How Voice Recognition System helps Machine Learning

With all of the challenges that artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology pose in this day and age, everyone is starting to ask these questions.

  • What are the benefits of voice recognition?
  • How are we going to overcome these challenges?

In this article, I will try to give you some of the answers you need to know.

Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of what this technology means and how you can use it in your business and even personal life.

The impacts of voice recognition in machine learning

What are the benefits of voice-recognition methods?

Simply put, it’s an automated system that takes audio from a source and attempts to identify and recognize speech within it.

Today, this technology looks like it’s going to be the most powerful platform for speech recognition.

If you don’t already use it, you are missing out on many of the potential benefits.

  • Accuracy

Perhaps, one of the first areas you’ll hear covered when talking about voice recognition methods is performance accuracy.

You may think that this topic is irrelevant for those just trying to take dictation or record a lecture.

It’s a very valid question. After all, we don’t all have perfect memory and we don’t all deliver lectures with perfect punctuation and syntax.

However, if you are using speech-recognition software to help you train your team, you need to make sure that this technology is accurate enough to allow you to provide good service.

If it’s not, you’ll be losing a lot of money because your customer won’t get the experience they expect.


  • Identifying Speech Patterns

One more area you might not have thought of involves hidden Markov models.

You may not know anything about these models if you’re not interested in deep learning.

Hidden Markov models are used by many speech recognition systems to quickly identify speech patterns and create an audio artifact similar to what’s sometimes called “The beating of a drum”.

This is very useful for training purposes since it allows you to teach your team to recognize particular speech patterns.

A good example of this would be a teleconference call between multiple people, where you want your team to be able to quickly figure out who did what on the call without having to show them exactly what was said.

One more area that these software programs can help you with is identifying pauses and intonations in voice signals.

It’s a well-known fact that human speech varies a lot from one person to another, and sometimes it can be difficult to judge when someone is simply talking too fast or too slow.

These software programs can take any speech and analyze it, identifying the pace, pitch, enunciation, and even inflections that the speaker might use.

This makes it much easier for you to teach your team how to correctly speak with each other so that they can use the system to communicate more effectively.


  • Speech Quality

Additionally, another area that often gets overlooked is the quality of speech.

This is especially important if you are presenting a product or service to someone who doesn’t speak English.

In the past, there were a few different solutions to getting a runtime pitch, but most of them were either confusing or inaccurate.

Today, though, you can get software that will read any sort of voice signal for an English-speaker, so the quality of speech should be irrelevant when you are trying to train your team to talk faster.

Another area that these programs can help you with is identifying and isolating voice-recognition algorithms that can help you generate more accurate results.


Types of Voice-recognition Algorithm

There are two types of algorithm you can use – the first is the fmin and the second is the fmax filter bank.

The fmin is a very simple filter bank, which takes a very high level of frequency to generate speech, while the fmax is much more complex and is used for situations where there’s a good degree of variability.

Using the fmin and the fmax filter banks together can give you very high-quality voice recognition results, but it’s often useful to have separate software for each type of algorithm, simply because situations will call for different types.

In general, a speech-recognition system machine learning, and training need a data set of around 250 phrases.

This will be enough to allow the machine to start to recognize what you say, as well as what you’re trying to say.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t change the phrases that it puts together.

You should try to make sure that the final phrase that the program generates matches the final result of what you said in the beginning.

This will greatly reduce any mistakes that you might accidentally make when the software starts actually working.

You can easily fine-tune your machine during the course of your training.

Current Social Media Business Marketing Trends

There has been a lot of talk about the marketing trend of social media channels.

Facebook has starred in multiple privacy scandals, so many pundits have predicted a sharp decline in the industry.

However, recent trends suggest that consumer attention may be shifting rather than dissipating, so marketers that make adjustments early enough should be able to transition seamlessly.

Below, we’ll go over the current state of marketing trend of different social media channels, analyze the future of the industry, explore some of the most exciting features, and introduce some tools to build better ad campaigns. 

latest Social media marketing trends and how it affects business promotion

Video Ads and Live Ads

The general census among marketers is that consumers prefer to watch a video than to read an ad that takes them the same amount of time.

While it represents a bigger investment in terms of resources, video ads can help engage users and showcase your product more effectively.

Additionally, Facebook predicts that by the end of 2020, video can potentially draw up to  82% of all mobile traffic.

Live ads, which are adverts that are presented similarly to commercial TV breaks during a live stream, also maintain prospects super-engaged.

That said, it’s important for companies to develop useful content early on and prevent consumers from developing a bad perception of this format.


The Power of Influencers

Marketers have known for a while that consumers value the opinion of small-scale influencers more than celebrities.

Influencer marketing has already become a common element in advertising plans across all companies.

As a matter of fact, 65% of marketers increased their budget for influencers this year.

That said, advertisers also have to learn to single out the best influencers in order to get the results they’re looking for.


The Key to Success: Customizing Ads by Target Audiences

Ad target and customization are regarded as two of the most powerful features of digital advertising.

