How to build Professional Website in 2020, Drive Traffic & Sales

Building a website is a great way to share information, products, or even services with a targeted audience that is most relevant to you.

With a website, you provide your followers with a platform to keep in touch with you and the latest updates you want to share.

Also, you can generate sales, build a sense of community, and create a following from around the world with a well-designed website.

In 2019, there are a few website designs and website development tips to keep in mind before launching any site you have in mind live.

Unique and Memorable Website Design
Work together with a graphic or web designer to choose typography that best represents your brand or the purpose of your website.

A professional website designer specializes in keeping up with modern trends and proper design techniques.

He also provides clients with unique website design solutions that are truly reflective of their brand or business.

Consider the aesthetic you want to use with your website design and the audience or demographics you intend to reach.

How do your prospective visitors or customers typically access their favorite products or find information that is relevant to you?

What brands or businesses are similar to yours and how are they presented online with their own website design?

how to build websites like professional in 2020

  • Why Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Website Design Matters

Responsive site design and development is imperative for any new website today.

With the advent of mobile smartphones and tablet devices, it is essential to build a website with all audiences in mind.

When a user attempts to access a site that does not have responsive and mobile-friendly website development implemented, they may be unable to view or browse the site properly

This usually results in a loss of a potential sale or follower.

Responsive design and mobile-friendly website design readjust automatically for each user depending on the exact tablet device or mobile smartphone screen size that is being used to browse online.

Additionally, responsive website development is also useful to ensure all users who are surfing online with different web browsers have the ability to access and navigate your website design with ease.


  • SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary element involved in proper website development and website design.

Optimizing website design for top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, can drastically increase the number of visitors your site receives each day.

Proper SEO, or search engine optimization, is imperative when you want your website to outshine local companies or if you are entering a highly competitive and saturated market.


  • WordPress/CMS Website Development Solutions

One way to improve your website design is to consider utilizing a content management system(CMS).

One of the most popular CMS solutions includes WordPress, which is completely free of charge.

Using a CMS such as WordPress is simplistic and optimal for those who are unfamiliar with website development or programming themselves.

Some of the most notable features and advantages of using a CMS solution such as WordPress include:

Free: WordPress is free for both personal and commercial use.

Plugins: WordPress offers thousands of both free and paid plugins to create a truly memorable and unique experience for your online visitors.

Themes: Thousands of themes are available free of charge with the installation of WordPress.

Additionally, there are also premium themes available for purchase. Edit your website to create any design you have in mind with WordPress.

Easy-to-Use: WordPress includes an easily accessible admin area that is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with programming or web development but want to update their website without the help of a specialist.


  • Social Media Plugins

Always use social media plugins designed for traditional websites and websites that are using a CMS solution.

Social media plugins incentivize users to share content or updates you post on your website with just a click of a button.

Allowing users to share your website’s products, pages, or blog posts is a great way to optimize your website while also spreading the word of your site and brand altogether.

The more exposure your website receives, the easier it is for users to find you when searching for relevant keywords and phrases.


  • Website Development with AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are becoming increasingly popular with independent entrepreneurs and large businesses alike.

Implementing an AI chatbot into your website or with a social media platform such as Facebook is a great way to gain valuable feedback and insight into the wants and needs of your followers and prospective customers.

Use AI chatbots to walk potential shoppers through the checkout process of your website or to inquire about feedback for future products and services.


  • The Importance of Speed and Performance With Website Development

While you are in the process of building your new website design, it is important to keep the overall speed and performance of your site in mind at all times.

Seek a web host that includes speed-boosting features or that offers WordPress hosting (if you choose to use a CMS solution for your website).

Not all web hosts provide the same servers and results, which is why it is highly advisable to read reviews and testimonials on various web hosting companies you are interested in using before making a decision.

A fast-loading website can ultimately help to keep visitors on our website while also reducing your website’s overall bounce rate.

With a slow-loading website, you run the risk of your site timing out or failing to load at all, leading to a higher bounce rate and turning users away from visiting your website again in the future.

Understanding the importance of proper website design and website development is key to building an online presence that has the ability to thrive and scale.

With the right approach to website design, you will reach your intended audience without missing an opportunity to garner a following while generating sales and income.

Whether you are launching a website to showcase your personal work portfolio or if you plan to create an eCommerce storefront, proper website design and website development go a long way.

