10 Free Online Password Cracker for any OS

A password is a secret word or phrase that is used to test the veracity of the identity or access to an account or resource.

A password protects your accounts or resources from unauthorized access.

From the legality, a password provides what is needed to keep you secured or in privacy access to any of your accounts (banking, purchases, investments, social network, etc).

But remember that, there are people who have a very particular interest in knowing the passwords.

Password cracking, a process that relates to guess or retrieve a password that is located or stored in a data transmission system.

The purpose of password decryption can help a user recover their forgotten Password or gain unauthorized access to a system or as a preventative measure of system administrators to check for easily manipulated passwords.

Programmers in recent years have developed many tools to find out passwords.

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. You will know today from this article some tools to decrypt passwords.

How to crack password with free software online

1. Brutus

Brutus is an online tool to know passwords. It works for the Windows operating system.

It is compatible with HTTP (Basic authentication) (HTML/CGI forms), FTP, POP3, SMB, Telnet etc.

While the tool has not been updated for many years (2000), it can still be very useful.

2. Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel are well known for password decryption and works great for Microsoft operating systems.

It allows easy recovery of different types of passwords in the network, encrypts passwords, retrieves keys from a wireless network.

It can get encrypted passwords using a dictionary, record VoIP conversations, brute force attacks, and cryptanalysis, rebelling password boxes, analyze the routing protocols and discover password stored in the cache.

This tool was designed for network administrators, penetration testing, security professionals and forensic personnel. Download Cain and Abel


3. Rainbowcrack

Project-rainbowcrack.com  differs from the brute force method, as it uses large pre-computed tables called rainbow tables to reduce the amount of time needed to decrypt a password.

I was able to unload the rainbow boards myself when I tried it. This tool is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.


4. John the Ripper

John the Ripper is well known and fast to decrypt passwords available for UNIX, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS.

Its main objective is to detect weak UNIX passwords. There is professional software that offers extraordinary versions and native packages for the different operating systems.


5. Wfuzz

Wfuzz was designed for brute force attacks. It can be used to search for unlinked resources (directories, servlets, script, etc).

Forms with parameters (user/password), Bruteforce get and post for the control of different types of injections (SQL, XSS, LDAP, etc.).


6. Aircrack Ng

Analyze the wireless encryption packets and then try to discover passwords through your cracking algorithm.

Implements the standard FMS attack along with some optimizations such as Korek and PTW attacks.

Thanks to this method in which the results are faster compared to other cracking tools such as WEP.

It is available for Windows and Linux operating systems and you can Download Aircrack ng now.


7. Tch Hydra

You can perform fast dictionary attacks against more than 3 protocols including Telnet, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMB and much more.

It is possible to add several modules and improve the features and it’s available for Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, and BSD Libre. The tool is compatible with most network protocols.


8. Jellyfish

Medusa is also a tool to decrypt passwords similar to THC Hydra.

Working with HTTP, FTP, CVS, IMAP, MS SQL, NCP, NNTP, POP3, Postgres SQL, PCAnywhere, login, SMB, RSH, SMTP, SMNP, SSH, SVH, VNC, VMAUTHD, and Telenet.

Medusa allows you to perform a parallel attack, for example, if you want to know passwords of a few email accounts, at the same time you can mention the list of user names, along with the list of passwords.


9. L0phtCrack

It uses Windows workstations, primary domain controllers, network servers, and Active Directory for password cracking. It also uses the dictionary and brute force method.

L0phtCrack is full of advanced features such as programming, hash extraction from Windows versions of 64 bits, multiprocessor algorithms, and network monitoring and decoding.


10. Ophcrack

This is based on a Windows-based rainbow table. It comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) and runs on multiple platforms.

It can also be used on Linux and Mac systems. It’s an excellent free tool for all hackers and you can Download OphCrack here

You can also download free and paid rainbow tables for ophcrack.

However, it is important to note that this article is for educational purposes only, the use of these tools is punishable by law in many countries of the world.

