Free Download Best Carbs Counting, Calories Counter & Diabetes Apps

Free Download Best Carbs Counting, Calories Counter & Diabetes Apps

Calories Carb Prot Fat Counter is a carb counter app (health and fitness) developed by Stefan Diener Software-Entwicklung app developer in rosenheim, Germany. This app helps you to control your diet and manage your weight by tracking your carb intake, improving your diet and helping your with appropriate exercises.

The carb counting app is also good for those having type 1 diabetes to take healthy diet that would not raise their sugar level with thousands of all kinds of food in their food database. Also, those who are willing to lose weight can also get assistant on the diet to help them achieve their health goal.

This carb tracker app is free and it can be used as diabetes monitoring or management app. However to get the best from this app, taking the premium version which unlock more features and remive in-app ads would be a better idea since the purchase is made once and you can quickly get customer support.

Just like many calories and carb counter app, exercise is very important to your heath and it’s always included and you can easily read your way to better health with exercise and sports recommendations that are suitable for losing calories from your body even when you’re not connected to internet.

Calorie, Carb and Fat Counter  also track your macros developed by Virtuagym in Amsterdam. This app is a bit different from others in that it allows you to get personalized diet plan based on your body properties, lifestyle and goal whether it’s body building, weight loss or gain or just keeping your weight.


Fat and protein are also tracked, foods can be added to their food catalogue for review by their nutritionists and dieticians who usually update the food database with all kinds of foods from different races. The foods are also categorized based on the degree of the amount of their macro and micro nutrients. For example, you can select foods that are high or low in calories, protein, fat or carb.

Other feature of this app that I would like to mention is the percentage gauge of the nutrients in the foods you would like to include in your diet. Probably, after consulting your dietician and you’ve been given the suitable percentage of protein, carb or fat that should be in your food, you can set it on the app to get the right diet.

With over 4,000,000 installs from android app store, calories, carb & fat counter latest version 1.8.2 would satisfy your diet plan once you download it on your android that’s not less than 4.0.

Atkins Carb Tracker is a carb counter provided by Atkins Nutritional in US. This company had been helping millions of people to regulate their carb intake by providing rich diet plan with less carbohydrate intake in America and beyond before the advent of carbs counting mobile apps.

Once you download and installed Atkins carb counter, you can begin to search food recipes and Atkins products, fast foods and begin tracking. Just set your program , get nutrition value of your food and it becomes very easy to choose a suitable diet for your health and track your net carbs after daily after your engagement in exercises.

It also support using barcode scanner to scan the nutrition value of foods from their grocery and synchronization across phone devices.

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