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Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car for The First Time

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Owning a car is one of the things we usually aspire and many people don’t buy a good vehicle the first time they’re buying a car.

This is because of good feelings of having this property and that’s the reason we want to illuminate your mind to get it right whenever you want to buy either a new or used car.

There are different car classified sites to get the Best certified and most reliable used cars by private sellers and public owners near you is cars.com.

It was once described as the most complete mega-site for car sales due to rich illustrations of the car specs and reviews to ensure you get good deals for your budget.

Are you looking for used cars under $7000, 5, 000, 4, 000, 3,000, 2000 or 1,000 dollars or below, you can get different vehicles, brands, and models from the site.

You can use a car filter tool at the top of the site to set your parameters of what the car should be.

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But if I may ask you, is the price the only determining factor while buying a car?, what about the Car engine health, ability to test drive before taking home, safety, how to easily get it registered and licensed, is it ecosystem friendly car, etc.

Here are the checklists of things to look for while buying a car, especially used cars and this will serve as car buying tips or a brief shopping guide for your pre-purchase inspection.

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Questions to ask when buying a used car

  • Why is the owner trying to sell the car
  • How many kilometers are on the speedometer?
  • What is the condition of the car engine, seat, body?
  • What are the specifications of the car
  • Is the seller the first owner?
  • What accidents have been recorded in the car?
  • Is the car having the necessary documents?
  • Is the car covered by an insurance policy
  • What price performance do you have?
  • Can the owner/seller talk about himself/herself?
  • Can you test drive and when can you take a test drive?
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These are some of the steps to take when you want to buy a used car.

However, the best way to buy a used car is to get a good agent or purchase from a trusted dealership and there’s nothing better than to be aware of the factors to consider before buying a car for the first time.

Having said that, purchasing cars online is now becoming popular since people hardly get ripped off and they can get reviews from independent car experts before ordering their fav cars.

Before test driving, know what to take with you, the person you should bring with you, a vehicle professional who can also help you better with what to look out for, and things to check when buying a used vehicle.

You should know how much he’s going to take, to ensure his inspection cost is not too costly.

Depending on several factors, most especially, whether you want a full car inspection where everything is complete or a minor inspection like the safety emission, you should have a good deal anything below $200.

The Inspection documents and maintenance invoices are also important.

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Check Vehicle papers before you complete the car purchase agreement which should be in writing, get a guarantee for the used car, and proceed to Vehicle handover before driving the car home.

This is only applicable when you’re buying with cash and not on loan, although there are car dealerships that can finance clients with no credit checks, and on bad credit no money down or low payment basis.

Putting your car care in safe hands

Your car will develop fault someday, that shouldn’t be an issue but getting it into the wrong hand can be a serious danger.

You can have your car maintenance and repair done by RepairSmith if you’re in the US.

They offer ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ for car owners, making it easy to schedule your car maintenance without being at home.

RepairSmith is a growing startup that’s already rendering services in LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, Phoenix, Sacramento, etc.



3 thoughts on “Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car for The First Time”

  1. I remember buying our first used car – we were taken for a ride! Wish I had this info back then!

  2. It seems most people don’t usually get it right buying their first car, over time, we learn from experience but this checklist already lighten up my mind.

  3. To me, there are many factors responsible for getting a good car or bad car, ignorance is one, budget is another one. Right way to plan your car purchase:
    Set aside reasonable amount
    Research the car type
    Choose good dealer
    Check reliability and ownership costs if it’s a used car
    Find good used cars
    Discuss the price of the car with the seller
    Check the vehicle history report ( used car); you also need auto expert to check the vehicle properly
    Go on a test drive and pay

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