Major Cloud Computing Security Challenges

As a business owner in this 21st century, we want a situation whereby the business data can be accessed on our devices in office and home.

We want the data to be easily accessible for different department of our company to smothen our operations, this is now made possible with the cloud computing technology.

However, there are still challenges businesses are facing with cloud computing, especially when it comes to making the business environment secured for sensitive data.

To benefit from cloud computing technology, you need to understand the different security challenges in it so as to be able to make the right steps in finding solution to it.

The next step is selecting the best tools and vendors to reduce or avoid such challenges.

In today’s technology driven world, security in the cloud is a very serious issue which you should discuss with your management from time to time, this is not with the top officials alone but down to the casual workers.


Different cloud technology challenges

  • DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service)

Now that most business owners are aware of the merits in moving their data to the cloud, the cloud service providers are now becoming the main target for hackers who carry out various malicious attacks.

A successful hack to the data system of the service provider would enable them have access to the vital information of the businesses using the cloud service.

DDoS attacks, although not rare before now, but not much popular before the transition to cloud storage by big companies.

VeriSign has reported that IT services and SaaS are still the major target industries for hackers.

Some of the powerful DDoS attacks experienced by companies are well carried out to disrupt the web servers and make the system not to respond to genuine user requests.

If the DDoS attack is completely successful, it would make the website somewhat inactive for a few hours or even for some days.

This will result into loss of profit as customers would not be able to do business with you during this period.

It will also make you to lose brand authority and customer trust.

This is the reason it’s very important to patronize cloud services with the best DDoS protection as a business owner.

And if you’re a cloud services provider, you should offer the state of art security for all clients and educate them on the features of the different scale of services you render.


  • Data breaches

Data breaches in the US dipped in the year 2018 with a record of 1,244 compared to the year 2017 record of 1,632.

The bsiness and Healthcare sectors were known to have recorded the most breaches in 2018, and hacking was seen to have been the major cause of these breaches.

This is more reason it’s important to secure the sensitive data for your businesses and it’s the main challenge of cloud computing.


  • Data loss

During the transition to cloud security, when businesses move their data to the cloud, it’s likely that some information get lost, especially if the migration is not handled by professionals.

This loss of data may also occur as a result of the malicious tampering, accidental deletion or come from the cloud service provider.

In order to overcome this issue, it is important to set out measures to recover your data should there be data loss during the process.

Ensure the cloud service vendor has data recovery mechanisms in the cloud service platform along with an integrated system to lessen the malicious attacks.


  • Insecure Access Points

One of the major benefits of storing your business data in the cloud is because the cloud technology makes it easy to access your data from any device and from anywhere.

With this wide range of accessibility, it becomes an avenue for hackers to also have their way finding loopholes in your system and exploit that to their advantage.

As the vendor, you should have the web application firewall installed in order to examine all the related HTTP requests to the website and ensure fake (bot) traffic is always blocked

It helps to protect the different web applications from the various security breaches.

There are also some other challenges in this cloud platform including notifications & alerts.

Once the threat is identified in the cloud platform, altering that particular application or website manager should be a part of the best security plan.

By this way, all the important business data will be secured with minor or no threats.

Advantages of Mobile Edge Computing over Cloud Data Security

There are different approaches of managing data and data security should be handled in multiple layers so as to make data breaches almost impossible.

The is not only done so as to protect the resources involved in the systems but to also safeguard the rest of the data even if one part of the data gets breached.

While the edge computing technology has shown high productivity in terms of analytics and computing huge amounts of data, similar results are expected in terms of authentication which is done in the endpoints.


The Mobile Edge Computing

Edge computing architecture makes data processing to be faster than cloud computing architecture by processing data closer to the main application source.

One of the main advantages of edge computing over cloud is that, it can handle big data analytics better than cloud and deliver results in real time.

The future really looks good for mobile computing technology since there is need for it in companies that are into data management.

