Computer Screen Won’t Turn On? This is How to Fix

There’s no tech product that’s flawless and any product, including your computer, can develop defects.

We’ve received some mails as regards the reason(s) why a computer won’t turn on at all or charge even when plugged in or the PC may power on but the screen rather stays black with nothing showing and won’t boot up.

In some cases, the computer turns on and then off immediately by itself and this power-on-shut-down situation keeps happening repeatedly with no display until you decide to shut it off out of frustration.


Let’s discuss each of these ugly conditions

Power Problem & How to Fix It

If your laptop can’t turn on at all, it’s much likely there’s a problem with the power supply system of the computer. It can be due to the exposure to natural elements such as water, temperature, etc


If you tap the computer power button and there’s no sign of the fan working, the system is not booting up, the platter is not making any sound, it’s likely that you’ve not plugged the wire into the socket very well or the cable is loose and not well fixed.

This is simply a power supply problem and without talking much, you would know that the problem is actually not from the computer by testing with alternative power source and connector.


Software Problem & How to Fix It

If you’re sure the problem is not from the power supply, a computer has power but the PC won’t turn on, it may be software or hardware problem.

Sometimes, as experienced before on HP, Dell, Asus, and Lenovo, the motherboard power light would turn on and the system would not start. Even if it starts in some cases, computer programs may not be responding.

Sometimes, a new application you’ve just installed may not be compatible with your computer, so, if you install any app recently and you’ve not restarted your computer since then, it may be the latest software that’s affecting the CPU of the system.

The computer will not be able to start Windows normally, the Windows may not boot in normal mode but rather booting in safe mode and in severe cases, it won’t even boot in safe mode or in any mode. (common to Windows 7, 10 and XP)


In some computers, this problem can easily be detected as the affected computer would come up with the blue screen on startup when the PC’s BIOS tries to boot your OS from other sources rather than the main hard drive.

(Note: you need to be sure if it’s not Blue Screen of Death- BSOD as you need error codes to stop this)

This is another minor issue since the computer is working well, only that you have a software program that conflicts with your computer ‘make-up’.


Using the Windows Repair Tool

Try to use the Windows repair Tool and change the boot order. To do this if your laptop has the home boot menu, press the F11 or F12 key in order to choose another hardware device like a CD or USB drive.

( You can also use the bootrec command prompt, especially if you want to fix MBR without any CD or DVD and we’ll discuss in another page)


How to Change Boot Order (BIOS)

Your laptop can as well pop up a message to click the Delete, F1, F2, ESC keys or combination of Ctrl+Alt+Escape to access the BIOS and change the boot order as the BIOS keys are not the same across all computer brands and models.


How to Change Boot Order without BIOS

If higher Windows OS versions like 8 and 10 are pre-installed on your PC or the or/and the computer is using UEFI firmware, don’t worry as you can also change the boot order without BIOS and also change UEFI boot priority order.

Press down the ‘SHIFT’ key and click ‘Restart’ and select the ‘Use a device’ menu to select the device you want to boot the PC from.

Once you reboot and select a proper boot device, you can now select and use the Repair Tool to scan your PC and detect the problems with your files.

You can also access the Repair Tool from boot media and a Windows installation disc.

To launch the inbuilt Repair Software manually, find the ‘Advanced Boot Menu’ and select ‘Troubleshoot’, go to ‘ ‘Advanced Options’ and click the Start-up Repair and provide your login details which will be requested and the computer will automatically try to repair the program causing the problem.

However, if Windows startup repair is not working or taking forever, it means you can’t repair it automatically, you can still start your PC in the Windows safe mode (most applicable in Windows 7, Vista and XP).

Power on your laptop and tap the F8 key on your keyboard repeatedly to see your system hardware info and to enable it to run a quick memory test. After the test, the “Advanced Boot Option ” will appear on your screen and you can continue from the previous step.

If you’re not able to use the Startup Repair Tool when you’re having booting problems which is caused by the non-compatible program.

You can create a recovery disc by burning compact disc (CD), DVD or USB drive and if you’re not having any of these recovery discs, you can use one from another PC running the same OS version of your Windows.

