How Quantum Teleportation is Possible

Quantum telepathy and quantum teleportation are closely related terms, particularly in the field of science fiction and in popular culture.
In the movies, the characters frequently use the words “quantum” or “photon” to mean telepathy or mind control.

Quantum Communication

First, it is necessary to understand what quantum communication is.
Basically, the theories of quantum mechanics state that light and microwaves have no definite speed which can be measured, only frequency.
These waves travel through a vacuum, or empty space at the same speed as the particles that form it.
When two particles near each other swap information, this information is sent across in the form of waves, which can travel faster than the speed of light through matter.
This information travels from one particle to another in what is called a wave.
If these waves can be used to transmit information, they are the backbone of quantum systems and the main features of all quantum technologies.

Is Quantum computing real?

In principle, if we can control the units within our computers and then send this information to another person’s computer, we could indeed telepathically communicate.
But how is this done exactly? In short, it is done by using a technique called quantum entanglement.
This is when two or more identical particles are thrown around by an electron and then harnessed by another particle.
Once this entangled pairing is formed, the wave of information carried to become much stronger than that which would be carried by light.
What is Entanglement
Entanglement is the key to the concept of quantum teleporting.
Entanglement occurs when two or more particles are linked by a strong magnetic field, or even when two or more such particles are near each other in a cloud of virtual particles.
The information carried in this virtual cloud is the same as the information carried by light, though the waves are much weaker.
By the use of entangled partners, quantum computing scientists have been able to put to work a long-held dream of quantum teleporting information.
Physics of vacuums
A third layer is added to the already strong foundation of quantum mechanics called quantum information theory.
This third layer is actually a field of study known as the ‘physics of vacuums.’
In the field of quantum information theory, scientists believe that at certain very high temperatures, quantum systems can become unstable.
They believe this happens because of the presence of something known as a ‘vacuum’ at these very high temperatures.
If you think about it for a moment, you will see that the entire universe is nothing but a ‘virtual’ machine.

Laws of Quantum Computing

When you take the Law of Quantum Polarity into consideration, you realize that nothing exists in a vacuum – everything is ‘entities’ moving about an empty space.
If the Law of Non-Resistance was applied, then everything is subject to the pull of gravity, and all of the entities and objects within that space would be left in a virtual vacuum at absolute zero (or ‘nothing’ or infinity).
This is the crux of the argument advanced by Bell and others that states if there is not something to push against the force of gravity, then there cannot be anything to invoke the Law of Non-Resistance.
However, theists argue that the entire universe is a complex system, composed of many interacting entities, and they further argue that these entities each have their own individual laws of physics, which are in constant motion with one another and will continue to move together forever.
Now if we apply the same reasoning to Bell’s Theorem, we get the following result: Every action has an opposite reaction, and every entity has a definite position in time.
Since every event occurs in the quantum system at a single instant, then each of the entities being examined must have a definite position in time relative to all other entities in the system at that very instant in time.
And since every time interval is a definite magnitude and since the size of sub-microsections of the entire quantum system is just as large, then it follows that the sum of all such fractions is just as much as the total area of the observable universe.
So on such a grand scale, the Laws of Motion become untrue.
But this is just an example of a larger argument and not an argument based on the quantum laws themselves.
Bell’s original theorem was formulated as Bell’s Theorem applied to telephones, where he proved that it was impossible for an individual to call another individual without being able to recognize them through some kind of non-phenomenological, or ‘measurement’ method.
Thus, he claimed that there must be some way to construct a tool that could measure the quantum state of any entity instantaneously and thus allowing communication between the two individuals using a non-phenomenological method.
And, with the help of his undergraduate student Burt Reynolds Bell did just that! In the early nineteen eighties, Bell was instrumental in developing what is known today as the Bell experiments.
He built the first radio antenna using twenty-five pounds of wire and later used it to teleconference with William Taylor.
The Bell experiments made quantum communication possible, but in Bell’s words “the real matter is that we do not understand how it works.”

70+ Programming Learning Websites to Start from Scratch

Learning computer programming languages is getting easier every day as the field is also getting more lucrative.

You can now learn how to start coding, develop programs to accomplish tasks in a better way in the comfort of your home.

