3 Categories of Computer Starting Up Problems & Quick Solution Tips

There are several problems associated with computers irrespective of the size, OS and brands; desktop computers, laptops, MacBook, Windows PC etc and some of the common defects affect the starting of the PC.


To carefully deal with “my computer power is on but laptop does not turn on” problem, computer turning on and off again, failure to boot, standby green light on motherboard but wont boot, beeping noise, no fan and others, you should understand the signs relating to each problem type.


3 Categories of PC Starting Problems

The computer starting problems can be basically grouped into three, Power on but not turning on, OS not starting (Windows booting) or the hard disk not detected or similar problem. There are signs to note in order to get where the problems lie but here today, we want to give quick solutions to these problems.


Even though you don’t know jack about computer repair, you should be a ‘small engineer’, study the booting process and pay attention to some signals and get to know when the computer stops the process of coming up; differentiate between when the laptop can’t turn on st all, stops working when it’s trying to boot Windows or in BIOS.

This will aid you to understanding the cause of the problem or at least, the parts of the system that’s faulty.


The computer won’t turn on

When your computer does not turn on at all, it’s possible the problem is with your power source ( the electric socket and others) or the cable wire you plugged and connected to the computer system.

It could also be the motherboard that’s not working properly or the computer hardware. In some cases, the problem could also be from from the computer processor (CPU)


If you want to take bold step to solving the said problems and also minimize the cost of assessment and repair when you take it to the engineer, you can do ‘guess work’ by testing the socket with another electrical appliance and also test your laptop with another cord.


If there is no light on the motherboard, you can ask a friend to help you with his or hers to use with your laptop and if it works fine, that means you need to replace the motherboard.


Hard drive is not detected or related problem

If your hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS of your computer and the hard drive is making clicking noise, it means there’s a problem with the hard drive, either it’s internal or external hard drive is to be loaded.


There are several causes for this, if you’ve just changed the hard drive, it may be that the ATA or Serial ATA drive is not installed properly or not enabled in the BIOS, it could also be problem in the configuration of the drive or your hard drive is not working, among other problems.


Depending on the problem, the computer may beep 3 or 4 times on startup or continue beeping while the system is running. In some cases, it can be making random beeping noise from the computer central processing unit and there would be no display on the monitor.


Each of these beeping sound is a signal to fine tune the problem with the hard drive; however if the laptop stops the booting process, the defect is for sure from the hard disk and you’re just one step from fixing the issue especially if your computer pop up a message about the system setup, that is, the system BIOS or CMOS setup.


Computer not booting into Windows

This seems to be the commonest problem experienced with computer booting problem. Unless you choose to boot your computer from other storage or safe mode, it’s expected to boot into Windows and load your programs but if there’s problem with any of your applications, the PC may not be able to load the operating system.


We’ve covered this problem and solutions to it extensively. You can boot into safe mode, use other storage etc, backup your system and use Windows startup repair tool. If this problem persists or reoccurs later, you may need to install new Windows. Just make sure you create a backup.

6 Methods to Factory Reset your Iphone: With & Without iTunes, Apple ID, iCloud & Password & Computer

There are several reasons you may want to factory reset your iPhone, it may be because you’ve just bought a fairly used iPhone, you’re about selling the one you’re using, you jailbreak your iPhone and it’s now infected with virus from non-certified apps or you just forget your password; in whichever way, it’s important you know that you’re likely going to delete your iCloud account, the Apple ID and password or lose data if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.


If you’re resetting your iPhone when you forget your password and you want to restore it, the first thing is to backup your data to avoid losing your media files, contacts and other information.


There are iPhone backup apps and you can transfer your data to other devices, back up with iCloud account or sync with computer and migrate your videos, Audio-books, pictures, contacts and others to the PC. After that, you can continue with factory reset.


There are many ways you can do this; you can delete an iCloud account if you don’t know the password, you can erase your Apple ID with your password and when ‘Find My IPhone‘ is on or factory reset with iTunes or without it.


To factory reset your iPhone without computer

Go to your iPhone settings, tap General and scroll down to click Reset. To completely delete everything on the phone, select ‘Content & Delete’ settings and input your password to authorize this action and your iPhone OS will be reinstalled. You can now restore your data from backup and make other necessary settings and start using the phone again.


There are other preferences on the ‘Reset Tab’, some to help you manage the iPhone memory space if you’re running out of memory and the phone is becoming slow, hanging or freezing up; some to reset some personal settings and preferences.


To reset your personal settings, tap ‘All settings’ Tab.

