Best Free Screen Recorder for PC – EaseUS RecExperts

Whether you run a business online or offline, once you have an official website for a business, then an explainer video can help clients to easily navigate your website.

An explainer video where you use a screen recording software like the EaseUS RecExperts to capture your computer screen as you navigate your site can really be a great help.

How to use EaseUS RecExperts screen recording software

Screen recording applications are not only used to capture computer screen to make an explainer video alone, it can also be used to record a meeting, online courses, gaming sessions.

Another advantage of a screen capture tool is the ability to record streaming content that you are not allowed to download.


Best Free Screen Recorder for PC

There are hundreds of screen recording software with the freemium model online, but if you want a powerful screen recording software for PC, you should try EaseUS RecExperts.

You can easily capture any area of your computer screen: Just select the area or capture the whole screen.

There are four options you can choose from here.

  • Full Screen
  • Select Region
  • Fixed Region
  • Lock Window

You can record both audio and video at the same time: Simply allow the program to access your computer microphone, and the software will record your voice or music you play in the background as it’s recording the screen.

One of the standouts of EaseUS RecExperts is the capacity to record your PC webcam, therefore, you can be live on the screen.

This increases the engagement of your audience as they feel connected and know the person behind the video, not just a robot talking.

To my gamer friends, Recexperts is the windows screen recorder for high-quality video games, both 2D and 3D games in 4Kuntra high definition resolution.


Key highlights

Best computer screen recording tool

EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder offers the following features in its premium version

  • Screen recording
  • Audio recording
  • Collaboration
  • Image Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Video Annotations

How to Use EaseUS RecExperts Screen recording Software

RecExperts works best on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 operating system and you can try the free trial.

However, the features are limited in the free trial but trust me, you can try the full version for less than $20.

Once you download the software successfully, check your file folder to run the application.

Congratulations, the app is now installed. You can now go to the settings to set your preference.

You can set the format you want to save your audio recording as well as the video.

You can also set the quality of the encoding features.

You can set whether you want the mouse movement to appear on the screen or not.

You can also use shortcuts to execute actions while you capture your computer screen.

Anytime you can want to screen record, just tap the REC button, that’s all.

You can use the timer to set the screen recording to start after specified seconds, for example, after 5 seconds, 1o seconds, etc.

This will help you to get relaxed and composed before starting the screen recording.

Similarly, you can use the auto-stop feature to end the recording. This is important if you don’t want the video to exceed your set time.

Once you stopped the recording, your video will be saved automatically under the video list.

From the folder, you can select your file and play it.


One of the most important factors people consider before purchasing software is the price.

EaseUS RecExperts pricing is fairly competitive in my opinion, not the cheapest but of course not expensive.

The one-month subscription goes for just $19.95, while you can save a few dollars when you purchase a year subscription at $49.95

For a lifetime subscription, the price is $69.95, that’s cool if you screen record regular and you get all the features and updated features in the future.



The need for screen recording has increased in recent times.

Your visitors want to get answers to the questions in their minds within a few seconds.

Therefore, offering a video that explains how to interact with your website is very essential.

With screen recording software, you can do that easily, it’s a no-brainer.

Top App Development Companies in India and the world

When it comes to both mobile and web app development projects, the Indians rock the wave.

It is not that there are not best app developers in Europe, America, or in other places but the cost is more competitive in India.

What is will cost you to develop an India will be far lower in let’s say UK or US because labor is cheap there.

There are more app development services there than in many other places and cheaper costs.

Top mobile and wb app developers in india and the world

Indian Top App development companies

Many of the top app development companies in the world are from India, with establishment across the globe.

The following are some of the said companies, in no particular order of quality.


  • Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is a mobile and web app development company.

The company is one of the high rate developers in India and the US in the clutch review.

Konstant Infosolutions has focused on modern technology to develop innovative mobile and web apps.

The CEO boasts of more than 170 professionals in software solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

It has developed several mobile CRM and ERP apps for clients.
Recently, Konstant Infosolutions developed apps that can be used across a multi-channel network of thousands of product distributors and other marketers.
  • Sourcebits

Sourcebits is a leading app and web application developer in India with global recognition.

