The cell phone is part of the daily life of 98% of the people who inhabit the planet Earth, it is estimated that there are more 7,100,000,000 of cell lines, average that is stipulated by the end of the year 2015.

The most influential world leaders were surveyed in the World Economic Forum, a group of the world’s most powerful leaders and magnates responded in Davos Switzerland that a futuristic solution is a phone implanted in the head.

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Many believe we are entering a time of momentous changes, thanks to the advancement in software development.

Where artificial intelligence is involved, the devices connected to the Internet, the 3d printer, and the possible phone inserted in our head.

You may not necessarily want to take text messages or phone calls in your head, but there will be an amount of opportunities for other applications especially in the field of medicine.


For many years now, doctors have implanted mark steps to keep beating the hearts and implants cochlear to help people with hearing impairment achieve listening.

Another key prediction is that industry leaders predict that for 2026 one in 10 cars on U.S. roads will be an autonomous car, i.e. without a driver.

Could On-Demand be the Future of Transport Industry?

There are many companies that are working and have already launched cars that are totally autonomous, promising that there’s future for this kind of cars.

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The survey observed in total 21 “inflection points” for the technology of the future although this is going to bring all kinds of consequences, there is only a few years to come for its massive adoption.

Some of the super technologies that are very close to it, the glasses with Internet connection and the first transplant of a liver printed in 3d.

These ads have begin to generate questions like what will make millions of people unemployed by machines? How will humanity cope with this substantial change?

Future of Cell Phone Technology: Smartphone will be Implanted in the Head

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