There are also use cases of mobile edge computing in big organizations where their data security and the efficiency of their systems will be put in a better location.

Because of the advantages of using this computing technology, there are numerous businesses across different sectors developing more interest in mobile edge computing and shifting to this architecture.

While the data processing based out of the cloud will be handled smoothly with this technology, the security of the data will also be handled efficiently.

This is done by ensuring security in transferring data and by implementing a security protocol in place before making this transfer.

The mobile infrastructure is expected to see this change which will motivate businesses to move towards mobile edge computing for collecting data and for processing it safely.

The edge computing technology is being improved to achieve better solutions for the collection and processing of data.


The AI devices

Right now, there is the AI implemented smart glasses introduced as part of the solution in the Internet of Things.

This is expected to create a major impact in the mobile hands-free working in several industries, including the logistics, manufacturing, transport, and engineering.

With the combination of the Internet of Things with the mobile edge computing, many innovative devices similar to this are expected to join the list.


Edge Security

Since the growth in the Internet of things has been tremendous, the concern for the security of the data has been on the rise too.

The mass data which keeps growing at a rapid speed needs proper data security in place.

If not, the cybercriminals will attack the companies which will cost the organizations a huge sum of data loss and monetary loss.

With the techniques used by the cybercriminals evolving everyday, it’s important and required of companies to advance their security techniques to prevent any possible attack.

The present trend in the mobile edge computing security seems to be the use of biometric authentication which would help in this regard.

This technique is far better compared to the age-old password system. With the help of biometric scanners for fingerprints and for facial features, the user identity can be verified accurately.

Additionally, this technology, unlike the traditional ones, does not leave any footprint on the digital front, making it hard for the cybercriminals to track the data.


Mobile Edge Computing Solutions

More and more organizations are now shifting to the mobile edge computing technology so that they can heighten their security standards.

One main advantage here is that the data which is being transferred to the organization’s network through the cloud will be first translated locally to a communication protocol to ensure maximum security.

Significant growth is witnessed in these solutions right from the mobile devices to the sensory cars.

This proves that innovative clouds are in place.

In one way, this allows the clients of the local area to be serviced at a given point of time, eliminating the latency and also reducing the bandwidth consumed.

It is, however, important to keep the security intact for these new clouds.

Data encryption has to be given priority in both the incoming and the existing portals.

With the right design in security, this mechanism will help overcoming several challenges faced in business regrading data safety.

Reasons why Data Safety & Security is important in Businesses

Whether it is an individual, a small organization or a large one, data privacy and security is now important more than ever before.

The size does not matter when it comes to data protection and confidentiality.

Most especially for businesses, a breach in the data may cost millions of dollars to a company and might even bring the organization to a standstill.

The impact of data breaches in companies can range from loss of confidence by client to a total collapse of the business.

People who own small business might be wondering how cyber security is important for their small business.

Since each day, new ways of utilizing data analytics in marketing and driving sales are being discovered, the safety of the data becomes relevant to small organizations as well.

While large data is used to crunch numbers and details for analysis of a security breach in it will turn risky for the company.


Why Data Protection is Important?

With today’s digital transformation where everything is now digitally driven, computer data security can not be handled lightly.

In business, all the basic data like customer details to the complicated numbers like the sales predictions, everything is being stored in digitized form.

This data is used to perform certain operations and transform the way the business is being run.

For example, using customers’ experience data analytics, the company would be able to improve customers service and satisfactions.

Improving customers experience would enable them to have repeated order with you and in turn build up loyalty.

This data can be used to increase sales and drive revenue growth.

While the customer details are saved in the company’s database, it poses a threat as the company is responsible for the safety of the data.

It’s even unfortunate that cyber security threat is on the increase and the statistics of attack is showing uptrend in the cases of cyber fraud.

Many companies hold confidential data apart from the customer data and employee data.

This poses a significant threat as the expert hackers find new mechanisms to hack into the systems.