Outstanding web project delivery which brings quality users’ experience is their priority.

They have a powerful team of engineers, strategic planners, and innovation strategists who can handle web design, mobile or cloud projects

the company has over two hundred visual designers, marketers, project-launch strategists, innovation strategists, specialists in Users’ Interface design, and Users’ Experience design altogether.

Sourcebits has worked with big companies and global brands over the years to deliver projects across many fields.

Some of them are game applications, Educational site portal and app, Finance and E-commerce, sports, Marketing, Communication Apps, etc and they’ve received several awards for their great job.



  • OpenXcell Technolabs

OpenXcell Technolabs is another digital agency that offers mobile app development services in India.

The company was founded twelve years ago and has grown, now having an office in the US.

Their main office is located at Baleshwar Avenue, SG Highway, Ahmedabad, India.

The app developer specializes in developing apps for tablets, smartphones, websites, and computer-based applications

They have more than 200 well-experienced developers who are specialists in CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT coding, strategic planning, and mobile marketing.

Since the app development industry is very competitive, many developers are now specializing in a subset of the field in order to build authority over it.

That is why OpenXcell has focused on mobile app development, web development, and UX/UI design for enterprise and mid-market clients in the entertainment, gaming, and IT industries.

They love to work on creative projects in order to be able to implement the outstanding design.


  • Hedgehog lab

Hedgehog lab is another notable Indian app development company that has got global recognition.

hedgehog lab is a global software consultancy of 200+ that specializes in multi-platform software and device innovation.

Their team architects and designers develop apps that prepare brands for the future of post-PC devices.

Recently, it is given an award of recognition as one of the north’s best tech companies.

The company has spread across India, UK, the US, Sweeden in recent times, with the hope to establish offices in more countries.


  • Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem was founded in 2011. It is a mobile app development company that originally started in Ahmedabad.

The company now boasts of over two hundred and fifty web developers.

These experts are dedicated to IT services, mobile app development, and ERP/SI consulting.

The company offers a range of digital solutions from offices in the UK, the US, and Australia.

Recently, it partnered with a major hotel group in Hong Kong to develop a series of web and mobile solutions engineered to boost the productivity and efficiency of the hotel workers.
  • Robosoft Technologies

This is another ICT company founded as far back as 1996 by Rohith in Karnataka, India.

The company specialize in mobile solutions and software development for Mac OS, Android, iPhone, and Windows operating system


How to use EventBrite to manage your Event Online

Eventbrite is a simple reliable platform to sell tickets and invite participants to your event.

Its technology helps you in attendees’ registration and conference event management.

Eventbrite is a top event website in the US for event management and ticketing. It is one of the most popular sites to search events across the globe, and also create events.

You can organize an online event or create awareness of your event which will hold in a physical building.

As an event organizer, you can manage your events yourself, sell more, and offer personalized experiences for your participant.

How to use eventbrite to create an event online

Online RSVP management

How does Eventbrite work?

This platform is simple to navigate. As an event creator, you will need to sign up for a free account.

This account will enable you to host your event without any cost.

As a person who has an interest in attending an event, you don’t need to have an account with Eventbrite.

As the event creator, you can not host a paid event with the essentials and professional accounts.

However, you can still host a paid account for free, but the attendees would have to cover the administrative charges.

It will be spread on the attendees, usually, less than a pound.

If you don’t want your attendees to pay, you can absorb the fee, this means that the charges will be taken from your estimated payouts before you will be paid.

The essentials package comes with the following benefits

  • Ability to list on their partner sites and apps
  • Online support
  • Integration with Facebook to sell tickets faster.


The professional package is good to grow your business, especially if you’ve used event sites for business marketing before.

You will be able to get all the features of the essentials package and the following as added benefits.

  • Ability to create more than one ticket type
  • Ability to embed a checkout on your site
  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Ability to design your checkout form to your taste.
  • Better help support – phone, and email.

The premium package has a custom price and most of its features are to be customized according to the pricing and the preferences of the creator.

Some of the most common questions people ask about using Eventbrite


How to add a calendar to Eventbrite?

Click on the event you’ve created, select ‘Add to My Calendar’, and Eventbrite will access your calendar and automatically create a new event.