How to get Quality Traffic to your Online store

Why is it that relatively few retail-based websites ever see the light of success?

While such websites may be offering quality products at competitive prices, that is not enough at this time.

Cheap products will not drive massive quality traffic to your site until people get to know your products are cheap when compared to competitors.

Online marketing is not much different from others, it’s about exposure – getting the words out about product or service.

With billions of keyword searches daily on Google and other major search engines, the best traffic you can get to your site is search engine traffic, also called inbound traffic.

Websites that are able to rank their targeted keywords in their posts on the first page of search engines will get inbound traffic.

how to drive quality web traffic to your online store and increase sales

There are more than 200 ranking factors for most search engines, and optimizing your websites and contents to conform with the webmaster guidelines of these search engines will help you in getting search traffic.

Therefore, developing an interest in the content and web optimization is important, especially if your sales are going down.

What are some proven techniques to employ and how can these transform a poor website into one which enjoys a steady flow of quality visitors?

More is Not Necessarily Better

The one-all-too-prevalent mistake is believing that online exposure is nothing more than a game of numbers.

While content is king, some folks believe that more content means more traffic but this is not true.

While this might be true from a purely quantitative perspective, you need to be able to focus your efforts in the right direction – Optimization.

You need to work on both on-page and off-page optimization. For off-page optimization, you need to try many things to see what really converts for you.

In other words, there are certain sales channels that will always perform better than others.

Once you see a channel that’s performing, you’ll only need to focus on it.

So, what channels are the most appropriate? This will primarily depend upon the type of audience that you are looking to target.

Nonetheless, you can break your options down into major sections you are targetting.

For younger and more dynamic audiences, social media circles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often prudent choices.

Those targeting professionals are wise to leverage other social networks, including LinkedIn, Xing and Lunchmeat.

Since it is free to establish your presence within such communities, it is wise to experiment in order to determine which ones represent the most lucrative opportunities to pursue.


Working with a Qualified E-Commerce Provider

Inbound traffic is also heavily influenced by what happens at the backend of your online store.

We are referring to the e-commerce architecture related to your website. Here are some elements which serve to define a reliable e-commerce enterprise solution:

  • Scalability
  • Ease of using a modular nature
  • Excellent levels of customer service
  • Cost-effective subscription packages

E-commerce packages essentially provide you with the “nuts and bolts” that will be required to streamline your presence while enhancing the user experience.

This is why it is normally better to partner with a respected third-party firm as opposed to utilizing standard open-source architecture such as WordPress.

It should finally be mentioned that any changes are likely to take a bit of time to show results.

This is why it is prudent to look at your historical data in order to determine whether or not the methods above are producing viable results.

Attracting more visitors to your stand-alone website does not necessarily require you to reinvent the digital wheel.

It rather involves identifying which approaches seem to be working as well as those that need a small tweak.

New way Phone is Hacked via Sound Waves

Hacking is getting more popular every day and there are different new methods to hack a mobile phone without downloading any software on your smartphone.

These spy software are most times expensive and the free to download ones don’t usually do the job.

Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of South Carolina jointly discovered some vulnerabilities in cell phones, most especially the smartphones: tablets, iPad, Android, iPhone and some other digital products in which motion sensor chips are used.

The team, which is led by Kevin Fu, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan discovered that one can influence the functions of smartphones, automobiles, and some medical equipment through tiny accelerometers in the devices.

In other words, this is another new way for hackers seeking for how to hack into someone’s cell phone without touching the phone or the owner knowing.

You don’t control the phone from your phone yet it’s done remotely whenever the user listens to music. The phone is hacked through the sound waves.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell if a particular phone has been hacked using music sound waves and this seems to be the best phone hacks for android.

No app, no number before one easily breaks into another one’s phone, read their messages, access gallery, spy on phones to get call logs and others.

Kevin fu said they were able to achieve this with some hardware physics, making it possible to control the sensors and microprocessors.

With the new hack, he attributed the success precisely to the adjustment of the acoustic tones in the phone to trick the 15 different models of accelerometers in recording a sound that never happened.

The team presented the document in the IEEE European Symposium on Security and privacy in Paris and also to the Vulnerable hardware manufacturers to understand the risks that phones have and how to prevent a real attack from hackers.

This approach is used as a backdoor to the phone device to control other aspects of the phone system or other digital devices.

