How to use EventBrite to manage your Event Online

Eventbrite is a simple reliable platform to sell tickets and invite participants to your event. Its technology helps you in attendees’ registration and conference event management. EventbriteĀ is a top event website in the US for event management and ticketing. It is one of the most popular sites to search events across the globe, and also […]

Teleworka – A Productivity App to e-Commute & Work from home

Teleworking, also known as telework, e-commuting, work from home, or telecommuting is a way of rendering and receiving services without a physical meeting point. It works fine where the service is more of counsel, recommendation, tutoring, and advice. With mobile communication technology, you can use your smartphones or computers with internet facilities to have a […]

59 Top Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Today, Cracking and Hacking are almost used in the same context and many experts in computer programming have stood up to differentiate the two. While Hacking and Hackers are more pronounced in the internet parlance, many ethical and certified hackers find it difficult to paint a good picture of the profession and broadcast its legality. […]

How to save more Money with Living cost Calculators

We tend to spend much when it’s available, thinking it would be like that forever. Even billionaires of the world today adjust their spendings at one time or the other to meet the demands of their financial goals or other aims in life. To manage your family finances, you need the best family budget planning […]

Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car for The First Time

Owning a car is one of the things we usually aspire and many people don’t buy a good vehicle the first time they’re buying a car. This is because of good feelings of having this property and that’s the reason we want to illuminate your mind to get it right whenever you want to buy […]

Characteristics of A Data Warehouse (DWH) Explained!

There are four major characteristics of a data warehouse, which are Topic orientation, data integration, Time-period reference, and non-volatility of data. Topic Orientation: The dispositive data in the warehouse are explicitly oriented towards the business interests of the company/management. Therefore, the external data is stored and become transformed into the warehouse. For example, the data […]

Guidelines for Data WareHouse (DWH) Implementation

A Data Warehouse (DWH) is a data storage facility for dispositive data. This data is topic-oriented and logically centralized. A DWH integrates business’ huge datasets from various operative internal systems a well as external systems. Ideally, it serves as a company-wide, uniform, and consistent database for all types of decision support systems. The data warehouse […]

Features and Benefits of Data Warehouse Architecture

The data warehouse architecture has been the backbone of enterprise data ecosystems for some decades now. As more companies have to process more data than ever before to personalize the customer experience, cloud computing and predictive analysis have been more developed. Information technologies are also more employed, and data warehouses have become more in use. […]

Data Warehouse Architectures – Types & Components

A data warehouse is a repository that stores different forms of information from different sources. Data warehouse Architecture (DWA) is the organization of the data and storage facility. Data warehouse usually stores dispositive data. The architecture should be able to extract valuable information from raw data using the most effective approach. It now transforms the […]

10 Free Online Password Cracker for any OS

A password is a secret word or phrase that is used to test the veracity of the identity or access to an account or resource. A password protects your accounts or resources from unauthorized access. From the legality, a password provides what is needed to keep you secured or in privacy access to any of […]