If you have a specific calendar, for example, google calendar, you will need to authenticate it, choose your trigger-app and after it completes syncing, choose the data you want to transfer to the calendar.


How to pause an event you’ve created?

Once you login to the creator dashboard, select the particular event and click on “Unpublish”, confirm your action and the event will become a draft.

If you just need to add more information to the description, you can edit your event and notify people who have already booked the event.


How to embed Eventbrite to a website?

To embed Eventbrite checkout to your website or blog, copy the code from Eventbrite and paste it where you want it to appear on your website.

You can customize it before copying the code. Choose your theme, design the header, footer, click button, and others as you want.


How Ticketing works

You can get your ticket from the order confirmation email. If you have the app, you can sign up, go to the ‘Ticket’ tab and print it there.

For potential attendees of an event, once you’re on the page of the particular event you want to attend, click on ticket and checkout, it’s as simple as that, and your data security is not compromised.



Eventbrite is a cool event management site. You can create an event online, organize a conference, promote an offline event, invite online rsvp to your event, track sales, and increase awareness.

Teleworka – A Productivity App to e-Commute & Work from home

Teleworking, also known as telework, e-commuting, work from home, or telecommuting is a way of rendering and receiving services without a physical meeting point.
It works fine where the service is more of counsel, recommendation, tutoring, and advice.
With mobile communication technology, you can use your smartphones or computers with internet facilities to have a video chat with people around the globe.
We now have virtual doctors, lawyers, teachers, and financial experts who work from home and offer their services to clients without having any office.
This has helped to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, work hours, level of flexibility, and improve the rate of employee retention.
All you need do is install a teleworking app on your device and set it up for video chat with people.
How to ecommute and connect with your business partners with teleworka

My experience with work from home application.

One of the best apps for remote workers I’ve ever used is Teleworka. It’s an iPhone app that’s damn simple to use to connect with your potential clients.
Telework is a telecommuting platform and app for skilled professionals. Irrespective of your field of discipline, you can always set yourself to be contacted by clients for assistance.
It allows skilled professionals, Academic experts, Health personnel, tutors, and advisors to provide live consults to clients with video-enabled internet device.
Head over to Teleworka on the Apple store to download the app on your iPhone. It requires iPhone 5s or above before it can work.
You can also download it on your iPad but unfortunately, the android version is not available at the moment.
Now, you can register, make your profile, and start your web video consult.
On your profile, you’ll need to set a unique username and you’ll get your personalized web link which you can share with people to get to you on telework.
Fill in your Name, About-you page, and Hourly rate in dollars. Add your picture, set the category of your service, and the area of specialization.
For the service users, they can browse expertise on the app. There are different categories –
Health provider, with specialties like oncology, nutritionist, dentistry, neurology, cardiology, urology, psychiatry, among others
Academic expert, with over fifteen fields of expertise from science, mathematics, engineering, law to philosophy.
Hobby instructor, Skilled professional, Tutor, and their respective area of expertise.
Once you select the category, area of specialization, a list of experts will be displayed.
If you know a particular expert and want to confirm if he/she is on telework, you can use the search tab. Simply type the initial to see members with similar names.
Once a user is interested to speak with a particular expert, simply open his link, enter your credit card details, and get connected to the expert.
For payment authorization, your name, email, card number, expiry date, and CVV are required.
You can also purchase tokens on the Telework app to pay such a professional.
$10, $100, $1000 will get you almost 10, 100, and 1000 tokens respectively.
How much tokens you spend per minute depends on the rate set by the professional. You can consider this while choosing the expert to speak with.
As an expert, once a client initiates a call, your telework App will ring just like your phone call and the caller ID will show up.
Telework estimates the cost of the consult, based upon the rate and the call duration. Once the credit is exhausted, the call ends.
As an expert, you get your payment within 24 hours, however, you need to have filled your bank account details, tax ID number, and profile correctly.
In this time of social distancing, Telework can still help you keep your business running.
You can communicate with your clients irrespective of their location and lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.
Your employees can also work from home and get connected to your business partners.
If you would like to talk to me on SEO and content marketing, you can join me on telework here.