  • To delete iPhone settings and user settings, Tap the ‘All settings’ tab.
  • To delete network settings such as WiFi Login’s, tap the Network settings’
  • To factory reset the phone home screen, tap the home screen tab.
  • Delete all the words you added to iPhone dictionary by taping the ‘Keyword Dictionary’ tab and to reset your location & Privacy settings, tap the Location & Privacy Tab.


However, on iPhone 6s, 7 and higher, you can not erase data using this method unless ‘Find my iPhone’ setting is turned off. If you’ve not activated the ‘Find my IPhone’ settings in iCloud or sync you iTunes with computer, your option will be recovery mode method which I’ll discuss below but if you have access to iCloud, input your password as it’s requested and you’re done.


Apple introduced the find my iPhone-Activation lock feature when they launched the iPhone 6 to prevent iOS device theft



To factory reset iPhone with ITunes

This is more of a friendly way of resetting your iPhone 5, 6, 7 or higher if your jailbreak apps are crashing, hanging or your iPhone is not responsive to command as appropriate.

The first thing is to connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod (the process is almost the same) to your PC or Mac computer with the aid of USB cable. (Don’t panic if your iPhone pop up options to confirm the connected device as trusted, it’s not that your computer is not safe)


Once connected, open your iTunes, login to iCloud and activate the Find My IPhone settings; you’ll see the information about your iPhone on the main page and you can now tap the ‘Restore‘ button and iTunes will update your iPhone with the latest iOS software from Apple server and install it automatically on your iPhone (This may take few minutes) and you can now start installing trusted apps and enjoy your device.


After reset, you’ll see the “Configure” option which will appear on your iphone screen and you can now follow the inbuilt iOS configuration panel to reset your iPhone.


If the previous ways I discussed is not helping you, you can reset your iPhone in the recovery mode. This is how some people unlock and reset locked or stolen iPhone without iTunes Cloud account or Apple ID password or better contact Apple support or discuss it with other users in the Apple support forum.

To factory reset using the Recovery Mode

Just as I’ve said, the last option if you’re having problem resetting your iPhone may be the recovery mode method, when your iPhone is disabled and you want to reset it without iTunes or it’s locked and you can not use it.

The first thing is to turn off the phone ( if the iPhone can not be turned off, press and hold the home button and power button at the same time for few seconds to turn it off)

Let’s start with factory reset using iPhone app like Dr.Fone toolkit repair

With this iOS app, you’ll not have to worry about backup as it’ll handle everything for you. It has versions for android, iOS devices and PC.


The first thing is to download and install Wondershare Dr. Fone toolkit on your laptop, launch the app and click on the Repair button, connect your iPhone to the PC with USB cable and once the phone is detected, click ‘Start’ to kick off the repair.


The app may prompt you to download the latest firmware, click ‘Download’ and once the download finishes, the iPhone repair will start and in few minutes, Dr. fone repair app will restart your phone in the normal mode.


It’ll update your iPhone with the latest software and reset your iPhone to the new mode it was when you just bought it and clear the personal settings and preferences that made your phone ti be susceptible to attack from hackers.


The app can also fix other issues like iPhone black screen, iTunes error 14, error 27, 4013, 9, 27 and others and it’s well compatible with android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Mac computers.


Factory reset without App

You can still hard reset your iOS with computer only, Hold down the ‘Sleep’ button of your Apple iPhone to pop up the Red slider and slide it to OFF. if you don’t see the Red slider, hold down both the sleep button and home button (latest iPhone requires this) till the phone turns off. (If it doesn’t turn off, you may need to see an iPhone engineer)


After this, connect, connect your USB cord to your laptop (upstream end),

hold the home button of your iPhone and connect the other end of the USB cable (downstream end) to your iPhone and the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen will appear and iTunes will automatically open and pop up notification that your iPhone is now in the recovery mode. ( If it doesn’t open automatically, you can still open it manually).

Tap OK button and Click ‘Restore‘ and your phone will be completely restored back to the normal mode in few minutes.


NOTE: You should charge your phone before starting this process.


How to Restore iPhone with ipsw files installation tools 

This method is only suitable for iPhone geek or a developer. You can install a particular version of the iOS software with .ipsw files if you don’t want the new automatically updated firmware.


Search and find the compatible .ipsw file for your hardware and download it, connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, select your phone and set the phone to the Restore Mode. After that, Click update to open the .ipsw selection dialog, press and hold the Option key and click Update to select the .ipsw file you’ve just downloaded and use it. You can also download the list of the .ipsw files into any storage device and use it on several other devices.