This method is not published to be used as a method to break into people’s phone devices and privacy and few devices were only selected for this study.

While this is not to create fear in the hearts of smartphone users but a wake-up call to identify this vulnerability and improve the motion sensor chips used in all these digital devices.

The scientists further stated that this hacking method would also be improved as hackers are looking for more alternatives to achieve a deeper effect through this method and mobile phone hacking as a whole.

It’s important to know that this experiment was first performed on a Galaxy S5 phone and in a graph of the readings of the accelerometer, a Fitbit fitness reader was tricked by playing a malicious audio file with a loudspeaker of the smartphone to gain control over the phone’s accelerometer and manipulate the program which the smartphone relies on.

This is just like when a mobile app is used to control a radio-controlled kid’s toy car.

Kevin fu reiterated that, with the advancement in robotic technology and remote controlling devices, these loopholes would be more common in several other devices as more industries are embracing robots and the flaw is definitely another hacking point.

Accelerometers are very important materials needed in developing robots, they constitute the microelectromechanical systems and are used for navigating, measuring acceleration and, to determine the orientation of minicomputers.

How to Rotate your Laptop Screen to Normal – All Methods

Some of us can not do without our computer daily and we always face one challenge or the other.

There are different common computer problems and there are ways to fix them, either on hardware, software, screen, keyboards, and many others, there are remedies for minor computer problems.

One of the problems is when your computer or Laptop screen suddenly changes, turn upside down, sideways, or slight degree

Do you wonder how you can just make the screen rotate back to normal size and dimension?

Firstly, what do you think is the cause of Change on your computer screen?

Most times, the monitor screen turns horizontally or to some degrees just because you press the keyboard shortcuts without knowing or someone accidentally or knowingly does that to scare you.

If you’re using Dell, Mac, Chromebook, HP computer, or other products on Windows OS, either with Windows 7,8, 10, XP, here is how to do it with keyboard shortcuts

Depending on the computer graphics card model and the brand, there are different ways you can do this.

You can use your keyboard on a Windows-powered PC screen or from the computer settings.

If your computer is having the Intel graphics card, you can use the following keyword shortcuts.

They are also the most common keyboard shortcuts for rotating the computer monitor screen.

Click and hold the CTRL + the down arrow key (CTRL+ ↓) to turn the screen to portrait
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the down arrow key to Flip the computer screen upside down.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the right side arrow (→) key to Rotate the screen 90° to the right.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the left side arrow (←) key to flip the laptop scree to 90° to the left.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the up arrow (⇑) key to Return the PC screen to the normal and landscape position.

Wait a minute, have you tried the keyboard shortcuts and it has worked?

You need to go back to the computer settings to know if the screen rotation option is enabled.

In the first place, your screen shouldn’t have turned upside down or sideways if the settings are not enabled.

Someone might have done this, try to confirm the settings first as many computer users complain that the shortcut keys do not work in turning the monitor screen back to normal.

Before we proceed to other methods, go to your control panel,
The settings tab
Advanced settings
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Graphic properties
Select and Enable Rotation

After you’ve enabled the rotation of the computer screen and the keyboard shortcuts can not bring the screen back to landscape, you need to check the graphics card of your computer system.

There are tools for the lookup and, to get the serial number.

Different methods to flip your PC screen back to normal

How to Fix the Screen of your computer when it’s Upside Down on Settings

Alternatively, you can rotate your PC screen on the Display Settings Menu in Windows 7 and Windows 8 If your graphics card does not have the option “rotate” in the settings.

Step 1: Right-click on the Desktop and select Screen Resolution or Graphics Properties.
Step 2: Click the Display Settings and personalize your computer monitor screen.

Here, you can change the font size, adjust brightness, and screen orientation. You will see options like

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Landscape flipped and
  • Portrait Flipped

Step 3: Choose the Landscape option and click Apply to correct the upside down and sideways of the screen.

The rotation of the screen depends on your graphics card and the card drivers.

If the drivers are outdated, it may have this and also, if the graphics card drivers mask the OS rotation control, the Windows-based computer may not work despite changes in the settings.


How to check your Computer graphics card

Press ⊞ Win+ R and type dxdiag and the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open up.

Click the Display tab and check if you’re having the NVIDIA card installed or it’s the AMD/ATI card that’s installed on your system.