There are more than 200 programming languages and I’ve researched the biggest active websites to learn the most used and popular coding languages from scratch as a beginner or continue with advanced learning as a professional.

These are the interactive programming learning websites

How to learn programming language from scratch



w3 Fools

The New Boston

Team Tree House


Android development training

Code Conquest



A list Apart

HTML 5 Rocks

Learn Python the hard way

Mozilla Developer

The Code Developer

After Hours Programming

SQL zoo




Solo Learn

CSS Tricks


General assembly

David Walsh

Tuts plus

HTML dog

Got immersion

Conquering the Command line

Rails Tutorial

Rails for Zombies

The code player

Command line power user

CSS 3 learning

Team tree house



Code to Win

Try bloc

Code Academy


Try Haskell

js fiddle


Learn Python

Google coding site

Code Pad

Coding School

The Odin Project

Coding bat


Try Ruby

Hackety hack

Python Anywhere

Try Python

Python Schools


Node school

Eloquent JavaScript




JavaScript for cats

Learn JavaScript

Learn Ruby the hard way

Learn Python the Hard way


WordPress Beginning



Computer Animation Methods and Techniques

Computer animation is about bringing life to inanimate objects in a video.

It’s in two categories – Computer-assisted animation, and computer-generated animation.

There are different types of animation systems in computer graphics, and each type is subdivided into several other categories.

The five basic types of computer animation are the following

  • Cel Animation (Traditional or Hand-drawn)
  • 2D Animation (also called Vector)
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Stop Motion

computer animation methods and techioques

Computer Animation Methods

Computer Animation methods enable animators to create high quality, animated movies, or video games with the help of special computer software.

The methods are often used to create computer-generated images from scratch or from already existing images or video clips.

Computer Animation

There are many types of Animation methods available in the market today.

Each method has processes involved in creating animated objects.

These include; Beginnings, Transitions, Effects, Combinations, and Special effects.

Each of these is discussed in brief in this article.



The first part of any animation process is the preparation of the image or video clip for processing.

This is also referred to as the drawing path.

It is very important because you have to draw every single frame of the film frame by frame to form the image of the cartoon.

Once you understand the drawing path, you will be able to animate your characters.

During this stage, the details of the scene are planned out, lines are drawn, and color combinations are decided upon.

Various textures can also be used to provide depth to the final scene.

After a rough drawing is done, the image is scanned into the computer and is ready for some pixel-based changes.

Screen composition is used for deciding where to place various objects. Image processing software is used to alter and combine the data into an animated scene.



The next part of the process is the actual animation process, which is known as the transition or change in the image from one frame to another.

This is often done with the help of texturing or FX (lighting, shading, and reflections).

Many of these methods are based on the known techniques of film editing.

Motion-adaptation is used for simulating human motion in slow-mo or speed-of-motion sequences.



This is perhaps the most widely used part of Computer Animation.

It involves the blending or piecing together of many image processes such as light patterns, color palettes, depth-of-field blurring, blurred images, or screen wipes.

Many effects can be combined to give a final ‘look’.



Another computer animation method is called ‘camera ray tracing’.

In this method, the rays of light are traced from the camera to the chosen character.

When these rays collide with the chosen character’s surface, it will create an image of the character.

Of course, you need to use the right type of camera for this method.

If you use the wrong camera, your character will look unreal and you will lose your desired realism.

This method is used to give a smooth 3D effect. It follows a ray-tracing process.

The end result is usually somewhere between a traditional 2D cartoon drawing and a 3D animation.

This is the process of computing where the ray-tracing is applied to image sequences and producing the desired effect.

Of the many computer animation methods, the three that are the most popular and the ones that have found the most success in terms of production value are; Macclesfield, Brzescko, and Pixar.

Macclesfield is probably the oldest of the three; it uses a combination of pen-drawn animation and digital matte paintings.

Brzescko is an impressive example of a program that uses a combination of photographic images to produce a scene.



Another way of producing animation is with the help of computer animation methods called ‘animating’.

This is usually the most expensive but also the most interesting because the viewer gets to see the characters moving through the scene as they speak, laugh, or cry.

The most famous of these animation styles is Pixar. Created by the Pixar film company in the early 1990s, their animation technique called the animating technique is still in use today.

