Why Java is the Best language for Android App Development

For developing mobile application, you can learn java for android app development and it’s accepted unanimously as the best programming language.

It is an object- oriented language developed by James Gosling Sun Microsystem in 1995 before the company was acquired by Oracle corporation; and became the most prominent language for programming within 20 years of its usage.


Java is best know for features such as portability, simplicity, being secure, platform independent, robust, distributed, object-oriented, interpreted and architecture neutral amongst others and thinking of what java is used for, it’s used in coding programs for industrial purposes, used in developing apps that run on different OS such as Linux, Windows and even Mac and in mainframe computers


It’s not only that it has much importance and it’s widely uses but also has some advantages of over other programming languages, possibly that’s more reasons people want to learn more about it and use it in developing not only android apps iPhone apps and others.


Java is no doubt one of the best and most valuable programming languages and rank in top 10 in almost every field where programming is employed; it’s one of the best to learn easily as a beginner, learning for getting jobs and developing game app.


It’s also one of  the most demanding programming language in software companies and for high payment when you’re hired and will surely be relevant in the future of programming languages.


In the  PYPL Popularity of Programming Languages Index, java rank first as the most programming language people want to learn, with more searches about java tutorials and online courses; also it ranks first the TIOBE Programming Community Index and android OS has the most apps developed on her platform.


If you want to learn java easily as a beginner with no programming experience, there’s no best way to learn it rather than reading java programming books, joining some coding learning sites like codeacademy, W3school etc, taking online courses and tutorials, and practising anything you learn.

There are coding assignments online, from simple to complex and you can attempt to solving these tasks posted by others.


How JAVA language works?

In other coding or programming language, the code is first translated by a compiler into instructions, while in JAVA instead turns code into Bytecode by Java Virtual Machine (JVM) compiler(Javac) irrespective of the computer architecture which is then interpreted by software JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and run on this JVM


Why Java the best programming language?

  • Java is easy to learn, the language has fluent English like syntax and less mysterious character and there are more resources available online free to help in learniythe language
  • Java has rich API, xml parsing, database connection, networking, utilities and provides almost everything that developers expect
  • It is an open source and available FREE
  • Eclipse and Netbeans are the powerful tools that brings life to JAVA script
  • There are much job opportunities for java programmers anywhere in the world.
  • Java is widely used and broadly used on different platforms, mobile, desktop and higher applications; stable and scalable.
  • There are many java programmers in the world, making problem solving easier for beginners and other developers since you have great communities of developers to help you with any task.


Interaction of JAVA and Android Phones

Android have succeeded to keep JAVA on the forefront in last couple of years. JAVA gives the best option for development of mobile application that is based on android, as android consist of its own API’s and JAVA libraries.

So, for Android Application, you use android API’s as well as JAVA to write code for Android apps.These apps are called as native apps, as it is developed by using native tools and libraries.


You can also code in other language as well but you need a framework to convert into native app for that API. To execute the programming files, Android does not use JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine) but instead uses DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine), Which is not a true JVM.

So, to execute the files, it has to convert into DEX format and then bundled into Android Package (APK).


For mobile application, JAVA has specially designed J2ME (JAVA to micro edition). All J2ME application must have main class that is derived from a special class called MIDlet.

The standard JAVA runtime environment for these devices is provided using (MIDP) Mobile Information Device Profile and Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC).


To write J2ME applications, you need the JAVA platform micro edition SDK (software development kit) and IDE, which can be Eclipse or Netbeans.

But to develop Android application, JAVAmidlet has to convert into Android apps and for that, tools like J2Android is used. This tool can convert any JAVA midletinto Android apps.


There is a question raised on the JAVA performance and future application but java gives the platform to promising language based on JVM such as Scala and Clojure and with the introduction of new versions like Java 7 and Java 8 161 CPU update last month, it will become more efficient.




Paratus Ltd., Telecom & Internet Service Provider Partner with Sky & Space Satellite Company to Impove POS Machine


Paratus telecommunication (Pty) ltd., the former Internet Technologies Namibia has continued to improve her telecom services such as IP products, DIA, protocol label, MPLS, VSAT solutions, WiFi broadband network solutions, data communication significantly in the recent years.


Sky and Space global Ltd (SAS), a satellite company providing communication infrastructure with nano satellite technologies and developing programs to manage data in cloud for communication network providers on the other hand has continued to deepen its coverage in Africa.


Few weeks ago, SAS partnered with BeepTool to integrate their nano satellite with BeepTool mobile payment and VoIP communication app and this week Sky and Space has just signed a field trial to manage Paratus Point-of Sale (POS) machine, giving SAS the control to provide improved narrow band communication facilities to many POS devices handled by Paratus telecom network.