If you backup your computer frequently, you can reinstalled your programs from the last backup before you install new programs that are suspected to have caused the problem.

This is another option before you’d consider telling a computer engineer.

To handle things properly, you may consider a computer geek if you’re not one, most especially in restoring your files from backup.

Quantum Computing Technology: its Application in Business

Many research work has been published to explain the different applications of quantum computing.

More studies are also triggered by the impacts of quantum computing in businesses.

The quantum computing technology has been explored to achieve the maximum performance possible in order to develop a powerful technology.

Most big companies are on the bid to bring out the best quantum computing in the future.

This trend is set because quantum computing has the power to solve all the difficult problems with unimaginable solutions.

With the increasing data in all sectors, there is the need for the powerful systems in place so as to reduce the complexity and optimize the space while performing the computations effectively.


Where is it used?

In every industry, as the data are getting stored and processed digitally, there are always much data and should be managed effectively.

Businesses need the right data to be sourced from this ocean of data within seconds which is possible with quantum computing.

By combining the power of quantum computing with machine learning, the AI programs can be activated to explore the giant data sets irrespective of the fields.

Be it the customer service, finance or the healthcare sector.

With this increase in data, there is also the problem of giving optimal solutions.

Since there are various solutions to a problem, there is a need for the computers to perform a lot of analysis before finalizing on one solution.

There are so many combinations and permutations possible for a given problem which will require the presence of quantum computers to perform the massive analysis and arrive at the optimal solution.


Solving Complex Problems

There are several kinds of research which require the assistance of quantum computers.

Since most of the researches do not have a definite answer predefined, there is the need for supercomputers for solving the complex problems.

In the research field, the application of quantum computing is prominent. Since the researches done repeatedly might pose different answers at different times, this requires the support of quantum computing to give definite answers at all times.

This impressive technology will be able to give accuracy in undefined complex processes.


Quantum Computing in Handling Risk

Since quantum computing has shown its impressive technology in terms of solving complex data, it is being used in the financial sector too.

The cost of quantum computing devices might be high, but that does not stop these financial companies to purchase this technology.

This is because the quantum computing technique is highly needed in the financial modeling which involves huge risk management.

The crunching of complex financial data accurately is a huge task which makes the quantum computing a must-have in the finance sector.

Along with the given applications, this technique can also be used to predict future risks and explore new ways to analyze the given data.

Managing the risk in the given financial data is a big responsibility for the companies in this field.

A minor mistake will cost a lot of money for the companies and might even take a toll on the existence of the company.

The quantum computing technology will help the financial industry to avoid such situations and to save them from high-risk situations.

The present applications of quantum computing whether it is in the field of medicine or in money management is just the beginning.

There are endless applications which are still in the research stage.

Many complicated kinds of research can be performed on time and the related risk can be reduced.

Innovative solutions are expected across all industries which can be achieved with quantum computing.

With the emerging application of quantum computing seen in all sectors, the future is sure to operate primarily based on this technology.

How to Spy on Phone to Intercept messages & Call Logs

Mobile phone usage has always been private even before the spread of sophisticated mobile phones (smartphone) today which promotes much more privacy with features that can help anyone to keep their android, iPhone, iPads, etc as private as possible.

How to spy on msg and calls of another person

These phones come with Lock mechanisms in different forms and also, third party apps that develop security apps. However, there are other applications developed to track stolen phones, monitor phone and protect it from intruders.

Some of these apps also assist parents to have control over their children’s phone’s activities. Some of the best applications in the spyware market are reviewed in detail below.

Highster Mobile app is a spyware that can track text messages and they’ve been in the business for almost a decade with a constant check on the app program.


It has a reasonable success rate from reviews of users who have used this app to spy on the activities of their children or spouse on mobile phones. It has helped countless individuals to keep an eye on phones and specifically, assemble instant messages from pretty much any cell phone device available.

This app will not just empower you to recover new messages from your android phone, it will likewise separate old and deleted texts too.

The app has it in its capacity to scour the memory of the smartphone and remove both the old and deleted text messages accessible as long as they’ve not been overwritten.

