70+ Programming Learning Websites to Start from Scratch

Learning computer programming languages is getting easier every day as the field is also getting more lucrative.

You can now learn how to start coding, develop programs to accomplish tasks in a better way in the comfort of your home.

There are more than 200 programming languages and I’ve researched the biggest active websites to learn the most used and popular coding languages from scratch as a beginner or continue with advanced learning as a professional.

These are the interactive programming learning websites

How to learn programming language from scratch



w3 Fools

The New Boston

Team Tree House


Android development training


Code Conquest



A list Apart

HTML 5 Rocks

Learn Python the hard way

Mozilla Developer

The Code Developer

After Hours Programming

SQL zoo




Solo Learn

CSS Tricks


General assembly

David Walsh

Tuts plus

HTML dog

Got immersion

Conquering the Command line

Rails Tutorial

Rails for Zombies

The code player


Command line power user

CSS 3 learning


Team tree house



Code to Win

Try bloc

Code Academy


Try Haskell

js fiddle


Learn Python


Google coding site


Code Pad

Coding School

The Odin Project

Coding bat


Try Ruby

Hackety hack

Python Anywhere

Try Python

Python Schools


Node school

Eloquent JavaScript




JavaScript for cats

Learn JavaScript

Learn Ruby the hard way

Learn Python the Hard way


WordPress Beginning



59 Top Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Today, Cracking and Hacking are almost used in the same context and many experts in computer programming have stood up to differentiate the two.

While Hacking and Hackers are more pronounced in the internet parlance, many ethical and certified hackers find it difficult to paint a good picture of the profession and broadcast its legality.

Hacking is being studied in universities and colleges across European countries and Asian countries and legal hackers are making much money from their technical skills.

This makes the profession to be attractive, especially to young adults who want to exploit their computing skills.

There are different types of hacking and that’s the reason words such as good, ethical, legal are more used when hacking is used to solve problems that are not having direct negative implications to another party and the unethical hacking is commonly called cracking by experts.

Having said that, internet security is much important to us and we join other authorities to condemn cyber crimes and terrorism but if you want hacking websites, forums where you can learn ethical hacking as a beginner, download content resources, and software applications.

Also, if you want to join online tutorial classes, meet with other hackers, learn tips to identify vulnerabilities in system or program, I recommend the following hacking learning sites

Information about Vulnerabilities

Happy Hacker

Packet Storm Security

Hacking Tutorial

Meta Sploit

Explore Hacking

Hack and Exploits Forum

Hacking Forum

New Hack Daily

xisp.org downloads

Weekly Hacking Tutorial

Exploit Database

CellPhone Hacks

UK Hacking website


TinkerNut Hacking

Hack this Site

Evil Zone Hacking Forum

Cyber Security Training

HITB Hacking Information

SecTools Hacking Tools

Break the Security

CEH: Certified Ethical hacking program


computed tool

Ask matador





Sentinel tools


Trivia Security



Hacker toolz






mega security.org

Hacking site in German language


Hacking software

Cleo and nacho



hackers games


Security illusion

Hacking tool

Hacking software download






Hackers to learn from

Ethical Hacking forum

Coding Development

XISP Hackers’ Forum


It’s important to know that, there are different types of hackers you will find in some of the hackers’ forums; some are a White hat, black hat, grey hat, blue hat, green hat, Neophyte, Elite, Hacktivist, Script Kiddie.

While ethical hackers do not make security to be vulnerable, unethical hackers hunt for vulnerabilities to exploit.

They carry out black hack in different forms of attacks/ such as Cross-site scripting, Broken authentication attack, injection attack, clickjacking, Symlinking, Remote Code execution, DDOS attack, Cross-site request forgery, DNS cache attack, Social engineering attack.

You can learn this hacking types altogether for your own advantage to counter hacking attack. It’s more wise to understand the approaches that hackers take to launch cyber attack and the preventive measures to guide against it than to learn security strengthening measures alone.


How to Learn & Become a Hacker: Step by Step Ebook for Beginners

All you need to know to become a hacker

As hacking is getting more popular, especially in countries like the US, UK, Canada, and India, it’s the dream of many youths becoming a hacker and with numerous courses online, PDF books or programming courses offered in universities and colleges, it’s no more a big deal.

Thinking of how to become a hacker as a beginner, before taking you through the step by step.