The partners would agree on the date to launch the field trial where the POS machine would be connected to the Paratus partner banking facility and with SAS IP network and upon successful integration.

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Paratus telecom group would be able to serve more POS devices in Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, London, which are countries they’re already established and we expect expansion into other countries across the globe.


Already in 2017, Sky and Space global and Paratus group subsidiary, Sat-Space had announced a binding commercial contract in which it was agreed to corporate on narrow band facilities in different mobile payment segments.


Paratus group, a company founded in 2005 and wholly owned by the Namibian telecommunications operator changed to Paratus in 2014 and more developments have been actualized. It’s one of the telecommunication companies and internet service providers in Namibia to reckon with.

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Just in recent years, they were issued A Class comprehensive Telecom Service license (ECS & ECNS) in Namibia and in 2016, the group has informed the public of their three years expansion programme to improve their fibre network infrastructure, so this deal seems to be one of the goals to be achieved.


NFC and Mobile payment is definitely a huge market and with most small and medium-scale businesses finding it easier facilitating payment.

In Africa where Paratus has more clients, POS system is growing very fast and with more awareness of its benefits in business, the market would be more profitable for stakeholders and investors.

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In the statement of the Paratus group CEO, Mr. Barney Harmse, he expressed his belief in SAS, having the capacity to bring enhanced technologies to replacing their current means of communication with the POS devices which has some limits and not much reliable, especially in the remote areas in their countries of operations.


He further stressed that the group will continue to renew their interest and commitment in bringing new innovative technological solutions and to the finance sector and strengthening their position in the market.

So also the SAS Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Meir Moalem lauded the decision made by Paratus group and promised to provide facilities that will widen the connectivity coverage which will enable their partner to connect more people and improve socioeconomic developments.




Cisco SFP Transceiver Modules: Why you should choose Compatible over branded

 SFP stands for small form-factor pluggable, meaning the optical module transceiver can be plugged to a port and some network devices.

There are different pluggable small form-factor module transceivers such as XFP, SFP, SFP+, QSFP etc and these modules are not the same or universal in terms of the optical wavelength they operate, protocol specification and agreement.

SFPs generally are expensive especially if you require more than one – you can easily spend huge budget!

From a business’s perspective, this extensive spending is extremely detrimental to the yearly budget. So, an option for businesses is a Cisco compatible SFP.

A compatible SFP means that you can save much amounts of money. In this blog post, we’re going to explain why you should choose compatible over branded SFP.


Cisco Compatible SFP: What is it?

A Cisco compatible SFP (small form-factor pluggable) is a diminutive transceiver that can plug onto the SFP port of a network switch. This connects to fibre channel and gigabit ethernet optical fibre cables at the other end.

Also known as mini-GBIC due to being smaller than the Gigabit interface converter (GBIC) transceiver, SFPs superseded this transceiver. SFP modules are hot-swappable and contain ID and system information for the switch.


Cisco Compatible SFP: Why you need to use compatibles

  • More cost-effective

Purchasing Cisco SFPs from the vendor isn’t going to be cheap especially if your business demands more than one. It’s actually going to become extremely expensive.

If you’re looking for a bargain, you aren’t going to get that courtesy of a vendor. Fortunately, you can get a bargain courtesy of somebody selling compatible SFPs.

It’s obvious to those who’ve tried it to note that compatible SFPs are much cheaper: data shows that compatibles are generally up to 80% cheaper than the prices of the vendor. This means that if you go straight to Cisco, you’re effectively chucking money away.

So, what are you paying more than triple the price for? Well, it might interest you to find out that you’re effectively just paying the extra money for branding. There’s no difference between the quality of the two, all you’re paying extra for is the name on the side.


  • Reason Equal quality

When you’re paying triple – or more – for a Cisco SFP, you’d expect it to be much better than the compatible. Well, that’s not the case.

A cisco compatible SFP is the same quality that a standard Cisco SFP is. This means that whilst you’re certainly going to pay much more for an SFP straight from Cisco, you’re not actually going to be getting anything more for your money than a little bit of branding.

The only difference really is the fact that one has branding whereas the other doesn’t.

The only apparent difference between a compatible SFP and one from a vendor is the fact that one is branded (and that one is much more expensive).

You still get the same quality and the same performance. In fact, some compatible SFP manufacturers are so sure of that that they offer you a range of guarantees demonstrating their belief in their product.


  • Lifespan

So, there’s no difference in quality when it comes to a Cisco compatible SFP and one from a vendor. You’d then probably expect the difference to be in how long the device will last.

After all, it might be the same quality now but if it doesn’t work in a few months, what good is it?

