Comfy, the Best Smart LED Light Bulb that Protects your Home from Burglars right On Phone

Home invasion by thieves is nothing new and humans have always been relentless to improve the home security measures and the prevention mechanisms.

Not only on the part of residents but also the home security products’ manufacturers, with their improved and secure home windows, doors and burglaries.

One time ago, a friend asked me if having a dog could successfully deter burglars, make your house safe and secured from burglars and i gave yes as answer.

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But also added, one could complement that with some best smart home devices with automation system where the gadgets are developed with modern security technology specifically developed for domestic use.

This brings us to review ComfyLight, the smart light bulb with smart lighting control system for residential use.

If you’re looking for a cool home security gadget, a personal security device that’s cheap and affordable enough for other common men, ComfyLight fits into that.

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Review of ComfyLight Smart Bulb

ComfyLight smart bulb is produced to reduce interference of the users of smart lamp as we see in other smart bulbs that are only controlled with remote or the owner setting the the on and off of the bulb before leaving home.

This is not reliable and effective enough to protect your home from intruders and scare burglars away when they try to invade your house.

Unlike the remote controlled LED lights, ComfyLight smart bulb can be controlled by phones; your smartphone like android, iPhone and others, with convincing protection features.

It notifies you whenever there’s unusual movements in your house with push message on your android device and the programmable light switch automatically turns on and off systemically throughout the day.

ComfyLight is an innovative burglar deterrent gadget, a smart home product with modern lighting management, developed to mimic human behavior with high correlation.

According to the developer and cofounder, Stefanie Tuber, the bulb houses a motion detector; it can alert the owner when an intruder break-in and to switch on and off when you go in and come out respectively as if someone is in the room doing that.

ComfyLight is a LED lamp that stores and simulates your movement pattern, recognizes whether there’s someone in your building and simulates the normal user behavior during the absence of the owner.

It uses sensor that registers unusual movements and transmits them as a warning on your app. With ComfyLight app on your phone, you can schedule, toggle and dim your bulbs from the app.

There’s no doubt, ComfyLight smart bulb is the best LED lamp you can get now to secure your home without annoying alarm. It seems to have corrected the deficiencies in previous smart bulbs like the Philip’s hue and the Lifx smart bulb that can only be scheduled or controlled with remote control; or BeOn that responds to alarm by flashing or the light switching on.

Other good home invasion prevention products are the Zuli Smartplug and Nyrius Smart Outlet which both use Bluetooth and have their cons such as lack of remote access, android compatibility and the integration of the app with other smart gadget and also, Bluetooth connectivity.

ComfyLight (home trap for burglars) on the other hand, uses motion detection which seems to be better but could also be annoying if you’re at home, seeing the light flashing and turning on and off while you move in and out of your own house.

The message notification on the app each time you interact with things at home could also make you feel uncomfortable but the good news is that, you can turn off the motion detection of ComfyLight lamp.

Another standout feature of this security appliance is the “Away reminder”, where the ComfyLight app notifies you to activate the security mode when your phone is disconnected from the home WiFi connection and once you get home and your wireless internet connectivity is on, the app disengage the security mode.

The app can also track people living in your house, tells you the number of people at home and when people are out, with symbol assigned to each member of your home.

If you want to buy this smart bulb, it costs about $140 and you can purchase from trusted online stores like eBay, Amazon etc.

The internet of things (IoT) LED lamp is connected to your smartphone via the WLAN and SSL encryption is made possible and it’s easy to use. The ComfyLight app is compatible with android 4.4 device and above or iPhone 4 and above.


ComfyLight is a cheap home security smart bulb with 10 watt/800 lumen LED light that learns and simulates the real movement behavior of people living in a house.

If you want to know how to protect and secure your home, making it safe from, ComfyLight is an ideal portable cool security gadget with better lighting control system.

To prevent people from breaking into your house successfully, either in the morning or night, there are several home security tips you can learn and ideas you can incorporate.

However, for all-round protection, ComfyLight smart lamp can work wonder.

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  1. Comfylight is something I would definitely have if I had a house! So smart to have lights turn on and off mimicking like someone is actually at home! Perhaps a christmas gift for my brother inlaw who own a house.

  2. This is interesting. Am I understanding correctly that you can turn them on when you are not home? To deter burglars? We travel a lot and this could be a great addition to our house!

  3. This is interesting and very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing all these inventions with us.This smart lamp would be very useful I preventing household crime.

  4. in essence it work on motion sensors ya? Great security measure I must say and I can agree with you that this bulb will surely scare away burglars.
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  8. This is incredible and nice innovation; knowing how this smart light bulb can be controlled with mobile app is great.

  9. If this really works well, then, it’s going to help to keeping burglars away from house but the downside is, the thief may get to know it’s the smart lamp that’s at work.

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