The first thing is to know the difference between a hacker, a cracker, a computer engineer, a programmer, etc as these terms are often used but do not mean the same.

Learning how to hack, either as a certified ethical hacker (CEH) who has got a certificate from school or as a self-taught hacker, it’s not that easy as portrayed on hacking sites online and tutorials alone are not enough.

Not even the well known Kali Linux tutorial and courses. It’s the least you need to know before you become a hacker.

Surely, you will learn the basics from books and tutorials to have the prerequisites and you can have an edge over others if you’re already a computer programmer.

Having said that, there are different kinds of hacking and hackers, black hat, red hat, grey hat, and white hat hackers and ethical hackers are also known as white hat hackers while crackers are known to be black hat hackers.

If you want to become a hacker, you will need to put in many efforts, more hours of work and dedication in the study.

Take risks and take a bold step in trying things out yourself, make mistakes, have burning obsession to keep going and lots of patience before you eventually succeed.

Less I forget, it’s somehow difficult learning a skill to a standard without financial costs associated with it.

Therefore, you may also need to write some CEH exam and the costs are not too much, compared to the salary of hackers and much money they make, especially hackers who work for big firms and government.

As a beginner in hacking, there are some books that are important to read. Some of them are A Hacker Manifesto, you can read it here as text. This book is published by Loyd Blankenship some decades ago and it’s a foundational book for hackers; others are Hacking for Dummies, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition, and others would do you good. There are YouTube channels, Facebook pages and other social networks you can learn ethical hacking.



You would learn ethical hacking and the code of conduct to adhere to in the hacking manifesto eBook.

Its content talked much about the culture of hackers and the need to keep open-source systems in operation, broadening the scope of computer science and making technology to completely rule the world.

Just as I stated in one of my previous posts, hacking is supposed to solve a problem without any form of damage to any party.

Hackers are not supposed to exhibit behavior that could cause damage to the system or access systems without the authorization of the administrator.

Today, almost all countries are aware of the threat hacking poses to internet security, financial security and there are laws to guide against any form of theft online.

You should always bear in mind that, cracking is a crime punishable by the law of many countries.

However, to hack computers and some other digital devices, you need to have the knowledge of some programming languages like Python, Hack, PHP, C+, etc, depending on the system.

UNIX and Linux are also important to be familiar with since hackers mostly use open source systems since there is more to be achieved on the OS than Microsoft Windows.

To achieve in this field of endeavor, you must be creative, intelligent and have the drive to solve problems, especially in a new and better way.

You should be able to identify vulnerabilities that people have not discovered in devices and this requires intuition and supersensible intelligence.

After the problem is discovered, the next is to exploit or notify the admin about the loophole and discuss debugging with them and you need to present yourself as a real ethical hacker to be considered for fixing the bug.

Impossibility is just a thought, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can definitely achieve it if you can sacrifice all it takes to achieve it.

Therefore Becoming a hacker is nothing too big to achieve no matter how crude your understanding of programming.

You’re only a step backward from unfolding the hidden and once you make the bold step, you will start seeing result that will get you “wahoo”

Enhancing Website Efficiency and Crucial Rendering Route

Is your website’s rendering functionality meeting today’s standard?

Rendering is the process of distributing a host’s response to the image that the browser “paints” if an individual visit a site.

A poor rendering performance could translate to a comparatively higher bounce rate.

Various host responses determine whether or not a page is rendered.

In the following guide, we’re likely to concentrate on the first render of the web page

This begins with parsing HTML (provided the browser has successfully received HTML since the host’s response).

We are going to learn more about the things that may result in high rendering times and how to solve them.


What is Crucial Rendering Path?

The crucial rendering path (CRP) is the procedure your browser moves to convert the code into displayable pixels on your display.

It has several phases, a few of which can be carried out in parallel to save time, but a few elements need to be accomplished consequently.

Here it’s visualized:

The meaning of Crucial rendering path in web programming


To start with, when the browser receives the response, it starts parsing it.

If it encounters a dependency, it attempts to download it.

If it is a stylesheet document, the browser will need to parse it before rendering the page, and that is why CSS is believed to render block.

If it is a script, then the browser has to: stop parsing, download the script, and then execute it.

Only after that can it continue parsing because JavaScript programs may change the contents of a webpage (HTML, specifically ).