A Cisco compatible SFP lasts the same length of time that a vendor SFP does. This means that not only is it cheaper and the same quality, it’s also pretty much guaranteed that it will last as long too.

In fact, some compatible SFP suppliers are so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee. This means that if one breaks or malfunctions within the set period, they’ll replace it for you free of charge.



Basically, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be buying Cisco compatible SFPs instead of purchasing from the more expensive brand vendors.



This article was written by Jack Mitchell with helpful information from Compatible SFP. Jack loves the outdoors, films and reading.

6 Methods to Factory Reset your Iphone: With & Without iTunes, Apple ID, iCloud & Password & Computer

There are several reasons you may want to factory reset your iPhone, it may be because you’ve just bought a fairly used iPhone, you’re about selling the one you’re using, you jailbreak your iPhone and it’s now infected with virus from non-certified apps or you just forget your password; in whichever way, it’s important you know that you’re likely going to delete your iCloud account, the Apple ID and password or lose data if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.


If you’re resetting your iPhone when you forget your password and you want to restore it, the first thing is to backup your data to avoid losing your media files, contacts and other information.


There are iPhone backup apps and you can transfer your data to other devices, back up with iCloud account or sync with computer and migrate your videos, Audio-books, pictures, contacts and others to the PC. After that, you can continue with factory reset.


There are many ways you can do this; you can delete an iCloud account if you don’t know the password, you can erase your Apple ID with your password and when ‘Find My IPhone‘ is on or factory reset with iTunes or without it.


To factory reset your iPhone without computer

Go to your iPhone settings, tap General and scroll down to click Reset. To completely delete everything on the phone, select ‘Content & Delete’ settings and input your password to authorize this action and your iPhone OS will be reinstalled. You can now restore your data from backup and make other necessary settings and start using the phone again.


There are other preferences on the ‘Reset Tab’, some to help you manage the iPhone memory space if you’re running out of memory and the phone is becoming slow, hanging or freezing up; some to reset some personal settings and preferences.


To reset your personal settings, tap ‘All settings’ Tab.

  • To delete iPhone settings and user settings, Tap the ‘All settings’ tab.
  • To delete network settings such as WiFi Login’s, tap the Network settings’
  • To factory reset the phone home screen, tap the home screen tab.
  • Delete all the words you added to iPhone dictionary by taping the ‘Keyword Dictionary’ tab and to reset your location & Privacy settings, tap the Location & Privacy Tab.


However, on iPhone 6s, 7 and higher, you can not erase data using this method unless ‘Find my iPhone’ setting is turned off. If you’ve not activated the ‘Find my IPhone’ settings in iCloud or sync you iTunes with computer, your option will be recovery mode method which I’ll discuss below but if you have access to iCloud, input your password as it’s requested and you’re done.


Apple introduced the find my iPhone-Activation lock feature when they launched the iPhone 6 to prevent iOS device theft



To factory reset iPhone with ITunes

This is more of a friendly way of resetting your iPhone 5, 6, 7 or higher if your jailbreak apps are crashing, hanging or your iPhone is not responsive to command as appropriate.

The first thing is to connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod (the process is almost the same) to your PC or Mac computer with the aid of USB cable. (Don’t panic if your iPhone pop up options to confirm the connected device as trusted, it’s not that your computer is not safe)


Once connected, open your iTunes, login to iCloud and activate the Find My IPhone settings; you’ll see the information about your iPhone on the main page and you can now tap the ‘Restore‘ button and iTunes will update your iPhone with the latest iOS software from Apple server and install it automatically on your iPhone (This may take few minutes) and you can now start installing trusted apps and enjoy your device.


After reset, you’ll see the “Configure” option which will appear on your iphone screen and you can now follow the inbuilt iOS configuration panel to reset your iPhone.


If the previous ways I discussed is not helping you, you can reset your iPhone in the recovery mode. This is how some people unlock and reset locked or stolen iPhone without iTunes Cloud account or Apple ID password or better contact Apple support or discuss it with other users in the Apple support forum.

To factory reset using the Recovery Mode

Just as I’ve said, the last option if you’re having problem resetting your iPhone may be the recovery mode method, when your iPhone is disabled and you want to reset it without iTunes or it’s locked and you can not use it.

The first thing is to turn off the phone ( if the iPhone can not be turned off, press and hold the home button and power button at the same time for few seconds to turn it off)

Let’s start with factory reset using iPhone app like Dr.Fone toolkit repair

With this iOS app, you’ll not have to worry about backup as it’ll handle everything for you. It has versions for android, iOS devices and PC.


The first thing is to download and install Wondershare Dr. Fone toolkit on your laptop, launch the app and click on the Repair button, connect your iPhone to the PC with USB cable and once the phone is detected, click ‘Start’ to kick off the repair.


