How electronic gadgets affect learning

Negative Effects of Electronic Gadgets on Studying Habits

We are becoming increasingly reliant on technology in this present time, and the repercussions of this are now being felt in the newer generations.

The standard we have set for our children in regards to technology is not necessarily a good one, as electronic use in all aspects of life has become highly normalized.

The effects of this obsession have had both positive and negative effects on study habits in a number of ways and we’ll be discussing some of the negative effects of this on lives and productivity.

How electronic gadgets affect learning

1. You can easily become distracted

The biggest effect of technology on study habits is where the attention span is concerned.

When electronic gadgets are available, the length of time we spend focusing on homework is significantly shortened.

It’s easy for students to become distracted by their electronics when they are surrounded by them.

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It’s best to try and instill good habits early on by setting ground rules when it comes to screen time. Good habits built early will bring benefits for years to come.


2. Less engagement in class discussions

Students who are constantly using their cell phones or other electronics are often less engaged in the classroom, to the point where classroom discussions become shallow and the level of learning is considerably reduced.

In fact, it has become all too common where even teaching practices have started to involve YouTube videos or interactive online activities. This further normalizes electronic use, leading to worse habits over time.


3. Grades can start to slip

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The ultimate result of this electronic obsession is that, eventually, grades will slip as students perform sub-optimally.

In turn, students have to find alternative ways to meet the requirements that are placed upon them or avoid them altogether.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though: the fact that more focus is needed in order to succeed these days means that we are producing more hardened, motivated students.


4. Technology has changed how we study

The news isn’t all bad – technology can actually help us study in more intuitive ways. By having access to the internet, we can access nearly all written human knowledge.

Cool, huh? Also, if I wanted to pay someone to write my research paper, then I could turn to write service online.

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These are things that we couldn’t do before the advent of the internet and all the gadgets that came along with it. So it’s not all bad!

Though our electronic gadgets have the potential to inflict more harm than good, by instilling good habits in ourselves and our children, we can use technology to benefit us in our everyday lives.

As long as we have good self-control, our gadgets can enable us to be successful in our studies, which will lead us to even more success in all our careers.

Our electronics have the power to connect us to all the resources we need in order to produce amazing work no matter the field – it’s just all of us to use them for good!