And that is why JS is known as parser obstructing.

After all of the parsing is completed, the browser gets the Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheets Object Model (CSSOM) constructed.

Mixing them provides the Render Tree.

The non-displayed areas of the page do not make it to the Render Tree since it only includes the information required to draw the webpage.

The penultimate step is to interpret the Render Tree into Layout. This phase is also known as Reflow.

That is where each position of each Render Tree’s node, as well as its dimensions, gets calculated.

In the end, the previous step is Paint. It entails coloring the pixels based on the data that the browser has calculated through the last phases.


Optimization-related Conclusions

As you can imagine, the procedure of website performance optimization entails changes to the website that decrease:

The number of data which must be moved

The number of assets the browser need to download (particularly the obstructing ones)

The Duration of CRP

Further, we will dive into the specifics of how it’s performed, but first, there’s a significant rule to see.

How To Quantify Performance

How to quantify the performance of a webpage


A major principle of optimization is: Quantify first, optimize as required.

Many browsers’ programmer tools include a tab named Performance, and that is where the dimensions happen.

When optimizing for your fastest initial (first) render, the most essential thing to Check is that the timing of the following events:

  • First Paint
  • First Contentful Paint
  • First Meaningful Paint

This “Paint” means effective render of a webpage, the previous phrase in the crucial rendering path.

A few renders may occur one after the other simply because browsers try to exhibit something as soon as possible and update afterward.

Apart from the rendering time, you will find different things to consider.

Most importantly, the number of blocking resources are utilized and how much time it takes to download them.

This information is located in the Performance tab following the measurements that will be made.

Performance Optimization Plans

Given what we have learned previously, there are 3 Major strategies for site functionality optimization:

  • Minimizing the Number of information to be moved across the wire
  • Decreasing the Entire amount of assets to be moved across the wire.
  • Shortening the crucial rendering path.

1. Reducing the Amount of Data To Be Transferred

How to reduce the amount of data to be sent from backend to webpage


First of all, remove all unused components, like unreachable functions in JavaScript, styles with selectors that never fit any component, along with HTML tags which are permanently hidden with CSS.

Second, eliminate all duplicates. Afterward, I suggest placing an automated procedure of the minification set up.

For instance, it must eliminate all of the comments from what your back end is serving (although not the source code) and each character that conveys no extra information (like whitespace characters in JS).

Following this is completed, what we are left can be text.

This means we may safely employ a compressing algorithm like GZIP (which many browsers Understand ).

Ultimately, there’s caching. It will not help the very first time a browser renders the webpage but it will save a great deal on consequent visits.

It is essential to keep two points in mind, however:

If you take advantage of a CDN, be sure caching is encouraged and correctly set there.

Rather than waiting for the sources’ expiration date to come, you may wish to have a way to update it sooner from your side.

Embed files’ “fingerprints” in their URLs to have the ability to invalidate the cache.

Caching policies should be defined as each source.

Some may rarely alter or not change in any way.

Others are changing quickly.

Some include sensitive information. Others might be considered public.

Utilize the “personal” directive to maintain CDNs from caching personal data.

Optimizing web images might also be performed, although image requests do not block parsing or rendering.

2. Minimizing the Entire Count of Essential Resources

“Crucial” refers solely to the resources needed for the page to render correctly.

Thus, we can skip all the styles which aren’t involved in the procedure right. And all of the scripts also.



To inform the browser that CSS files aren’t needed, we should set media features to each of the hyperlinks referencing stylesheets.

With this technique, the browser will only deal with the resources that fit the present media (device type, screen dimensions ) as required, while reducing the priority of all of the additional stylesheets (they’ll be processed anyhow, but perhaps not included in the crucial manufacturing path).

For instance, if you include the media= “print” feature to the style tag that is referencing the styles for printing out the webpage, these styles will not interfere with your crucial rendering path when media isn’t print (i.e., after showing the page from a browser).

To further enhance the procedure, it is possible to even create a few of the styles inlined.

This saves us one roundtrip to the host which would have been needed to find the stylesheet.



As stated previously, scripts have been parser obstructing since they can change DOM and CSSOM.

Hence, the scripts which do not change them shouldn’t be block parsing, therefore saving us more time.

To implement this, all script tags need to be marked with characteristics –async or defer.