The app may prompt you to download the latest firmware, click ‘Download’ and once the download finishes, the iPhone repair will start and in few minutes, Dr. fone repair app will restart your phone in the normal mode.


It’ll update your iPhone with the latest software and reset your iPhone to the new mode it was when you just bought it and clear the personal settings and preferences that made your phone ti be susceptible to attack from hackers.


The app can also fix other issues like iPhone black screen, iTunes error 14, error 27, 4013, 9, 27 and others and it’s well compatible with android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Mac computers.


Factory reset without App

You can still hard reset your iOS with computer only, Hold down the ‘Sleep’ button of your Apple iPhone to pop up the Red slider and slide it to OFF. if you don’t see the Red slider, hold down both the sleep button and home button (latest iPhone requires this) till the phone turns off. (If it doesn’t turn off, you may need to see an iPhone engineer)


After this, connect, connect your USB cord to your laptop (upstream end),

hold the home button of your iPhone and connect the other end of the USB cable (downstream end) to your iPhone and the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen will appear and iTunes will automatically open and pop up notification that your iPhone is now in the recovery mode. ( If it doesn’t open automatically, you can still open it manually).

Tap OK button and Click ‘Restore‘ and your phone will be completely restored back to the normal mode in few minutes.


NOTE: You should charge your phone before starting this process.


How to Restore iPhone with ipsw files installation tools 

This method is only suitable for iPhone geek or a developer. You can install a particular version of the iOS software with .ipsw files if you don’t want the new automatically updated firmware.


Search and find the compatible .ipsw file for your hardware and download it, connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, select your phone and set the phone to the Restore Mode. After that, Click update to open the .ipsw selection dialog, press and hold the Option key and click Update to select the .ipsw file you’ve just downloaded and use it. You can also download the list of the .ipsw files into any storage device and use it on several other devices.

How to Authorize & Deauthorize Computers on Itunes, Find Out List of Synced PC & Solutions to Problems

With iTunes, you’re able to connect multiple devices with your account and share your music, albums, audiobooks, apps etc across these devices; phones or computers. To do this, you need to synchronize your iPhone to your computer, iPad, or iPod in order to transfer your song playlists to these devices.


However, In order to use this feature, you need to activate your laptop in your iTunes account.

How do you now authorize a computer and add a new device to your iTunes account?



How to create Apple ID
The first thing is to register your account and create your Apple identification code (Apple ID). To do this, Go to settings, Tap iCloud and create a new Apple ID, Enter the required information like your date of birth (DOB), Name and create an iCloud email address or select the existing email.


If you already have Apple ID and contents are in your Apple ID account but want to transfer the contents to other devices, you don’t need to create another account again, jump the account creation stage above and authorize your PC.

How to Authorize Computer
Go to the Apple store menu on your new device and tap “Enable this computer” option and enter your Apple ID and passcode, after that, click the activate button and viola, your new device is now authorized to use your purchased contents on the iTunes store. With this, you can share your account with your spouse and family with just one time purchase.


Note: you cannot authorize more than five computers but iOS devices (iPad, iPod touches and iPhone) are exceptions. However, If you’re not able to authorize a new computer, it’s likely you’ve reached the limit and only need to manage the authorized computers by deauthorizing some of it; that’s the simple fix.


If iTunes says your computer is not authorized but it is, and keep asking you to authorize computer that’s already activated each time you want to add the device, this is becoming common as iOS devices are sometime counted even when they’re exceptions to this 5-computer- limit, just contact the Apple support to help you rectify this, sometimes, fee is attracted.


If you’re having authorized computer that is now dead, you no longer have or want to use with your iTunes anymore, you’ll have to de-authorize such computer.


How do you now find out to see the list of authorized computers on your iTunes account and which one you need to deactivate?


Go to the Apple store, Tap account and click View account, Enter your passcode. Tap the iCloud and select “Manage Device” and you will see the number of authorized computers associated with the Apple ID. Note: there’s no information about each computer that’s authorized, you can only see the number of the list.


How to De-authorize all computers
If you want to de-authorize all your computers and reauthorize new PC, you can only do this once in every year and this seems to be the Almighty solution to deactivate old PC that are authorized but no longer used.


To do this, open the iTunes store, go to the menu bar and choose your account, Tap account authorization and click on the De-authorize button. Your login details would be requested and just fill in your Apple ID and password and click De-authorize. Once this is done, your computer would be deactivated from getting contents from your Apple ID.


If you want to de-authorize all synchronized computers, after you’ve logged on, scroll down to the tab you see “Computer Authorization” and Tap De-authorize all and confirm this action and all computers synced to your account would be deleted.