Tailoring your ads and making sure that they are only displayed to a group of people that are more likely to be interested in your product can boost your conversions and improve the performance of your entire campaign.

With this in mind, knowing what demographics are more interested and which ads attract their attention requires extensive testing.

Alternatively, you can use an ad monitoring and transparency tool like BigSpy to determine what’s working for others running similar campaigns. As a powerful ad spy tool, it provides detailed demographics for reference. 


Enhancing User Experience with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing in leaps and businesses are starting to leverage this turn-key technology to improve their marketing as well as their entire operation.

This, combined with tryvertising, can give users a one-of-a-kind, efficiency-driven experience.

Take Uniqlo, who set up  UMood kiosks in select stores, by using AI technology and censors in the UMood kiosks.

The company could identify customers’ mood by analyzing neurological responses and make suggestions based on the results.


How to Use Ad Spy Tool to Improve Social Ad Campaigns

We’ve talked briefly about BigSpy in this article, but we’ll go over the specifics of the ads analysis platform in this section.

It is a powerful business tool that allows users to see a comprehensive list of statistics from competitor ads across multiple platforms. 

AdMob, Facebook, and other social ads networks have incredible reach and could produce stellar conversion numbers, but having the right strategy is crucial.

It gives companies, marketers, and other stakeholders valuable insight that allows them to craft effective ads and well-structured campaigns.

If you want to find out more about building a robust social media ads campaign, what the future holds for social media channels, just test the ad spy tool.

There you have it. We hope that this article has provided you with value about the marketing trend of social media channels as well as some guidance on improving your ads campaign.

How to build Professional Website in 2020, Drive Traffic & Sales

Building a website is a great way to share information, products, or even services with a targeted audience that is most relevant to you.

With a website, you provide your followers with a platform to keep in touch with you and the latest updates you want to share.

Also, you can generate sales, build a sense of community, and create a following from around the world with a well-designed website.

In 2019, there are a few website designs and website development tips to keep in mind before launching any site you have in mind live.

Unique and Memorable Website Design
Work together with a graphic or web designer to choose typography that best represents your brand or the purpose of your website.

A professional website designer specializes in keeping up with modern trends and proper design techniques.

He also provides clients with unique website design solutions that are truly reflective of their brand or business.

Consider the aesthetic you want to use with your website design and the audience or demographics you intend to reach.

How do your prospective visitors or customers typically access their favorite products or find information that is relevant to you?

What brands or businesses are similar to yours and how are they presented online with their own website design?

how to build websites like professional in 2020

  • Why Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Website Design Matters

Responsive site design and development is imperative for any new website today.

With the advent of mobile smartphones and tablet devices, it is essential to build a website with all audiences in mind.

When a user attempts to access a site that does not have responsive and mobile-friendly website development implemented, they may be unable to view or browse the site properly

This usually results in a loss of a potential sale or follower.

Responsive design and mobile-friendly website design readjust automatically for each user depending on the exact tablet device or mobile smartphone screen size that is being used to browse online.

Additionally, responsive website development is also useful to ensure all users who are surfing online with different web browsers have the ability to access and navigate your website design with ease.


  • SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary element involved in proper website development and website design.

Optimizing website design for top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, can drastically increase the number of visitors your site receives each day.

Proper SEO, or search engine optimization, is imperative when you want your website to outshine local companies or if you are entering a highly competitive and saturated market.


  • WordPress/CMS Website Development Solutions

One way to improve your website design is to consider utilizing a content management system(CMS).

One of the most popular CMS solutions includes WordPress, which is completely free of charge.

Using a CMS such as WordPress is simplistic and optimal for those who are unfamiliar with website development or programming themselves.

Some of the most notable features and advantages of using a CMS solution such as WordPress include:

Free: WordPress is free for both personal and commercial use.

Plugins: WordPress offers thousands of both free and paid plugins to create a truly memorable and unique experience for your online visitors.

Themes: Thousands of themes are available free of charge with the installation of WordPress.

Additionally, there are also premium themes available for purchase. Edit your website to create any design you have in mind with WordPress.

Easy-to-Use: WordPress includes an easily accessible admin area that is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with programming or web development but want to update their website without the help of a specialist.


  • Social Media Plugins

Always use social media plugins designed for traditional websites and websites that are using a CMS solution.

Social media plugins incentivize users to share content or updates you post on your website with just a click of a button.

Allowing users to share your website’s products, pages, or blog posts is a great way to optimize your website while also spreading the word of your site and brand altogether.

The more exposure your website receives, the easier it is for users to find you when searching for relevant keywords and phrases.


  • Website Development with AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are becoming increasingly popular with independent entrepreneurs and large businesses alike.

Implementing an AI chatbot into your website or with a social media platform such as Facebook is a great way to gain valuable feedback and insight into the wants and needs of your followers and prospective customers.

Use AI chatbots to walk potential shoppers through the checkout process of your website or to inquire about feedback for future products and services.


