Over the years, tourists and those who go on camping always experience one challenge or the other. One of the problems is solved.

Advancement in technology has enabled people to charge their Android phones and iPhone with burning fire. This further prove the conversion of heat energy to electric energy.

Before this latest development, scientists have discovered the possibility to charge mobile phones with with the aid of sunlight.

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How to Charge your Phone with Bioo Plant

Today, charging phones with fire is a possibility!  The charger that does this is referred to as Thermo-electric charger. Many developers of this charger use Thermo-electric module ( Perrier elements, TEC or TEG).

The concept is that, the module would have two sides( one hot side and the other, cold side). The  cold side will now be induced to transfer energy to the cold side where the mobile phone is connected via USB PORT.

These Apps will help your Phone Battery to last Longer

Some common features of this charger are:

  • 400g
  • 90*90*80 mm
  • USB connector
  • Easy to assemble /disassemble
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Adjustable construction height
  • Adjustable RPM of cooling fan
  • Adjustable voltage limiter



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Charge Cell Phone Battery Faster with Fire (Thermoelectric)

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