How to get Free Online Tutoring Resources for Students

Instructional technology is now very important in classroom education in school, for both teachers that are teaching and the students that are learning.

Irrespective of the level of education, from elementary school to college, higher degree, and adult education because of the advantages in facilitating teaching and self-learning.

Because of the inherent benefits of educational technology, e-learning is now more appreciated by both teachers and students

It’s now changing the nature of classroom teaching and everyone is now embracing it.

How t

Now that COVID-19 pandemic has made schools shut down suddenly, it’s a call for a need to make teaching and learning easy without classrooms.
However, there are thousands of online classroom applications that can help people continue their learning in the comfort of their homes.
Oneclass is one of our favorites that supports students who want to continue their learning online. There are tutors online who will be teaching high school, college, and university students seven days a week.

There are thousands of study guide on Accounting, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Economics Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, History.

These high-quality study guides will help you to get better grades in your exams, and they are in millions.

To get your study guides is very simple as everything is well categorized.

You can click on ‘classroom’, get study materials from the popular university recommended.

You can as well enter your country and your school to get the guides on thousands of the departments covered on this site.

Presently, there are five countries listed: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you need a specific guide, you can enter the university, the department(optional) and the course code, if the guide has been published, you get it immediately.

You can also find a particular guide if you know the school, the professor that handle the course, and the semester. The selections are there to make your search easy.

Oneclass is your search engine to get study materials that are being used in various schools.

In a similar way to get class notes, you can find Textbook notes, study guides, Exam solutions, exam prep etc.
Not only can you get education materials from this site, you can also do homework online and live stream tutoring
Sometimes, search results from google may not help much in solving your school assignment, here comes oneclass.

You can take your homework to the next level, simply search through the database more than three million verified and reliable answers to what you’re looking for.

You can as well ask one personal question monthly, use the site free without ads being shown to you.
However, to really enjoy this feature, you can upgrade your account to Grade+.
The most interesting one is the online tutoring. You can join live classes 7 days/week.
If you miss any past streams, it will be made available for you to watch whenever you come online.
You will get the schedule for the tutorial every week. During this COVID-19 period, you will get 1-on-1 help.

The team has made available 100,000 hours free tutoring sessions, just schedule your free session if you’re already a registered member.

There are several testimonies on the impacts of oneclass in improving learning experience, from both students and their parents.
You can join the league of champions, study online and live stream tutorial lesson easily with oneclass.


How to Change PDF file to Microsoft Word Free Download without email

PDF to Word Converter App

PDF to Word converter is a mobile app developed by Cometdocs, a company based in Canada. They deal with online document management.

Without a doubt, Cometdocs has been establishing herself in content management, developing mobile apps that cater to the needs of users.

They have developed several apps to help to convert files from one extension (format) to the other.

It’s easy to convert PDF file to Word with Cometdocs

The drive behind this development is the priority they place on the feedback of their customers.

They tend to know more about their needs and building up a business that solves their problems.

For this reason, the company has focused its conversion technology on mobile devices since everyone is going mobile now.

Online activities have leaped over desktop in recent years and this trend is much likely going to continue.

In recent years, cometdocs has developed many utility mobile apps for android, iOS or any other mobile operating system.

Cometdocs PDF to word file converter enables you to convert from a wide range of one file format to another easily.

The latest update is the PDF to Word Converter version which is now one of its most downloaded and rated apps.

Cometdocs has developed even more functional app, but also maintained good old features.

Given that Cometdocs gives innovative solutions when it comes to document management, we can only expect more to come.

PDF to Word Converter is a very handy app when it comes to document management and working with PDF files.

Another one that’s worth mentioning is the pdf WIZ – developed by starzsoft, which can be used to convert PDF files to Word, TXT, Excel, PPT, and even HTML extension.

It easily and accurately converts PDF documents into editable MS Word files on any device.

This is very helpful when you need to edit your PDF documents and quickly get your work done on the go.

It will save you time whenever you need to create a new document given that you can reuse pieces of information in other existing files.

Pretty handy right? Especially, the ability to edit your documents from anywhere, without using your computer.