  • The Importance of Speed and Performance With Website Development

While you are in the process of building your new website design, it is important to keep the overall speed and performance of your site in mind at all times.

Seek a web host that includes speed-boosting features or that offers WordPress hosting (if you choose to use a CMS solution for your website).

Not all web hosts provide the same servers and results, which is why it is highly advisable to read reviews and testimonials on various web hosting companies you are interested in using before making a decision.

A fast-loading website can ultimately help to keep visitors on our website while also reducing your website’s overall bounce rate.

With a slow-loading website, you run the risk of your site timing out or failing to load at all, leading to a higher bounce rate and turning users away from visiting your website again in the future.

Understanding the importance of proper website design and website development is key to building an online presence that has the ability to thrive and scale.

With the right approach to website design, you will reach your intended audience without missing an opportunity to garner a following while generating sales and income.

Whether you are launching a website to showcase your personal work portfolio or if you plan to create an eCommerce storefront, proper website design and website development go a long way.

How to Rotate your Laptop Screen to Normal – All Methods

Some of us can not do without our computer daily and we always face one challenge or the other.

There are different common computer problems and there are ways to fix them, either on hardware, software, screen, keyboards, and many others, there are remedies for minor computer problems.

One of the problems is when your computer or Laptop screen suddenly changes, turn upside down, sideways, or slight degree

Do you wonder how you can just make the screen rotate back to normal size and dimension?

Firstly, what do you think is the cause of Change on your computer screen?

Most times, the monitor screen turns horizontally or to some degrees just because you press the keyboard shortcuts without knowing or someone accidentally or knowingly does that to scare you.

If you’re using Dell, Mac, Chromebook, HP computer, or other products on Windows OS, either with Windows 7,8, 10, XP, here is how to do it with keyboard shortcuts

Depending on the computer graphics card model and the brand, there are different ways you can do this.

You can use your keyboard on a Windows-powered PC screen or from the computer settings.

If your computer is having the Intel graphics card, you can use the following keyword shortcuts.

They are also the most common keyboard shortcuts for rotating the computer monitor screen.

Click and hold the CTRL + the down arrow key (CTRL+ ↓) to turn the screen to portrait
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the down arrow key to Flip the computer screen upside down.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the right side arrow (→) key to Rotate the screen 90° to the right.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the left side arrow (←) key to flip the laptop scree to 90° to the left.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the up arrow (⇑) key to Return the PC screen to the normal and landscape position.

Wait a minute, have you tried the keyboard shortcuts and it has worked?

You need to go back to the computer settings to know if the screen rotation option is enabled.

In the first place, your screen shouldn’t have turned upside down or sideways if the settings are not enabled.

Someone might have done this, try to confirm the settings first as many computer users complain that the shortcut keys do not work in turning the monitor screen back to normal.

Before we proceed to other methods, go to your control panel,
The settings tab
Advanced settings
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Graphic properties
Select and Enable Rotation

After you’ve enabled the rotation of the computer screen and the keyboard shortcuts can not bring the screen back to landscape, you need to check the graphics card of your computer system.

There are tools for the lookup and, to get the serial number.

Different methods to flip your PC screen back to normal

How to Fix the Screen of your computer when it’s Upside Down on Settings

Alternatively, you can rotate your PC screen on the Display Settings Menu in Windows 7 and Windows 8 If your graphics card does not have the option “rotate” in the settings.

Step 1: Right-click on the Desktop and select Screen Resolution or Graphics Properties.
Step 2: Click the Display Settings and personalize your computer monitor screen.

Here, you can change the font size, adjust brightness, and screen orientation. You will see options like

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Landscape flipped and
  • Portrait Flipped

Step 3: Choose the Landscape option and click Apply to correct the upside down and sideways of the screen.

The rotation of the screen depends on your graphics card and the card drivers.

If the drivers are outdated, it may have this and also, if the graphics card drivers mask the OS rotation control, the Windows-based computer may not work despite changes in the settings.


How to check your Computer graphics card

Press ⊞ Win+ R and type dxdiag and the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open up.

Click the Display tab and check if you’re having the NVIDIA card installed or it’s the AMD/ATI card that’s installed on your system.

After you’ve known your graphics card, you can now turn your computer screen with either NVIDIA card or AMD.


How to Rotate Computer Screen with NVIDIA Card

For NVIDIA, go to its Control panel by right-clicking on your PC desktop, click the Display tab and select “Rotate display”

Select the display that you want to rotate and choose the screen orientation of your preference.


How to Turn PC Screen with AMD Card

In another way, if you’re having AMD/ATI graphics card on your system, you can use Control Center to turn the laptop screen to the landscape mode.

Simply Right click on computer desktop screen and select “Catalyst Control Center”. Once you’re there, Go to ” Common Display Tasks” and select “Rotate Desktop

If you’re having challenges with this method and other methods, you may need to update the computer drivers by getting a computer engineer to help to check your PC

Computer Screen Won’t Turn On? This is How to Fix

There’s no tech product that’s flawless and any product, including your computer, can develop defects.