Scripts marked by async don’t obstruct the DOM structure or CSSOM, because they are sometimes implemented before CSSOM is built.

Remember, though, that inline scripts will probably obstruct CSSOM anyhow unless you set them over CSS.

By comparison, scripts marked by deferring is going to be assessed at the end of the page loading.

Thus, they should not impact the document (otherwise, it will trigger a re-render).

To put it differently, with defer, the script is not implemented before the page load event will be fired, whereas async allows the script to run in the background while the file is still being parsed.


3. Shorten the Crucial Rendering Path Length

Ultimately, the CRP duration should be shortened into the potential minimum.

In a nutshell, the procedures described above will accomplish that.

Media queries as attributes for the style tags will decrease the entire count of resources that need to be downloaded.

The script tag attributes defer and async will avoid the accompanying scripts from obstructing the parsing.

Minification, compression, and archiving resources together with GZIP will decrease the size of the moved data (thereby decreasing the data transfer period too ).

Inlining a few scripts and styles can decrease the number of roundtrips between the browser and your host.

That which we haven’t discussed yet is that the choice to rearrange the code one of the files.

According to the most recent notion of greatest Performance, the very first thing a site should do quickest is to display ATF content.

ATF stands for Above The Fold. Here is the area that’s visible immediately without scrolling.

Thus, it is ideal to rearrange everything linked to rendering it into a way that the necessary scripts and styles are loaded first, together with everything else stopping – neither parsing nor rendering.

And always make sure you measure before and after you make the change.

If you find trouble to do the complete procedure for your website then you can hire an IT company that provides the best IT solutions to complete the job for you.

Final Words: Optimization Encompasses Your Whole Stack

How to optimize all elements of your website for better efficiency


In summary, site performance optimization comprises all elements of your website response, like caching, establishing a CDN, refactoring, resources optimization along with other people, however, all of these may be accomplished gradually.

As a web programmer, you need to use this article as a reference and always make sure you measure Performance before and after your experiments.

Browser developers do their best to optimize the site performance for every page you go to, which explains the reason why browsers normally execute the so-called “pre-loader.”

This component of the program scans ahead of a resource you have requested in HTML to produce many requests at one time and get them to operate in parallel.

That is the reason it’s much better to maintain style tags near each other in HTML (line-wise), as well as script tags.

Also, attempt to batch the updates to HTML to prevent multiple layout events, which can be triggered not just by an alteration in DOM or even CSSOM but also with a device orientation change along with also a window resize.

Differences between Angular and React in Front end App development

Web development is not just about the design and user interface, there are more features driven by some certain languages.
As a front end developer, of course, your expertise is evaluated in the user experience on the interface of the app you develop.
When it comes to development, you will possibly think of Angular and React. These are two of the best web development tools available for front end developers.
The advantages of the two tools are unique and there are vast differences between them.

What are the various processes of Angular and React?

To highlight the major differences between Angular and React, one will need to shed light on the major processes of the two.
While there is a slight difference to be noted, one can look at some of the great features here:
Angular is an open-source front end development tool that is based on Typescript.
This framework uses the Model View Controller architecture and was developed by Google.
The entire process of the architecture and its development is used for various user interfaces of dynamic applications and is also used in creating other major web applications as well.
Other web apps that are progressive also make use of Angular.
With the angular 8 releases this and angular 10 to be released in 2020, we expect this framework to be more developed.
When it comes to React, it is to be noted that it is a JavaScript Library.
The main processing is done to create suitable user interfaces.
This library was developed by well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and it’s getting more developed from time to time. One can derive significant benefits out of it from all phases of app development.
 There are three versions of react available- React Devtools, ReactJS Net, and React Native which earn its popularity with its use in developing native mobile applications.
Since React can be used with other libraries, its limitations are often not a barrier to front end developers.

What are the suitable examples of application for Angular and React?

The application of Angular and React is different. They are as follows:
For Angular-
It has various applications that can be incorporated for building mobile applications. The response has turned out to be very impressive.
Even certain applications that are required on a whole new enterprise-level can also be created and developed by Angular.
When it comes to the development of Hybrid mobile applications, Angular seems to be the favorite of many developers.
The data flow of angular is Bidirectional. Once you make changes to the model, it will reflect in the view and its vice versa.
For React-
Data changes can be updated immediately with the help of React. It uses a virtual DOM and data changes can be very fast since you don’t have to render the whole just each time to change an element.
The results are super-fast. and the changes will take effects on the screen without loading all the pages again.
Its data flow in one direction and you can only make changes in the model.
React is also very useful in coding mobile apps that are very much equal to angular in terms of user experience and functionality.