These are the main functionalities and benefits of PDF to Word Converter, but there are more useful features:


Old characteristics:

  • Unlimited number of converted files
  • The latest OCR technology on the market
  • Scanned documents are convertible too
  • Flawless PDF to Word conversion quality
  • You can convert Gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Box,
  • Google Drive and OneDrive directly from the app


Brand new characteristics:

  • It’s possible to convert PDFs from iCloud, as well
  • Conversions are improved thanks to upgraded servers
  • Now it’s possible to rename your converted file
  • New Google Sign-In is supported
  • UI is slightly improved, still familiar, but polished and optimized

Last but not the least, another thing that separates PDF to Word Converter is that all conversions are performed on their servers.

Therefore, this productivity app won’t drain your battery.

VoguePay Online Payment Gateway – CEO Digest

Mobile and online payments have really improved in the last decade. Before, we used to have the international payment gateways being integrated with local e-commerce sites, and they control our market.

In some cases, we would have to make payment in dollars and receiving funds from international partners was a real pain in the ass.

In the last ten years, our indigenous startups that stood up to the challenges are now making a big wave in FinTech.

Here today, we have one of the best payment gateways in Nigeria in our CEO digest, and we’ll be discussing the journey so far.


how to send and receive payment here in nigeria

You’re welcome on board today, kindly introduce who you’re and your firm?

My name is Adesina Akomolafe. I’m the chief operations officer of VoguePay.

Before joining the team, I have worked with leading technology companies in Nigeria.

This gives me a unique opportunity to continue the impressive work of the company leadership in building a payment platform that has become the payment bridge connecting Africa with the rest of the world.

VoguePay was established in the year 2012 to enable individuals and businesses in Nigeria to send and receive payments globally.

The company was founded by four Nigeria entrepreneurs – Leke Ojikutu, Michael Simeon, Geoffrey Weli Wosu, and Quam Ojikutu

The unique proposition of VoguePay in the early days in the early days of operations was to offer a PayPal alternative for Nigerians.

At the time, legacy payment gateways charged about $1,000 for their APIs but VoguePay offered its APIs for free.

We also coded plugins that can be integrated with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and other content management software SMEs used in developing their websites.

In the first year of our operations, we recorded more than 17,000 small-and-medium enterprises that used VoguePay to send and receive payments.

Today, we’ve grown exponentially and had operational offices across the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Estonia, and Nigeria.



Voguepay has been around for some years now, what are the services you render?

VoguePay delivers a modern way of making and receiving payments globally.

On our PCI-DSS level 1 secured gateway, transactions are safer, cheaper and more accessible as we support millions of transactions annually.

In addition to payment processing, VoguePay is presently working towards launching VoguePay Digital (a borderless financial suite).

It is a digital bank built to serve both local and Diaspora’s personal and business financial needs.

The borderless banking suite will transform how people access account services, savings, loans and mortgages as we promote Intra Africa trade and travels.

This process started with the Central Bank of Bahrain’s regulatory nod for VoguePay to launch innovative payment solutions in the MENA region.

How to integrate voguepay with website

What are the differences between personal and business accounts?

Users can create an account for personal use or for business purposes.

With a personal account, users can use the basic features of our payment engine to send and receive money locally and internationally.

For example, a personal account user can request payment directly from a social media platform by generating a payment link to send on Whatsapp.

Business users have access to powerful back-office business tools and analytics to manage their operations.

Some of these business tools include invoicing, customer insight, sales reports.

We also have a bulk withdrawal feature, which is suitable for paying your staff salaries.

And also, a tool to help you sell downloadable products such as ebooks, e-pins, etc, and many more features.

For each user category, VoguePay has a simple onboarding process that enables users to update their KYC to meet the statutory requirements.


Voguepay accepts international payment, what are the card payment and online payment processors do you allow?

At the moment, we support all card schemes (majorly Mastercard and VISA).

We also support other means of payment via bank transfer and USSD payment.


Kindly discuss briefly the steps involved to start using voguepay to accept payment and withdraw it?

  • To start accepting payment with VoguePay, the first step is to signup for a free account.
  • This is followed by a simple KYC onboarding where necessary account info is submitted for verification.
  • For business account users, the next step will be to integrate our payment plugins and extensions.

