Review of Ethereum & Bitcoin Apps – Coin Mining, Price, Exchange

Smartphones have become the need of living in this modern era. Smartphones were started as a luxury to have in the world but now, our lives are incomplete without smartphones and their application.

From placing an order for food or any product to calling the cab, smartphones apps have just reduced all the efforts from our lives.

Thus, the big corporations and the bank also stepped in this technology and started investing heavily in the smartphone’s app.

Therefore, a new concept of money transaction gets introduced through the app which is called the ethereal (ETH) apps.

If you analyze the market cap of ethereum, they have become the second cryptocurrency.

Its use is rapidly increasing and these apps are much likely going to stay in the markets for long.

That is why it has become important to find out which ethereum apps are the best to use.

The Following are the reviews of the top ethereum apps available in the different app stores.

How to invest cryptocurrency using apps

Bitcoin Wallets:

This ethereum app has changed everything about the money transaction process.

The Bitcoin wallets are one of the world’s first cryptocurrency apps introduced in 2009 with users all around.

It is both a software and hardware-based tool that allows you to make payments to the vendors in the Bitcoin (BTC) coins.

With every passing day, Bitcoin wallets are developing themselves and also providing many options to their users.

They encourage you to spend time on their official website and spend as much time possible to learn more about its technology and usages. If you are new to this, the following are the top 2 Bitcoin wallets.

1.    Coinbase: This is one of the biggest digital asset exchange companies with a presence in over 190 countries worldwide.

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and registered its one-millionth user right after two years, 2014.

Coinbase Android App has a rating of 4.5 stars and is also considered to be the best bitcoin and ethereum app.

2.    Mycelium: Mycelium is developed on GitHub which is open-source.

This app helps you to send and receive Bitcoins (BTC). This app is proud of its advanced features like Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets, single address accounts, watch only accounts and secure authentication units.



This is a Bitcoin investment app that helps you to earn Bitcoins by investing in your fiat currency.

To use this app, you have to log in by using your Coinbase account and then have to sync your bank account with it.

The idea behind this app is that it purchases the nearest dollars and the pocket change and converts it into Bitcoin.

This helps you to earn some cryptocurrency instead of dropping few pennies in the tip jar.



Fitcoin is not a very old app but still, it is the contender of the top ethereum (ETH) app in bitcoin.

Fitcoin can get you in very good shape just by paying you for your hard work.

The more you sweat, the more chances you will get to earn the bitcoins.


Get gems:

It is based on the decentralized cryptocurrency that pays you just by sending texts to the people. But instead of bitcoins, this app offers you the Gemz.

Whenever you would prefer this app to someone, you will earn the gemz on his participation. Every gem of the Getgems is equal to $0.01.



This app is quick and convenient for the ones who want to convert their bitcoins into cash.

To convert your cash, they work like the ATM system. If a user intends to get some cash, he can request a barcode that can be scan to get the cash for it.

A user can take this barcode to a local shop that is on the Spare portal.


The Fold is one of the major reasons why many retailers are shifting towards bitcoins.

With the Fold, any user can pay with his bitcoins in the places like Target and Starbucks right from their mobile devices.

However, this app is still recruiting as many retailers as possible, and once it will do it, this will bring the biggest change in our money transaction system.



It is the ultimate bitcoin marketplace. With this, you can send or receive messages to individuals or groups or you can put up anything on the sale too through your smartphones.

All the transactions of money then will be done using the bitcoins only.

Gliph is not only the marketplace to buy and sell things but it is also a virtual world where there’s no concept as currency, and only bitcoins are in use.

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  1. I’m searching for bitcoin mining software or hardware to start mining bitcoin. I’ve not heard much about Ethereum bitcoin, I hope it’s another crypto currency ? if I may ask, can one also start mining Ethereum and how can I learn how to mine this bitcoin. however, I’m going to try lawnmower since I have coinbase account.

  2. Admin i would to know somethings on bitcoin.
    1- how do i get them for free.
    2- is it really useful?.
    3- how do i sell it?.

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  9. The future of Digital currencies is very uncertain but some will become more accepted than others just like BTC is much used today, especially now that it has been listed on US stock market.

  10. Could it be said that btc is going to crash massively this year as some anticipated since few hands are controlling the price and they could pull back when least expected.

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