The pros and cons of angular and React

Both web development tools help create applications that are very much helpful.
It sometimes takes too much time and the entire process can be time-consuming.
In spite of some challenges, one can truly use both tools to make high-class web developments.

Tips For Hiring Freelance Programmer For iOS, Android, Web Project

It is the responsibility of an agency, making sure that their clients get complete solution from a single source.

That is, from concept to implementation and marketing for app development, helping with mobile technology in order to reduce costs for the clients to earn more money on their apps.

In other words, good agencies create value for their clients and in return, they ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Even though business happens again and again, developers remain for some time without work when there’s no project to work on.

The programmer will continue to receive his salary but no added value and it can take even a few months. A nightmare for every manager.

On the other hand, there are many companies from software – but also from other industries, which in the short term programming need resources but can not find good hands.

The reason for this is that the developers are currently sought after as gold and it is virtually impossible in the short term to find a good developer.

A friend of mine said he has written up to 30 iOS Freelancer recently and all of them were booked out months ahead! That will not change in the medium term also.

Do you want to to rent a programmer for your project?

  • You have short-term needs for developers in the following areas: iOS, Android, Web frontend, backend.


  • Ask the programmer if they have the capacity (and usually it is not avoidable) and to get introduced to developers where you can access their profiles in terms of training, curriculum vitae, portfolio.


  • You contact the developers directly, set the tasks, check the quality etc.


  • Make findings on their prices on the website and you pay the agreed price.



Project instruction
You have not had a team and don’t have time, desire and resources to build a team or is your goal not. Everything from a single source you want so a partner who takes care of concept, design, backend, frontend, testing, project management and support, as well as you with the marketing of your product (if relevant) helps.

Then go to an Agency and a carefully programmed and packaged product.

• Full service
• Quality control is included
• Little time effort on your part
• No team building necessary, you don’t care about the team

• The average solution can be more expensive

Hire Developer
Do you own a software company or a company from another industry, but, they lack a backend developers. You want to set any new developers as the need, for example, only for the next 3 months. In this case, you can go for agencies.

Your Advantages
Full flexibility, no bureaucracy… You need a developer to help yourself! You shall not pay the overhead to testers, project manager, designer, etc.

You pay only for the developer. Despite a direct structure of cooperation, some may guarantee the quality, motivation and clean implementation of the project as an Agency.


Why do you’ve to choose the agency on your plan or reject it
There are many alternative sources for the programmers, such as local freelancers, the platforms such as oDesk and Upwork or even direct outsourcing across Asia and Europe.

Mostly, it costs from 60 Euro per hour. The local Freelancer in iOS, Android and comparable-80 Euro/hour.

If you extrapolate this sum on a month, also with consideration of all possible deals and discounts, you come to far higher sum than what they ask in India and some other countries in Eastern Europe.

Freelancers abroad–Eastern Europe, India, etc. cost at least 25 $30 per hour. At prices that are below that level. The quality is rather not particularly high.

The good programmers demand even 40-$50. Why? Because you can do it, and because quality costs. So expect at least with 4 000-5 $000 (or euros, nowadays almost the same) per month.

To come with legal risks associated with foreign and accounting difficulties at settlement (missing invoice, VAT number, etc.) You can find a partner of course directly from far abroad, the offshore – stuffing makes, but in this case, you must make two questions: who and for what price will the project and Why do you have so little money?

What should you expect in offer
Finally we come to the question, from what area you can hire programmers from the right source. They’ve to distinguish between mid level (> 2 years) and senior level (> 3. 5 years).

iOS Developer: objective C, Android developers (Android Java), Web front end developer: HTML5, JavaScript (node. JS, angular, jQuery), CSS (CSS 3, responsive design, bootstrap, Foundation)

Backend developers:
Languages and frameworks: PHP (Laravel, CakePHP), ASP. NET, Java, Database: MySQL, SQL, NoSQL MongoDB Web service: JSON…

Why Java is the Best language for Android App Development

For developing mobile application, you can learn java for android app development and it’s accepted unanimously as the best programming language.