How to Authorize & Deauthorize Computers on Itunes, Find Out List of Synced PC & Solutions to Problems

With iTunes, you’re able to connect multiple devices with your account and share your music, albums, audiobooks, apps etc across these devices; phones or computers. To do this, you need to synchronize your iPhone to your computer, iPad, or iPod in order to transfer your song playlists to these devices.


However, In order to use this feature, you need to activate your laptop in your iTunes account.

How do you now authorize a computer and add a new device to your iTunes account?



How to create Apple ID
The first thing is to register your account and create your Apple identification code (Apple ID). To do this, Go to settings, Tap iCloud and create a new Apple ID, Enter the required information like your date of birth (DOB), Name and create an iCloud email address or select the existing email.


If you already have Apple ID and contents are in your Apple ID account but want to transfer the contents to other devices, you don’t need to create another account again, jump the account creation stage above and authorize your PC.

How to Authorize Computer
Go to the Apple store menu on your new device and tap “Enable this computer” option and enter your Apple ID and passcode, after that, click the activate button and viola, your new device is now authorized to use your purchased contents on the iTunes store. With this, you can share your account with your spouse and family with just one time purchase.


Note: you cannot authorize more than five computers but iOS devices (iPad, iPod touches and iPhone) are exceptions. However, If you’re not able to authorize a new computer, it’s likely you’ve reached the limit and only need to manage the authorized computers by deauthorizing some of it; that’s the simple fix.


If iTunes says your computer is not authorized but it is, and keep asking you to authorize computer that’s already activated each time you want to add the device, this is becoming common as iOS devices are sometime counted even when they’re exceptions to this 5-computer- limit, just contact the Apple support to help you rectify this, sometimes, fee is attracted.


If you’re having authorized computer that is now dead, you no longer have or want to use with your iTunes anymore, you’ll have to de-authorize such computer.


How do you now find out to see the list of authorized computers on your iTunes account and which one you need to deactivate?


Go to the Apple store, Tap account and click View account, Enter your passcode. Tap the iCloud and select “Manage Device” and you will see the number of authorized computers associated with the Apple ID. Note: there’s no information about each computer that’s authorized, you can only see the number of the list.


How to De-authorize all computers
If you want to de-authorize all your computers and reauthorize new PC, you can only do this once in every year and this seems to be the Almighty solution to deactivate old PC that are authorized but no longer used.


To do this, open the iTunes store, go to the menu bar and choose your account, Tap account authorization and click on the De-authorize button. Your login details would be requested and just fill in your Apple ID and password and click De-authorize. Once this is done, your computer would be deactivated from getting contents from your Apple ID.


If you want to de-authorize all synchronized computers, after you’ve logged on, scroll down to the tab you see “Computer Authorization” and Tap De-authorize all and confirm this action and all computers synced to your account would be deleted.


If you’re in doubt of what happens when you de-authorize all the computers in iTunes, you don’t need to worry as you don’t lose your songs, playlists or apps etc; everything will still be in your account, only that the computer you’ve de-authorize would not be able to access and use these contents unless it’s reactivated again.

Simplified: How to Scan Document to a Mac Computer with Scanner & Free Software

Scanning your document from Mac computer should not take much effort since we’re having different ways you can do this and modern scanners that are now developed are more sophisticated to make everything goes swiftly.

Best Modern Scanner

I’d like to discuss two ways you can scan document on Mac OS X system.
You can do this directly from scanning machine or using image capture software

To scan the document using the scanner, connect the scanner to the computer, make sure you use the appropriate USB cable and plug to the appropriate port on the Mac system, go to file on that specific page and click on the import button.

You can set other preferences like the resolution, size, the format to save your files and others.

Click on the icon for printing and scanning and select your scanner from which you want to scan the document and click print, another option would pop up and you can now select Scan.

Print and Scan
If you want to print the document, place the document in your ADF (automatic document feeder) or on the scanner glass, select mode and scan size. However, if want to also scan; Once you place your document on the scanner glass, select “Flatbed”
(Note, If you’re not using ADF scanner, the option will not come up)

Set the color, either “Black and white” or “Text”, Select the resolution at which you want to scan the document, the paper size and how the content is going to fit onto the page, that is, the soft copy of your document, and also the orientation.

If your scanner machine can make duplex scanning, Here you can select whether you want to scan duplex from the ADF and select the destination folder or the target application.

Enter the name you want to assign to your scanned file and Choose the file format. Also, you can make some adjustment on the brightness, color, saturation of the file and others.

Image Capture App

If you’re using image capture application, you can use the image capture with Mac OS X 10.7, however the ICA scanner driver must be installed. For some models, CUPS printer drivers are installed or Mac OS X 10.7 has the ICA scanner driver.