Other companies have followed suit and so there are many more animation techniques available.



There are still other computer animation methods available. One example is the ‘box-shadow’.

In this method, the areas which are dark will be highlighted and the light areas will get their background color.

This way, it will look more realistic. If you want to learn more about computer animation, you can check out some animation websites online.



If you want to create computer animation, learning these computer animation methods will surely make a lot of difference to you.

Even if you just want to create a simple animation for fun, you will never regret having learned these techniques.

The animation is of great importance today because it has affected popular culture.

Cartoons have changed people’s lives; movies have made stars out of millions; interactive computer games and toys are not unknown anymore.

All of these things can be traced back to the art of computer animation.

How Voice Recognition System helps Machine Learning

With all of the challenges that artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology pose in this day and age, everyone is starting to ask these questions.

  • What are the benefits of voice recognition?
  • How are we going to overcome these challenges?

In this article, I will try to give you some of the answers you need to know.

Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of what this technology means and how you can use it in your business and even personal life.

The impacts of voice recognition in machine learning

What are the benefits of voice-recognition methods?

Simply put, it’s an automated system that takes audio from a source and attempts to identify and recognize speech within it.

Today, this technology looks like it’s going to be the most powerful platform for speech recognition.

If you don’t already use it, you are missing out on many of the potential benefits.

  • Accuracy

Perhaps, one of the first areas you’ll hear covered when talking about voice recognition methods is performance accuracy.

You may think that this topic is irrelevant for those just trying to take dictation or record a lecture.

It’s a very valid question. After all, we don’t all have perfect memory and we don’t all deliver lectures with perfect punctuation and syntax.

However, if you are using speech-recognition software to help you train your team, you need to make sure that this technology is accurate enough to allow you to provide good service.

If it’s not, you’ll be losing a lot of money because your customer won’t get the experience they expect.


  • Identifying Speech Patterns

One more area you might not have thought of involves hidden Markov models.

You may not know anything about these models if you’re not interested in deep learning.

Hidden Markov models are used by many speech recognition systems to quickly identify speech patterns and create an audio artifact similar to what’s sometimes called “The beating of a drum”.

This is very useful for training purposes since it allows you to teach your team to recognize particular speech patterns.

A good example of this would be a teleconference call between multiple people, where you want your team to be able to quickly figure out who did what on the call without having to show them exactly what was said.

One more area that these software programs can help you with is identifying pauses and intonations in voice signals.

It’s a well-known fact that human speech varies a lot from one person to another, and sometimes it can be difficult to judge when someone is simply talking too fast or too slow.

These software programs can take any speech and analyze it, identifying the pace, pitch, enunciation, and even inflections that the speaker might use.

This makes it much easier for you to teach your team how to correctly speak with each other so that they can use the system to communicate more effectively.


  • Speech Quality

Additionally, another area that often gets overlooked is the quality of speech.

This is especially important if you are presenting a product or service to someone who doesn’t speak English.

In the past, there were a few different solutions to getting a runtime pitch, but most of them were either confusing or inaccurate.

Today, though, you can get software that will read any sort of voice signal for an English-speaker, so the quality of speech should be irrelevant when you are trying to train your team to talk faster.

Another area that these programs can help you with is identifying and isolating voice-recognition algorithms that can help you generate more accurate results.


Types of Voice-recognition Algorithm

There are two types of algorithm you can use – the first is the fmin and the second is the fmax filter bank.

The fmin is a very simple filter bank, which takes a very high level of frequency to generate speech, while the fmax is much more complex and is used for situations where there’s a good degree of variability.

Using the fmin and the fmax filter banks together can give you very high-quality voice recognition results, but it’s often useful to have separate software for each type of algorithm, simply because situations will call for different types.

In general, a speech-recognition system machine learning, and training need a data set of around 250 phrases.

This will be enough to allow the machine to start to recognize what you say, as well as what you’re trying to say.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t change the phrases that it puts together.

You should try to make sure that the final phrase that the program generates matches the final result of what you said in the beginning.

This will greatly reduce any mistakes that you might accidentally make when the software starts actually working.

You can easily fine-tune your machine during the course of your training.

How Much People Spend on Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year, and many industries are getting their fair share of the business.

