How Marquee can make a meaningful Difference to your Events

Considering a marquee for your wedding venue

When you’re planning your wedding, you have that much to plan that it is often overwhelming. Whether you’re arranging the food, the outfits, the photography or the flowers, there’s certainly plenty that you have to do.

When it comes to choosing the venue for your wedding, it’s difficult. Not only is there so much choice, it’s difficult to find something which really suits you and your partner. In fact, there might be nothing close to you which evidently suits you and your needs.

If this is the scenario you’re in, why not consider the option of hiring marquee for your wedding venue?


What’s a marquee?

A marquee is a fantastic alternative to a brick and mortar venue for your wedding reception.

A marquee is basically a classy tent. Whilst a tent might not seem like the best place to host your wedding reception, it’s actually possibly the best option that is available to you.

Got another event coming up that you need a venue for? Marquees are excellent for all sorts of different events. If you’re hosting an office party, this could be an ideal venue. If you’re trying to impress potential clients with an exciting event, this is also excellent.

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You don’t need to buy a marquee either: you can simply hire a marquee for as long as you require it so that you don’t have all the hassle and expense of actually buying your own marquee.


The benefits

Location: If you rent a venue for your wedding reception, you have very little control over it. One of the big things is location.

Although your wedding reception venue might be beautiful inside, the surroundings might not be what you ideally want for your event. With a marquee, you can have it placed wherever you like (as long as you have permission).

This means that theoretically, you can have your wedding reception in a location that appeals to you the most. This is a fantastic opportunity to hire a marquee and make your wedding day even more personal.

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You also don’t have to worry about being close to a property as you can hire all the facilities that you require as part of your marquee. This means that you can have facilities such as toilets, so you really can just host your event anywhere.

Personalisation: When you’re looking for venues, is there ever going to be one that’s truly perfect for you? Whilst you might find venues that you find attractive and suitable, you might not find something that truly connects with you and what you want from your wedding venue.

You’ll just have to make do, right? That isn’t true anymore. If you hire a marquee, you have a lot of options when it comes to personalisation.

Is your ideal venue too small for the amount of people you’re inviting to your wedding? When you hire a marquee, you can have it designed to the size that’s best for you.

Not only can you choose the size of your venue, you can also adjust other things such as having a dancefloor, a banquet and toilet facilities. This means that you can truly create the venue of your dreams so that you don’t have to choose one that already exists, you can create your own.

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Is a marquee for you?

Despite the massive benefits that you can get when you hire a marquee, that doesn’t mean that it’s for you. Generally, it depends on how ‘big’ your event is: If you’re only going to be inviting a few members of your family to your event, is it going to be worth hiring a marquee and all the facilities that you require?

If you’re having a big wedding, it’s perfect for you. You can have all the control you desire to tailor it to what you really want from your wedding reception.



This article was written by Jack Mitchell with helpful information from James Dabbs Marquee Hire. Jack is a Yorkshire lad who loves cinema, reading and gaming.