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Daily Cardio Fitness Test Exercise & Trainer Apps 4 Workout

30 Day Cardio Exercise Workout is a cardio training app developed by RFit Apps Hyderabad, India. It is a personal exercise trainer that guide and guard you on your workout safely, improving your cardio respiratory fitness, achieving better posture and enhancing general body health.

As a fitness specialist, I love this app because the developer put into consideration, those physical fitness laboratory guidelines and principles to ensure you don’t cause damage to your health and body while trying to improve on your fitness. You don’t need any fitness instructor only if you follow the guidelines on this app wholeheartedly.

You can set goals in what you want to achieve with your workout and make sure you read the instructions as rightly stated with photos before embarking on the exercises to avoid injury and stress. Exercising for healthy body and sound mind is gradual, so don’t expect to get result within days and don’t abandon your program if you don’t get result quickly.

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30 Day Cardio Exercise app only offers exercises that are pertinent to building cardiac muscles and developing body cardiovascular system without any prior knowledge or experience as everything is well planned in the routine and scheduled appropriately since the workout program is planned by professional fitness trainers.


Anyone who’s into exercise program knows surely that discipline is very Paramount to achieving result. It’s very rare to see dedicated exerciser unless he’s obsessed to achieve a fitness goal or he’s compelled to exercise program. I’m a living witness, because morning jogging, calisthenics and games are parts of my continuous assessment in school.

Having knowing this, the developer ensure there’s a reminder to notify you when you need to wake up to your responsibility to engage in daily cardio exercises. It’s just a full fitness exercise workout trainer robot, built into a mobile app for you. However, Your health status is very important before embarking on any cardio fitness test/training.

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Daily Cardio Workout Lumowell┬áis another daily exercise tracker app developed by Lumowell – Ego360 app developer in Napoli. If you’re the kind of person who thinks exercise is too stressful or hard on you, this app would prove you wrong. Cardio workout is not until you break your muscles or finding it difficult to take a walk after it.

The simplicity of the exercises you’re going to get to achieve your cardio fitness makes this app standouts from other cardio trainer apps. It makes exercising fun and easy and the result is amazing. You wouldn’t know when you will start sweating with the simple workout.

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Within one month of using lumowell cardio workout, you’re expected to be losing some pounds in your weight, getting better musculature after losing some body fats and enhancing your general health. You can also get the likely calories burned with the workout provided on the app.

If you’re building body muscles and you want to be aggressive, you can unlock the advanced feature where you will be exposed to more and heavy-muscle-activity based exercises with greater intensity and lengthened frequency. Intensity and frequency of an exercise regimen can change result depending on your discipline.

To crown it all, healthy eating is very essential in losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles and having better health; Therefore, you’re also guarded with meal planner to help achieving your fat/ calories burning objective and some health for your general wellbeing.

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