It’s a time of giving, which means more people than we can count will be bringing their wallets to share a little love with the people they care about.

The usual gifts for the holidays have been leaning towards the technological extreme, putting gadgets and electronic devices at the top of everyone’s lists.

Tech gadgets to give your loved ones during christmas

Choosing Tech Products as Gift

Recently, we discussed the tech products you can buy and give to your loved ones as a gift this Christmas.

This is nothing new and will not change in any way

As technology keeps advancing and shaping all industries, new electronics with better features make it the choice of most people to bring home and to offer their friends.

If you want to ‘wow’ your family and friends this Christmas, you can purchasestylish device that can recognize your voice and decode commands with A.I.

The technology sounds a bit more expensive and difficult to make than a sock.

That changed the way we give gifts and has changed the amount of money we spend on them, as reported in a recent study by Betway Online Casino.


Facts about Spending during Christmas Season

The average consumer has inevitably made the holiday period really expensive for the past 30 years by always choosing the newest product.

Even new events that drive sales like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have had an impact on spending as consumers are eager for more.

For example, in 2019, more than $ 800 billion was spent on Christmas gifts across the United States.

The average American tends to focus their attention on the latest and therefore most expensive products on the market.

A regular outlay would be around $ 706 per year for each household.

If we go to Europe, we can find similarities in the way they use their money at parties.

The average UK shopper spends £ 512 each year on their gifts, which is part of an increase in numbers that has been going on for the past nine years.

However, the total spending is far less than in the US at a small amount (by comparison) of £ 20bn.

Other countries show different trends in how much they spend on Christmas.

A good example is Canada, which reduced its total to $ 11 billion and an average of $ 369 spent on gifts.

Going further, Australia and New Zealand, the two countries next to Canada on this matter, are slightly closer in numbers, with £ 10.3 billion spent in the first country and £ 5 billion in the second, as well as £ 295 and £ 166. per household, respectively.

The top spending country has seen some drastic changes in its economy, leaving large numbers of people out of work or receiving significantly lower wages, which would mean that the average would drop.

But not everything is what it seems. The launch of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has shown that the consumer spirit lives on with an enormous number of pre-orders in the US and around the world.

After all, it is the perfect time to dedicate it to what we really want.

Best Free Screen Recorder for PC – EaseUS RecExperts

Whether you run a business online or offline, once you have an official website for a business, then an explainer video can help clients to easily navigate your website.

An explainer video where you use a screen recording software like the EaseUS RecExperts to capture your computer screen as you navigate your site can really be a great help.

How to use EaseUS RecExperts screen recording software

Screen recording applications are not only used to capture computer screen to make an explainer video alone, it can also be used to record a meeting, online courses, gaming sessions.

Another advantage of a screen capture tool is the ability to record streaming content that you are not allowed to download.


Best Free Screen Recorder for PC

There are hundreds of screen recording software with the freemium model online, but if you want a powerful screen recording software for PC, you should try EaseUS RecExperts.

You can easily capture any area of your computer screen: Just select the area or capture the whole screen.

There are four options you can choose from here.

  • Full Screen
  • Select Region
  • Fixed Region
  • Lock Window

You can record both audio and video at the same time: Simply allow the program to access your computer microphone, and the software will record your voice or music you play in the background as it’s recording the screen.

One of the standouts of EaseUS RecExperts is the capacity to record your PC webcam, therefore, you can be live on the screen.

This increases the engagement of your audience as they feel connected and know the person behind the video, not just a robot talking.

To my gamer friends, Recexperts is the windows screen recorder for high-quality video games, both 2D and 3D games in 4Kuntra high definition resolution.


Key highlights

Best computer screen recording tool

EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder offers the following features in its premium version

  • Screen recording
  • Audio recording
  • Collaboration
  • Image Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Video Annotations

How to Use EaseUS RecExperts Screen recording Software

RecExperts works best on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 operating system and you can try the free trial.

However, the features are limited in the free trial but trust me, you can try the full version for less than $20.

Once you download the software successfully, check your file folder to run the application.

Congratulations, the app is now installed. You can now go to the settings to set your preference.

You can set the format you want to save your audio recording as well as the video.

You can also set the quality of the encoding features.