Once you connect your computer and scanner together, launch the image capture/editing program on your laptop and select the scanner, place the document on the ADF or on the scanner glass as previously explained

Electronic file management! How to Organize your Files & Folders, and Clean out your computer

What is the best practice for organizing files and folders on my laptop computer? this is one of the questions I usually receive when I publish article about data management. It is true that we don’t fill up our offices and homes with physical documents any longer, yeah, the days are gone.

Now, we use our laptops for both personal use and businesses, not only online businesses but also also offline businesses, to complement some of our activities and to also improve efficiency.

However, you can still encounter the challenges of unorganized documents and files, especially if you use your laptop for business more than for personal use.

Even for personal use, over time, you can have hundreds of downloaded files, photos, and videos which can all contribute to slow operation of your computer and the computer’s performance can suddenly become poor.

So, if you want to manage the files on your PC properly and keep everything nice and clean on your computer, here are the most important things to take note.

Regularly delete old and irrelevant files
Most of the files we prepare or download become less important over time but we don’t usually put our mind in finding these files and delete them; we even have duplicate copies of these files sometimes or even have loads of images that are extracted from webpages.

Tracking these files and getting rid of them from our PC could be a daunting task as we’re most lazy to carry out maintenance activities. To ease things, you can download duplicate file remover app and a junk file cleaner app that works with your computer OS, both will automatenthe processes and get unused files deleted fast.

Categorize your files
One of the best way to manage your files well is to organize the apps, choose labels and create different folders, each containing files with similar properties or importance. You can create big folders and some sub-folders.

For example, you can create business folder, and sub folders for sale, marketing, revenue etc. With this, you can easily locate your files, update or delete the ones you don’t want again without hassle.

One mistake we often make and lead to loads of duplicate files is to save a single file in multiple directories, this is because, we want shortcut in locating them for immediate use.

You should avoid saving files to your desktop, this can affect the booting of your laptop negatively and it really mess up your laptop.

Carefully select the appropriate folder that fits every single file you’re either downloading or created and everything would be well organized for your comfort and also the health of your computer.

Always Backup your file
Hmmm, we never understand the importance of backup until our system crashed or we had problem with our file storage. Many computer don’t realize how much important it is to backup files, we only think this is not necessary especially if the computer is not used for business purpose.

Even when we backup, we don’t usually inculcate the habit of routine backup in order to be totally safe from losing important files from our PC.

I still find it difficult to forget the ugly scenario when I was in college and lost all the files on my computer when I tried to update the Windows on the system. I had about two uncompleted books I was writing and couldn’t start from the beginning to rewrite the book again.

I never knew there are even several data recovery apps that can help out in that situation, but it is always better to have all of your files stored somewhere that’s secured.

You can sign up for a cloud storage service that will automatically sync up your files as you add them. If you are working with a limited storage space, we recommend that you keep only your important files there.

Routine check up
This is somewhat impossible for many, especially when you’ve to make this a ritual, checking your files and separating the less useful files. You can be doing this weekly or if you’re always having busy schedule, you can make this monthly exercise.

It should not take more than one hour or two, get a coffee or chocolate, open your laptop and sort the old files you’re not likely to use again. Keep them I’m a separate folder and review them, after that, you can decide to delete them to lessen the load of your PC and make it work better.

File management is very important, not only with physical file folders but also on your computer. You may find this not so important or stressful, yeah, we’re likely to be lazy about it but it’s so important we do. We can’t pay the price of losing some important data on our computer.

Either the system is for person use, business use or both, always check your list of files, group them into different folders, get read of junk files, some logo or banner extraction from pages; this small files, when compounded, can occupy much space without our notice.

Take care of your electronic document, just the way you will care for your physical document, and even much more.

How to Create Stylish & Responsive Image Gallery with Free Simple HTML & CSS Code Template


Have you heard of the programming language, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)? If you have, then it is good, and if you have not, then you will become aware of these two languages through this post and other articles about programming languages on this blog.

You will learn how to make stylish, standout and responsive image gallery with simple HTML and CSS photo gallery codes. We’ve made it easy with free template you can follow line after line.