After you’ve known your graphics card, you can now turn your computer screen with either NVIDIA card or AMD.


How to Rotate Computer Screen with NVIDIA Card

For NVIDIA, go to its Control panel by right-clicking on your PC desktop, click the Display tab and select “Rotate display”

Select the display that you want to rotate and choose the screen orientation of your preference.


How to Turn PC Screen with AMD Card

In another way, if you’re having AMD/ATI graphics card on your system, you can use Control Center to turn the laptop screen to the landscape mode.

Simply Right click on computer desktop screen and select “Catalyst Control Center”. Once you’re there, Go to ” Common Display Tasks” and select “Rotate Desktop

If you’re having challenges with this method and other methods, you may need to update the computer drivers by getting a computer engineer to help to check your PC

Top App Development Companies in India and the world

When it comes to both mobile and web app development projects, the Indians rock the wave.

It is not that there are not best app developers in Europe, America, or in other places but the cost is more competitive in India.

What is will cost you to develop an India will be far lower in let’s say UK or US because labor is cheap there.

There are more app development services there than in many other places and cheaper costs.

Top mobile and wb app developers in india and the world

Indian Top App development companies

Many of the top app development companies in the world are from India, with establishment across the globe.

The following are some of the said companies, in no particular order of quality.


  • Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is a mobile and web app development company.

The company is one of the high rate developers in India and the US in the clutch review.

Konstant Infosolutions has focused on modern technology to develop innovative mobile and web apps.

The CEO boasts of more than 170 professionals in software solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

It has developed several mobile CRM and ERP apps for clients.
Recently, Konstant Infosolutions developed apps that can be used across a multi-channel network of thousands of product distributors and other marketers.
  • Sourcebits

Sourcebits is a leading app and web application developer in India with global recognition.

Outstanding web project delivery which brings quality users’ experience is their priority.

They have a powerful team of engineers, strategic planners, and innovation strategists who can handle web design, mobile or cloud projects

the company has over two hundred visual designers, marketers, project-launch strategists, innovation strategists, specialists in Users’ Interface design, and Users’ Experience design altogether.

Sourcebits has worked with big companies and global brands over the years to deliver projects across many fields.

Some of them are game applications, Educational site portal and app, Finance and E-commerce, sports, Marketing, Communication Apps, etc and they’ve received several awards for their great job.



  • OpenXcell Technolabs

OpenXcell Technolabs is another digital agency that offers mobile app development services in India.

The company was founded twelve years ago and has grown, now having an office in the US.

Their main office is located at Baleshwar Avenue, SG Highway, Ahmedabad, India.

The app developer specializes in developing apps for tablets, smartphones, websites, and computer-based applications

They have more than 200 well-experienced developers who are specialists in CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT coding, strategic planning, and mobile marketing.

Since the app development industry is very competitive, many developers are now specializing in a subset of the field in order to build authority over it.

That is why OpenXcell has focused on mobile app development, web development, and UX/UI design for enterprise and mid-market clients in the entertainment, gaming, and IT industries.

They love to work on creative projects in order to be able to implement the outstanding design.


  • Hedgehog lab

Hedgehog lab is another notable Indian app development company that has got global recognition.

hedgehog lab is a global software consultancy of 200+ that specializes in multi-platform software and device innovation.

Their team architects and designers develop apps that prepare brands for the future of post-PC devices.

Recently, it is given an award of recognition as one of the north’s best tech companies.

The company has spread across India, UK, the US, Sweeden in recent times, with the hope to establish offices in more countries.


  • Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem was founded in 2011. It is a mobile app development company that originally started in Ahmedabad.

The company now boasts of over two hundred and fifty web developers.

These experts are dedicated to IT services, mobile app development, and ERP/SI consulting.

The company offers a range of digital solutions from offices in the UK, the US, and Australia.

Recently, it partnered with a major hotel group in Hong Kong to develop a series of web and mobile solutions engineered to boost the productivity and efficiency of the hotel workers.
  • Robosoft Technologies

This is another ICT company founded as far back as 1996 by Rohith in Karnataka, India.

The company specialize in mobile solutions and software development for Mac OS, Android, iPhone, and Windows operating system


How to Install and Use WhatsApp on your Computer

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application now. Before, it’s a mobile app you can only install on your smartphone.

Now, it is no more news that you can use WhatsApp on your computer running on Windows OS, Chrome, Mac, and even Linux.