You can set whether you want the mouse movement to appear on the screen or not.

You can also use shortcuts to execute actions while you capture your computer screen.

Anytime you can want to screen record, just tap the REC button, that’s all.

You can use the timer to set the screen recording to start after specified seconds, for example, after 5 seconds, 1o seconds, etc.

This will help you to get relaxed and composed before starting the screen recording.

Similarly, you can use the auto-stop feature to end the recording. This is important if you don’t want the video to exceed your set time.

Once you stopped the recording, your video will be saved automatically under the video list.

From the folder, you can select your file and play it.


One of the most important factors people consider before purchasing software is the price.

EaseUS RecExperts pricing is fairly competitive in my opinion, not the cheapest but of course not expensive.

The one-month subscription goes for just $19.95, while you can save a few dollars when you purchase a year subscription at $49.95

For a lifetime subscription, the price is $69.95, that’s cool if you screen record regular and you get all the features and updated features in the future.



The need for screen recording has increased in recent times.

Your visitors want to get answers to the questions in their minds within a few seconds.

Therefore, offering a video that explains how to interact with your website is very essential.

With screen recording software, you can do that easily, it’s a no-brainer.

Greek Name Generator – Baby First, Last and Mythology Family Name| Male & Female gods & goddesses

Greece is one of the oldest nations and there are many of elements of history associated with this great nation.

If you’d like to use Greek name for any purpose and you want to generate fake names, know what your English name is in Greek, you want names that sound like Greek or you want to create fictional Greek gods and goddesses.

If you want Greek baby’s names for both female and male, learn about the Greek mythology, creation myths, their culture, language, artistic works, etc, the following tools are developed to perform the tasks

fakenametool is a Greek profile generator that will generate a male or female Greek name, the family and the last name, the city name where the person lives, the fake address, fake phone number, fake random username and password, random fake credit card details when you visit the site or choose a gender and the country such as Greece.


Donjon is a special tool among fantasy names generator we’ve reviewed.

There are different types of unique names it can generate. Just select from the list, such as common names, monstrous names, names from the ancient world, medieval Europe, Asia, and the far east, Africa, and the new world.

After that, you select the nature of the names, whether normal good names or spirit names.

Some of the categories are human male and female names, Dwarvish names, Elvish names, and Halfling names which you can select and generate 10 corresponding names.


Scriboly is the ideal tool to create your own Greek god. It’s a divine name generator that randomly generates names that are similar to and sound like Greek names. It simulates the names of Greek gods, goddesses, and their deities to create a perfect fictional god.


worldnamegenerator Ancient Greek Name Generator is super easy to get ancient names in Greece as it randomly creates real greek names for both males and females and displays upon visit.

You can also generate another list of 15 names with a mix of men and women’s names.

We observe here that boy’s names are more than a girl’s names in their database.


However, you can select your preferences, especially gender status, and generate names according to your settings.

The developer claimed they have over 1,500 male names and over 500 female names you’d like to use.

Just like in Japan names, Greeks uses a patronymic style of naming in the ancient time where a family name and patronymic is only used.

ides and ion are common suffixes that are added to their names or married women bear the names of their husbands upon marriage.

While you can not generate full Greek names on this site, you can still create about the 50 names that have surnames or family names, first name, and given names such as first and middle and last names from different nationalities.

How to get popular greek	 baby names using online app

Greece101 is one of the most resourceful sites for getting to know about Greek culture.

It’s awesome generating Greek mythology names, female and male names, unique baby girl’s and baby boy’s names by just ticking the box to select the preferred gender or tick unisex and generate a new baby name.

There’s a list of Greek names you can find on the site, starting from alphabet A in which each Greek name translated to the Greek language.

The meanings of the names are listed in written form and the origins such as names from Ancient Greek, Greek mythology names, Hebrew origin, Scandinavian origin, Persian origin, and Modern origin.

For example:

  • Hilarion in Greek is Ιλαρίων, it means happy and it’s from ancient Greek origin
  • Giannis in greek is Γιάννης, it means God’s favored and it’s from the Hebrew origin
  • Floros in greek is Φλώρος, it means Flower and from Latin origin

A similar one to Greece101 is which you can also use to create fake Greek names. It does not generate real names but the ones you can use for fun.

