Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps For IPad, iPhone and Android

Just as you know, Golf is a game involving basically a rod-like equipment called a Club, and a ball.

The drill is that the ball is tactically struck into a tiny hole from a pretty long distance.

Since people are increasingly aspiring to play golf, either professionally or as yet another pastime, creating an android application to help people become better golfers has become indeed necessary and some of these innovative apps will be explored here, especially those that are swing related.

Swing is simply the manner in which a golfer uses the club against the ball (cue) when striking. Apps like these assist players in analyzing and improving on it.

Mobile apps to help learning golf game

SWINGAID GOLF MOBILE APP should be the first on our list since it has the highest average rating on the Google Playstore compared to others.

The offerer is the South Korean SwingAid Golf team and it’s a whooping twenty-four megabytes (24.53mb) in size, pretty large we must say.

However, this piece of software lets users record and systematically analyze swings bit by bit so as to uncover what will normally go unnoticed with the bare eyes of a beholder.

It also allows for a comparison between swing actions so that flaws and strengths can be easily identified for subsequent improvement.

This is part of what top-ranking golf pros do to stay afloat not just in the game of golf but also in the game of winning tournaments and trophies.

Asides recording, the wonderful app also allows users to share swing clips to an online community of golf enthusiasts, known as ‘Fix me’, for feedback, comments, suggestions, or help which presupposes that some sort of registration and login is required.

It is also claimed by the developers that the app is also useful for other sports like tennis and baseball.

The app is worth about a hundred thousand downloads and promises to be a treasure for golfers in general.

Another one is the V1 sports-offered V1 GOLF APP, the developer is based in the USA, Michigan precisely.

This is a simple golf app which allows for not just recording of swings but also provides access to clips capturing swings of champs and veterans in the game for up and coming players to learn from.

It also lets users share swings but this time over Facebook and a V1 instructors platform for professional analysis and assistance.

It comes packed with a simple array of editing tools giving users the control over the feel of their recordings and snapshots.

The needed split-screen feature is of course also incorporated for easy comparison.

It’s sized at about thirty-four megabytes and has over five hundred downloads to its name— forgot to add that it seems very intuitive and easy to use.


GOLF SWING VIEWER,  an app offered by Yosi Kmart and 1.61mb in size — SUPRISED?!!!!! don’t be because unlike the last two applications mentioned which can both record and view swing videos, this one only view already recorded swings, just as the name suggests.

In other words, it can only be used to view and analyze prepared swing videos hence its relatively small size. This app doesn’t really have a lot to offer.

However, it is just as simple and basic as a swing viewing app can get and as such pretty useful.

The only fear is that it’s been 2 Years since this app was last updated which can raise some doubts about its efficacy.

Whichever way one views this, there is certainly no harm in checking it out.

So, that’s all for this piece and it’s hoped that this article will go a long way in assisting both amateur and veteran golfers to make informed decisions on which android application to go for with the view of raising the bar of their prowess in the game.

How to Create, Keep and Track Health Record with Apps

Track My Medical Records is an electronic medical record mobile app developed by Digimia in NJ.

Digimia is the founder of and they’ve been in the business of keeping medical records for many years.

This free Medical Record app eases your record-keeping on their website as a registered member.

However, you can use the app without having an account on their website.

Just start imputing your medical-related activities and that of your family on the app to keep track of important information.

Digital medicalrecord keeping with online apps

The medical record is very important to keep you healthy and fit as it guards you on your goal to achieve better health.

Having a diary on your mobile phone ( medical record app) keeps you in line with knowing the DOs and DONTs.

Once you installed the app and sign up, it connects to the website to keep your records and backup your data in the cloud to avoid loss if you mess with the app.

With the Track My Medical Record app, you don’t need any notepad, insurance, or bank to keep your health records.

Just add whatever information to the app or on their website with your note.

Data such as the date you input the information, the doctor or physician that attended to you, their suggestions and things you should take note about your health in the future, and lots more.

you can as well adjust the records if need be.

You and I know health records need to be kept private and most people don’t like to reveal their health conditions to others.

Here, your data is encrypted and well secured, and people can not parse your saved information.

You can also make use of the app while offline to access your data but you need an internet connection to save your medical records.


Medical Records is another mobile app to help to keep health records, either personal health records or family medical history.

It was developed by the MarkevSoft app developer in the Republic of Belarus.