Before going further and digging dip, you’re advised to open notepad, and save the file with name index.html in a folder (name the folder, gallery). You should make another folder with the name, images in gallery folder. You should put three images of the same size, for example 400*400 size images in images folder.  Write the following codes in index.html file:

<!doctype html>
<html lang=”en”>
<meta charset=”utf-8″/>
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css”/>

In the body (between <body> and</body>) of your HTML, you should write the following codes:

<div id=”gallery”>
<img src=”hxxps://drsamrobbins.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/apples-burn-fat-400×400.jpg” class=”pic”/>
<label>Caption Here</label>
<img src=”hxxps://noao.edu/image_gallery/images/d2/m51-400.jpg” class=”pic”/>
<label>Caption Here</label>
<img src=”hxxps://i.pinimg.com/736x/9e/4a/1e/9e4a1e2ce8fdd5e8f2eafba6f7c34bf0–glitter-wallpaper-black-wallpaper.jpg” class=”pic”/>
<label>Caption Here</label>
<!—that’s how comments are made in HTML (start comment)(

Note: <div> is an HTML tag that divides HTML body into portions, and h1 is a heading tag, <ul> is a tag for unordered list, <li> is a tag for list, and class is a child of id in HTML. I have used links to generate pictures in HTML body rather than using the pictures in the folder.

Note 2: Change the hxxp in bold to http

<!—that’s how comments are made in HTML (end comment)(


Now you should open a blank notepad document, and you should name it style.css. Put style.css file in the same folder where your index.html file is. In the style.css file, write following codes (note that comments in stylesheet files are given by typing // next to semicolon):

text-shadow:gray 3px 3px 3px;//will give text a gray shade
box-shadow:gray 3px 3px 3px 3px;//will give box a gray shade

#gallery ul li
border:5px solid black;// will create a border of 5 px with black colour
float:left;//will move the images to the left
width:27%;//images will be created with 27% width
margin:1%; //will place images at a distance of 1% from one another
position:relative;//image will be positioned
list-style:none;//will hide the bullet points

#gallery ul li .pic
width:100%;// image will be made with 100% width
height:200px;//image will be 200px in height
-webkit-transition:-webkit-transform 3s linear;// it’s a CSS3 property for transformation

#gallery ul li .pic:hover
-webkit-transform:rotate(360deg);//will rotate the image to 360 degree; you can also use 180deg instead of 360deg

#gallery ul li label
background-color:black;//will color the background of label, black
color:white;//will color the text of label, white
bottom:0%;//will fix the label at bottom
opacity:0.5;//will make the background color 50% lighter
position:absolute;//it is often used with relative property
height:30px;//height of the label will become 30px
width:100%;//will make the width of label, 100%
text-align:center;//will align the text in center
-webkit-transition:height 2s linear;//will call –webkit-transition property
#gallery ul li label:hover
height:80px;//caption will rise to 80px, because of hover command

You can use above codes to try out making a standout gallery yourself. Remember –webkit-transition property is not supported in Internet Explorer, you should use the Google Chrome or Opera browser to test above codes. You should remember that ids are called by # in stylesheet, and classes are called by dot (.) in stylesheet

Interactive and responsive gallery looks more pretty, hence you should also try to make standout galleries. This is the same way how Google shows images on browser. HTML and CSS languages are not very difficult to learn, and you need to give time to study these languages as they need practice.

The more you practice HTML and CSS, the more command you will have over HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are interesting languages, hence you will not face problem learning it.

Following are some of the things about HTML and CSS that you must know about:

  • HTML tags are both open and closed. For example, <p> is an open paragraph tag and </p> is a close paragraph tag.
  • <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, and <h6> are heading tags in HTML, whereas <h6> has the lowest size, and <h2> has bigger size than h3,h4, and h5 respectively
  • <br>This tag breaks the line in HTML

In order to create a circle through HTML & CSS, programmer must define an item either through id or class in HTML, for example <div id=”box”></div>, then the programmer must define same height and width in style sheet with background-color and border-radius as shown below:





background-color:blue;//will color the background, blue

border-radius:100%;//will make square a circle


font-style, font-weight, cursor, padding, margin, and * are some of the commands that are often used in CSS


How much knowledge have you gained about HTML and CSS through this post? Now, you can make a gallery just like Google images gallery. You are also aware of various html tags and stylesheet code now. You should carefully go through this post again, and you must also open notepad to practice creating standout gallery through HTML and CSS.



John, an expert programmer. He has experience of long-term in Programming, and he has command over HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP. And He also provide assignment writing service to software engeering student and He often creates articles on Programming. He works in software house where his job is to come up with new ideas for programming every day.


How to Improve Computer Performance & Make it Faster with Diagnostic Tools


Computer RAM Memory Optimization Tips

Do you always ask, why is my laptop running so slow in operation  or takes forever to boot or just freeze up; generally on any computer windows, whether windows 7, 8,10. Could you guess the reasons the computer is not running faster, probably you experience this after windows update, you have to understand what makes a computer run faster, fix some issues and speed up the computer speed again.