The bewildering thing is that you can do this with an android phone owned by a third party. If you want to gain an advantage to keep watch over the text messages that your girlfriend/boyfriend or your wife/husband receives, the app is just right for you. It can be used to find a cheating wife

The operation of the app is simple and it takes no time before it will retrieve old messages; it is also compatible with the iPhone and can as well spy on it when you can not jailbreak it.

This is one of the reasons why many people doff their hats for this application because of its simplicity and top quality (success rate) among competing apps in the spyware market.

More so, it extracts data from call records, photos, video recordings, browser cache and social account profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

To use this app, download it from the secured source, install it and make sure it’s saved in the appropriate phone directory. Once you launch it, enter your license key ( The payment certificate) and mobile phone number you wanted to spy its activities and almost instantly, you will begin to see the activities on the SIM (phone no).

If the need be to make an inquiry or ask a question, you’re provided with live support to contact their administrators and receive a prompt reply to your queries

Surepoint Spy is a simple-to-use phone spy application developed by ILF Mobile Apps Corp., USA. The app is superb for everyone that wants to track the activities of the mobile phone number with numerous helpful components.

It can keep an eye on phone text messages and view all call logs, photographs, and recordings, it additionally permits you to screen over various gadgets and does not require that you own the phone and mobile number before you can access vital records of the activities carried on on the phone.

It’s perfect spyware for any supervisor that needs to monitor workers, guardian or kids.

Surepoint Spy is consummately intended to keep an eye on the iMessages Apple phones. With this app, iPhones and iPads can be tracked perfectly and also support “No jailbreak” It will retrieve iMessages and text messages from your phone.

The jailbreaking can be unmasked by paying for a one time charge of just $69.99. There are no extra expenses or month to month charges connected with the buy of this app.

The client backing is among the best of the best. Questions get addressed rapidly and issues get determined promptly. There was dependably an inviting individual noting the telephone to answer my inquiries or resolve any issues that may emerge.

As I would like to think, you won’t locate a superior content spy for iPhones and iPads than Surepoint Spy.



VoguePay Online Payment Gateway – CEO Digest

Mobile and online payments have really improved in the last decade. Before, we used to have the international payment gateways being integrated with local e-commerce sites, and they control our market.

In some cases, we would have to make payment in dollars and receiving funds from international partners was a real pain in the ass.

In the last ten years, our indigenous startups that stood up to the challenges are now making a big wave in FinTech.

Here today, we have one of the best payment gateways in Nigeria in our CEO digest, and we’ll be discussing the journey so far.


how to send and receive payment here in nigeria

You’re welcome on board today, kindly introduce who you’re and your firm?

My name is Adesina Akomolafe. I’m the chief operations officer of VoguePay.

Before joining the team, I have worked with leading technology companies in Nigeria.

This gives me a unique opportunity to continue the impressive work of the company leadership in building a payment platform that has become the payment bridge connecting Africa with the rest of the world.

VoguePay was established in the year 2012 to enable individuals and businesses in Nigeria to send and receive payments globally.

The company was founded by four Nigeria entrepreneurs – Leke Ojikutu, Michael Simeon, Geoffrey Weli Wosu, and Quam Ojikutu

The unique proposition of VoguePay in the early days in the early days of operations was to offer a PayPal alternative for Nigerians.

At the time, legacy payment gateways charged about $1,000 for their APIs but VoguePay offered its APIs for free.

We also coded plugins that can be integrated with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and other content management software SMEs used in developing their websites.

In the first year of our operations, we recorded more than 17,000 small-and-medium enterprises that used VoguePay to send and receive payments.

Today, we’ve grown exponentially and had operational offices across the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Estonia, and Nigeria.



Voguepay has been around for some years now, what are the services you render?

VoguePay delivers a modern way of making and receiving payments globally.

On our PCI-DSS level 1 secured gateway, transactions are safer, cheaper and more accessible as we support millions of transactions annually.

In addition to payment processing, VoguePay is presently working towards launching VoguePay Digital (a borderless financial suite).

It is a digital bank built to serve both local and Diaspora’s personal and business financial needs.

