How to Create, Keep and Track Personal Electronic Health Record using Secure Phone Apps

Track My Medical Records is an electronic medical record mobile app developed by Digimia in NJ.

Digimia is the founder of and they’ve been in the business of keeping medical records for a number of years.

This free Medical Record app ease your record keeping on their website as a registered member.

However, you can use the app without having an account on their website.

Just start imputing your medical related activities and that of your family on the app to keep track on important information.

Medical record is very important to keep you healthy and fit as it guard you on your goal to achieving better health.

Having a diary on your mobile phone ( medical record app) keeps you in line in knowing the DOs and DONTs.

Once you installed the app and sign up, it connects to the website to keep your records and backup your data in cloud to avoid loss if you mess with the app.

With Track My Medical Record app, you don’t need any notepad, insurance or bank to keep your health records.

Just add whatever information to the app or on their website with your own note.

Data such as the date you input the information, the doctor or physician that attended to you, their suggestions and things you should take note about your health in the future and lots more.

you can as well make adjustment to the records if the need be.


You and I know health records need to be kept private and most people don’t like to reveal their health conditions to others.

Here, your data is encrypted and well secured, and people can not parse your saved information.

You can also make use of the app while offline to access your data but you need internet connection to save your medical records.


Medical Records is another mobile app to help keeping health records, either personal health records or family medical history.

It was developed by MarkevSoft app developer in the Republic of Belarus.

This app enables you to monitor your health by keeping notice of signs, symptoms and health related activities such as using drugs or medications which could help doctors getting more fact about your health history.

Medical Records app helps you to track your health conditions, provides series of health articles to help you manage your health.

It will also guide you towards achieving better health with search-engine-like feature.

You can easily search from their article directory, get suggestions from doctors and improve your health.

After checking the latest version of this app, there has been other features like, body weight tracker, body temperature tracker, blood sugar, height and pressure tracker.

However, this app can not detect your blood sugar level, tell you your body temperature etc, but can keep those records for you.

Medical reports that you get from clinic can be copied there safely. Backup features are also available.


Doctor Patient Medical Records is also one of the best personal health record app to keep medical history.

It was developed by Mobilebiz Systems app developer in Singapore.

This app is not only useful for patients to keep their personal records, doctors, physicians and nurses or any other health expert with obligations to help people managing their health.

If you own health clinic or you’re a specialist in treating a particular health condition, this is for you.

You don’t need books to record symptoms, health conditions or medications giving to your patients.

You can easily put everything down on this app with tags to differentiate the patients in case they’re many.

Doctor Patient Medical Records is one of the best apps to keep medical records for business because the app is built for health professionals with business mindset.

You can record bills and payment related information on the app, forward mails or SMS to your patients telling them the result of diagnosis or any other information that could help them.

Just like other apps mentioned, your data are also backup.

It also supports voice recording, translation to other languages if you’re not able to read english.

You can download it from Google play store on android or any other smartphone.

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  2. from paper health records to electronic health record. Backup is very essential in this case as there are instances where data are lost and this can cause serious problems. all these health record apps are very useful as individual to keep record of health conditions and advice given by doctor. you can easily forget some foods that doctor told you not to eat sometimes

  3. I foresee mobile apps functioning more as a replica of tools that are used in different fields and health is one of them.

  4. Taking your health records personally is a good habit in order to provide appropriate information to your doctor in future when the need be. The better the fact a doctor is able to get, the bet for the patient

  5. I concur that knowing about your health is very important, nice to have these apps bit how can one safeguard the data and backup in case phone is lost.

  6. It’s nice to have these apps,maintaining one’s good health status should always be a priority.

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