This app enables you to monitor your health by keeping notice of signs, symptoms, and health-related activities such as using drugs or medications which could help doctors getting more facts about your health history.

Medical Records app helps you to track your health conditions, provides a series of health articles to help you manage your health.

It will also guide you towards achieving better health with search-engine-like features.

You can easily search from their article directory, get suggestions from doctors, and improve your health.

After checking the latest version of this app, there have been other features like bodyweight tracker, body temperature tracker, blood sugar, height, and pressure tracker.

However, this app can not detect your blood sugar level, tell you your body temperature, etc, but can keep those records for you.

Medical reports that you get from the clinic can be copied there safely. Backup features are also available.


Doctor-Patient Medical Records is also one of the best personal health record apps to keep medical history.

It was developed by Mobilebiz Systems app developer in Singapore.

This app is not only useful for patients to keep their records, doctors, physicians, and nurses, or any other health expert with obligations to help people managing their health.

If you own a health clinic or you’re a specialist in treating a particular health condition, this is for you.

You don’t need books to record symptoms, health conditions, or medications giving to your patients.

You can easily put everything down on this app with tags to differentiate the patients in case they’re many.

Doctor-Patient Medical Records is one of the best apps to keep medical records for business because the app is built for health professionals with a business mindset.

You can record bills and payment-related information on the app, forward mails, or SMS to your patients telling them the result of diagnosis or any other information that could help them.

Just like other apps mentioned, your data are also backup.

It also supports voice recording, translation to other languages if you’re not able to read English.

You can download it from Google play store on android or any other smartphone.

Tips on How to Use Voucher Gift Cards to Buy Goods

What is Voucher gift card

If you’re reading this, you must have had an idea about online shopping.

For voucher gift cards, they are a special form of a credit card- similar in function to prepaid credit cards.

Voucher cards are issued mostly by e-commerce companies in which a certain value for a product or service can be loaded.

They can be offered as a reward for a task or promotion to beneficiaries but it can only be redeemed on their site, to purchase their products.

These gift cards are usually used only once, and some others can be loaded by the provider.

What is voucher gift cards and how to use them on online and offline shopping site

How to Use Voucher cards on Online Store

You can use a gift card in the most popular online stores. These virtual cards are used when you want to checkout.
If you’re buying the latest phone or other electronics from Verizon for example, you can use voucher gift cards to lessen the cost.
You can also use it to pay for your Verizon Wireless or Fios bill on their respective apps or on their site.

Once you select your item in the shopping cart, checkout and enter your delivery address.

When you want to make payment for the item, simply select “Gift Card” as your payment method, provided the value of the card is more than the price of the item.

Enter the card number and the security code, and click pay to complete your order.

If the value of the card is not sufficient to make the order for the selected item, you can complete it with your credit card.

How to Buy Voucher gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased from the provider on their online store or their physical marketplace.

There are also independent marketplaces where people can exchange gift cards from one business to another.

Let’s take Verizon as an example, you can find great deals of newly launched phones on their store you can purchase with your card.

You can go here, select a gift card value, and buy it. It is available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 dollars.

Your card can be used to purchase any item on their store online or in a physical store.

Common categories of items you can buy from Verizon are smartphones, musical equipment, home devices, and others. speakers and much more.

I prefer to use their cards because they don’t expire, although most of the eCommerce sites now remove expiry from their cards and they’re not subjected to dormancy or any form of reactivation.

Common Questions people usually ask

Are the gift cards preloaded?

No, gift cards, either virtual or real cards are purchased and the value is loaded on the card.

Can thieves use my gift card?

Sure, even when it’s registered, it can be used by anyone. You can as well give it to friends and family at will.

Gift cards are often used as gifts and rewards in the survey, as giveaway or prize in online competition.

How can I use my gift card?

I’ve said this earlier. You can give it to a cashier at physical store authorized by the provider of the card to purchase any item.

The value of the item will be deducted from the card and you’ve your balance on the card.

Should the value on the card is not enough to order the goods, you can as well add cash to complete your purchase.


How do i check gift card balance?

You can find your balance by going to the official site if the provider, there’s always a widget under the gift card tab t check your balance.

Please, don’t give your card toa third party you don’t trust to check your balance for you.


What do I need to make Purchase?

 You need to provide the card number and your PIN to make purchase or check balanc in most cases.