This situation forces companies to step up their data breaches prevention plan
and safeguard against data breaches in the workplace using advanced technology and following standardized practises in preventing any privacy breach.

In certain situations, organizations even face heavy fines for not taking care of their data properly and allowing a data breach to happen.

As a company grows, the cost of a data breach grows along with it. This is because when the size of the company increases and more data gets accumulated, it increases the liability and the risk factor.

In case a data breach happens then it will take a lot of time for the company to come back from it.

Considering this, it is ideal to secure your data beforehand.


Is the Investment on Data Breach Prevention  worth it?

Investing in data security might be a questionable case for some organizations depending on the size of the company and financial resources.

So it is essential to figure out if it is really worth it.

In the case of a business, customers tend to buy their products or services based on the trust factor.

Through any purchase, some part of the customer information is placed with the company.

In this case, the customer trusts the company, be it big or small business, that his or her information is safe with the company.

In case a data breach happens then this trust with the customer would be lost.

The data of the customers stored in the company’s database can be hampered by a hacker which will put all the relevant data at risk.

This might even put the future of the business at risk.

And it will take the company a long time to recover from this attack and gain the trust of the customers back.

There are times when the trust has been lost forever.

To take such a risk is not wise, especially with the growing techniques the hackers are using.

At present, the cyber attacks are carried out with the help of automated systems.

There are bot attacks which will force the data security team to concentrate elsewhere and in the meantime, these automated bots will take control over the system.

These attacks if happen to an organization will cost hefty. This cost will include the loss of data, confidential information, financial details as well as the huge fines levied by the government.

Since companies are expected to invest in data security and safety, in times of attack, if the corresponding organization find out that proper safety is not established then the fine will be high.


Is it possible to be a Victim of Data theft? 

The main mistake companies make is that they are ignorant of the safety of their data.

They believe that a data breach will not happen to them or even in case one happens, they can handle it.

This should be avoided and the security systems should be reviewed.

By implementing secure firewalls, stopping visitors without a genuine source, having a back-up are some ways to protect your data.

Temp-Mail.Org Free Temporary Email Address, Uses & Apps

Running business online and using email marketing approach to market your products and services not only benefit business owners but also consumers, however, since you don’t only get messages you’ve consented for, there’s need to have private email account or Temp Mail.


Having a public, private or business email account can help in preventing phishing attack and any other forms of scam or unsolicited promotional emails but this can be pain in the ass maintaining these accounts.

Sometimes, you don’t even remember the password of an email account once you’re not using it regularly.


Temporary email accounts help in this regard. Temp email is a form of temporary email you can use to sign up for services, receive emails which can self destruct, so also the account.


It does not require registration, personal details, password, captcha or security questions and Unlimited amount of accounts can be created by a user using the same IP.

Temp Mail is one of the big names in the temporary email niche. You can easily get a free mailbox and it’s instant. Just visit the web address, get your free email, set up your control panel and start receiving messages.


What are the benefits of using Temporary Email service

If you’re signing up to receive a one time information like an eBook, tutorial, information about a product/service or a trial package, you can just enter your temporary email so that you don’t receive further unnecessary email after the purpose of your registration is achieved.


Similar to this is if you’re using an app and you’re asked to sign up to receive added benefits, have access to advanced features or probably in a game where you’ll be asked to complete a task and win free points, you can use temp mail for these proposes.


If you want to have multiple accounts on a website, for example a forum where you’re selling digital products and you want to be posting from different accounts, you can use temp mail to get free emails to use for sign up.


Similar to this is if you’re just starting a forum and you’re not having registered members yet, you can register different accounts so that new visitor will be able to join easily.


Are you a website owner or service provider? It’s important to use different emails to test how subscribers receive your newsletter on different platforms like desktop, high-end mobile devices and tablets, different browsers and so on.


This is to ensure the links are not broken, displayed as sent and content is received as formatted and if error is found, you can easily fix it. Little changes to all these can limit your success rate in your marketing campaign.