The borderless banking suite will transform how people access account services, savings, loans and mortgages as we promote Intra Africa trade and travels.

This process started with the Central Bank of Bahrain’s regulatory nod for VoguePay to launch innovative payment solutions in the MENA region.

How to integrate voguepay with website

What are the differences between personal and business accounts?

Users can create an account for personal use or for business purposes.

With a personal account, users can use the basic features of our payment engine to send and receive money locally and internationally.

For example, a personal account user can request payment directly from a social media platform by generating a payment link to send on Whatsapp.

Business users have access to powerful back-office business tools and analytics to manage their operations.

Some of these business tools include invoicing, customer insight, sales reports.

We also have a bulk withdrawal feature, which is suitable for paying your staff salaries.

And also, a tool to help you sell downloadable products such as ebooks, e-pins, etc, and many more features.

For each user category, VoguePay has a simple onboarding process that enables users to update their KYC to meet the statutory requirements.


Voguepay accepts international payment, what are the card payment and online payment processors do you allow?

At the moment, we support all card schemes (majorly Mastercard and VISA).

We also support other means of payment via bank transfer and USSD payment.


Kindly discuss briefly the steps involved to start using voguepay to accept payment and withdraw it?

  • To start accepting payment with VoguePay, the first step is to signup for a free account.
  • This is followed by a simple KYC onboarding where necessary account info is submitted for verification.
  • For business account users, the next step will be to integrate our payment plugins and extensions.

We have developed a detailed guide for all these steps on our website.

More so, our customer support team is always available to assist with these processes where help is needed.


How do you secure the funds and data of your clients from crackers?

VoguePay is a PCI DSS level 1 certified financial institution.

This means that we have bank-grade level security for all financial transactions on our gateway.

Our bespoke security algorithm, transaction monitoring and friendly protection policies for both buyers and sellers are part of our measures to protect the financial integrity of our gateway.


We would like you to mention some of your business partnerships and awards?

Voguepay partnership and awards

Today, VoguePay has scaled up to over 100,000 merchants in key markets like North Americas, South Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa that use our payment services.

This has won us several industry recognitions including an award rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the most prestigious award ceremonies that represent the whole of the African continent.

VoguePay has been duly recognized for outstanding leadership in payment innovation, with more than 12 global awards.

The most recent ones being the coveted “African Fintech Company of the Year” award at British Award for African Development and the African Ambassadors and Diaspora Interactive Forum in 2019.

In previous years, VoguePay has worked with and has been recognized by leading financial institutions like Central Bank of Bahrain, Interpol, Central Bank of Nigeria and other government institutions.


What’s still your biggest challenge and what are your plans to overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges in the tech space generally is talent.

A lot of our local developers are looking for greener pastures outside the country, the immediate impact is the huge cost of attracting and retaining these talents.

Also, as a tech company, you still have to deal with the everyday reality of managing people, working with regulators and infrastructure limitations.


What’s the next big thing to expect from Voguepay to achieve and where do you see the company in the next five years?

We have a lot in pipelines. We will definitely announce them when the time is right.


It has been wonderful speaking with you, What role do you expect the Nigerian government to play in improving cashless transaction in Nigeria?

Already, the government is driving the cashless initiatives through policies that discourage cash.

For example, extra charges apply for cash deposits beyond the threshold set by CBN.

Also, the recent reduction of charges for ATM transactions and card maintenance is the right move.

It is obvious that CBN is open to feedback which is reflected in the directive to remove extra N50 on POS transactions.

I’m confident that the agency banking drive will have a direct implication on the adoption of cashless as many people can conveniently pay for products and services with money in their mobile money wallets.


How would your potential clients get to you?

They can visit us on our website  –  and also on social media platforms such as FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

They can as well reach out to us via email and call line displayed on our website.

Publiseer Online Music & Book Publishing Growth Projection

Digital Media market growth

The global media and entertainment industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade.
The digital media market is still expected to grow at about 4% this year and the next.
This has made the companies in various verticals of this industry to increase their network and tap more into the huge potentials of this market.
One of the top digital media companies in Nigeria, Publiseer, recently discussed their preparedness to grow their music and ebook publishing platform to become one of the best in Africa.