If you’re in doubt of what happens when you de-authorize all the computers in iTunes, you don’t need to worry as you don’t lose your songs, playlists or apps etc; everything will still be in your account, only that the computer you’ve de-authorize would not be able to access and use these contents unless it’s reactivated again.

iphone Battery or Port Not Charging? List of Causes, How to Fix it & Make it Faster

IPhone is a very popular smartphone that’s used more here in US than any other countries and just like any other phones,  it can be faulty or malfunction. Sometimes iPhone charging port may not be working or even the charger itself. The phone may say it’s charging and the battery percentage will be going down or not increasing.


This is not specific to some iPhone versions but common to iPhone 5, 6 and 7 and can as well occur in iPods and iPads. While charging problem is generally related to all phones, I’d focus on iPhone 6 or similar series today.

How to make iPhone battery lasts long

The iPhone lightning charging port is small but very important. If it’s becoming loose, it can cause the iPhone to be charging slowly or takes forever to charge and when you now start using it again, the battery drains quickly and dying fast.


Has your iPhone been charging for hours but won’t turn on or just stuck on charging screen, first thing is to find out whether it’s your charging port, the charger cable, the phone battery or the socket but you can easily know if it’s the socket that’s faulty by plugging other electrical appliances.


Find another original iPhone charger and try it with your iPhone, if the phone charges and everything works fine, then the problem is only with your charging cord but if it doesn’t, it’s either your battery is no more good ( On a rare case), there’s problem with the phone software or the charging port is having problem.


The first step is to simply reboot the phone to refresh the software and of it doesn’t charge, try to hard reset the phone  putting your phone in DFU mode. The first thing is to backup your iPhone into iTunes to avoid losing data without being able to get it back.


Now, press and hold the power button (iPhone 6 or lower) and the home button or the volume down button (iphone 7 and higher) together at the same time until the Apple logo appears on your screen; and the message that iTunes has detected an iPhone in the recovery mode.


Relieve your fingers from the home button and now, the screen should be completely black ( This is not iPhone black screen of death, so, don’t panic). Your phone has now been reset and the phone should start charging properly if the charging problem is with the iPhone software responsible for charging.


If you’ve just bought the iPhone and it’s still under warranty, you can just save yourself from stress by reporting to your store and Apple will replace the components under the warranty if they’re not yet damaged.


Rarely but do occur that, cheap and non-apple cables may not be compatible and work well. Even though some do work, it’s advisable to use Apple charger cable and never mind the cost.


If your iPhone is not yet charging, then you can now try  cleaning the lightning port as this might’ve got clogged with lint in your pocket or dust in the air. You can clean it with metallic paper clip, wooden toothpick or small toothbrush, with alcohol to remove the dirt.


If you’re afraid to struck the port with these materials, you can blow air into the charging port since dirt or little moisture could obstruct the charging flow, otherwise, you can buy compressed air duster/cleaner to clean the charging port and you can get this from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and other for $15 or more.


These are the common ways to fix the charging port and you can also get your phone to charge faster. However, you need to be careful here to avoid any damage as Apple may not replace it for you if it’s broken, you’ll have to bear the repair cost.


However, if your iPhone displays the low battery image and is unresponsive to charging when plugged after trying these cleaning methods, it’s possible the dirt is sticky and can not be easily removed. You can try using pin and remove it gently or better take the phone to an engineer for help.


If after trying all these and the phone is not charging, the iPhone won’t charge unless turned off or it’s dead or unless it’s restarted, it’s much likely the problem is with the hardware and the phone is damaged.


There are several ways your iPhone could be damaged, falling frequently, falling into liquid and not completely dried off and others. You’ll have to take it to a certified iPhone engineer for repair and advice if the need be to buy another iPhone

Best App to Transfer Music, Videos & Apps from Iphone to PC| Mac Free without Itunes


As a music lover, music is life, it’s a spirit and a strong feeling itself, I love listening to music from my phone and through earpiece and many people like you also love this but if you’ve to transfer your song lists to your PC, iTunes is not the only option as some people thought.


Search any music/song on these apps

You can transfer music from your iphone or ipod to your Mac or Windows computer without itunes and you can as well transfer songs list from iOS driven phones to your iTunes free. To Download More Music, Check out these Music Apps


There are several apps for moving your music from phone to laptop, some are free while others are paid and free apps that allow unlimited access to copying your playlists are not much while most are with limited access on the free version.

Best Apps to Mix Songs like real DJ

Based on the reviews from users, the following are in the top list of the apps for copying music from iPhone to PC.