For Linux, you will need the Ubuntu software or you use the command line.

The web app is different from the one you use on your smartphone, it’s just a web address and not an app you’ll need to install.

While the features are almost the same, there are minor differences between the mobile app and the web program.

Before you can use WhatsApp on your desktop computer or laptop, you will need to first launch WhatsApp on your mobile phone and keep it running.

This is because you can not create the WhatsApp account on your computer, you can only log in on it.

You can log in to your Whatsapp account and sync multiple devices so you don’t have to stick to one device.

What you will do is to open the Whatsapp on your computer, and the screen will appear as it is below.

How to connect whatsapp to computer


You will be required to open Whatsapp on your phone. Go to your settings on the Menu dashboard and select Whatsapp web.

Once you do that, the QR scanner will appear, and you just need to place it in front of your computer screen to scan the code on your Whatsapp web page.

In WhatsApp for computers, you will simply need to show that you are an active user to use it.

How to scan whatsapp QR code on PC

Once you link your account, the mobile must be connected either via Wi-Fi or data connection to receive the messages.

That is, WhatsApp for Windows and Mac is simply an installable version of WhatsApp web.

However, it is a primary requirement to have an active account linked to a phone number.

WhatsApp for PC works exactly as it does on your mobile device, with the advantage that the computer has a larger screen and keyboard.

The cons of Whatsapp web is that you can now post status but you can view your friends’ statuses.

You can not also make voice and video calls; You can only send voice messages.

The Whatsapp web does not also feature that enables you to copy more that one chat and forward to your contact.

You can only use your computer mouse to copy messages.


How to install WhatsApp for Windows and Mac

Download WhatsApp for PC

In Windows, WhatsApp works from Windows 7, while on Mac will work in the latest versions of OS X.


Link the mobile account with the PC

Open WhatsApp on the phone and access the WhatsApp web section.

It is located in the app Setup menu. It will open the camera of your mobile, bring it closer to the QR code that appears when you start the program WhatsApp for PC.

it is a similar process unless you don’t want to use a smartphone but rather android emulator on your PC.

How to use EventBrite to manage your Event Online

Eventbrite is a simple reliable platform to sell tickets and invite participants to your event.

Its technology helps you in attendees’ registration and conference event management.

Eventbrite is a top event website in the US for event management and ticketing. It is one of the most popular sites to search events across the globe, and also create events.

You can organize an online event or create awareness of your event which will hold in a physical building.

As an event organizer, you can manage your events yourself, sell more, and offer personalized experiences for your participant.

How to use eventbrite to create an event online

Online RSVP management

How does Eventbrite work?

This platform is simple to navigate. As an event creator, you will need to sign up for a free account.

This account will enable you to host your event without any cost.

As a person who has an interest in attending an event, you don’t need to have an account with Eventbrite.

As the event creator, you can not host a paid event with the essentials and professional accounts.

However, you can still host a paid account for free, but the attendees would have to cover the administrative charges.

It will be spread on the attendees, usually, less than a pound.

If you don’t want your attendees to pay, you can absorb the fee, this means that the charges will be taken from your estimated payouts before you will be paid.

The essentials package comes with the following benefits

  • Ability to list on their partner sites and apps
  • Online support
  • Integration with Facebook to sell tickets faster.


The professional package is good to grow your business, especially if you’ve used event sites for business marketing before.

You will be able to get all the features of the essentials package and the following as added benefits.

  • Ability to create more than one ticket type
  • Ability to embed a checkout on your site
  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Ability to design your checkout form to your taste.
  • Better help support – phone, and email.

The premium package has a custom price and most of its features are to be customized according to the pricing and the preferences of the creator.

Some of the most common questions people ask about using Eventbrite


How to add a calendar to Eventbrite?

Click on the event you’ve created, select ‘Add to My Calendar’, and Eventbrite will access your calendar and automatically create a new event.

If you have a specific calendar, for example, google calendar, you will need to authenticate it, choose your trigger-app and after it completes syncing, choose the data you want to transfer to the calendar.


How to pause an event you’ve created?

Once you login to the creator dashboard, select the particular event and click on “Unpublish”, confirm your action and the event will become a draft.

If you just need to add more information to the description, you can edit your event and notify people who have already booked the event.


How to embed Eventbrite to a website?