Publiseer Growth Projection

Chidi Nwaogu, the Co-CEO, Publiseer said within the next five years, they will transform from being a digital content aggregator to being a digital content marketplace that directly sells digital contents on different verticals.
His plan is to start off with their regular digital products which are e-books, audiobooks, songs, music videos, short and feature films, and movie series.
He continued, as we continue to grow in user size, both with the number of creators and customers using our platform and also in revenue, we will gradually add more types of digital content.
This will be based on the results of a continued survey we will send out to our customers, to know what type of content they will love to see on our platform.
We intend to build a digital content marketplace where creators from emerging markets can sell their digital content to the entire world, and build a growing fanbase as they do.

Publiseer Subscription

We will launch two revenue models for our digital content marketplace to foster flexibility.
For our customers that often consume more content every day, the subscription-based model will be excellent for them since they consume a lot of content regularly, and thus the ‘pay per item’ model might be not be encouraging for them.
But for those who do not consume a lot of our content regularly, the subscription model wouldn’t be ideal for them, so they will find more sense in paying per item.
So, both models will be put in place and will be tailored to the right customer.
We will work hard on our product to ensure that it has the most flexible payment system, which includes airtime payment, mobile money payment, and bank card payment.
This will make our platform the most convenient customer payment marketplace.
How Music and Book publisher will get their rewards
In addition, our creators will be able to receive their royalties through a very flexible payment system, which includes local bank account transfer and mobile money transfer, making digital content monetization fast and secure.
Also, our creators will be able to sell their content on our platform using two methods, the freemium and premium method, which makes it flexible.
For those who don’t have the money to list it on our platform, they list for free and share 25% of the revenue with us. And for those who have the money, they pay an upfront yearly recurring fee and keep the entire revenue.
The beauty of this system will be that our creators can switch from freemium to premium at any time, and back, giving them the flexibility that they need.

What is Publiseer Pro

To build upon our value proposition, we will be introducing ‘Publiseer Pro’.
Typically, when a creator signs up to our platform, their content is non-exclusive to us.
This means that they can sell it elsewhere if they want to, i.e. they keep all the distribution rights to their content.
However, we intend to discover and sign creators whose content we strongly believe in or those whose content is selling faster than others.
When we sign such creators, we go into a contract for a minimum of two years, and we work closely with them to promote and launch their careers.
They will move over to ‘Publiseer Pro’, which discovers, signs and builds rising African talents.
In a nutshell, when we find a creator we believe in, we offer them an exclusive distribution deal which includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding, and PR.
This is focused on keeping our successful creators. In the next five years, our goal is to grow Publiseer into being the number one goto utility in Africa for digital content distribution.
And judging from the increasing rate at which people from the UK, Canada, the United States, and Sweden are signing up to Publiseer, who knows, Publiseer could be a global phenomenon.

How to learn Electrical Engineering online free on Apps

Smartphones allow us to carry out all kinds of activities related to information processing anywhere, in the market today, we find thousands of applications of great utilities for professionals and students from different disciplines.

For the thousands of engineers and students of electronics who want to be mobile with their learning, we bring to you the top applications that you can not afford to miss on your mobile or tablet as an engineer, electronic technician, and student engineer.

The applications you see below allow you to take electronics everywhere, so you always have good support at the time of your work.


1. Basic Electronic Engineering
Basic Electronics an application that allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the components, makes an illustration of the mechanisms and also informs you of the utility and their functions.


2. Electrodroid Pro
It is a powerful and complete compilation of the elementary operations that every electrical technician should know and you can learn on the go. You can download it here from their website.

Among the most important features, are the classic and typical calculations for the configuration of transistor, amplifier, operational, resistance and some integrated circuits. It provides a complete list of the most used connectors in electronics.


3. Electronics Toolbox
It is prepared for technicians or engineering students, it helps you to calculate pic-type attenuators, LSR series or parallel circuits, calculate figures on an RF amplifier.

Design and calculate radio antennas, filters bands, calculate RMS peak voltages among other things.