  • iMyFone TunesMate
  • AiseeSoft FoneTrans
  • AnyTrans
  • Syncios Manager
  • CopyTrans iPhone Transfer
  • WonderShare TunesGo
  • dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)
  • iExplorer iPhone Transfer Tool
  • iSkysoft iTransfer
  • Xilisoft iPhone Transfer
  • Zapya iPhone Transfer
  • Fotolr iPhone Transfer
  • Simple Transfer


To make it easy for you, we’re going to talk about IMyFone Tunesmate app here and it’s one of the most rated apps that works well when compared to iTunes and has standout features more than some other applications.


It does not only help in managing your music files, serves as music player and moving your favorite songs from  iPhone to computer but also serves as ‘switch audio file conversion software‘ that can convert the songs from one format to another format and this is done automatically while transferring them to computer.


It’s important to note here that, IMyFone Tunesmate can as well copy video files and convert them from non-supported format to a supported one on your laptop. This is just two-in-one app and you don’t need to download any other file conversion app for this purpose again, IMyFone does that.


Furthermore, you can also transfer music from your computer to your iPhone with ease once you’ve connected the two devices. In the list of apps above, some are so good to performing this task and they are computer applications.


IMyFone Tunesmate app has undergone series of updates and development, making it an ideal app to move your songs from one device to another, not just from iPhone to computer or vice versa but also work with other OS like android, Mac and others.


How to Use IMyFone Tunesmate App

After you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the app, connect your iPhone to your computer system with USB cord.

Launch the app and go to the Music tab and select the type of file you want to migrate, that is, Music, Audi books, iTunes or podcasts.

Select the specific music file and click ‘Export’ and Export to PC/Mac” button and choose the target folder you want the music to be transferred to.

This is simple to use, even for the dummies, right! Let’s talk about some popular features of the app.


  • Ability to copy and move both audio, video and audiovisual files such as movies, playlists, podcasts, Audibooks, ringtones, iTunes U and others to other devices.


  • Ability to transfer music files from your PC, iTunes library or other external storage devices like CDs, flash drive, external hard disk or from another iOS device to your iPhone.


  • Ability to copy and transfer songs and videos to your iPod or iPhone without losing your old files even when your phone is already synchronized with another iTunes.


  • Ability to create backup for your files and easy restore from backup. It also restores iTunes library when your files are lost in iTunes.


  • Ability to edit music properties such as artist, playlists, album etc, share or transfer Apple music and others purchased from other stores like Amazon or Google with friends on their iPhones with different accounts (Apple ID)


Two-Way Sync

You can migrate files from your iPhone to laptop/iTunes and otherwise. This is the two-way transfer. IMyFone Tunesmate will also transfer images and apps between iPads, iPhone, iPod and laptop.


Bulk Files Deletion

While you can delete your audio, video and audiovisual media on iPhone by deleting all the files once or one after the other, however, not all files can be deleted with other files in bulk. With IMyFone, you can group select to delete, delete one or all. Note: This feature is limited in the free trial.


Device and Files friendliness

IMyFone Tunesmate supports many devices and file formats. iPhone, iPod, iPad and other higher iOS versions like iOS 10.3, iPhone 7 and higher versions. It supports almost all file formats and can automatically convert files from one format to another.


No doubt, IMyFone Tunesmate is a good alternative to iTunes for transferring music and videos from iPhone to computer or from PC back to iPhone free.

You can download the app and use for free for 30 days but for advanced features in the full version and to remove some limits, you can purchase the app for $29, get the registration code and use safely.


BeepTool now use Nanosatellites for Mobile Payment Solutions

It’s a bold step and laudable one for John Enoh and his team behind BeepTool Comm. & Integrated Services Ltd to have worked in making the new partnership.

The new partnership between Sky and Space Global Ltd (SAS) and BeepTool will deepen the foot of SAS in Africa and broaden the BeepTool market reach.

Beeptool partnership with sky global ltd

A few months ago, in our interview with the BeepTool founder, Mr. John Enoh, he discussed this partnership with us.

He discussed how the two companies have jointly performed the world’s first financial transaction using nanosatellites.

To meet with the commercial demand of communication bandwidths, they’ve to work Sky and Space Global Ltd, a UK and Australian satellite company into signing the 5-year deal which is valued at approximately US$30 million.

The recent data presented by world bank has shown that there are almost 2 billion adults globally that are not using modern banking facilities.

Most of these adults are in remote locations in Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Therefore, mobile banking is the only sustainable solution for the people in these locations to have access to banking services.

Mobile banking is still evolving in Africa and there are more potentials than what has already been tapped by financial institutions.

This has energized BeepTool in partnering with SAS technology infrastructures and their services to other telecom operators and financial service companies have enabled them to collab to integrate the BeepTool app with SAS and use their bandwidth system infrastructure.