We have developed a detailed guide for all these steps on our website.

More so, our customer support team is always available to assist with these processes where help is needed.


How do you secure the funds and data of your clients from crackers?

VoguePay is a PCI DSS level 1 certified financial institution.

This means that we have bank-grade level security for all financial transactions on our gateway.

Our bespoke security algorithm, transaction monitoring and friendly protection policies for both buyers and sellers are part of our measures to protect the financial integrity of our gateway.


We would like you to mention some of your business partnerships and awards?

Voguepay partnership and awards

Today, VoguePay has scaled up to over 100,000 merchants in key markets like North Americas, South Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa that use our payment services.

This has won us several industry recognitions including an award rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the most prestigious award ceremonies that represent the whole of the African continent.

VoguePay has been duly recognized for outstanding leadership in payment innovation, with more than 12 global awards.

The most recent ones being the coveted “African Fintech Company of the Year” award at British Award for African Development and the African Ambassadors and Diaspora Interactive Forum in 2019.

In previous years, VoguePay has worked with and has been recognized by leading financial institutions like Central Bank of Bahrain, Interpol, Central Bank of Nigeria and other government institutions.


What’s still your biggest challenge and what are your plans to overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges in the tech space generally is talent.

A lot of our local developers are looking for greener pastures outside the country, the immediate impact is the huge cost of attracting and retaining these talents.

Also, as a tech company, you still have to deal with the everyday reality of managing people, working with regulators and infrastructure limitations.


What’s the next big thing to expect from Voguepay to achieve and where do you see the company in the next five years?

We have a lot in pipelines. We will definitely announce them when the time is right.


It has been wonderful speaking with you, What role do you expect the Nigerian government to play in improving cashless transaction in Nigeria?

Already, the government is driving the cashless initiatives through policies that discourage cash.

For example, extra charges apply for cash deposits beyond the threshold set by CBN.

Also, the recent reduction of charges for ATM transactions and card maintenance is the right move.

It is obvious that CBN is open to feedback which is reflected in the directive to remove extra N50 on POS transactions.

I’m confident that the agency banking drive will have a direct implication on the adoption of cashless as many people can conveniently pay for products and services with money in their mobile money wallets.


How would your potential clients get to you?

They can visit us on our website  –  and also on social media platforms such as FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

They can as well reach out to us via email and call line displayed on our website.

Publiseer Online Music & Book Publishing Growth Projection

Digital Media market growth

The global media and entertainment industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade.
The digital media market is still expected to grow at about 4% this year and the next.
This has made the companies in various verticals of this industry to increase their network and tap more into the huge potentials of this market.
One of the top digital media companies in Nigeria, Publiseer, recently discussed their preparedness to grow their music and ebook publishing platform to become one of the best in Africa.

Publiseer Growth Projection

Chidi Nwaogu, the Co-CEO, Publiseer said within the next five years, they will transform from being a digital content aggregator to being a digital content marketplace that directly sells digital contents on different verticals.
His plan is to start off with their regular digital products which are e-books, audiobooks, songs, music videos, short and feature films, and movie series.
He continued, as we continue to grow in user size, both with the number of creators and customers using our platform and also in revenue, we will gradually add more types of digital content.
This will be based on the results of a continued survey we will send out to our customers, to know what type of content they will love to see on our platform.
We intend to build a digital content marketplace where creators from emerging markets can sell their digital content to the entire world, and build a growing fanbase as they do.

Publiseer Subscription

We will launch two revenue models for our digital content marketplace to foster flexibility.
For our customers that often consume more content every day, the subscription-based model will be excellent for them since they consume a lot of content regularly, and thus the ‘pay per item’ model might be not be encouraging for them.
But for those who do not consume a lot of our content regularly, the subscription model wouldn’t be ideal for them, so they will find more sense in paying per item.
So, both models will be put in place and will be tailored to the right customer.
We will work hard on our product to ensure that it has the most flexible payment system, which includes airtime payment, mobile money payment, and bank card payment.
This will make our platform the most convenient customer payment marketplace.
How Music and Book publisher will get their rewards
In addition, our creators will be able to receive their royalties through a very flexible payment system, which includes local bank account transfer and mobile money transfer, making digital content monetization fast and secure.
Also, our creators will be able to sell their content on our platform using two methods, the freemium and premium method, which makes it flexible.
For those who don’t have the money to list it on our platform, they list for free and share 25% of the revenue with us. And for those who have the money, they pay an upfront yearly recurring fee and keep the entire revenue.
The beauty of this system will be that our creators can switch from freemium to premium at any time, and back, giving them the flexibility that they need.