Causes of your Computer Running so Slow Continue reading “How to Improve Computer Performance & Make it Faster with Diagnostic Tools”

9+ Best Softwares to Protect your Computer from Viruses

Anti-Hacker Software to Protect your PC

What is Computer Hacking? This is the effort to break into connected system and connection without being authorized, finding or creating loopholes to successfully manipulate system behavior.

An hacker is now defined as the cybercriminal found in this aforementioned act.

That’s the reason anti spyware softwares are important to your online security because Hackers are a constant threat to users of Internet.

You need to know how strong your computer password security is and tell if your computer has a virus in order to remove them from your PC as fast as possible.

People use the computer and internet network daily by exposing confidential or important information to so-called hackers who have become a major problem for Internet security.

To protect your computer from spyware, you need the best computer protection software to prevent hackers from gaining access to your connection and you need to also make your password to be more secured.

Many countries have cyber crime laws and penalties for different types of cyber offences but these are not enough measures to prevent, control or stop internet crimes and computer looters.

Really, hacker protection softwares are not enough to stop hackers, it is important to use an anti-piracy software and services as complement or second layer of protection.

With the following computer protection softwares, the degree of difficulty for hackers will be high, and almost impossible to infringe.


1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection

   The tech giant, Microsoft wants their Windows 10 OS to be secured. This application is built to work on Windows 10 security defenses.

It is good for detecting and eliminating malware on your PC.

What the antivirus on your computer does not detect, Windows Defender will get rid of the hidden virus from your system.


 2. Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

EMET software is a Microsoft security toolkit built to enhance user experience (4.1 and 5.1 download), it’s a set of tools and service for the safety of Microsoft Windows.

It has a unified interface to enable Windows security features in which the activities of the hackers will be blocked with this application.

It has effective notification system and can defend against computer malware, worms, spyware that your antivirus could not easily detect and this computer protection software can be downloaded free.


3. Hitmanpro Malware Removal Tool Download

Hitman pro is a computer antivirus that removes malware, spyware, and all kinds of viruses from your PC.

It is a trusted malware scanner tool for computers that are susceptible to hacking attack.

Hitmanpro uses artificial intelligence and scans the received information to identify the program files that act like malware on your laptop.

There are positive reviews about hitman pro from users.


4.  Reason Core Security

Reason core security is a computer protection software that claims to eliminate the malware and adware that the antivirus installed on your laptop fails to detect.

Reason core is not expensive but not so popular and there are less positive reviews on its efficiency in tracking down malware.

It’s mostly used with other security tools.

Reason core security offers real-time protection without making your computer system to be slow in operation.

It is constantly updated to protect your Computer from the latest threats. It can be used on Mac and android.


5. Anti-hacker

For Anti-hacker software, its name says it all. This anti hacking app is developed to make it very difficult for hackers to spy on your computer.

The app identifies and eliminates keyloggers with its special protection for those who use virtual banks, (keys, passwords and usury) will be safe with this powerful PC protection software.


6. Trojan Remover Tool

Trojan Removal is one of the best free malware removal program that automatically removes malware (Trojan horse, worms, adware, spyware, etc). and eliminates malware that has infected and modified your computer system and restore it to normal functioning.

It’s a Microsoft Windows malicious software removal tool, laptop security scanner that detects and get rid of malware from your system.

For each threat detected, it shows exactly the location of the file and its name.


7. Download Spybot Search and Destroy 

Spybot search and destroy is a free spyware removal tool which works with old operating systems like Microsoft Windows 95 and later.

The malware protection Scans to the depths to detect and eliminate viruses. The app strengthen your computer with the installation of spyware.

Your computer is more than protected with this extraordinary application.


8. Superanty spyware
It is a powerful anti-hacking tool that can detect and eliminate spyware, adware, Trojans, fake security software, worms, rookits and all kinds of threats that can affect the security of yout PC or mobile device.

You can download it free and there are good reviews about this app online.


9. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
This program is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and Apple OS X.

Excellent to block threats that come from the network, hinders all the processes you want to perform and the malware are identified in real time with deep analyses of your databases.


10. McAfee Security Scan Plus
Free tool that protects your computer by actively checking with up-to-date antivirus.

An excellent fire-fighting, also explores and looks for threats in programs that are running.

Explore the browsing history and cookies thoroughly. You can test the tool on their official website.

I know you may want to know the best protection programs for your computer among all these but it’s a matter of choice here, what’s important is to protect your computer from hackers and viruses and secure your system with any of these anti hacking softwares.

