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LiFi: Fast data connection with light is the Future

The transmission of data with modulated light is not new, but there are more advanced applications that are developed recently in order to make LiFi shapen data communication.

With more devices being developed, the growth of IoT applications, more internet penetration in underdeveloped nations, the volume of data transmitted year-by-year is growing speedily.

With more than 8 billion smartphones and 1.5 million radio towers, more than 650 terabytes of data are transmitted every month.


LiFi instead of WiFi

With the internet of things devices being used more than ever before, this is the time data transmission by light will become more embraced.

This is because light fidelity works much faster, similar to Morse code. It is possible to transfer more than 200-gigabyte data in one second as revealed in studies.

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In everyday use, LiFi can transmit 1.5gb data in one second within 10 meters distance while WLAN routers achieve a common net transmission rate of about 220 MB per second in the same distance.

Also, there’s no issue of electromagnetic interference since the light beams do not pass through walls, making it more secure than wifi.

LiFi is more effective outdoors than indoors, not because of the need to have a light but because of interruption in transmission over walls.

Even under bad climatic conditions, LiFi was tested to still transmit data speedily, up to 50 meters.


The Future of LiFi Technology is here

With smart gadgets like smart desk-lamps, lifi solar, lifi enabled LED panel, lifi street lights, lifi kits, lifi enabled smartphone, etc, it can be said that the future is already.

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Developing these common household gadgets that are lifi compatible is a new approach to making the light fidelity suitable for everyday data transmission.

Big tech companies like General Electric, pureLiFi, Acuity Brands, Koninklijke Philips, Panasonic, LightBee, LightPointe, Oledcomm, Velmenni, FSONA are already top drivers of lifi products.

Oledcomm, for example, is already having her desk-lamp and ceiling lamps that provide a network connection via infrared in the market.

The ceiling lamp is said to have the capacity to lighten an area of 8 square meters with the Internet signal and supply up to 15 devices equipped with a dongle.

Besides the ceiling lamp (Life max), Oledcomm also have other products like the following

  • MyLiFi and  – which is a bidirectional Desk Lamp
  • LiFiCare – a specialized LiFi Lamp developed for surgical operations in the hospitals
  • LiFiNET – a Street Lighting with RAGNI and TECHNILUM
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PureLiFi is also already having lifi products like PureLiFi XC, OFE-Hero3 and ASIC Front and Rear in the market.

Other popular products are LumiStick 2 USB Stick, LumiLamp, Luminex, which are developed by VLNcomm.

Office SecureLink, Vehicle SecureLink, M2M SecureLink, and Transit SecureLink, all developed by FireflyLiFi

Not only will lifi penetrates into the mobile wireless data communication market, but even industries will also key into this technology.

Production robots and other machines are usually fixed in a place in the production landscape which makes it easy to maintain a line of a signal.

Another field of application in industry is short connections between printed circuit boards. These are currently being connected with high-frequency cables.