It is an object- oriented language developed by James Gosling Sun Microsystem in 1995 before the company was acquired by Oracle corporation; and became the most prominent language for programming within 20 years of its usage.


Java is best know for features such as portability, simplicity, being secure, platform independent, robust, distributed, object-oriented, interpreted and architecture neutral amongst others and thinking of what java is used for, it’s used in coding programs for industrial purposes, used in developing apps that run on different OS such as Linux, Windows and even Mac and in mainframe computers


It’s not only that it has much importance and it’s widely uses but also has some advantages of over other programming languages, possibly that’s more reasons people want to learn more about it and use it in developing not only android apps iPhone apps and others.


Java is no doubt one of the best and most valuable programming languages and rank in top 10 in almost every field where programming is employed; it’s one of the best to learn easily as a beginner, learning for getting jobs and developing game app.


It’s also one of  the most demanding programming language in software companies and for high payment when you’re hired and will surely be relevant in the future of programming languages.


In the  PYPL Popularity of Programming Languages Index, java rank first as the most programming language people want to learn, with more searches about java tutorials and online courses; also it ranks first the TIOBE Programming Community Index and android OS has the most apps developed on her platform.


If you want to learn java easily as a beginner with no programming experience, there’s no best way to learn it rather than reading java programming books, joining some coding learning sites like codeacademy, W3school etc, taking online courses and tutorials, and practising anything you learn.

There are coding assignments online, from simple to complex and you can attempt to solving these tasks posted by others.


How JAVA language works?

In other coding or programming language, the code is first translated by a compiler into instructions, while in JAVA instead turns code into Bytecode by Java Virtual Machine (JVM) compiler(Javac) irrespective of the computer architecture which is then interpreted by software JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and run on this JVM


Why Java the best programming language?

  • Java is easy to learn, the language has fluent English like syntax and less mysterious character and there are more resources available online free to help in learniythe language
  • Java has rich API, xml parsing, database connection, networking, utilities and provides almost everything that developers expect
  • It is an open source and available FREE
  • Eclipse and Netbeans are the powerful tools that brings life to JAVA script
  • There are much job opportunities for java programmers anywhere in the world.
  • Java is widely used and broadly used on different platforms, mobile, desktop and higher applications; stable and scalable.
  • There are many java programmers in the world, making problem solving easier for beginners and other developers since you have great communities of developers to help you with any task.


Interaction of JAVA and Android Phones

Android have succeeded to keep JAVA on the forefront in last couple of years. JAVA gives the best option for development of mobile application that is based on android, as android consist of its own API’s and JAVA libraries.

So, for Android Application, you use android API’s as well as JAVA to write code for Android apps.These apps are called as native apps, as it is developed by using native tools and libraries.


You can also code in other language as well but you need a framework to convert into native app for that API. To execute the programming files, Android does not use JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine) but instead uses DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine), Which is not a true JVM.

So, to execute the files, it has to convert into DEX format and then bundled into Android Package (APK).


For mobile application, JAVA has specially designed J2ME (JAVA to micro edition). All J2ME application must have main class that is derived from a special class called MIDlet.

The standard JAVA runtime environment for these devices is provided using (MIDP) Mobile Information Device Profile and Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC).


To write J2ME applications, you need the JAVA platform micro edition SDK (software development kit) and IDE, which can be Eclipse or Netbeans.

But to develop Android application, JAVAmidlet has to convert into Android apps and for that, tools like J2Android is used. This tool can convert any JAVA midletinto Android apps.


There is a question raised on the JAVA performance and future application but java gives the platform to promising language based on JVM such as Scala and Clojure and with the introduction of new versions like Java 7 and Java 8 161 CPU update last month, it will become more efficient.




Tips to Becoming Software Developer & Increasing your Website’s Value with SEO Software & Services

Instinct is good, having passion to becoming a software developer like Dan Anton is great.

However,  there are common traits among good software developers, especially the behaviors they exhibited towards achieving a great feet in their career as software developer.

Dan Anton, a software engineer

Firstly, how do you become a software developer ?

There are several ways you can learn programming and start writing codes.

You can learn it in college, from a private tutor and even online, from different programming learning websites and forums.

I’ve actually seen all of these possibilities in my years of experience and I must say that, becoming a software developer has not much to do with schools grade and the intelligence we celebrate in the four walls of the school.