13. Can gift cards be reloaded?

Yeah, your Gift cards can be reloaded if you want. You can do this at any accredited store of the ard provider.

You can also transfer the whole value or part to another gift card.


15. Can I have my gift card balance paid out to me? 

Most providers don’t allow this so your balance can not be paid to you in cash, you can only purchase with it, you can not withdraw with it.

Negative Effects of Electronic Gadgets on Studying Habits

We are becoming increasingly reliant on technology in this present time, and the repercussions of this are now being felt in the newer generations.

The standard we have set for our children in regards to technology is not necessarily a good one, as electronic use in all aspects of life has become highly normalized.

The effects of this obsession have had both positive and negative effects on study habits in a number of ways and we’ll be discussing some of the negative effects of this on lives and productivity.

How electronic gadgets affect learning

1. You can easily become distracted

The biggest effect of technology on study habits is where the attention span is concerned.

When electronic gadgets are available, the length of time we spend focusing on homework is significantly shortened.

It’s easy for students to become distracted by their electronics when they are surrounded by them.

It’s best to try and instill good habits early on by setting ground rules when it comes to screen time. Good habits built early will bring benefits for years to come.


2. Less engagement in class discussions

Students who are constantly using their cell phones or other electronics are often less engaged in the classroom, to the point where classroom discussions become shallow and the level of learning is considerably reduced.

In fact, it has become all too common where even teaching practices have started to involve YouTube videos or interactive online activities. This further normalizes electronic use, leading to worse habits over time.


3. Grades can start to slip

The ultimate result of this electronic obsession is that, eventually, grades will slip as students perform sub-optimally.

In turn, students have to find alternative ways to meet the requirements that are placed upon them or avoid them altogether.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though: the fact that more focus is needed in order to succeed these days means that we are producing more hardened, motivated students.


4. Technology has changed how we study

The news isn’t all bad – technology can actually help us study in more intuitive ways. By having access to the internet, we can access nearly all written human knowledge.

Cool, huh? Also, if I wanted to pay someone to write my research paper, then I could turn to write service online.

These are things that we couldn’t do before the advent of the internet and all the gadgets that came along with it. So it’s not all bad!

Though our electronic gadgets have the potential to inflict more harm than good, by instilling good habits in ourselves and our children, we can use technology to benefit us in our everyday lives.

As long as we have good self-control, our gadgets can enable us to be successful in our studies, which will lead us to even more success in all our careers.

Our electronics have the power to connect us to all the resources we need in order to produce amazing work no matter the field – it’s just all of us to use them for good!

Social Media Evolution – Explore New Marketing Trends

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 88% of  19 to 28-year-olds use some form of social media.

There’s no denying the fact that social media channels have become a part of human culture.

By penetrating every single market on the planet, these platforms allow users to exchange ideas, stay in touch with loved ones, and share entertaining content.

The evolution of the social media platforms and change in marketing approach

A New Marketing Trend Evolved

From a business perspective, social media channels like Facebook have allowed marketers and businesses, in general, to connect with consumers like never before.

These networks offer unmatched targeting options thanks to the amount of information they collect.

But, marketers still need to implement a structured strategy in order to craft successful social campaigns.

One of the main reasons social media has gained and maintained its popularity is the fact that this industry moves with technology.

More powerful devices allow social platforms to feature personalized news feeds, live streams, video ads, and other innovative elements. 

Today, social media channels are still very popular. But marketers find themselves in a crucial time where there appears to be a major shift in the industry. 


Social Media Global Statistics

In addition to looking at each platform individually, marketers should also analyze the overall performance of the campaign to make the right adjustments.

Cutting-edge advancements, changes in policy, global incidents can all affect the way consumers behave on social channels.

Savvy marketers and business owners should monitor the industry’s landscape and learn to read the patterns that start showing. 

Our team has taken the time to analyze current trends in order to make projections for the future of social media. Here’s what we’ve found:



Out of the 4.5 billion people actively using the internet at the beginning of 2020, 3.8 billion are on social media.

The adoption rate of social media channels has increased by 9% compared to the same time last year, reeling in more than 320 million new customers. 

With more than 49% of people in the world using some form of the social network, marketers need to take advantage of and start generating leads through these platforms.

However, there are already more than 3 million companies actively advertising their products and services on Facebook alone.

For this reason, having the tools to research each channel properly can help companies invest funds in the right areas.


