The 6 methods used most by hackers to steal passwords
Cybercrime has become a problem of great proportions, cybersecurity threats have multiplied and are more sophisticated. Cyber criminals steal money, spy and steal your passwords, especially password hackers, and take advantage of any opportunity to violate your privacy in the network.

If you often use the online banking or if you have accounts in Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter, you could be the next prey of the cybercriminals. Deciphering the password is the fastest way to get the victim’s economic benefit or to encrypt the computer and ask for a ransom.

Knowing how to steal passwords is important so that it can be prevented and to have an early reaction to any cyber attack.

Trial and Error
It consists of trying to decrypt a password by repeating it based on trial and error. Hackers try different random combinations. If you use the date of birth, name of your pet or name of actors or actresses as a password, you are vulnerable in 90% to the attacks of the cybercriminals.

Try to Make it difficult for these criminals to have access to your personal and confidential data by having many-digit alphanumeric keys.

Hacking dictionary
In this case, a software automatically manages to decrypt the password. It starts with simple letters like “a”, “AA” or “AAA” and progressively tests and tests with more complex words.

The program can make up to 50 attempts per minute, with a success of 50% of possibilities that it can steal your password.

Spoofing or phishing
It is the tool that’s mostly used by hackers to steal passwords and user names. It’s a faithful hoax in which the victim fills out a fake form, with her logon credentials. For example, you click on an attractive Facebook ad and it send you to a page, that at first glance, is equal to that of Facebook.

Already in this place, the fake web of the social network asks you to supply your Facebook username and password to continue or/and be able to access the content, if you do, you’ve revealed your confidential data and you just fall into the trap.

You should be very careful, this is the most used and effective method for obtaining credit card related information.

Spidering attack
Also called, Web spider, is a bot that inspects the web pages. One of its most common applications is to make a copy of data of all the Web sites, to create faster search systems. Hackers also use this method and their victims are usually large companies.

Attack Keylogger
Very similar to phishing or spoofing, in most cases, it begins with malware infection and the victim downloads a malware on her computer and clicking on the link or attachment of an email.

Already installed in Keylogger, this program logs all the activity on the Internet and sends all this information (users, passwords etc) to the delinquent’s servers.

Rainbow Table
This method is not for beginners, those who use this modality also have a deep knowledge of computing and Coding. Rainbow is a set of hashing tables where keys are hidden.

Access to these tables allows hackers to reverse the hash function to decrypt the plain text password. It is one of the most effective options in stealing confidential information and it is only a matter of minutes to achieve 100% reliable results.

Latest 6 Methods Hackers Use to Steal Your Password & Data Info