In the agreement notes, the binding agreement shall take effect for 60 months and is subjected to termination within this period.

BeepTool shall make a fixed prepayment for her end-users’ devices and the services of SAS on the BeepTool platform with minimum bandwidth usage.

BeepTool shall also provide SAS with a security deposit covering advanced services and with rights to terminate the agreement during the field trial.

During the field trial, they’d run their messaging app using SAS’ first 3 Diamonds nanosatellites to test the SAS network and efficiencies as presented by Sky and Space satellite company.

When everything is finally implemented and working seamlessly, it will not only add much value to the VoIP messaging app but also enable investors to develop burning interest tapping into the huge potentials of the mobile payment market.

The market has a prospect of over 30% growth and an estimate of about US$3, 3888 in the year 2022, and creating more jobs.

This new partnership could have also contributed to the 25% surge in the share price of SAS on the Australian stock exchange.

Yesterday, their stock closed at $0.20 as companies’ prices on the floor of the stock exchange.

This partnership will reinforce the dual commitments of the companies towards developing innovative communication applications.

It will also help to provide the first-class mobile payment solutions, supporting cashless policy and fast-tracking financial transactions in the African market with low cost on end-users and making everything achievable on-the-go.

In the statement of the Managing Director and CEO of Sky and Space Global, Mr. Meir Moalem expressed his joy and optimism partnering with BeepTool Communication & Integrated services ltd.

Beeptool is a fast-growing mobile payment processor in Africa and their common vision of driving socioeconomic growth with technology is laudable.

He further commends the commitment of BeepTool for having confidence in their business model, technology infrastructures, and their disruptive nanosatellite narrowband communication platform.

He attributed their success to hard work in following their business plan and getting committed to their business partners.

He appreciates the investors and their pledge to continue working with BeepTool to achieving success and great milestones.

He stated that they’re also working towards launching a constellation of 200 nanosatellites by the year 2020.

So much also the BeepTool CEO, Mr. Precious John Enoh expressed the feelings of achievement with the integration of the BeepTool messaging app with Sky and Space Global system.

He looks forward to working together with SAS to add a touch of class to mobile financial transactions, not just in Africa but across the globe.

What do you Stand to Gain? Top Advantages of Migrating from Basic Web Hosting Plan to VPS account

For the average commerce website owner, when there’s spike in your website’s  traffic, your basic hosting account usually starts losing some of its shared resources.

Sue to this,  your hosting plan may not be able to meet the demands of your website to having the ideal user friendly site.

This may be the time to consider upgrading your site to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), reduce your site load time and the web pages load faster.

Once you’re ready, spend some time reading VPS web hosting setup tutorial or/and consult your web hosting company to help you migrate your account.

Actually, VPS hosting is very similar to a basic website hosting account.

The primary difference is that you have a stated set of physical resources to work with as part of your contract.

That changes the billing dynamic from one where a set of features that are available dictate how much you pay to how much your site is visited determines how much you pay.

If that is acceptable to your firm, then starting the upgrade process will likely be worth it.

Here are some other reasons to upgrade to a virtual Private server.


Better Server Usage

When you have a basic hosting account and you are trying to run custom software or servers, you might find that they do not load because of memory limits or they do not run because you don’t have the necessary permissions to install truly custom software packages.


When you get a VPS, one major right that you get as an account owner is full permission to do anything that you want with your website hosting storage facility.

You can put any kind of server or software in that storage and run it knowing that you will be able to completely control the permissions and security.  L

In addition to server permissions, your web hosting company should be able to provide you with some pre-packaged operating system environments that have configurations that are friendly to the leading cloud applications.

Most website vendors therefore offer instructions on how to download an operating system, image that has been configured and tested with several applications before being released.


Better applications 

Once you set up your operating system, you can move forward with installing and customizing your applications.

If you work with e-commerce and want any of the leading packages, you will find out quickly that you cannot run them on a basic account.

They require adjustable resources that normally only come with VPS accounts.

The best hosting vendors normally have a catalog that allows you to install applications directly on your basic account from their server.

And while you won’t find that type of feature being available for most VPS accounts, you will find out that, there are detailed instructions on how to download most primary applications and install them yourself in each operating system environment that the host offers.

Ultimately, if you want to run a sophisticated application like an ERP, you will need to use a VPS so that you have the resources and the security permissions that you need in order to make the application work for your co-workers or clients.


Stronger and Better  Security

With a basic website hosting account, you can normally increase security by adding applications and reconfiguring the environment.

But just as with applications, there are permissions and application limitations that make it so that you will need a VPS in order to create a secure environment.

In addition, although you can add security certificates when you have a shared hosting account, you can definitely cover more of your disk space with security when you have a VPS.

