The USB Type-C is a USB specification for a small 24-pin, reversible connection connector for USB devices and cables and is cataloged as the future of the nexus mobile phone, and on various devices.

Thanks to the great welcome that this system of C connection USB-C has had. The company hyper has wanted to seize the opportunity to launch an adapter called Hyperdrive 3 in 1 to the market. Its function is basically to take advantage of all the possibilities of this new standard, offering more ports. The hyperdrive 3 in 1 adapter cost about 20 bucks.

Adapter can be connected to a USB 3.0 memory SD card and microSD card at the same time, transfer files wih the possibility of using all three services at once. The standard connector category implies the normal compatibility with all kinds of devices, although the manufacturer has developed a list with those that already have this port.

Meizu Pro 6
HP Spectre 13
Xiaomi 4 C
HTC 10
Apple MacBook 2015/2016
Lenovo Zuk, Zuk 22
Huawei P9, MateBook 12
Google pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6 P
Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL
Samsung note 7, Galaxy Tabpro S
Dell XPS 13/15
LeEco le 2 Pro

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Hyperdrive 3 in 1 Adapter Type-C Connect your USB, SD and microSD at a Time

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