Temp-Mail Apps

Privatix Communication, the company that coded the Temp Mail – Temporary Email also developed mobile apps you can download free on your android phone from Google play store and on iPhone and iPad from iTunes.


Carefully designed, simple and easy user interface to use to get Temporary emails to avoid unnecessary advertising from mailings, and also prevent hackers that usually scrape emails from public sites.

Temp-Mail Extensions

Temp Mail also designed browser extension. You can install it on your Google chrome browser, Opera browser and addons on Firefox browser.


Browser’s extension is a program or software built to work with existing program; just like plugins, in order to modify the behavior of the main software.

Temp-Mail API

Temp-Mail.org also has an advanced Application Programming Interface (API) you can use to develop your temporary email service on your website. You’ll have access to the resources once you choose a desired plan, especially the paid plan, depending on the capacity.













How to Avoid Tax Fraud From Cyber Criminals through Phishing Emails & other Tricks

The IRS claims to have foiled 1.4 million endeavors of assessment misrepresentation identifying with data fraud, worth $8 billion, and another $2.9 billion in different sorts of duty extortion.

What is expense misrepresentation? How can it happen? By what method would you be able to secure yourself and avoid charge extortion?

Charge misrepresentation can happen when somebody utilizes another person’s personality to record an assessment form and gather a duty discount that isn’t his or hers or when somebody distorts charge data, for example, swelling conclusions to produce a bigger expense discount.


Below Are Some Tips To Shield Yourself:

Phishing is one of the “Grimy Dozen” assessment tricks, a rundown of regular deceitful duty plans aggregated by the IRS.

Utilizing this strategy, lawbreakers send you an official-looking email that deceives you into clicking links and going to sites that look like IRS pages.

These beguiling email senders might likewise put on a show to be your assessment programming supplier or monetary organization.

You might be coerced to enter individual data, which then might be utilized to document a false assessment form or confer different sorts of wholesale fraud.

A phishing email might have a headline or message that references your duty discount, Form W-2 data or assessment account. It might even alert you about misrepresentation endeavours for you.

Con artists could likewise introduce malware on your PC when you tap on connections and visit certain sites.

This malware might catch your online movement, for example, the destinations you visit and login data, permitting cheats to take from your money related records and confer expense misrepresentation.

By and large, the IRS does not start correspondence through electronic means, for example, email or online networking messages.

If you’re suspecting your computer to have been infected by virus, you can remove the virus immediately and also protect your system from further attack in the future



Try Not To React To Suspicious Calls

Try not to react or give out your data to anybody you’re uncertain of. Another way identity theft could be possible is when you’re not very careful with how you dispose junks and other unused papers which some might’ve your details.


To check if a caller is really an IRS representative, acquire the individual’s name, identification number and call back number.

You ought to additionally take note of his or her caller ID. At that point contact the IRS at 1-800-366-4484 to affirm that the guest is a genuine IRS operator with a real need to get in touch with you.



Look At Your Accountant

The IRS urges citizens to be finicky while selecting an expense preparer. For the most part, anybody with an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number can offer assessment planning administrations.

However, just enlisted operators confirmed open bookkeepers and lawyers can speak to citizens before the IRS in all matters.

Before picking a duty preparer, consider confirming his or her certifications and looking at any disciplinary activities.

Check the IRS’s registry of government duty preparers, your neighborhood Better Business Bureau and any accessible state assets, for example, a catalog of expense preparers or the state lawyer general’s office.

Warnings that might raise worries about the expectations of an assessment preparer include:

  • Promises to give you a bigger discount than other accountants.
  • Calculates expenses in light of a rate of the discount, not a level charge or hourly charge.
  • Tries to offer you additional administration, for example, an assurance that the duty preparer will repay you in the event that he commits an error.
  • Promises to determine charge obligation for pennies on the dollar.
  • Asks you to sign a clear return or documents the arrival without your endorsement.
  • Fails to sign your forms and doesn’t give you a duplicate.
  • In the event that you have worries around an assessment preparer, consider searching for another expert to help you. You can report misrepresentation to the IRS or the proper state organization.