To embed Eventbrite checkout to your website or blog, copy the code from Eventbrite and paste it where you want it to appear on your website.

You can customize it before copying the code. Choose your theme, design the header, footer, click button, and others as you want.


How Ticketing works

You can get your ticket from the order confirmation email. If you have the app, you can sign up, go to the ‘Ticket’ tab and print it there.

For potential attendees of an event, once you’re on the page of the particular event you want to attend, click on ticket and checkout, it’s as simple as that, and your data security is not compromised.



Eventbrite is a cool event management site. You can create an event online, organize a conference, promote an offline event, invite online rsvp to your event, track sales, and increase awareness.

Teleworka – A Productivity App to e-Commute & Work from home

Teleworking, also known as telework, e-commuting, work from home, or telecommuting is a way of rendering and receiving services without a physical meeting point.
It works fine where the service is more of counsel, recommendation, tutoring, and advice.
With mobile communication technology, you can use your smartphones or computers with internet facilities to have a video chat with people around the globe.
We now have virtual doctors, lawyers, teachers, and financial experts who work from home and offer their services to clients without having any office.
This has helped to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, work hours, level of flexibility, and improve the rate of employee retention.
All you need do is install a teleworking app on your device and set it up for video chat with people.
How to ecommute and connect with your business partners with teleworka

My experience with work from home application.

One of the best apps for remote workers I’ve ever used is Teleworka. It’s an iPhone app that’s damn simple to use to connect with your potential clients.
Telework is a telecommuting platform and app for skilled professionals. Irrespective of your field of discipline, you can always set yourself to be contacted by clients for assistance.
It allows skilled professionals, Academic experts, Health personnel, tutors, and advisors to provide live consults to clients with video-enabled internet device.
Head over to Teleworka on the Apple store to download the app on your iPhone. It requires iPhone 5s or above before it can work.
You can also download it on your iPad but unfortunately, the android version is not available at the moment.
Now, you can register, make your profile, and start your web video consult.
On your profile, you’ll need to set a unique username and you’ll get your personalized web link which you can share with people to get to you on telework.
Fill in your Name, About-you page, and Hourly rate in dollars. Add your picture, set the category of your service, and the area of specialization.
For the service users, they can browse expertise on the app. There are different categories –
Health provider, with specialties like oncology, nutritionist, dentistry, neurology, cardiology, urology, psychiatry, among others
Academic expert, with over fifteen fields of expertise from science, mathematics, engineering, law to philosophy.
Hobby instructor, Skilled professional, Tutor, and their respective area of expertise.
Once you select the category, area of specialization, a list of experts will be displayed.
If you know a particular expert and want to confirm if he/she is on telework, you can use the search tab. Simply type the initial to see members with similar names.
Once a user is interested to speak with a particular expert, simply open his link, enter your credit card details, and get connected to the expert.
For payment authorization, your name, email, card number, expiry date, and CVV are required.
You can also purchase tokens on the Telework app to pay such a professional.
$10, $100, $1000 will get you almost 10, 100, and 1000 tokens respectively.
How much tokens you spend per minute depends on the rate set by the professional. You can consider this while choosing the expert to speak with.
As an expert, once a client initiates a call, your telework App will ring just like your phone call and the caller ID will show up.
Telework estimates the cost of the consult, based upon the rate and the call duration. Once the credit is exhausted, the call ends.
As an expert, you get your payment within 24 hours, however, you need to have filled your bank account details, tax ID number, and profile correctly.
In this time of social distancing, Telework can still help you keep your business running.
You can communicate with your clients irrespective of their location and lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.
Your employees can also work from home and get connected to your business partners.
If you would like to talk to me on SEO and content marketing, you can join me on telework here.

59 Top Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Today, Cracking and Hacking are almost used in the same context and many experts in computer programming have stood up to differentiate the two.

While Hacking and Hackers are more pronounced in the internet parlance, many ethical and certified hackers find it difficult to paint a good picture of the profession and broadcast its legality.

Hacking is being studied in universities and colleges across European countries and Asian countries and legal hackers are making much money from their technical skills.

This makes the profession to be attractive, especially to young adults who want to exploit their computing skills.

There are different types of hacking and that’s the reason words such as good, ethical, legal are more used when hacking is used to solve problems that are not having direct negative implications to another party and the unethical hacking is commonly called cracking by experts.