We’ve received some mails as regards the reason(s) why a computer won’t turn on at all or charge even when plugged in or the PC may power on but the screen rather stays black with nothing showing and won’t boot up.

In some cases, the computer turns on and then off immediately by itself and this power-on-shut-down situation keeps happening repeatedly with no display until you decide to shut it off out of frustration.


Let’s discuss each of these ugly conditions

Power Problem & How to Fix It

If your laptop can’t turn on at all, it’s much likely there’s a problem with the power supply system of the computer. It can be due to the exposure to natural elements such as water, temperature, etc


If you tap the computer power button and there’s no sign of the fan working, the system is not booting up, the platter is not making any sound, it’s likely that you’ve not plugged the wire into the socket very well or the cable is loose and not well fixed.

This is simply a power supply problem and without talking much, you would know that the problem is actually not from the computer by testing with alternative power source and connector.


Software Problem & How to Fix It

If you’re sure the problem is not from the power supply, a computer has power but the PC won’t turn on, it may be software or hardware problem.

Sometimes, as experienced before on HP, Dell, Asus, and Lenovo, the motherboard power light would turn on and the system would not start. Even if it starts in some cases, computer programs may not be responding.

Sometimes, a new application you’ve just installed may not be compatible with your computer, so, if you install any app recently and you’ve not restarted your computer since then, it may be the latest software that’s affecting the CPU of the system.

The computer will not be able to start Windows normally, the Windows may not boot in normal mode but rather booting in safe mode and in severe cases, it won’t even boot in safe mode or in any mode. (common to Windows 7, 10 and XP)


In some computers, this problem can easily be detected as the affected computer would come up with the blue screen on startup when the PC’s BIOS tries to boot your OS from other sources rather than the main hard drive.

(Note: you need to be sure if it’s not Blue Screen of Death- BSOD as you need error codes to stop this)

This is another minor issue since the computer is working well, only that you have a software program that conflicts with your computer ‘make-up’.


Using the Windows Repair Tool

Try to use the Windows repair Tool and change the boot order. To do this if your laptop has the home boot menu, press the F11 or F12 key in order to choose another hardware device like a CD or USB drive.

( You can also use the bootrec command prompt, especially if you want to fix MBR without any CD or DVD and we’ll discuss in another page)


How to Change Boot Order (BIOS)

Your laptop can as well pop up a message to click the Delete, F1, F2, ESC keys or combination of Ctrl+Alt+Escape to access the BIOS and change the boot order as the BIOS keys are not the same across all computer brands and models.


How to Change Boot Order without BIOS

If higher Windows OS versions like 8 and 10 are pre-installed on your PC or the or/and the computer is using UEFI firmware, don’t worry as you can also change the boot order without BIOS and also change UEFI boot priority order.

Press down the ‘SHIFT’ key and click ‘Restart’ and select the ‘Use a device’ menu to select the device you want to boot the PC from.

Once you reboot and select a proper boot device, you can now select and use the Repair Tool to scan your PC and detect the problems with your files.

You can also access the Repair Tool from boot media and a Windows installation disc.

To launch the inbuilt Repair Software manually, find the ‘Advanced Boot Menu’ and select ‘Troubleshoot’, go to ‘ ‘Advanced Options’ and click the Start-up Repair and provide your login details which will be requested and the computer will automatically try to repair the program causing the problem.

However, if Windows startup repair is not working or taking forever, it means you can’t repair it automatically, you can still start your PC in the Windows safe mode (most applicable in Windows 7, Vista and XP).

Power on your laptop and tap the F8 key on your keyboard repeatedly to see your system hardware info and to enable it to run a quick memory test. After the test, the “Advanced Boot Option ” will appear on your screen and you can continue from the previous step.

If you’re not able to use the Startup Repair Tool when you’re having booting problems which is caused by the non-compatible program.

You can create a recovery disc by burning compact disc (CD), DVD or USB drive and if you’re not having any of these recovery discs, you can use one from another PC running the same OS version of your Windows.

If you backup your computer frequently, you can reinstalled your programs from the last backup before you install new programs that are suspected to have caused the problem.

This is another option before you’d consider telling a computer engineer.

To handle things properly, you may consider a computer geek if you’re not one, most especially in restoring your files from backup.

Quantum Computing Technology: its Application in Business

Many research work has been published to explain the different applications of quantum computing.

More studies are also triggered by the impacts of quantum computing in businesses.

The quantum computing technology has been explored to achieve the maximum performance possible in order to develop a powerful technology.

Most big companies are on the bid to bring out the best quantum computing in the future.

This trend is set because quantum computing has the power to solve all the difficult problems with unimaginable solutions.

With the increasing data in all sectors, there is the need for the powerful systems in place so as to reduce the complexity and optimize the space while performing the computations effectively.


Where is it used?

In every industry, as the data are getting stored and processed digitally, there are always much data and should be managed effectively.

