Apps to help Remove Ads from popping on your Phone

Ads blocking is becoming popular everyday and it’s becoming threat to marketers and the marketing industry at large.

As at 2015,two hundred million internet users phone users mostly from United States were using adblock on their mobile phones.

It has grown more than forty-five percent(45%) in United States and with an expected ten billion dollars ($10 billion) to be lost to ad block in year 2016.

Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers are the most friendly to ad block installation.

However, developers of adblock applications are targeting smartphone and users of Android phones and iPhone can now install adblock on their smartphone easily.

Some browser developers are integrating  ad block as inbuilt to automatically block pop up ads and spyware while users are accessing the web pages online.

Adblock plus is a popular one with high quality and low risk of malware infection.

The necessity to install adblock has been a debatable one because advertisement is all about information marketing and it goes to help in meeting the needs of some people if not all.


The following are the ad block app having the most market share.

ADBLOCK PLUS : This app has become the favourite of many internet users and it is the first adblock app to be compatible with Android phones and it’s the one of the most trusted ad blocking apps.

Though, this application has been banned on Google Play Store, yet it’s available on adblock plus official website.

TRUST GO AD BLOCKER: this is another nice app that blocks phishing. It prevents ad network that spy on user’s personal information to gain advantage on spamming activities.

This app is more of privacy protection than ad blocking.


If you would like to install adblock application via Google Play Store since most smartphone users prefer this e-store in order to ensure they download original copy and not the pirated one which may cause damage to their phones, you would want to choose NoRoot Ad-Remover.

As the name of the application  implies, it’s compatible with both rooted and non rooted Android device. On installation, you will be allowed to block two applications from displaying ads (lite version).

You can now purchase the premium version for few dollars in order to add more applications.">Enlighten a friend now


This App is very similar to TrustGo Ad Detector and it’s capable to detect applications that are likely or programmed to send or push unwanted notifications to the user, and also applications that are corrupted with virus or apps that could spy on user’s personal information to third-parties.

Appbrain ad detector can also notify the user, any application that has authority to access the personal information of the user which could invade the user’s privacy and helps in removing those applications on demand to do so.

How To Manually Activate Sprint Phone Online Easily

Have you just bought a new sprint phone and you’ve heard people talking about sprint phone don’t need to worry.first thing to do is to charge your sprint phone fully and power it on.

When you do this, the phone would activate itself automatically and this take few minutes.

If you’ve been using a sprint phone before and it get lost or you want to upgrade your phone to a more powerful one and you would like to be using your old line with the new phone.

 Go to the sprint official website ,Please shy away from any website that promises to do this for you.

On getting to the site, sign in with your username and password: you can also sign in with your google account or Apple ID defending on the operating system of the phone.

Upon successful log in, go to your “Account area”, scroll down to the “About my devices” section and find the phone you would like to swap out, activate a new phone from the drop down menu on the  right of the phone and confirm the email address you’ve provided.

If you’re still experiencing challenges in activating your sprint phone, you can go to any sprint shop closer to you or call these no:

Sprint Business: 1-800-927-2199
Sprint Consumer: 1-888-211-4727

If you are upgrading your old sprint phone to a new one,you are advised to backup your data on the old sprint phone before activating the new one.