Having said that, internet security is much important to us and we join other authorities to condemn cyber crimes and terrorism but if you want hacking websites, forums where you can learn ethical hacking as a beginner, download content resources, and software applications.

Also, if you want to join online tutorial classes, meet with other hackers, learn tips to identify vulnerabilities in system or program, I recommend the following hacking learning sites

Information about Vulnerabilities

Happy Hacker

Packet Storm Security

Hacking Tutorial">Meta Sploit

Explore Hacking

Hack and Exploits Forum

Hacking Forum

New Hack Daily downloads

Weekly Hacking Tutorial

Exploit Database

CellPhone Hacks

UK Hacking website


TinkerNut Hacking

Hack this Site

Evil Zone Hacking Forum

Cyber Security Training

HITB Hacking Information

SecTools Hacking Tools

Break the Security

CEH: Certified Ethical hacking program


computed tool

Ask matador




Sentinel tools


Trivia Security



Hacker toolz





Hacking site in German language

Hacking software

Cleo and nacho



hackers games


Security illusion

Hacking tool

Hacking software download




Hackers to learn from

Ethical Hacking forum">Coding Development

XISP Hackers’ Forum


It’s important to know that, there are different types of hackers you will find in some of the hackers’ forums; some are a White hat, black hat, grey hat, blue hat, green hat, Neophyte, Elite, Hacktivist, Script Kiddie.

While ethical hackers do not make security to be vulnerable, unethical hackers hunt for vulnerabilities to exploit.

They carry out black hack in different forms of attacks/ such as Cross-site scripting, Broken authentication attack, injection attack, clickjacking, Symlinking, Remote Code execution, DDOS attack, Cross-site request forgery, DNS cache attack, Social engineering attack.

You can learn this hacking types altogether for your own advantage to counter hacking attack. It’s more wise to understand the approaches that hackers take to launch cyber attack and the preventive measures to guide against it than to learn security strengthening measures alone.


Characteristics of A Data Warehouse (DWH) Explained!

There are four major characteristics of a data warehouse, which are Topic orientation, data integration, Time-period reference, and non-volatility of data.

characteristics of a data warehouse

  • Topic Orientation:

The dispositive data in the warehouse are explicitly oriented towards the business interests of the company/management.

Therefore, the external data is stored and become transformed into the warehouse. For example, the data will be transformed from the customer’s point of view to business insights for the company.


  • Data Integration:

When data are extracted from the different operative and external sources, they can be merged in the Data Warehouse.


  • Time Period Reference:

What this means is that data in operational source systems will be stored in a transaction-oriented manner, thus, it’s time-related

Each data set in DWH usually represents a time period, which could be a day, a week, or a month.


  • Non-volatility:

Data in the DWH is stored permanently and can be culled for analysis anytime. The WareHouse data is typically not altered, overwritten, or deleted.


Subcomponents of a DWH Architecture

Usually, an enterprise-specific DWH concept consists of a conglomerate of different planning data storage systems that differ primarily in their degree of aggregation and their application orientation.

i. Most approaches rely on Core Data Warehouse (C-DWH).  It usually filled via ETL processes (extraction, transformation, loading) directly from the operative internal and external source systems.

It can also be filled from upstream Operational Data Stores (ODS).

C-DWHs are basically on relational data storage systems and can handle high data volumes in terabytes.

ii. Kindly note that Core DataWarehouses are not usually used directly for analysis but are primarily used to fill data marts.

Data marts are the smaller data pools that are set up for a small group of users and are oriented to their field of application.

iii. As a preliminary stage of a C-DWH, an Operational Data Store (ODS) contains current, transaction-oriented data from multiple source systems.

It now makes it available as insights for analysis and decision. It can also be used in other special applications.

ODS does not really have any mechanisms for creating histories, which means that an Operational data store, unlike a Data Warehouse, primarily represents a time-related, volatile data store.

An ODS can thus form a preliminary stage of a DWH and at the same time function as a consistent data source for business process-oriented application systems that integrate historically grown, mostly functionally oriented IT landscapes at the data level.



A data warehouse is a data storage location that is now preferred by businesses. Regulatory bodies are even advising and in some industries, enforcing businesses to implement it.

Data analysis towards making decisions that improve your businesses can be achieved with this technology, it’s more than a necessity to store your data in the warehouse as a big vendor.