Businesses need the right data to be sourced from this ocean of data within seconds which is possible with quantum computing.

By combining the power of quantum computing with machine learning, the AI programs can be activated to explore the giant data sets irrespective of the fields.

Be it the customer service, finance or the healthcare sector.

With this increase in data, there is also the problem of giving optimal solutions.

Since there are various solutions to a problem, there is a need for the computers to perform a lot of analysis before finalizing on one solution.

There are so many combinations and permutations possible for a given problem which will require the presence of quantum computers to perform the massive analysis and arrive at the optimal solution.


Solving Complex Problems

There are several kinds of research which require the assistance of quantum computers.

Since most of the researches do not have a definite answer predefined, there is the need for supercomputers for solving the complex problems.

In the research field, the application of quantum computing is prominent. Since the researches done repeatedly might pose different answers at different times, this requires the support of quantum computing to give definite answers at all times.

This impressive technology will be able to give accuracy in undefined complex processes.


Quantum Computing in Handling Risk

Since quantum computing has shown its impressive technology in terms of solving complex data, it is being used in the financial sector too.

The cost of quantum computing devices might be high, but that does not stop these financial companies to purchase this technology.

This is because the quantum computing technique is highly needed in the financial modeling which involves huge risk management.

The crunching of complex financial data accurately is a huge task which makes the quantum computing a must-have in the finance sector.

Along with the given applications, this technique can also be used to predict future risks and explore new ways to analyze the given data.

Managing the risk in the given financial data is a big responsibility for the companies in this field.

A minor mistake will cost a lot of money for the companies and might even take a toll on the existence of the company.

The quantum computing technology will help the financial industry to avoid such situations and to save them from high-risk situations.

The present applications of quantum computing whether it is in the field of medicine or in money management is just the beginning.

There are endless applications which are still in the research stage.

Many complicated kinds of research can be performed on time and the related risk can be reduced.

Innovative solutions are expected across all industries which can be achieved with quantum computing.

With the emerging application of quantum computing seen in all sectors, the future is sure to operate primarily based on this technology.

Publiseer Digital Ebook & Music Pulishing – Interview with the CEO

Digital book and music publishing are growing very fast globally.
With different music and book publishing companies developing their online platforms, taking advantage of technology to tap into the digital publishing industry, things can only get better.
While there are free online publishers in Nigeria to help any creative self publish a book, get ISBN and make it available for purchase, there are still other challenges that need to be addressed.

Today, in the Techpally interview series, we meet with the Co-CEO of Publiseer digital media, talking about their impacts on a digital book and music publishing.



You’re welcome on board today, can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?
I’m Chidi Nwaogu, a self-taught software developer, public speaker, volunteer mentor, serial tech entrepreneur, and startup advisor.
Publiseer is a digital media and online publishing platform in Nigeria that helps creative writers, musicians, and filmmakers to get their works published online and sold.
Publiseer promotes African creatives and does this by distributing their published music and ebooks to more than 400 well-established partner stores across the globe, and monetize their creative works.



Great!, How can authors and artists get their works submitted for publishing?

Here is how Publiseer works in 4 quick steps.

  1. An author or artist sends their work via a submission form through our website.
  2. We’ll now review the submission. Thereby, accepting or declining a submission.
  3. If we accept, we would contact the author or artist who sent the work to us, notifying them of our decision.
  4. Then, we proceed to provide what we term “the best publishing experience possible” which usually involves product fine-tuning at no charge.
We do not contact authors/artists whose work we reject.
However, our rule of thumb is that, if an applicant (the person who sent the work) does not hear back from us within 5 working days, then it typically means we are not accepting the work.
What are the channels you can publish to, also discuss the free services you render for both authors and artists after submitting their work?
We publish to several stores and some of the bookstores we distribute to are Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, Amazon, Kobo, Scribd, OverDrive, Playster, etc.
Moreso, we distribute to music streaming and download platforms such as Google Play Music, Claromusica, Amazon Music, Deezer, Shazam, Spotify, Tidal, Apple iTunes, etc.
For our video-on-demand partner stores, we are already distributing to Hoopla, Vudu, Steam, NetFlix, Vimeo On Demand, TubiTV, Shudder and still counting.
The free services we render to our creatives are a professional and beautiful cover, a unique identification number, worldwide distribution, content fine-tuning to meet the industry standard, and compressed file conversion for easy distribution without loss of quality.



There’s a common saying that there’s no free lunch in Freetown, what are your premium services or are they all free?


We receive several submissions every day and our creatives who don’t want to wait till it gets to their turn for their work to be reviewed and published (which is typically two weeks) can pay in order to get their work published immediately.
Fast-track publishing helps our authors and artists boycott the long queue straight to the front, and get their contents published in no time. This is perfect for those who want to meet a release deadline.
We also draft and globally distribute dedicated press releases for our creatives, just for their work. This service comes with a fee.
Their press release will be published on premium news outlets like Yahoo! News, making them own the media and look good on search engines.
We design realistic mockups for the works of our creatives that they could use while marketing their works on social media.
We also create a beautiful presentation video for their works that they could publish on Youtube.
This service comes with a small fee. We also design beautifully-crafted one-page websites for their work for an additional cost.
How to self publish a book in nigeria



Even though digital publication is now more popular than print, do you offer any services to authors and artists producing their works in hard copies?


