used to enhance the […]

Computer Screen Won’t Turn On? This is How to Fix

There’s no tech product that’s flawless and any product, including your computer, can develop defects. We’ve received some mails as regards the reason(s) why a computer won’t turn on at all or charge even when plugged in or the PC may power on but the screen rather stays black with nothing showing and won’t boot […]

Publiseer Co-Founder -Chidi Nwaogu talks about Enrepreneurship Journey

About 9ja Boi and LAGbook My entrepreneurial journey started when i was a teenager, about just sixteen years. Then i co-founded 9ja Boi Interactive, a  company that’s into video game development. We combined Artificial intelligence and gamification to help the young ones in learning the concept of global warning and to understand its significance to […]

Quantum Computing Technology: its Application in Business

Many research work has been published to explain the different applications of quantum computing. More studies are also triggered by the impacts of quantum computing in businesses. The quantum computing technology has been explored to achieve the maximum performance possible in order to develop a powerful technology. Most big companies are on the bid to […]

How to Spy on Phone to Intercept messages & Call Logs

Mobile phone usage has always been private even before the spread of sophisticated mobile phones (smartphone) today which promotes much more privacy with features that can help anyone to keep their android, iPhone, iPads, etc as private as possible. These phones come with Lock mechanisms in different forms and also, third party apps that develop […]

Top Digital Marketing Strategies that are infallible now and beyond

In the 21st century, digital marketing is essential for your business. It does not matter how big or small your company is, but if you want your brand to grow, then digital marketing is the key. Marketers are always looking for digital marketing strategies which will build their brand.   The Top Online Digital Marketing […]

VoguePay Online Payment Gateway – CEO Digest

Mobile and online payments have really improved in the last decade. Before, we used to have the international payment gateways being integrated with local e-commerce sites, and they control our market. In some cases, we would have to make payment in dollars and receiving funds from international partners was a real pain in the ass. […]

Importance of Mobile Apps in Business & Marketing

We have transformed completely into the generation of mobiles. One business that’s progressing to strengthen especially to company goals, is Mobile apps.   Wish for some more details of this idea? We have to examine the statistics presented by Google, which affirmed unexpected facts that 78 percent of people’s phone usage is from mobile apps […]

Publiseer Online Music & Book Publishing Growth Projection

Digital Media market growth The global media and entertainment industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade. The digital media market is still expected to grow at about 4% this year and the next. This has made the companies in various verticals of this industry to increase their network and tap more into the […]