Product Discovery

Social media platforms have evolved from an entertainment and communication hub to a functional part of society.

It’s common for consumers and businesses to find the services and products they need through these platforms.

This can occur by asking friends, conducting a search, or joining a group, so making these networks a great place to promote your goods.

29% of 16 to 44 year-olds discover new brands and products through social media.

Not only this, but 43% of all consumers are reported doing research for a product or service through social media channels.

As for conversions, more than 13% of all consumers agree that having a “buy” button directly on their feeds would increase the chance of them making a purchase. 



Research suggests that digital consumers spend almost 2.5 hours on social media every day, which is spread across an average of 8 different profiles.

Keeping users engaged has been a huge challenge for marketers since the inception of social media.

Creating entertaining and valuable content is key, but scheduling posts at the right time and spreading them out properly is the only way to get attention from your audience.

Best Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing

All social platforms have their specialty or defining characteristic.

More “orthodox” social media channels like Facebook have multiple features that attract users, while specialized platforms like Instagram focus mostly on one element.

The popularity and demand for each platform fluctuate according to what consumers’ interests, so marketers need to look at the individual performance of each platform to determine if their reach is big enough.

best social media platform for marketing and how to use them


Facebook first became available to the public in 2006 and has since become the most popular social media platform in the world.

Today, the company is worth almost 95 billion US dollars. The social network has invested billions back into its operations, acquiring WhatsApp in 2012 as well as Instagram, which we’ll discuss later in this post.

This platform has almost a 2.5billion monthly active users and it adds about half a million new accounts every day.

As if that wasn’t enough, 51% percent of US adults report using Facebook multiple times per day while 40% of all accounts are used for reading news and informational purposes.

Considering the above, it’s worth noting that the announcement of Facebook Zero has drastically changed the way marketers will be able to use the platform.

Those who get ahead of the wave and start developing potential content early on will have a crucial advantage over their competitors.



Unlike traditional social media accounts, Twitter’s specialty is the dissemination of information via small text snippets widely known as tweets.

Although consumers have to get used to the minimalist nature of the platform, Twitter allows companies to create a stronger connection with a more exclusive market, which is regarded as being more affluent than the average user base.

While Twitter doesn’t have Facebook’s reach, many marketers argue that content on this social media platform is much more engaging.

500 million tweets are being sent out every day, which comes from roughly 330 million monthly active users.

1 in 5 adults uses Twitter in the US and 42% of users check the platform every single day.



Anyone who’s ever used Instagram understands why this social network is almost addictive.

It focuses on sharing images, videos, live feeds, and other super-engaging content that consumers simply love.

Instagram is ideal for companies that want to attract young customers through their content as 71% of users on this platform are under the age of 35.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook a few years ago, but the picture-centric social network has never been more popular.

There are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, half of which use the platform daily.

And, even though Twitter invented the hashtag, Instagram users have transformed this quirky practice into an art form.

The average Instagram post includes about 10 carefully-selected hashtags that allow the content to reach a broader audience. 



YouTube is the premier video sharing platform that’s used by consumers, media outlets, companies, and every other entity on the planet.

It’s estimated that every minute, users upload around 500 hours of video content to this platform.

Whether users are looking for a funny cat video, a recap of a match they missed, or a how-to video, YouTube is the place to go.

From a business perspective, it’s important to understand that each visitor spends just under 12 minutes on each visit.

About 7 out of 10 videos that people watch are suggested by the platform’s recommendation algorithm, which means that YouTube has a profound knowledge about its viewer base.

This can be translated into better placement and more effective ads.



If there is one platform that has remained user-centric since its inception, it has to be Pinterest.

Despite the fact that it revolves around creating boards, Pinterest attracts users because it’s relatable, easy to use, and practical.

According to official numbers, there have been more than 200 billion pins saved on the platform by more than 335 million users.

In the US, Pinterest is already the third-biggest social channel, with close to 43% of internet users having an account.

To top it off, households that have a higher income are more likely to have a Pinterest account, so users tend to have more acquisitional power when compared to other platforms.

Current Social Media Business Marketing Trends

There has been a lot of talk about the marketing trend of social media channels.

Facebook has starred in multiple privacy scandals, so many pundits have predicted a sharp decline in the industry.

However, recent trends suggest that consumer attention may be shifting rather than dissipating, so marketers that make adjustments early enough should be able to transition seamlessly.