What is Publiseer Pro

To build upon our value proposition, we will be introducing ‘Publiseer Pro’.
Typically, when a creator signs up to our platform, their content is non-exclusive to us.
This means that they can sell it elsewhere if they want to, i.e. they keep all the distribution rights to their content.
However, we intend to discover and sign creators whose content we strongly believe in or those whose content is selling faster than others.
When we sign such creators, we go into a contract for a minimum of two years, and we work closely with them to promote and launch their careers.
They will move over to ‘Publiseer Pro’, which discovers, signs and builds rising African talents.
In a nutshell, when we find a creator we believe in, we offer them an exclusive distribution deal which includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding, and PR.
This is focused on keeping our successful creators. In the next five years, our goal is to grow Publiseer into being the number one goto utility in Africa for digital content distribution.
And judging from the increasing rate at which people from the UK, Canada, the United States, and Sweden are signing up to Publiseer, who knows, Publiseer could be a global phenomenon.

How to learn Electrical Engineering online free on Apps

Smartphones allow us to carry out all kinds of activities related to information processing anywhere, in the market today, we find thousands of applications of great utilities for professionals and students from different disciplines.

For the thousands of engineers and students of electronics who want to be mobile with their learning, we bring to you the top applications that you can not afford to miss on your mobile or tablet as an engineer, electronic technician, and student engineer.

The applications you see below allow you to take electronics everywhere, so you always have good support at the time of your work.


1. Basic Electronic Engineering
Basic Electronics an application that allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the components, makes an illustration of the mechanisms and also informs you of the utility and their functions.


2. Electrodroid Pro
It is a powerful and complete compilation of the elementary operations that every electrical technician should know and you can learn on the go. You can download it here from their website.

Among the most important features, are the classic and typical calculations for the configuration of transistor, amplifier, operational, resistance and some integrated circuits. It provides a complete list of the most used connectors in electronics.


3. Electronics Toolbox
It is prepared for technicians or engineering students, it helps you to calculate pic-type attenuators, LSR series or parallel circuits, calculate figures on an RF amplifier.

Design and calculate radio antennas, filters bands, calculate RMS peak voltages among other things.


4. Every Circuit
This application is made for people who already have advanced knowledge in electronics, and with this powerful application, you can design and simulate Electronic circuits just like you do on your computer; not only that, you can also display waveforms, voltage, and current values.


5. DroidTesla Pro
It is a powerful electronic simulator very resourceful with thousands of electronic components that enable you to simulate circuits with a bipolar transistor, LEDs, capacitors, sources of alternating current or continuous, logical floodgates and even circuits based on the NE 555. You can download it now


6. PICmicro Database
It is a complete base of PIC microcontrollers, it allows you to control the PIC or dsPIC features. The application has a special guide to download the datasheets directly from the Microchip web and also integrates easily with electro droid.


7. Arduinodroid
This is one of the most widespread and most adept development platforms and it is easy to manage and also has a huge list of accessories and documents.

It is possible to program the  Arduino card without having to be working on a terminal with a traditional operating systems like Windows, Mac OS among others.

As for the programming language used, it is handled by the Arduino ID; the functions and advantages of this application are very useful when you’re programming your Arduino.

8 Advantages of Sharing Files over a Network

Advancements in technology are quickly transforming how the corporate world runs.

Businesses that are moving with technology have realized a lot of benefits in terms of efficiency.


Increased efficiency has led to saving on unnecessary spending, and as a result, increased returns substantially.

Companies exchange emails and other correspondence with other organizations as well as their clients.

This correspondence is just one way of communication.


It is also possible nowadays to exchange more than just emails and fax messages.

