All Tricks to Rotate PC Screen UpSide Down, Sideways to Normal: Shortcuts, CP, NVDIA, AMD

Some of us can not do without our computer daily and we always face with one challenge or the other. There are different common computer problems and there are ways to fix them, either on hardware, software, screen, keyboards and many others, there are remedies for minor computer problems.

One of the problems is when your computer or Laptop screen suddenly changes, turn upside down, sideways or slight degree and you don’t know how to make your laptop screen to rotate back to normal size and dimension.

What do you think is the cause of Change in your computer screen? Most times, the monitor screen turn horizontally or in some degrees just because you press the keyboard shortcuts without knowing or someone accidentally or knowingly does that to scare you.

If you’re using Dell, Mac, Chromebook, HP computer or other products on Windows OS, either with Windows 7,8, 10, XP, I will tell you how you can rotate the PC screen with keyboard shortcuts keys and flip the system screen back to normal.

Depending on the computer graphics card model and the brand, there are different ways you can use the keyboard shortcuts to flip your windows powered PC screen from sideways and turn it back to vertical position and you can as well use the computer settings to correct this.

If you computer is having the Intel graphics card, you can use the following keyword shortcuts which are also the most common keyboard shortcuts for rotating the computer monitor screen.

Click and hold the CTRL + the down arrow key (CTRL+ ↓) to turn the screen to portrait
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the down arrow key to Flip the computer screen upside down.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the right side arrow (→) key to Rotate the screen 90° to the right.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the left side arrow (←) key to flip the laptop scree to 90° to the left.
Click and hold the Ctrl+ the Alt key and the up arrow (⇑) key to Return the PC screen to the normal and landscape position.

Wait a minute, have you tried the keyboard shortcuts and it has worked? You need to go back to the computer settings to know if the screen rotation option is enabled.

In the first place, your screen shouldn’t have turned upside down or sideways if the settings is not enabled but someone but someone might have done this, try to confirm the settings first as many computer users complain that the shortcuts keys do not work in turning the monitor screen back to normal.
Before we proceed to other methods, go to your control panel,
The settings tab
⬇         ⇓
Advanced settings
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
⬇          ⇓
Graphic properties
⬇           ⇓
Select and Enable Rotation

After you’ve enabled the rotation of the computer screen and the keyboard shortcuts can not bring the screen back to landscape, you need to check the graphics card of your computer system. There are tools for the lookup and getting the serial number.

How to Fix the Screen of your Computer when it’s Upside Down on Settings

Alternatively, you can rotate your PC screen on the Display Settings Menu in Windows 7 and Windows 8 If your graphics card does not have the option “rotate” in the settings.

Step 1: Right click on the Desktop and Select Screen Resolution or Graphics Properties.
Step 2: Click the Display Settings and personalize your computer monitor screen. Here, you can change the font size, adjust brightness and the screen orientation. You will see options like

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Landscape flipped and
  • Portrait Flipped

Step 3: Choose the Landscape option and click Apply to correct the upside down and sideways of the screen.

Rotation of the screen depends on your graphics card and the card drivers. If the drivers are outdated, it may have this and also, if the graphics card drivers masks the OS rotation control, the Windows based computer may not work despite changes in the settings.

How to check your Computer graphics card
Press ⊞ Win+ R and type dxdiag and the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open up.

Click the Display tab and check if you’re having the NVIDIA card installed or it’s the AMD/ATI card that’s installed on your system.

After you’ve known your graphics card, you can now turn your computer screen with either NVIDIA card or AMD.

How to Rotate Computer Screen with NVIDIA Card

For NVIDIA, go to its Control panel by right clicking on your PC desktop, click the Display tab and select “Rotate display”

Select the display that you want to rotate and choose the screen orientation of your preference.

How to Turn PC Screen with AMD Card

In other way, if you’re having AMD/ATI graphics card on your system, you can use Control Center to turn the laptop screen to the landscape mode.
Simply Right click on computer desktop screen and select “Catalyst Control Center”. Once you’re there, Go to ” Common Display Tasks” and select “Rotate Desktop

If you’re having challenges with this methods and other methods, you may need to update the computer drivers by getting computer engineer to help you check your PC

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