In fact, I find it difficult to learn programming myself in school when I was in the college; FORTRAN, java and others were like impossibilities.

Therefore, in my opinion, there’s no positive correlation between education and practical skills and knowledge.

Daniel Anton for example, left the US army to become a digital marketer and he has made fortunes from this.

He developed a program with search engine optimization (SEO) intent, BacklinksIndexer, which help bloggers and website owners to index their pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How to use Backlinkindexer service to rank your websites

He transformed an idea into reality and service, and that involves much creativity.

Backlinkindexer don’t only help indexing links but also work in building links to your pages from websites in order to improve site’s metrics and ranking.

Dan also developed rankscrew tool, an SEO software and website that has got many people in the SEO community talking and recommending his service.



For you to sharpen your skills in app coding, persistence is a key and not only in software development, but generally in becoming better in any thing we do.

Great programmers always like to personalize a room for coding, where they work with their computer with rapt attention and hacking codes line by line.

To learn better, you need to continue practicing and the best way to do that is to practice what you’ve learned in theory.

It’s good reading about software development but you can’t do anything if you’re waiting to learn everything before starting writing codes yourself.

Dan didn’t get to the top of the ‘game’ suddenly, take crowdsource for example, he took him some time to perfect the program that can track keyword performance on search engines.

Another great addition is the inclusion of components that help in pulling viral posts for you to model and get better engagement.


Motivate yourself

The best way to motivate yourself as a software developer is to get yourself busy with programming related tasks.

There are assignments and coding challenges online, get yourself one, get a cup of coffee or distilled water and make yourself comfortable.

Confidence is also important here, remember, of you believe you can do it, you can and if you believe otherwise, you’ll definitely fail to do it.


Interact with better Software developers !

I believe in choosing a role model in software development but you need people you can talk to of you’re having one challenge or the other.

Most top software developers work for big companies or rather have their personal business and they’re always busy.

They may not be able to read your mails and you’d hardly find them on forums or other networks.

How to become software developer as a beginner


Be a problem seeker !

Even as a beginner, there are some problems you should always eager to to find solutions to them.

Whenever you sit in from of your PC, try to find solutions to problems on the Internet, test what you’ve just learned, find bugs and try to fix them.

You should also write documentation, use a variety of tools that are designed to help anything, read Requirements, write mails, maintain your bug-tracking system.


Don’t set workdays!
There is actually no typical workday, especially of you’ve not ‘arrived’. It is true that a typical software developer has some days he comes to office, goes out eating and relax; however, not in this order.

What would you now be doing when you don’t have schedule for work? That’s more reason for you to work tirelessly while you’re still young in developing software as an amateur and pro.


Be interested in many if not all

Software engineering is a broad field and from learning programming language to learning to develop software, you will find it so broad that you’d have to restrict yourself to a particular platform or environment.

To get the best in this profession, just like other developers who are more interested in the overall architecture of a software, how the individual technical components are built together and how they interpret instructions.

Others working on so-called APIs (application programming interface), so on the interfaces that are provided by other software developers, to develop other software on it.


Expand along the way!

There are low-level coding and development of Web applications, there are softwares that run only on specially built devices.

Also, there are apps for your Smartphone and programs that you must install on the computer as a desktop application.

There are large applications with many features, smaller tools, plugins and Add-Ons, games and apps.

There is a ton of software that you need to be able to develop software.

Even with that been said, you can start working on an environment and once you start doing well, broaden your way and expand your ‘coast’.


Let Diversity work for you

This diversity is the great thing about software engineering, as a profession, I’m bound to no industry, and also not a specific architecture/environment.

However, there are platforms I don’t dare to work professionally, this applies to any developer, yet, there’s always common denominator in software development as a profession.

Which Programming Language Should you Learn First? Get the Questionnaire

One of the professions that is hot at the moment is programming. A developer is that person who writes a set of Codes to create an application that gives instructions to the Hardware of a computer or any device. To simply put, such person is a programmer; but considering the evolution of technology, it seems that Programming will be as basic as writing or reading in the future.

Although, there are many options to learn how to program in different computer programming languages, it takes an effort on our part to achieve this goal. As in all the circumstances of life, it is not the same to learn at a professional level that you simply understand just how to manage with a basic program or a simple game.