You can also use a wider variety of ssl certificates when you have a VPS hosting account.

If you are creating an ecommerce site, using vendors like Network Solutions can allow you to continue to access their payment processors, just as you can with a basic account.

One reason is that, capability can be a key factora to your business and, most VISA payments through e-commerce cost around 3 percent per transaction.

When you use an aggregator of payments like Network Solutions, your cost per transaction is closer to 1 percent.

Getting a VPS makes sense for a lot of companies that would like to customize their website using software that is not ‘shrink-wrapped’ cloud application-like.

The added capabilities and security features of most accounts make it possible to grow into an enterprise firm without having to worry about losing your IT infrastructure integrity.

How IoT is impacting Building Construction & Smart Home

The Internet of Things technology is becoming so relevant in every business with the fact that we can not underestimate the ‘power’ of teamwork, communication, and efficiency in delivering projects.

In the construction industry, for example, there are cases of the use of IoT and the benefits are enormous, making IoT becoming a significant part of civil engineering in this era.

It has transformed every stage of building construction, from designing, developing construction equipment, building, and management.

Also, in facilitating the construction team to deliver projects on time and it’s now considered in the digital marketing strategy of the construction companies.

In today’s post, I’m going to cover the importance of the internet of things in the construction industry, its significance in the building construction process, and how smart buildings ensure better safety for workers and users.

The benefits of internet of things in the building construction industry

Better Coordination of activities

With standard iot communication protocols, both short and long protocols and even wireless protocols, it enables project managers and construction workers to give directives and process instructions quickly and effectively, irrespective of whether they’re all together at the construction site or not.

The construction manager can set up IoT machines, employ internet technologies, like computer devices or software to send and receive data, making the workers work effectively even under the control of the remote boss.

This is also effective working in an unsafe environment as emergencies are promptly responded to.

Not just that, with the development of wearable technology such as Google Glass, it has made accessing instruction manuals to become more convenient for workers.

It means they’ll be able to see what should be done while working on other tasks simultaneously.


Better monitoring of supplies

With the help of this technology and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system, you can easily know when you’re running out of supplies for your project.

The IoT software must have been programmed to alert the necessary department in the project team when supplies are low and more orders should be made.

This alone can help in preventing oversupply of materials, so also delay in getting more supplies as the project managers would be notified not when the materials are finished but when there are no much in stock.

The waiting time for more resources to continue work on-site is one of the causes of delay in delivering projects sometimes and IoT is a solution to this challenge.


Better Analysis and Tracking

The recent innovations in technology make it possible for the construction workers to accurately determine the number of workers needed for the project, and how particular machinery would function.

For example, you can have the idea of how a pneumatic machine would work, and the different machines already installed on the site.

With this, there would be no more delay in planning since most processes are automated, and even the cost of purchasing replacements for equipment would be well managed.

There are also GPS data and sensors that could be employed in safety cones, as well as vehicles to monitor everything happening on the site in real-time.

IoT technology also allows the machinery and devices to be positioned accurately, and then automatically carry out the instructions through a virtual map whenever modifications are necessary.


For better Monitoring of devices

The sensors embedded in machines help tracking it and sending data about its operations.

It helps to improve the routine maintenance activities, manage time and resources, and yield better results as a prompt notice about devices that needed to be serviced, repaid, or replaced with a new one are given.

One good news about this advantage is that managers would be able to identify faults and fix the machines before they start malfunctioning.

This will help in preventing severe damage to the machinery or/and give more time for the managers to plan and replace a machine that’s not working properly, especially if they rely heavily on the machine to do most or major work on the site.


For effectiveness and efficiencies

IoT technology makes it possible to send and receive information regarding the amount of power or fuel used by a device or equipment.

That means you’ll be able to adjust the after-hours lighting to be able to save energy.

For machinery, they’ll be able to send back information regarding the idling time, which means that during off periods, it can be easily adjusted without having to waste fuel.


Augmented Reality

The internet of things technology also brings in augmented reality. Through this, wearable devices can be more functional as instructive data can be saved in these devices.

Also, augmented reality makes it possible to program safety devices with sensors as these are usually installed on the AR device.

It can also stimulate real-world interactions, communicate, and process the collected data.

These can be controlled either through a touchpad or voice command system.

At a construction site, a voice command is preferred as workers are usually engaged in physical activities and their hands are always ‘tight’.



Finally, It doesn’t matter if you’re working on small or large tools equipment, the integration of IoT in the construction industry means the building process is enhanced, instructions would be better processed to yield better results.

There would be proper and better analysis and recording, accidents can be better prevented and resources, both human resources and material resources would be better managed.