Unfortunately, we do not engage in print publishing or physical distribution at the moment. At Publiseer, we are bringing publishing, design, and technology together in one place.
We work at Publiseer because we believe that digital publishing is the future. We know that technology can transform the world of publishing.


What’s the reading culture like amongst Nigerian youths?


The reading culture amongst young Nigerians is increasingly growing and exponentially building, especially with the introduction of ebooks and audiobooks.
However, we sell most of our ebooks and audiobooks to readers outside Africa.


How do you and your clients make money from their publications?


We publish the works of our creatives to several established platforms that people use in searching for new digital content on a daily basis.
When a unit of our content sells on any of the platforms we distribute to, Publiseer and the creative shares in the revenue generated.
Publiseer takes 25% of the profit made from sales in every content we distribute. This is our primary means of revenue for the company.
Most large traditional book publishers, record labels and film production houses who want to sell their creative works online can do that with us by distributing it for a recurring upfront distribution fee.
Whenever a unit of their work is sold, they get to keep 100% of the revenue generated from sales.
Another means of the revenue stream for us is the fast-track distribution fee we receive from creatives seeking to speed up the review and distribution process.
Typically, it takes two weeks to distribute digital content across all 400 digital stores, and this may be too long waiting time for some, especially those who have a deadline or a release date to meet.
In this case, they pay a fast-track distribution fee to distribute such content within two to three working days, instead of waiting for two weeks.
For a fee to the creatives, we design realistic mockups for marketing on social media, craft and issue press releases for distribution on premium media outlets like Yahoo! News, create music lyric videos, and book and movie trailers that can be published on YouTube, and design a one-page website for the creative.
All these can be purchased collectively or independently.



We would like you to mention some of your business partnerships and awards if there’s any?
We have partnered with Nigerian commercial banks, GTBank, Italian ebook aggregator, StreetLib, and music company, CakeTunes.
We’ve joined international organizations like the International Publishing Distribution Association and the International Publishers Association.
We’ve won awards like the Bizz Business Excellence Award 2019, the Young Leaders Award 2019, and the Africa 35.35 Award 2019.


This is commendable. When can you say you start making big waves in digital media?
In the next five years, I believe we will begin to make massive waves in the digital media sector, not only in digital publishing.
We are not just a digital publishing company as our services cut across e-publishing, digital music, and video-on-demand and we’re growing each of these verticals.
We project that in 2022, our current average yearly revenue of $100,000 will grow by 20x to $2 million, capturing 0.1% of the $2billion digital media market in Africa.



What’s still your biggest challenge and what are your plans to overcome it?


Piracy has been one of our challenges! When we notice a different merchant selling an ebook, audiobook, song, music video, or film in our catalog, we contact our author, artist or filmmaker to verify if they are aware of this, and if they aren’t aware, we take legal actions against such merchant.
The reason why we contact our Creatives first is that we don’t take away their publishing rights upon publishing their contents worldwide, which means they’re free to republish their works elsewhere without our permission.
Another challenge we experience is in the line of copyright infringement: Sometimes, some creatives plagiarize works of others and upload it for publishing as theirs.
To mitigate this, we always verify the originality of any work we publish. We have several tools we use for this, thanks to the great folks on the Ally team of Google working closely with us to achieve this.
These tools have helped us ensure that the works we publish are free of plagiarism and are 100% original.



What’s the next big thing to expect from Publiseer and where do you see the company in the next five years?


Thank you, we are definitely going to experience tremendous growth in a couple of years to come. Here is our growth projection at Publiseer.



It has been wonderful speaking with you, What role do you expect the Nigerian government to play in improving the reading culture of Nigerians, there’s a big shift from what we experience now and scores of years back?


The Nigerian government can improve the reading culture of Nigerians through the education system.
Schools should give students choice in what they read.
If students are allowed to self-select and follow their own interests, reading follows naturally with most kids.
While you should encourage students to read within their recommended reading range, it’s best to not limit them to specific book levels.
Giving students freedom in what they read is key. Also, another way to improve reading culture is to build libraries in schools.
Whether we’re talking about the school library or classroom libraries, having plenty of books around means kids are that much more likely to pick one up.
Though classroom libraries are difficult to fund, they are the first place kids often look to when they need a book.


How would your potential clients get to you?


Artists and authors can visit our website to publish their content, and can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
It’s a wonderful moment having you, Mr. Chidi Nwaogu, Co-CEO of Publiseer.


It’s my pleasure to be on this platform, thanks.

How does Computer Vision Work? Here we tell YOU

Before we discuss how computer vision works, firstly, you need to understand the concept of computer vision.

In today’s computer development, computers are able to receive and analyze data by itself. This data extends to the visual data also.