Following the platforms that will be introduced to you below, the online application Bestprogramminglanguagefor.me allows you to choose the appropriate programming language. Some will discover that, to actualize their computer dreams, it is enough with a bit of HTML and CSS, just as an example.

Once you’re on the site, just click on the ‘Get Started’ button to start. Then it all starts with a question why do you want to learn code? There are four options that correspond to the different profiles of programmers and they’re different from each other, viz: Have another skill, Build something fun, Run a startup, Be a professional developer. There you can choose your objective reasonably.

After understanding the drive behind the code you want to learn, you will be asked some other few questions, like three or four to fine-tune the result. If you just want to have another skill, you choose whether it’s going to be on mobile development, website development, data analysis or email design.

For someone that just want to build an app for fun, is it going to be mobile app, web app, small games, task automation or simple AI. Also, if you just want to run a start , you have to choose between web, mobile and game.

However, If you’re already a practising programmer and you want to become a professional, your page is sub categorized into game, web, mobile, desktop software or data scientist.

Note that, in each of these categories, there are further lower sub layers or more specific task till you get down to the basics.

Do you now want to develop a game for mobile phone or computer, a mobile app or a complex management program, this application is really interesting for new users in programming who have heard the opinions of others about the different programming languages like HTML5, Phyton, JavaScript, C++ etc, but you do not have a well defined criteria.

Once you’ve already answered all the questions, the application will tell you what the right choice is and a description of its main utilities and a link to an explanation of why that was the code chosen for you. If then, you’re not satisfied, you can start over and try again.


Knowing the most appropriate programming language for you will help you to draw out your plan about your aim and prepare your mind towards achieving it.

You will be able to avoid loosing concentration among several other choices that may swerve you away from attaining your goals. After this process, you are ready to start programming and there are many methods of payment or you can as well learn some freely.

Meaning of Robotics, Different Types & How to Make Robotics Arms with Arduino

What is Robotics?
Robotics is a Branch of Science and Engineering (Computer science and Mechanical Engineering) that deals with the design and construction of artificial intelligence machines, known as robots and the the use of computer to direct and control its features and functions.

Robotics engineering technology is now much popular in Europe, followed by asia and there are universities and colleges offering degree and MS in robotics engineering in UK, US, India and so on with requirements in computer science and engineering courses.

There are different types of robots and the classification is usually subjected to the opinion of the writer. However, robots can be classified according to their field of application, like Industrial robot, entertainment robot, household robot, military robot, medical robot, space robot, service robot.. etc.

How to Build Robots from Junks at Home

Some publisher can also classify robots based on functions or locomotion; like Stationary robot, wheel robot, legged robot, flying robot, swarm robot, swimming robots and so on. These types also have subcategories that are also classified as types of robots.

Some Robotic arms you can Build with Arduino


Today, we’re working on articulated robots (robotic arms) and if you’re already familiar with robot technology and computer programming with the Arduino board, I will suggest these laudable projects on the construction and development of a robotic arm.

To start a would-be successfully project of a robotic arm, you can learn from the experience of this guy  and another illustrative guide to remember in the construction of high speed CNC router, a trend that started recently.
Materials that are needed are
1 Arduino Uno
1Protoboard 830
1 5v supply for Protoboard
4 Servo motors mg90s
1 90v Wall Adaptor
20 Cables Tampa M-m
(x) 3d-printed parts for robot arm

In the next project building robotic with the tutorial for the construction of a robotic arm with servomotors that’s controlled by Arduino program, these are the Materials needed.
1 Arduino Uno
1 Protoboard
2 Micro-servos
4 Micro-pushbuttons
4- 220 ohm resistors
(x) Cables

Now, moving to the EDUTRONIX channel to learn about its recent projects, the robotic arm with three servomotors and Arduino without a bookcase is the methodology with the aim of allowing its use in any micro controller.
Materials that are needed.
1 Protoboard
1 Arduino Uno
3 Servo motors

Today, we all realize the importance of robots and we benefits from this evolution.

There are many things robots are used for and some of them are things that humans can not do. Robots help to enhance business and it’s become part of our life today.

The use of robots in the future will definitely grow exponentially from domestic use, industrial use, business, school etc.

One of the main developments in robotics is the implementation of the arms automats in order to execute tasks of the human arm at the industrial level, perfecting movements and becoming a transcendental invention for the Business production.