Watch Your Letter Box

Charge data is frequently sent through normal mail. In the event that your post box isn’t secure, cheats can take individual and money related data, for example, insights about your income, from W-2 and 1099 structures.

One expert, Cameron Huddleston recommends checking your post box to make certain your tax documents and classified data aren’t captured by a criminal.

Call the IRS on the off chance that you think data may have been stolen. For the most part, you ought to get tax documents theweek after their due dates, taking into account mail conveyance.



This post was written and supplied on behalf of Souters who provide Accounting Courses in London.

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Secure your Android, iPhone Data from Hackers, Viruses & Theft

According to Gartner research, 75% of mobile apps would fail the basic security tests.

Add to that the new vulnerabilities found in popular mobile operating systems and you will have a tough time securing your mobile device.

According to the statistics, there has been a 188% increase in Android vulnerabilities and 262% increase in iOS vulnerabilities.

This makes mobile devices most vulnerable to security attacks and it ranks at the top of IT weakest security links closely followed by social media.

This brings us to the most important question every mobile user is asking.

How to make your mobile devices hacker-proof? Here are seven ways to make your mobile device more secure.

1. Two Factor Authentication
As regards the security of your iPhone, Samsung galaxy, android and others, you need to set a password or pin to screen lock your phone manually just by going to the settings tab on your tablet phone your device will stay locked until you manually unlock it.

Ensure your password or PIN is difficult to guess and don’t tell anyone your security code. Also, Make sure you change your password and PIN frequently.

To block hackers and protect your phone from being hacked, you can add another layer of security by using two-factor authentication wherever possible and make it difficult for hackers to get inside your phone.

First and foremost, what is Two factors or Steps Authentication (2FA, TFA)? This is a multi authentication or verification that deals with security solutions of online account in which you’ll provide other personal details to support your username and passcode in your account.

Should your account becomes insecure or hacked, this personal information will be asked before your account is reactivated.

Some websites like Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram etc offer you two-factor authentication for logins so why not use it to keep your private data private since it’s one of the best way to protect data.

It is only a matter of time when all services start to offer two-factor authentication. Already, we have 2 steps verification apps.

2. Use Encryption
Setting up a strong password and PIN or frequently changing it or using two-factor authentication will protect your data from unauthorized access but what about the data you are sending to a friend.

How can you protect that? or what if, your device is unlocked and the unauthorized person get their hands on it?

This is where data encryption comes into play and save your day. Encrypt the data on your Android phone, iPhone, Samsung galaxy and encrypt your messsge before sending it to anyone.

This prevent someone from spying your text messages, open and read your texts online.

I often hear people asking on forum if someone can hack into there phone and read text messages and I can tell you that, there are different methods hackers can break into your phone.

Hackers can send link in text messages and once you click the link, you may be get hacked.

They can even hack your smartphone from their computer, through Facebook, by calling you, via WiFi network or using Bluetooth and there are also possibilities of hackers cracking your phone camera or hacking your phone with just the number.

Recently, a computer scientist leading a research team made publication about how Smartphone and other digital products can be hacked with sound waves and I’ve talked about how your phone could be hacked when you play music, so the possibility is endless.

There are already best encrypted messaging apps in android market to secure your text messages and keep them private.

Using encryptions to give you a secure communication medium while others might soon follow.


3. Download Apps From Trusted Sources
Despite Google and Apple’s efforts for curbing malicious apps, many infected apps make their way into the respective app store.

For security purpose, your phone is set in default to block installation of apps not obtained from google play store and you have option to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

The best way to avoid installing malicious apps is to download and install an app from trusted sources.

If for one reason or the other you want to download and install app from other sources, you should stop unwanted apps from installing automatically by itself without permission on your iPhone and android devices in order to avoid malicious computer programs.