Computers are now able to process, interpret the data, and make decisions just like humans.

This concept is what is termed as computer vision.

This data can comprise numbers, personal details, images, and videos too.

Primarily, the data covers all the images from the infrared sensors.

While there are many applications to computer vision, the primary use towards the field of customer service is with the functionality of drones, with the help of remote controls.

This is used to avoid any kind of accidents or hurdles in the path.


How does Computer vision works?

For the computer vision to be reliable, the technology of pattern recognition is used.

In the case of images, numerous images are sourced and kept in the database.

These images are then processed with the help of software techniques and algorithms.

During this process, patterns of the data are sourced and saved in a particular fashion.

The analysis of the data, when called for, will happen based on the image properties such as size, color etc.

With the available data in hand, the sourced image will be cross-checked and then given to the user.

While in the earlier days there was a need for humanitarian assistance in case of pattern recognition, that is not the case now.

With the right set of programming, the need for adding this data manually can be avoided.

The computer is given the power to form the algorithm and the pattern on its own.

This is possible with the concept of deep learning through which computers are given the power to think on its own.


The Process involved in Computer Vision 

In the past, this process used to take a long time by the supercomputers.

Some processes, even took week’s time to get to the final result.

But with the advancement in technology as well as the updated hardware, the process has become faster and reliable.

With just a working internet connection and a combination of the cloud network, the entire process can be finished in no time.

Additionally, there is also the concept of open source, which allows the computer to source the ready-made information without having to crunch the numbers right from the start.

This minimizes the process-time significantly.

Fortunately, with these major advantages, computer vision is being applied to real-world applications and computers have successfully proven to take decisions based on varied situations.

Due to these benefits, many major companies have started adopting this technology in their products.

From the self-driven cars to the social networks, the computer vision concept is being applied everywhere.


Application of Computer vision 

As mentioned earlier, this concept is now being used in the application of self-driven cars.

What happens here is that the computer vision will think prior to the situation and take decisions accordingly.

Based on the source as cameras and sonar the cars can be made to stick to the lane while driving.

The objects which are coming in the lane whether parallel or opposite will be calculated by computer vision and the car will be directed accordingly.

Computer vision will be able to process the traffic signal details too.

Apart from the car sector healthcare technology also finds its use with the concept of computer vision.

Since most of the medical data are based on the image this concept can be used to detect the diseases and injuries well in advance.

Drones are also an excellent application which works with computer vision.

In several instances, they were able to spot lost sailors and survivors of calamities which were immediately reported, thus making it possible to save the crew.

Edge Computing Architecture, its Applications and Advantages

Over the last decade, the world of the Internet of things has gone through a major change.

While there are some limitations to the concept, the field of cloud computing has come to the rescue to assist Internet of things and overcome its challenges.

This has led to the increase in data to a major level, which has made some negative impacts in the cloud communications.

To clear out all these issues and limitations, edge computing has come into the picture.

In several places, edge computing is already in place in order to assist the cloud infrastructure.

edge computing application in business

Cloud and Edge Computing Technology

In the case of the Internet of Things, there are a lot of advantages which will assist the business sectors in terms of the service demands.

The scalability is one of the advantages of edge computing that made many start-ups implementing edge computing in their businesses.

The advancement in the present practices is possible with the help of data streaming from the edge devices which will go to the core analytics systems.

While this does seem like a major boost, the next level of implementations can only be witnessed when the edge devices start acting on their own with their own ability to think.

Initially, the cloud and the IoT were purely based on a centralized model. In this approach, all the basic devices were only used to add data to the core systems.

With the present improvement in the edge computing technology, the data is processed faster and the inference is made swiftly.

This is the more reason for the need for edge computing and and why it matters in the present time.

This is witnessed in the cases of pattern-matching too. There are many use cases and the adoption of mobile edge computing as published on gartner, the verge, cbinsights and others.

This stream is moving towards the stage where the Internet of Things will be able to sustain on their own by supporting the unsupervised machines, then it can be said to be more simplified.

This is possible when the systems are able to change themselves based on the algorithms given.

While all these constitute the software part, including the AI-based edge computing, there is also a significant role for the hardware devices here.

The hardware devices are becoming supportive of the increasing requirements of the AI-based systems.

With all these, the need for transmitting the data to the servers has been reduced and is expected to be completely neutralized with the support of the memory and processing abilities of edge computing.


Edge computing applications

There are several fields which are benefiting from edge computing architecture.

what is edge computing and the architecture

Edge computing in the Health industry 

In the case of the medical industry, there is a huge need for the AI systems in the operation room.

With edge computing, the essential information regarding the patient’s body status can be passed on to the doctors based on which a certain surgery can be embarked upon.


Edge computing is Manufacturing industry 

In the manufacturing sector, edge computing can smoothen up the operations and increase the efficiency in the process.

With the intelligent software in place, the customer service can also be enhanced to a whole new level.