It generates a maximum of 20 names that sound like a Greek name at a time and some other tools are Extreme Fantasy Names generator, Character generator, and Weird Name Generators.

You can as well write your family name of you’re a Greek to get to know more about the name Genealogy.

Add your mother’s maiden, your grandmother’s maiden name, or your dad’s mum’s maiden name to their record and for each family, name people search.

A point is recorded for such name which they show to others how popular the name is that people want to know about it.

When we searched the history of Augustus origin, we got information that the surname was an ancient name that means dignity, benevolence, and command much respect and the Christian name means ‘widespread’, The name is not commonly used again compared to the 7th century.

Some of the notable people that were also christened later in 17 century are Richard Augustus on 25/04/1733, William Augustus on 22/05/1726, and John Augustus on 15/12/1739.

They’ve been able to pull so much information about Greek culture and added to their database.

As a registered member, you can leave a message for people with the same surname as yours ( commonly called Tribe), find them and connect, ask more questions about your ancestral name or give more knowledge about it, including your own immediate family.

You can as well learn thousands of regional Greek dances, regions. Islands, mountains, Greek arts, language and culture, history, literature, myths, and legends, etc.

There are basic information on Greek mythology names, Greek god and goddesses such as Zeus, the supreme god of the Olympian gods who control the sky, rains, and thunder.

Ares, the god of war and a child of Zeus and Hera while Hera is also the goddess of the marriage union, and childbearing. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war and she’s one of the most popular goddesses in Greece.

Learn about other Greek male and female gods such as Hermes, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hades, Apollo, and female warriors. diamond logo 1

Roman Name Generators – Baby’s Cognonem, Praenomen| Male & Female Ancient Soldier, God & Goddess Names

Rome is undoubtedly one of the ancient empires in the world that has rich histories of past times and development of both humans and infrastructures during the dark ages.

Roman used to be the first name of every male child in the time past but now they have the family names and given names.

Examples of roman names are Gaius, Valentinian, Publius, Marcus, Varius, Virginia, Lucius, Vettius, Aulus, Gnaeus, and so on.

To get your own real roman name and profile or random fake names to protect your identity online, check the following roman names generators.

How to get popular Roman baby names using online app

abarothsworld is a roman name generator that randomly selects 60 names for role players.

You don’t make any select here, just refresh the page and get another set of a long list of names.

It generates male names and female names separately and you get varieties of names at a time.

Such other random names that can be gotten are names for male Norse and female Norse (Scandinavian names), male and female Elven names (spirit names), Minarian names, Dwarven names for men and women, Orc names, Anglo-Saxon Males, and Anglo-Saxon Females.

The golden tool is for creating a roman name. You enter your real name and it will generate a unique roman name.

However, the meaning of your English in Roman name is not given and it does not translate your name.

It generates both boys and girls roman names separately and gives you a typical full ancient name.

A typical Roman female or male name should be three, the personal name (given name or Praenomen) the name of his tribe (Nomen), and the family name which is also called Cognomen in ancient Rome. Some names can even have Agnomen, other names.

The developer made it known that the tool gets your praenomen from the first name you submitted, nomem from the last name, and combine the two to give you cognomen.

As a plus, you get Agnomen if you can supersede Hannibal or perform some other tasks very well.

They also reinstate that the tool does not give you names in Latin translation or such a tool that tell you the meaning of roman name in let’s say Hindi or Islam but it’s more of a name converter that converts the English words to its Latin form.

There are other things you can do, like, learning about Roman history and culture, their coins, Statues, Mosaics, paintings, poetry, etc


springhole is another simple tool that gives you names that look like or/and sound like Latin/Roman names and that’s all.

They’re fantasy and not real names to choose for a character, maybe for entertainment.

Examples are: Laublian, Tesius, Evemaius, Ecaurbaia, Quapa, etc.

Other random names generators by the author are Retro fantasy Greek-like names and Mesopotamy-like names, Deity names, celestial body generators.

Male and female Roman names and their meanings

namegenerators provide roman names, legion names for boys and girls, Latin boys and girls’ and famous ancient names for both male and female gender, everything at random.