Technology has now enabled institutions and individuals to share large files securely.

This ability has improved and enhanced how most businesses operate.

Using file sharing network vs over a computer

Here are some of the most impressive benefits of file sharing


A Summary of the Benefits of File Sharing

• Increased Working Hours
• Grab Opportunities Anywhere, Anytime
• Increased Productivity
• Share Documents and Files Privately
• Safeguard Your Files
• Manage Your Files and Save Time
• Enhance Collaboration with Work Mates
• Incorporate Clients and Partners


It Makes Employees to Work More Easily

About 61% of workers in the corporate sector report having worked outside their offices at least once in their schedule.

They are only able to do so since they can send the required files to their offices using devices such as laptops and smartphones.

This allows them to put extra work hours, which is beneficial to corporations.


It Makes You Work Anywhere, Anytime

It doesn’t matter whether you are enjoying coffee at your favorite coffee joint or enjoying a holiday at some beach in the Caribbean, you can be hit up by a business proposition at any time.

Such businesses do not come quite often. You must always be on your toes since such opportunities are rare and disappear just as fast.

File sharing comes in handy when you are caught up in such situations.

You can put up the required proposals or business documents and send them effortlessly from anywhere in the world, thus closing up such deals.


It helps increasing Your  Productivity

Every member of a team has a different way of working.

Forcing individuals to work in one particular manner in a confined environment kills creativity and motivation.

People have different preferences, experiences, and habits and will not react in the same way when putting in the same situation.

Having the ability to share files allows workers to customize their workflows.

Every individual will take up his or her best working environment and also work at their most convenient times as long as they keep the set deadlines.

Employees can then work at home if they want, at the library for those who like silence and maybe when traveling.

Improved flexibility leads to increased productivity and saves a lot of time and resources.

Check this article on Forbes and know how to improve workers’ productivity in some easy steps.


It Helps Sharing Documents and Files Privately

There are those photos that you do not want to share on social media platforms, but still, want your friends and families to see.

You can send such images irrespective of their size through file-sharing software available and enjoy those moments with your friends and family.


It Helps Safeguarding Your Files

If you have ever lost your laptop, you would understand the pain of losing your work.

You do not even feel the angry because of losing the device but of the years of work you’ve put together getting lost just like that.

When you have your files in the cloud, you lose the fear of losing or having your gadgets damaged.

You could lose or damage as many laptops or smartphones, but your data will always be intact.

It is one of the safest and easiest ways of storing and retrieving data.

In addition to this, you can work from anywhere whether you have your devices or not.

Explore some interesting notes from The Guardian here.


It Helps Managing Your Files and Saves Time

Emails are the right way of communications.

However, emails can be cumbersome, especially if you want to find a specific one after sending a lot over a period, it would be challenging and time-consuming.

Well, instead of that, you use cloud services such as Dropbox to share files with others.

By doing this, you not only share the files with ease but you also have them arranged neatly in folders.

Instead of going through a mass of emails to root out just that one important email, you go to a particular folder and get your files.

You can also sort out your folders easily and move them from one gadget to another or among your workmates.

You do not have to use traditional file sharing methods like using USBs.

This saves you a lot of time and prevents important files from getting lost in the process.


It Enhances Collaboration with Work Mates

Collaboration should not be only at the workplace, but everywhere else since all that you do affects your team in one way or another.

Being able to share files is one of the best ways you can enhance that team spirit and motivation.

If you are not able to share files, then you have to always be physically with one another for anything constructive to take place.

This requires a lot of effort and is extremely time-consuming. It also lowers down productivity a great deal.


It Incorporates Clients and Partners

File-sharing technology is so effective. You do not have to waste any time to get back to your desk to share relevant correspondence with your clients or partners.

You can send or receive files from your clients or partners at any time and in any place.

You have to send a link or obtain one from them that allows you to access the shared files.

You could bring in clients or partners to your team if need be without having to meet them physically.

Most employees who have the perception that their workplace utilizes technology effectively tend to be more creative, comfortable and productive.

They are convenient since they know that they don’t have to work with the pressure of fixed working hours that are common with most organizations.

Comfortable workers are more likely to be more creative since they enjoy what they do.