Fastest & Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World for High Performance Computing

The Meaning of Computer and Supercomputer

Computer is an electronic device that’s capable of processing and interpreting data to give output; this is the common definition to computer in our high schools.

Ever since computer has been invented by Charles Babbage, although in what could not be regarded as the modern computer that we use today, it has evolved beyond just processing data, become so relevant as good as man in every sphere of life.

Computer has found itself being deployed and used in Education, law, arts, engineering, science, health, accounting, used in almost all companies in the world performing simple tasks to complex ones and it’s become a common household tool with almost 2 billion computers that are used in the world.

What is Supercomputer and what is it used for?

Computer’s performance is measured in MIPS, meaning, million instructions per second but today, we have supercomputer which is known as high performance computer (HPC), the set of biggest, largest and fastest computers in the world with high processors that are capable of processing quadrillion of FLOPS. It’s performance is generally measured in floating-point operations per second and some in P(eta)FLOPS.

After supercomputer was introduced in the middle nineteenth century by an American electric engineer, Seymour Roger Cray (the father of supercomputing), the supercomputer industry has started attracting funds across Europe and asia since these machines can perform multiple tasks that hundreds of thousand of humans can not perform at a time.

What are Supercomputers used for

Supercomputers are so much relied upon for weather and climate related research, monitoring of storms and forecasting, Oil & gas exploration, mechanics, aerodynamics, medicine etc.. and their tasks are dedicated.


The Top 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World today

Position Number 10

Fujitsu (Project Name: Shaheen II)

Shaheen II is the current tenth fastest supercomputer in the world, operated by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia with high performance computing of 5,537,000 gflop/S.

Shaheen II has become one of the TOP500 fastest supercomputers in the world since its development in 1993 and was not excluded even in 1995, becoming three of the computers in top 10. Japan’s Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) had devalued the list in 2008.

Now, it’s likely JAERI could come back to have agreement to buy a Silicon Graphics ice X system with a theoretical high computing speed of 2.4 p(eta)FLOPS, which could make it jump the scale to the top 30 fastest supercomputer in the recent world’s best computer.

9. Cray XC40 (Project Name:Hazel Hen)

Hazel Hen supercomputer is developed by Cray Inc and installed in the High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) and also a member of Gauss Centre Computing in Stuttgart, Germany and the supercomputer is built on Cray XC40, powered by Intel Xeon E5-2680v3 12C 2.5GHz, and Aries interconnect technology, similar to Shaheen II.

Hazel Hen has 185,088 processing cores, even though it’s less than Shaheen processor cores, Hazel Hen is said to have higher performance than the Shaheen II at performance computing power of Rmax 5,640.2 TFlop/s and Rpeak of 7,403.5 TFlop/s. Its power usage was not also disclosed.

8. Piz Daint

Piz Daint is a supercomputer which took her name after the mountain Pix Daint and it was installed in the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, Switzerland.

Piz Daint was first launched in April 2012 and was later upgraded in 2016 when it advanced from just 12 computer booths to 28, which helps its theoretical Rpeak performance speed and went higher to 6.3 petaflops.

7. Trinity
This supercomputer is developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and it’s installed in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

The developer consists of Cray XC40, Intel Xeon E5-2698v3 16C 2.3GHz, Aries interconnect technology. Trinity has 301,056 processing cores and Rmax of 8,100.9 TFlop/s, Rpeak of 11,078.9 TFlop/s and its power usage is undisclosed.

6. Mira

Mira was created by the Argonne National Laboratory, in the U.S. and has 78,000 cores processors, being able to make 10,000 quadrillion calculations per second.

The purpose of its development is to understand the movement of the galaxies and to follow the movement of the particles that form the universe.

5. K Computer

K computer was developed by the Fujitsu Computer Group and a Japanese research institute and it’s the Japan’s fastest supercomputer, installed in Riken Advanced Institute of Computational Science campus in Kobe.

K supercomputer has 88,128 processor cores and achieved a mark of 10.51 petaFLOPS, meaning that, it can perform 10,510 trillion floating point operations per second. The supercomputer is good for meteorologists in climate and weather research and forecasts to prevent, disasters such as earthquake, eruption in earth surface etc and soon, it will be used in medicine as well.

4. IBM Sequoia

Sequoia is a supercomputer that’s developed by International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) for National Nuclear Security Administration in United States and it was delivered to Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL).

Sequoia is established in the state of California, United States and was commissioned in 2011 but become fully operational in 2012. It operate on CNK operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and I bm Sequoia belongs to the type of IBM Blue Gene/Q computers which has a high computing performance of 16.3 petaflops per seconds (floating-point operations per second), the unit measurement of supercomputer computing performance speed.