You select your preferred gender, name set, and country, and generate the names, including personal information such as an address, phone, BOD, email address, website, username, social security code, credit card details, personal attributes, interest, and others

The name generator is one of the pretty ones in this niche with several other name generators developed by the same developer.

Some others are Finnish names, Polish, Igbo names, Dutch, Irish names for baby boy and girls, male and female adult names, website name, username, brand, and business name generators.

Quizopolis does the simple trick like others. Enter your first English name and last name, choose your gender, and get beautiful girl’s names and cute boy’s names depending on what you’ve selected.

Other useful tools by the author are the trailer pack name generator, animal’s names, Romanian name, Australian name, Valentines, fantasy names generator to create a name for your future husband, Vampire, next baby Names, zombie names, pilgrim name, Greek name, superhero, supermodel, stage names generators and others.


legionxxiv is not in any way a name generator, translator, or converter but a very useful site to get information about the roman military, the gladiator combat, culture, etc.

If you’re searching for roman soldier names, real female and male roman American gladiator’s name their history, legion 24 is helpful.

You can as well get a list of roman male names, surnames, first, last and middle names, learn about the “Tria Nomina” naming system (the praenomen, nomen, and the cognomen), its importance and distinction, and how it was used to distinguish between origin, the “peregrimus” which are not foreigners who later become soldiers in the military and the slaves who only have one name.

It lists sample female names, praenomen, nomen, cognomen, male and female name, how married women use suffixes with their husbands’ names, and how slaves assume the praenomen of their master and add a suffix to it when they’re under service and also bearing their name with their master’s name after liberty.



fantasynamegenerators This tool, just like other generators by the same publisher, generates 10 random roman male and female names and you can now click to get only ten men’s names or women’s names.

The names are popular ancient names in the roman empire and you get the full name which is the combination of the given name, the clan name, and the family name; similar to surname, first name but the only difference is that in ancient Rome, the differentiate citizens by tribe and bear their tribe’s names.


nameberry If you’re finding a fine name to give to your baby, nameberry baby names search engine works well in this regard. Select boy or girl or either to find a name collection of the two genders.

One thing I like about the name search is that they have such names in their database and you can search for a name with a specific character.

For example, you can search for Latin girl names that start with A or search for any baby name that starts with C and other alphabets.

You can also search a name that ends with a particular character or contains some set of characters, selects the number of syllables the name should have. With this, you can find short or long names.

You can also choose the origin of the name to get, the English meaning and state the popularity status, that is, if you want popular roman names, familiar names, or uncommon names.

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Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps For IPad, iPhone and Android

Just as you know, Golf is a game involving basically a rod-like equipment called a Club, and a ball.

The drill is that the ball is tactically struck into a tiny hole from a pretty long distance.

Since people are increasingly aspiring to play golf, either professionally or as yet another pastime, creating an android application to help people become better golfers has become indeed necessary and some of these innovative apps will be explored here, especially those that are swing related.

Swing is simply the manner in which a golfer uses the club against the ball (cue) when striking. Apps like these assist players in analyzing and improving on it.

Mobile apps to help learning golf game

SWINGAID GOLF MOBILE APP should be the first on our list since it has the highest average rating on the Google Playstore compared to others.

The offerer is the South Korean SwingAid Golf team and it’s a whooping twenty-four megabytes (24.53mb) in size, pretty large we must say.

However, this piece of software lets users record and systematically analyze swings bit by bit so as to uncover what will normally go unnoticed with the bare eyes of a beholder.

It also allows for a comparison between swing actions so that flaws and strengths can be easily identified for subsequent improvement.

This is part of what top-ranking golf pros do to stay afloat not just in the game of golf but also in the game of winning tournaments and trophies.

Asides recording, the wonderful app also allows users to share swing clips to an online community of golf enthusiasts, known as ‘Fix me’, for feedback, comments, suggestions, or help which presupposes that some sort of registration and login is required.

It is also claimed by the developers that the app is also useful for other sports like tennis and baseball.

The app is worth about a hundred thousand downloads and promises to be a treasure for golfers in general.

Another one is the V1 sports-offered V1 GOLF APP, the developer is based in the USA, Michigan precisely.