4. Every Circuit
This application is made for people who already have advanced knowledge in electronics, and with this powerful application, you can design and simulate Electronic circuits just like you do on your computer; not only that, you can also display waveforms, voltage, and current values.


5. DroidTesla Pro
It is a powerful electronic simulator very resourceful with thousands of electronic components that enable you to simulate circuits with a bipolar transistor, LEDs, capacitors, sources of alternating current or continuous, logical floodgates and even circuits based on the NE 555. You can download it now


6. PICmicro Database
It is a complete base of PIC microcontrollers, it allows you to control the PIC or dsPIC features. The application has a special guide to download the datasheets directly from the Microchip web and also integrates easily with electro droid.


7. Arduinodroid
This is one of the most widespread and most adept development platforms and it is easy to manage and also has a huge list of accessories and documents.

It is possible to program the  Arduino card without having to be working on a terminal with a traditional operating systems like Windows, Mac OS among others.

As for the programming language used, it is handled by the Arduino ID; the functions and advantages of this application are very useful when you’re programming your Arduino.

Jpg to Excel Converter online free download

Image-To-Excel-Converter is an image to excel converter app developed by a team of developers at Cometdocs.

In constant need to fulfill customers’ needs, Cometdocs started to develop mobile apps for android and iOS phones which include converter apps.

This is to make their document conversion services expand across both desktop computer users and to users of mobile devices, image to Excel converter app was developed.

Cometdocs listen to customers’ needs and for that reason has transferred its powerful conversion technology to mobile devices as they give innovative solutions when it comes to document management and the possibility to convert from a wide range of one file format to another one.

Some of the tools for file conversion are PDF to word converter, PDF to Excel Converter, PDF to HTML Converter, PDF to PowerPoint converter, publisher to PDF Converter, Excel to PDF converter, word to PDF Converter, and this image to excel converter app we’re talking about; just to mention a few.

Image To Excel Converter App accurately transforms images into editable Microsoft ( MS) Excel spreadsheets with their advanced OCR engines which simplify the process right on your android, iPhone or iPad.

It works simply by converting any image/photo on a paper document, such as invoice, receipt, inventory, report or any other tabular document into a modifiable spreadsheet.

It also made it simple to convert old photos from your smartphones or tablets and screenshots as well.

Image to Excel converter app takes out the pain in scanning an image with a barcode scanner and later convert the data to a spreadsheet, and can that be edited on Excel editor.

Image to excel converter app simply works by sending the image file you want to convert to comedocs’ server where the conversion will take place in order to save time, internet data charges by your service provider and to save your battery energy too; which make it different from other conversion apps that tend to drain phone battery.

Once the file is successfully converted, it’s transferred back to the app swiftly in xlsx file format and well optimized for a quick view.

There’s no subscription or restrictions to the use of the app as you have access to all the features of the app; convert photos having Rows and columns completely and efficiently, convert both small and large-sized files.

Image to Excel Converter app is very handy whenever there’s a need to make some changes to the documents.

Whether you have some new calculations that should be imported, or some statistics that are not valid anymore and they need to be deleted; This app will do that annoying work for you and there’s no need to retype all data manually.

At first, Image to Excel reminds of a scanner app, but actually it isn’t.

It would be an improved version of a scanner since scans are usually uneditable and here you can directly work on your converted files.

All in all, if you deal with a large amount of data, both paper and electronic, then Image to Excel Converter app will save your time and help you get the job done faster and smarter.

The app is less than 3 megabytes, which does not take too much disk space or slow down your phone operation and can be used on any smartphone.


How to track Receipts with Free Scanner Apps online

As humans now live a digital life, businesses have taken a new approach to overcome business tasks.

With the significant number of businesses booking their space in online market space, there’s definitely more to physical business transactions.

You can generate receipts, authenticate it or store it with the following best receipt scanner apps


Receiptmate app
Receiptmate is one of the best receipt scanner apps that makes scanning receipt a simple process compared to the old method of saving your receipts in PDF file format or as pictures.