Below, we’ll go over the current state of marketing trend of different social media channels, analyze the future of the industry, explore some of the most exciting features, and introduce some tools to build better ad campaigns. 

latest Social media marketing trends and how it affects business promotion

Video Ads and Live Ads

The general census among marketers is that consumers prefer to watch a video than to read an ad that takes them the same amount of time.

While it represents a bigger investment in terms of resources, video ads can help engage users and showcase your product more effectively.

Additionally, Facebook predicts that by the end of 2020, video can potentially draw up to  82% of all mobile traffic.

Live ads, which are adverts that are presented similarly to commercial TV breaks during a live stream, also maintain prospects super-engaged.

That said, it’s important for companies to develop useful content early on and prevent consumers from developing a bad perception of this format.


The Power of Influencers

Marketers have known for a while that consumers value the opinion of small-scale influencers more than celebrities.

Influencer marketing has already become a common element in advertising plans across all companies.

As a matter of fact, 65% of marketers increased their budget for influencers this year.

That said, advertisers also have to learn to single out the best influencers in order to get the results they’re looking for.


The Key to Success: Customizing Ads by Target Audiences

Ad target and customization are regarded as two of the most powerful features of digital advertising.

Tailoring your ads and making sure that they are only displayed to a group of people that are more likely to be interested in your product can boost your conversions and improve the performance of your entire campaign.

With this in mind, knowing what demographics are more interested and which ads attract their attention requires extensive testing.

Alternatively, you can use an ad monitoring and transparency tool like BigSpy to determine what’s working for others running similar campaigns. As a powerful ad spy tool, it provides detailed demographics for reference. 


Enhancing User Experience with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing in leaps and businesses are starting to leverage this turn-key technology to improve their marketing as well as their entire operation.

This, combined with tryvertising, can give users a one-of-a-kind, efficiency-driven experience.

Take Uniqlo, who set up  UMood kiosks in select stores, by using AI technology and censors in the UMood kiosks.

The company could identify customers’ mood by analyzing neurological responses and make suggestions based on the results.


How to Use Ad Spy Tool to Improve Social Ad Campaigns

We’ve talked briefly about BigSpy in this article, but we’ll go over the specifics of the ads analysis platform in this section.

It is a powerful business tool that allows users to see a comprehensive list of statistics from competitor ads across multiple platforms. 

AdMob, Facebook, and other social ads networks have incredible reach and could produce stellar conversion numbers, but having the right strategy is crucial.

It gives companies, marketers, and other stakeholders valuable insight that allows them to craft effective ads and well-structured campaigns.

If you want to find out more about building a robust social media ads campaign, what the future holds for social media channels, just test the ad spy tool.

There you have it. We hope that this article has provided you with value about the marketing trend of social media channels as well as some guidance on improving your ads campaign.

How to build Professional Website in 2020, Drive Traffic & Sales

Building a website is a great way to share information, products, or even services with a targeted audience that is most relevant to you.

With a website, you provide your followers with a platform to keep in touch with you and the latest updates you want to share.

Also, you can generate sales, build a sense of community, and create a following from around the world with a well-designed website.

In 2019, there are a few website designs and website development tips to keep in mind before launching any site you have in mind live.

Unique and Memorable Website Design
Work together with a graphic or web designer to choose typography that best represents your brand or the purpose of your website.

A professional website designer specializes in keeping up with modern trends and proper design techniques.

He also provides clients with unique website design solutions that are truly reflective of their brand or business.

Consider the aesthetic you want to use with your website design and the audience or demographics you intend to reach.

How do your prospective visitors or customers typically access their favorite products or find information that is relevant to you?

What brands or businesses are similar to yours and how are they presented online with their own website design?

how to build websites like professional in 2020

  • Why Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Website Design Matters

Responsive site design and development is imperative for any new website today.

With the advent of mobile smartphones and tablet devices, it is essential to build a website with all audiences in mind.

When a user attempts to access a site that does not have responsive and mobile-friendly website development implemented, they may be unable to view or browse the site properly

This usually results in a loss of a potential sale or follower.

Responsive design and mobile-friendly website design readjust automatically for each user depending on the exact tablet device or mobile smartphone screen size that is being used to browse online.

Additionally, responsive website development is also useful to ensure all users who are surfing online with different web browsers have the ability to access and navigate your website design with ease.


  • SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary element involved in proper website development and website design.

Optimizing website design for top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, can drastically increase the number of visitors your site receives each day.

Proper SEO, or search engine optimization, is imperative when you want your website to outshine local companies or if you are entering a highly competitive and saturated market.


  • WordPress/CMS Website Development Solutions

One way to improve your website design is to consider utilizing a content management system(CMS).

One of the most popular CMS solutions includes WordPress, which is completely free of charge.

Using a CMS such as WordPress is simplistic and optimal for those who are unfamiliar with website development or programming themselves.

Some of the most notable features and advantages of using a CMS solution such as WordPress include:

Free: WordPress is free for both personal and commercial use.

Plugins: WordPress offers thousands of both free and paid plugins to create a truly memorable and unique experience for your online visitors.

Themes: Thousands of themes are available free of charge with the installation of WordPress.

Additionally, there are also premium themes available for purchase. Edit your website to create any design you have in mind with WordPress.

Easy-to-Use: WordPress includes an easily accessible admin area that is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with programming or web development but want to update their website without the help of a specialist.


  • Social Media Plugins

Always use social media plugins designed for traditional websites and websites that are using a CMS solution.

Social media plugins incentivize users to share content or updates you post on your website with just a click of a button.

Allowing users to share your website’s products, pages, or blog posts is a great way to optimize your website while also spreading the word of your site and brand altogether.

The more exposure your website receives, the easier it is for users to find you when searching for relevant keywords and phrases.


  • Website Development with AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are becoming increasingly popular with independent entrepreneurs and large businesses alike.

Implementing an AI chatbot into your website or with a social media platform such as Facebook is a great way to gain valuable feedback and insight into the wants and needs of your followers and prospective customers.

Use AI chatbots to walk potential shoppers through the checkout process of your website or to inquire about feedback for future products and services.


  • The Importance of Speed and Performance With Website Development

While you are in the process of building your new website design, it is important to keep the overall speed and performance of your site in mind at all times.

Seek a web host that includes speed-boosting features or that offers WordPress hosting (if you choose to use a CMS solution for your website).

Not all web hosts provide the same servers and results, which is why it is highly advisable to read reviews and testimonials on various web hosting companies you are interested in using before making a decision.

A fast-loading website can ultimately help to keep visitors on our website while also reducing your website’s overall bounce rate.

With a slow-loading website, you run the risk of your site timing out or failing to load at all, leading to a higher bounce rate and turning users away from visiting your website again in the future.

Understanding the importance of proper website design and website development is key to building an online presence that has the ability to thrive and scale.

With the right approach to website design, you will reach your intended audience without missing an opportunity to garner a following while generating sales and income.

Whether you are launching a website to showcase your personal work portfolio or if you plan to create an eCommerce storefront, proper website design and website development go a long way.

How to get Quality Traffic to your Online store

Why is it that relatively few retail-based websites ever see the light of success?

While such websites may be offering quality products at competitive prices, that is not enough at this time.

Cheap products will not drive massive quality traffic to your site until people get to know your products are cheap when compared to competitors.

Online marketing is not much different from others, it’s about exposure – getting the words out about product or service.

With billions of keyword searches daily on Google and other major search engines, the best traffic you can get to your site is search engine traffic, also called inbound traffic.

Websites that are able to rank their targeted keywords in their posts on the first page of search engines will get inbound traffic.

how to drive quality web traffic to your online store and increase sales

There are more than 200 ranking factors for most search engines, and optimizing your websites and contents to conform with the webmaster guidelines of these search engines will help you in getting search traffic.

Therefore, developing an interest in the content and web optimization is important, especially if your sales are going down.

What are some proven techniques to employ and how can these transform a poor website into one which enjoys a steady flow of quality visitors?

More is Not Necessarily Better

The one-all-too-prevalent mistake is believing that online exposure is nothing more than a game of numbers.

While content is king, some folks believe that more content means more traffic but this is not true.

While this might be true from a purely quantitative perspective, you need to be able to focus your efforts in the right direction – Optimization.

You need to work on both on-page and off-page optimization. For off-page optimization, you need to try many things to see what really converts for you.

In other words, there are certain sales channels that will always perform better than others.

Once you see a channel that’s performing, you’ll only need to focus on it.

So, what channels are the most appropriate? This will primarily depend upon the type of audience that you are looking to target.