Edge Computing Benefits

  • It saves much time

When the AI systems are combined with the edge computing architecture, a lot of time can be saved as the devices will be operating on a real-time basis.

While this helps the organizations in terms of operations, it also serves the customers.


  • It improves customer services

By giving real-time customer service at all times, the customer service stream is improved rapidly.

All the processing and delivery will be given immediately.


  • It enhances security

In terms of security also, the possible risks are minimized significantly.

This is especially useful as the internet is filled with data which has the possibility of being hacked at any point in time.

With edge, the security features are improvised.


  • It’s simple to use

Since the entire process is really flexible, it will not be complicated for the users too.

It is impressive to know that to operate these systems there is no need to have experts in place.

The system is capable of automatically processing all the required data.

Having mentioned some of the benefits of AI and edge computing, there are also drawbacks in the implementation too.

Not many businesses are still able to adopt this tech because of some challenges which we would discuss in our next series.

However, weighing the pros and cons of edge computing, the positive effects on data processing and service rendering are much more than the negatives.

How You can Easily Double Up Social Media To Cover Traffic To Your Site

Most of the businesses are publishing content as a proper way to create their audiences and increasing traffic to the websites.

Well, they might not be procuring everything they want from one content piece they have created so far.

In case you are absolutely serious about the content you have created, then you have to be similarly serious about driving that amount of content over social media too.

One of the easiest and proven ways to do that is by sharing content on social media more than once.

social media traffic

Get double of your blog traffic promoting on social media

It might sound a bit simple but the answer is no, it is not.

What are The next steps you should follow?

Just after publishing that new blog post, you have to promote the same on multiple social media.

Whenever you plan to share it on each of the available networks, you are actually garnering some clicks for every share.

Once shared immediately on multiple social media sectors, the response seems to be quite promising and it looks great!

  • Now, the main question is what actually happens if you share a link of the same post the next day for the second time?
  • Do you think that the traffic will double up?

Well, the answer is no. This is not exactly what happens during that second round of posting.

But, in case you plan to share the link for the third time, the traffic will be over doubles at this point.

So, the point over here is that the more you share it, the more likely you will end up with clicks.

The more followers for Instagram you have, the higher will be the sharing count upon a single request towards them.


Is it ok for You to share content over once?

Sharing content multiple times on the social media can often trigger some of the strong reactions.

Some people usually do not care for the practice of just sharing same content over once on the social account.

But most of the time, it is hard to argue with the answer.

You might have thought of sharing the strategy of own startup promoting the blog content on the social media.

Do you know how many complaints you might have received?

Well, zero is the answer.

The reality is that hardly anyone cares or even notices.

Even if they do, what will be the worst case scenario?

One major aspect of marketing is that no one actually notices everything that you do.

The social media followers are not like your RSS subscribers, going through each post and reading it.

Moreover, sharing over once is probably an essential part of just providing audiences with the value you have promised them with.

So, if you do not share the links, you wont get to see any updates.


Ways You should avoid being a spammer to your Followers :

You might have come across so many people complaining about some of the users sharing content way too many times.

Well, such complaints are no doubt valid. The users had already installed a plugin, whose main job is to share the old blog posts, quite randomly once in every single hour.

This was more like a hectic work and it actually seemed like spam.

Even though, this strategy might lead to some added clicks but for the shorter term, it is not the right kind of practice to perform.

If you end up sharing way too many times, people will start to ignore your tweets and un-follow you completely.

In case, you are planning to share content more than a single time, then there are some rules you have to follow for the same.


  • The first one is that you have to take followers right into considerations

The social feed is just for them and not quite for you. Avoid turning into a spammer.

For that, you need to create one smarter schedule in place of a crowded one.

On the other hand, you better consider your habits.

How are you supposed to use the social media and where will be the limit to it?
Avoid crossing it, to say the least!

Make sure to not do anything that you will not like later.

How are you supposed to react if you ever saw another user with the same strategy like yours?

It proves to be a great gauge as you will not be the only one to be feeling this way.

Moreover, you should always provide value. Just like it has been mentioned, promoting content over once is a good thing as long you are working on it to provide value for the said audience.

Once you have agreed upon following these rules as the ground norms, you might be able to end up developing a greater social based promotion schedule, designed for the content.

It can actually double up the traffic, as you have asked for it.


  • Make sure to develop one sharing schedule:

To start with the content sharing option over social media more than once, you need to develop simple schedule to provide some guidelines on ways you want to share the content on every network.

Through this schedule, you will end up tackling some major questions like how often you get to share the content, is that any sort of preferred time to keep in mind and how long will this content remain fresh to share.

You better be aware of the time you should give between each one of the new social message.

There are some ways, which will further help you to create variations in social sharing schedule you need to care about.


  • Always be very careful of the planning you make

You just do not want to send message right one another after or in a big clump as that is where the spam thing takes place.

Remember to get these points now and you will end up with the best ways to double up your content on social media, and end up with perfect traffic as asked for.



Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She suggested to increase followers for Instagram to grow your business fast.