The receipt scanning app stores receipts with Evernote by simply waving your finger over the item and the proposed expenses would be saved in Evernote document which you can open anytime in your Evernote account.

You can also add preferences to the best receipt scanner app to show preferred data which the digital signature app should track from the receipt and view the whole thing in PDF or Excel sheets.


Receipr scanning app
Receipts is a rich best receipt scanner app that makes tracking a no-brainer with its simplicity to create your account, budget and choose your categories; everything with ‘auto system’.

The receipt scanning app, not free and with composed charts, offers you the right understanding about your wage and spending and you can discover the amount of cash you’ve spent over a particular timeframe by the record, depending on the parameter you choose; either records by category or currency.

The receipt scanning app permits you to create your reports in different file formats such as CSV, PDF or even HTML document with numerous choices of storage and you can edit your reports after you’ve saved it within the


SmartReceipt Scanning app
SmartReceipt is another receipt organizer app for scanning receipts and keeping them well sorted out. You can enjoy the receipt scanner app as freemium (ads are displayed) or without advertisement with a token of $2.99.

With the receipt scanning app, you can take a camera shot of any of your receipts and save them as PDF documents and organize it as reports.

SmartReceipt scanning app can track your expenditures and deal with your financial plans, anticipating classes of your spending by utilizing your activities on the app.


Expensify is a freemium receipt scanning app ( it also has web version) that’s at the heart of many business experts who carry out online transactions as the receipt scanner app made it easy to scan the receipt with OCR technology which enable the app to give accurate records of the information on the receipt.

This receipt organizer app is compatible with Android, iPad, Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Windows Phones.

You can take the picture of the receipt you want to track and also group your finances using tags to make it quite easy to access categories of your expenses within the scanning app.

One outstanding feature of this receipt scanner app is that the app can retrieve your credit card transactions and generates IRS eReceipt when you lose your receipt.

However, you need to synchronize your credit card with the application before you can do this.

With over 3,000,000 installs of Expensify receipt scanning app from google play store, this free receipt scanning app is really at the heart of businessmen and women, especially travelers.

Free music download for offline listening on Smartphone

Music is a language that everybody understands, Your voice is a pride and that’s the reason you make voice recordings either of songs or just speech.

To communicate better with your voice/music records, you need music and voice editing applications.

These apps will fine-tune your recordings, edit a loved voice recording from other artists or producing a well balanced and professional music work.

The following apps will accomplish tasks like a pro.">Zeoring :is a free audio music editing app developed by ZEOXY in the United Kingdom.

This app is good for adding custom music ringtones to your specified call-line contact number or/and setting it as default ringtone, editing ringtones to give a desired tones and music rhythm with the colorful and easy-to-use app interface.

It is easy to navigate through the app, set alarm, set custom ringtone for the alarm and notification, etc.

With all the features of the Zeoring app, it’s ad-free and can edit audio files in AMR, AAC, WAV and MP3 formats.

It can organize them inappropriate directory, sort your files in different labels like the title of the files, size of the file, date artist name and enable you to search audio files easily and also share them with others.

One thing about the app is that it is updated regularly which shows the developer is so much in fixing bugs and improving the applications.

Zeoring supports the android operating system with version 2.3 and above. It’s expected in the nearest future to see this app’s compatibility with other operating systems.">Wavepad
Wavepad audio/music editing application has been in the game for a long time and it’s no doubt one of the best music editing apps with a fully customizable interface.

It is well known for its fine layout, compatibility with Android, iPhone, iPod, and computer system.

You can add different forms of effects while editing your audio recordings and share your works with others.

It can also erase background noise to enhance audio quality, import sounds from other files which support file formats such as AAC, AU, FLAC, MP3, MP4, MOV, MPG, DIVX, DV, AIFF, and WAVE.

WavePad has a copy, paste and cut features; not only that, it has undo and redo feature which makes it easy to correct your mistakes without starting all over again.

It automates the process of converting audio files by making bulk conversion of different file formats to one single format and several other automation processes like, adding delay, reverse distortion, reverb, auto-trim, equalizer, fade-in and fade-out.