With this high computing speed, the IBM Sequoia supercomputer is able to calculate the same as about 6,700,000,000 people with a calculator in an hour over a period of time of 320 years.

3. Titan

Titan supercomputer is developed by Cray Inc. (an American company dedicated to the manufacture of this type of technology) for Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Cray Titan has 299,008 processing cores with 18,688 AMD Opteron CPUs and has the same amount of GPUs Tesla K20x for each microprocessor, with RAM memory size that’s more than 710 TIB, 10 PB of storage and has more than 10,000 hard disks of 1 TB at 7200 rpm.

This kind of supercomputer is designed to research into natural phenomena by developing virtual models, for example, of storms, molecules physics or any scientific requirement, such as those required in medicine. These are what this supercomputer is used for.

2. Tianhe-2

The former China’s and world’s best and fastest supercomputer is now the second on the list. Tianhe-2 is developed jointly by the National University of Defense Technology of China (NUDT) and the Chinese company, Inspur.

Tianhe-2 has a high performance computing of 33.86 petaFLOPS, meaning, it’s designed to make 33,860,000,000,000,000 floating-point operations in just one second, with a theoretical peak of 54.9 petaflops that makes it the second fastest supercomputer in the world.

Tianhe-2 is powered with 16,000 nodes and each of it is having two Intel Xeon processors Ivybridge E5-2692 (12 cores, 2.2 GHz) and three Intel Xeon processors Phi 31S1P (57 cores, 1.1 GHz) and the combination has a total of 3,120,000 computing cores.

The Chinese supercomputer uses Kylin Linux operating system and is capable of storing 12.4 PB with its system memory of 1,375 TIB (1.34 GDP). It also occupies an area of 720 m² and is estimated to have cost between $200,000,000 and $300,000,000.

No 1. The 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight
It is no more news that China has overtaken US in the top 500 best efficient supercomputers in the world. This supercomputer is established at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi.

The computer can perform 93,000 trillion calculations in a second, which is its peak. This is faster and efficient in operation more than Tianhe-2 and can process 100% of information more than Tianhe-2. It’s mostly used in huge manufacturing industries for huge data analyses, forecasting weather etc..

Its processing cores and more than 10 million and almost 50,000 nodes which runs on Linux based OS. Presently, the 2 best supercomputer are now installed in China, built by the Chinese computer engineers while US still has 3 supercomputers in the 5 best supercomputers in the world.

5 Best Computer Hardware Auto Diagnostics Tools/Apps to Run Free Tests

Diagnose your PC’s Hardware
The preventive and corrective maintenance of a computer is part of the whole life of the gadget and it is necessary for a good functioning of your computer system.

Preventive maintenance check is the one designed for the conservation of your computer by means of the revision and repair that guarantees its progress and reliability.

While the Corrective maintenance is that action taken to correct the observed defects and it also involves locating faults or defects which is going to affect the operation of your PC at early stage or otherwise and correcting them or fixing them immediately without aggravating to more problems on the PC.

When we make a repair in addition to the experience, it is necessary to have excellent tools that help us to identify the problem that the computer presents in a correct and fast way.

Using Software to diagnose and test the hardware of your PC is important and effective as long as you’re sure you’ve the best software programs at hand.

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HD Tune Pro
HD Tune application allows you to verify the state of your computer hard disk by diagnosing the computer, identifies defective sectors, analyze the temperature of your computer whether it can mar the operation and also evaluate the computer operation speed, that is, how responsive your PC is to command and other fundamental aspects that the hard disk has effect in the proper working of your computer system.

This is an application designed to help you keep the good out of your computer hard disk drive. Your S.M.A.R.T technology will help preventing future computer disk errors so you can take the necessary steps in time before data loss is irreplaceable.

Prime95 application is used to test your computer processor with complicated mathematical calculations. As soon as Prime95 detects an error, the test will stop, you’ll know by the notifications icon, which will change immediately from green to red.

Prime95 is a much more sensitive application to help prevent critical failure and in the overclocking community, it is considered that ten hours of continuous calculation make a good result.


If you bought a graphics card and want to know its true capacity, authenticate it with FurMark. You will have the opportunity to know if you are able to run the games and programs you want or have installed on your computer. It has incredible options to know the true potential of your graphics card.

Monitor Test
Monitor Test is an application with eight different tests to measure and test the ability and clarity of your computer monitor screen, the resolution of the screen is automatically scanned. You will be able to measure geometry, convergence, stability, color, moire effect and other elements.