This is a simple golf app which allows for not just recording of swings but also provides access to clips capturing swings of champs and veterans in the game for up and coming players to learn from.

It also lets users share swings but this time over Facebook and a V1 instructors platform for professional analysis and assistance.

It comes packed with a simple array of editing tools giving users the control over the feel of their recordings and snapshots.

The needed split-screen feature is of course also incorporated for easy comparison.

It’s sized at about thirty-four megabytes and has over five hundred downloads to its name— forgot to add that it seems very intuitive and easy to use.


GOLF SWING VIEWER,  an app offered by Yosi Kmart and 1.61mb in size — SUPRISED?!!!!! don’t be because unlike the last two applications mentioned which can both record and view swing videos, this one only view already recorded swings, just as the name suggests.

In other words, it can only be used to view and analyze prepared swing videos hence its relatively small size. This app doesn’t really have a lot to offer.

However, it is just as simple and basic as a swing viewing app can get and as such pretty useful.

The only fear is that it’s been 2 Years since this app was last updated which can raise some doubts about its efficacy.

Whichever way one views this, there is certainly no harm in checking it out.

So, that’s all for this piece and it’s hoped that this article will go a long way in assisting both amateur and veteran golfers to make informed decisions on which android application to go for with the view of raising the bar of their prowess in the game.

How to Create, Keep and Track Health Record with Apps

Track My Medical Records is an electronic medical record mobile app developed by Digimia in NJ.

Digimia is the founder of and they’ve been in the business of keeping medical records for many years.

This free Medical Record app eases your record-keeping on their website as a registered member.

However, you can use the app without having an account on their website.

Just start imputing your medical-related activities and that of your family on the app to keep track of important information.

Digital medicalrecord keeping with online apps

The medical record is very important to keep you healthy and fit as it guards you on your goal to achieve better health.

Having a diary on your mobile phone ( medical record app) keeps you in line with knowing the DOs and DONTs.

Once you installed the app and sign up, it connects to the website to keep your records and backup your data in the cloud to avoid loss if you mess with the app.

With the Track My Medical Record app, you don’t need any notepad, insurance, or bank to keep your health records.

Just add whatever information to the app or on their website with your note.

Data such as the date you input the information, the doctor or physician that attended to you, their suggestions and things you should take note about your health in the future, and lots more.

you can as well adjust the records if need be.

You and I know health records need to be kept private and most people don’t like to reveal their health conditions to others.

Here, your data is encrypted and well secured, and people can not parse your saved information.

You can also make use of the app while offline to access your data but you need an internet connection to save your medical records.


Medical Records is another mobile app to help to keep health records, either personal health records or family medical history.

It was developed by the MarkevSoft app developer in the Republic of Belarus.

This app enables you to monitor your health by keeping notice of signs, symptoms, and health-related activities such as using drugs or medications which could help doctors getting more facts about your health history.

Medical Records app helps you to track your health conditions, provides a series of health articles to help you manage your health.

It will also guide you towards achieving better health with search-engine-like features.

You can easily search from their article directory, get suggestions from doctors, and improve your health.

After checking the latest version of this app, there have been other features like bodyweight tracker, body temperature tracker, blood sugar, height, and pressure tracker.

However, this app can not detect your blood sugar level, tell you your body temperature, etc, but can keep those records for you.

Medical reports that you get from the clinic can be copied there safely. Backup features are also available.


Doctor-Patient Medical Records is also one of the best personal health record apps to keep medical history.

It was developed by Mobilebiz Systems app developer in Singapore.

This app is not only useful for patients to keep their records, doctors, physicians, and nurses, or any other health expert with obligations to help people managing their health.

If you own a health clinic or you’re a specialist in treating a particular health condition, this is for you.

You don’t need books to record symptoms, health conditions, or medications giving to your patients.

You can easily put everything down on this app with tags to differentiate the patients in case they’re many.

Doctor-Patient Medical Records is one of the best apps to keep medical records for business because the app is built for health professionals with a business mindset.

You can record bills and payment-related information on the app, forward mails, or SMS to your patients telling them the result of diagnosis or any other information that could help them.

Just like other apps mentioned, your data are also backup.

It also supports voice recording, translation to other languages if you’re not able to read English.

You can download it from Google play store on android or any other smartphone.