This app is more of a music editing app than just ordinary audio recording application. It serves as a tad editor that can arrange your songs in order, fixes split problems, edit the song’s components and effects to make entirely new album with an automated process.

It is simple to use despite having lots of features that professionals in the music industry would love to appreciate to make a better song mix.

It supports different music file formats like the other applications mentioned above; MP4, MP3, FLAC, M4a, OGG VORBIS and WMA with a promise of more improvement to the app by the developer in the nearest future.

This app is lightweight, with about just 6MB size and requires an android version 2.2 or above to enable this app to run smoothly and function optimally.

With its free version, the developer tends to make money from an advertisement placed on it while the premium version is ad-free and cost a token to purchase from the app store.

One of the outstanding features of this wonderful app is the “Google image search” feature, which enables you to search and choose your desired art from the search result.

Once you make changes to your songs, it becomes permanent even if it’s transferred to another phone device.

Most of its features are drag-and-drop and it has over 50,000 downloads from Google Play Store as at this moment.


Professional Photo Editing like Photoshop Pro Online

Snapseed photo editing application is one of the oldest apps for editing photos and the quality of the app has not diminished.

It was first developed to be used on a computer and later, it went mobile with the versions of the app available for android, iPhone and iPad users.

It has been known for professional editing as you can edit your picture with several digital painting tools with just the tap of your finger on your smartphone.

Some of the features that qualify snapseed as one of the best are the following

  • It has categories of effects you can add to your photo,
  • Filters to give a descriptive look to your photo,
  • Ability to crop, resize, rotate your photo to any degree,
  • Straighten your photo, increase the light intensity and colour intensity which gives your image a nice tuning effect.

You can also make an adjustment to the contrast and brightness of the photo and add shadows just like your 3D effects in Corel Draw.

All you need do is to choose the category of the effect you want to add and once your photo is expanded, tap and drag your fingertip on the screen to select the feature you want to add to the photo.

One thing that makes this app to be on this list is that it provides great features and it’s free; only that it does not support old android versions like Android 2.0 or 3.0.

That should not be a problem because such versions are not really used again.

The app boast of over 20,000,000 installs as at the time writing this post, that’s a high number that has shown the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of this app.

These people using this app can’t all go wrong, why don’t you check it out. download here


Adobe photoshop touch

Adobe is a popular brand known for developing utility applications.

They started from developing apps for desktop computers and they’ve developed many android AMD iPhone apps that are well embraced in the smartphone app market.

It was not long after they developed Photoshop Express when they hit the market with Photoshop Touch.

Photoshop Touch brings large portions of the desktop’s applications’ most valuable components to a more moderate, simple-to-learn interface on the iPad.

It’s no CS6, however Photoshop Touch backings such desktop staples as layers, the paintbrush, the wand apparatus, clone stamp, content, etc.

That is all notwithstanding standard stuff like immersion, brilliance/contrast, shading parity etc

Acknowledging that you are so unrealistic to hold up your iPad to take photographs like a blockhead.

Adobe went past the gadget’s nearby Camera Roll and incorporated Photoshop Touch with Google image search, Facebook and its own Inventive Cloud.


Aviary app
The aviary photo app is an application developed by Aviary with a simple to use interface built to cater for your photo rebranding.

It’s simple and takes no time to edit a photo and come out with a professionally designed image.

It has great filters, frames, very creative stickers and tools.

There are over one hundred filters you can use free to create a stylish photo and you can as well pay a token for advanced filters.

You can add texts, make drawings or even create your memes and also replace photo color with a splash.

Aviary is designed with outstanding features you can not just resist,

Just with a tap of the fingertip, you can crop your photo, rotate it to any degree, straighten it, adjust the brightness, contrast, colour, highlights and add shadow effects.

You can as well adjust the colour saturation, warmth, fade and even tint your photo.

When you’re fully done with your editing, you’re equipped with embedded share buttons that enable you to share your stylish photo on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase what you’ve got to show to friends and the world.

One of the things that enthused me to include this app is that you can do almost everything with drag-and-drop.

They’re improving every day by adding new features and its upgrade is made easy and the edited photo comes out with a higher resolution.