Even better, only use official app stores to download and install apps. The reason is that, it is much harder to differentiate malicious apps from real ones on third-party app stores and hence it is the riskier route to take.

Although, strong vetting process by Apple makes it difficult for infected apps for getting to Apple’s app store this is not the case with Android.

If you’re having issue of random apps keep installing by themselves, try to stop apps from automatically downloading on your iphone.

4. Stay Safe on Open Wi-Fi
Do not get me wrong. We all know that open public Wi-Fi is not safe but we still use it. That is why we have to pay a heavy price for it in terms of security and privacy. Open Wi-Fi networks are the soft targets for hackers as they can easily get into those networks and run away with your private data.

Someone, even your neighbors can hack your WiFi router, change your password.

Even though there are ways to check WiFi hackers in your network, block them with block them with some best public wifi security apps and softwares you can download free or pay online, there are less security measures and advantage to protect your phone from hackers in open WiFi network.

This could get worse if you are reckless and using open Wi-Fi networks for performing banking transaction.

You might end up losing your credit card information and other private details, so, avoid financial transactions whether it is online shopping or banking transaction.

Other reason open WiFi network is ‘injurious’ is those network sniffer who use wifi snooping softwares, an easily intercept data with free network sniffer tool.

Use VPN services when you are using public Wi-Fi networks to hide your identity, avert this public wifi security risk and stay safe on public WiFi. You can use Android WiFi assistance and Google VPN.


5. Remotely Lock Your Device and Wipe Out Data
Suppose your mobile device gets stolen or lost? What would you do next? Do you want to remotely wipe your data and lock your device? You won’t believe it, but you can do that with a handy feature that is available on both Android and iOS.

You can track lost mobile phone by IMEI number and block the phone online if stolen, report your stolen phone.

All you have to do is to log in to your account with your credentials and select your device.

You will get options for locking your devices, locating your device and wiping out data remotely.

Just select the desired option and it’s done. Easy, isn’t it ? We’ve written a comprehensive guide on wiping your data when phone is lost here.


6. Avoid Malicious Links
Another way hackers use to infect our mobile devices is to send us malicious links.

Whether they appear in emails, social media sites or on any other website we visit through our mobile devices, users need to ensure that the link is safe before clicking on it.

To protect your phone from viruses and secure it from hackers, you need to be understand the url shortener security risk, be careful with too long URLs, URLs with too much dashes, URLs in language you don’t understand, links in poor quality content, link bait content, URLs in questionable giveaways and promo; etc.

One wrong tap is enough to compromise your devices and give hackers access to it.

Thankfully, there are many useful link checking tools available in the market that can help you decide which links to click and which links to avoid.

Today, you can scan website for malicious code and vulnerabilities with free website security checker tools, report them and block such websites from some Internet browsers like chrome.


7. Install an Antivirus App
Last but certainly not the least is installing an antivirus app. Although, this might seem a simple tactic, it is quite an effective one, especially if you constantly update its virus definitions and keep it updated to the latest version.

These antivirus apps have both free and paid versions so if you really care about your mobile security, you could also consider getting a premium version of a reputable antivirus app.

That does not mean that free version doesn’t do enough to protect your mobile device, it does but it does not offer the level of protection that paid versions of antivirus software does.


In order to stay safe in today’s mobile-dominated world, you need to stay one-step ahead of the hackers.

By practicing caution while using your mobile device and following best mobile security practices, you can easily save your mobile device from most of these attacks.

Use some of these effective ways in conjunction and you can significantly minimize the risk of your mobile device getting into wrong hands.

How do you keep your mobile device secure? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

This article is written by Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui, a digital marketing expert at Branex UAE and edited by one of the Techpally editors.

Muneeb keeps a close eye on digital technology trends and use them in his work to deliver futuristic marketing plans to clients that not only fulfill their current but also their futuristic needs.