Nonetheless, you can break your options down into major sections you are targetting.

For younger and more dynamic audiences, social media circles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often prudent choices.

Those targeting professionals are wise to leverage other social networks, including LinkedIn, Xing and Lunchmeat.

Since it is free to establish your presence within such communities, it is wise to experiment in order to determine which ones represent the most lucrative opportunities to pursue.


Working with a Qualified E-Commerce Provider

Inbound traffic is also heavily influenced by what happens at the backend of your online store.

We are referring to the e-commerce architecture related to your website. Here are some elements which serve to define a reliable e-commerce enterprise solution:

  • Scalability
  • Ease of using a modular nature
  • Excellent levels of customer service
  • Cost-effective subscription packages

E-commerce packages essentially provide you with the “nuts and bolts” that will be required to streamline your presence while enhancing the user experience.

This is why it is normally better to partner with a respected third-party firm as opposed to utilizing standard open-source architecture such as WordPress.

It should finally be mentioned that any changes are likely to take a bit of time to show results.

This is why it is prudent to look at your historical data in order to determine whether or not the methods above are producing viable results.

Attracting more visitors to your stand-alone website does not necessarily require you to reinvent the digital wheel.

It rather involves identifying which approaches seem to be working as well as those that need a small tweak.

How to make Free Photo ID Card Online

Would you like to create a photo ID card to upload on the website online as your proof of identity?

There are several applications for creating identity cards, you just have to know what you want.

Then, you can go for the right program that has the features you need in making your free ID  card online.

while this app may not be the best ID making app, it’s simple enough to simulate real identity cards.

Fake ID card, driver license generator

Fake ID generator App

To cover the app development cost, the developer run ads on this app just like million of apps in stores.

However, you can remove those ads by subscribing to the premium version at a little more than 1$.

You’ll also be able to use the advanced features of this application when you upgrade to the paid version.

The free Fake ID maker app should not be abused in using it to commit crime or fraud.

It is rather used to protect identity when you feel that your identity and data are not secured online.

The app can be used to participate in online surveys, registration, and profiling without revealing your true identity.


Fake ID maker is another application for making electronic identity cards.

The developer claimed they have a huge database of information on profiles.

Here, you don’t have to create your profile for the ID card.

The app will pull stored profiles from their server. You make use of the existing template to create your own profile.

The app will generate fake names, address, contact, and other data which you can now edit to match your real profile.

If you’re a student for example and want to apply for a student or school program online,  this can help.

This will help in making fake student’s photo identity cards.

You can make fake Tax ID, credit card no, phone number, and other information on identity cards.

You can as well generate a fake ID barcode, fake school ID, or fake address, this fake ID card generator for the pro would accomplish the task for you.

You can also filter your search while creating your fake identity profile if you don’t want the program to choose for you.

Doing this, you’ll be able to get relevant and corresponding details with your own real profile

For example, you can filter to select gender, location, age-range, and others

You can choose to generate a male or female name, choose the mail provider that you want in generating a fake email address. Also, whether you want a fake MasterCard or Visa, or American Express card number.

This is how easy it is now to create fake photo ID card,  student’s identity card, organization’s membership card, etc

To use this app, you can download it here


Another  Fake ID Generator app is the one developed by Christ-App in Texas, US.

The developer made a strong disclaimer that the app is strictly for entrainment and should not be taken for any legal action.

This app is just for creating a fake ID Card and the data you’ll get should not be taken seriously or used for the real deal.

It’s also a photo ID card generator in which you can select any photo and make an ID card for the identity.

Some even make fun with the app by creating ID cards for their pets.

It can create a like-ID card of a government ID card of all the states in the United States of America, create fake driver’s licenses for anyone in countries like the US, UK, Haiti, Canad, Bahamas, etc.


It can also generate other ID cards for fake organizations, school ID cards, and for businesses.

The app requires android 2.2 and above to download from Google play store and the apk version is also available for free download from Apk app directories.


Fake ID Generator App developed by Bug bytes Apps in California is also a nice fake ID card maker.

You can make Badges and ID card for your self or pets

The app enables you to enter your details which could be real or not.

That information includes photos and signature specimens for quick processing into a license or ID card which is editable and shareable with friends and loved ones.

The app is made just for fun and it requires Android 4.0 or higher to install from the play store with 1,500,000+ installs presently recorded and the app is lightweight with just 3.3 megabytes.

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