How to Get Rid of Debt when you’re on a low income

Getting a loan is never a bad thing, especially for a businessman, you only need to ensure the potential yield of the fund will be enough to service the debt.

It’s unfortunate, you don’t have control over everything that happens to your business sometimes, like this COVID-19 pandemic that has shut down businesses for five months now.

When you’re struggling to pay off your loan, then you need to stretch inward to servicing your debt and get out of the woods.

How to pay your loan if you don't earn much

How do you get out of Debt?

The first step to take is to evaluate your financial situation.


  • Estimate your income, assets, expenses, and liabilities

You can use a financial planning tool like the loan payment calculator to calculate your interest rate and payment frequency.

Pigly loan tools and several other calculators can help in planning your loan payment from the start.

You can use their budgeting, investing, and retirement tools to manage your income and expenses.

For example, you need to take out your fixed expenses (loan payment especially) from your income first before planning on the income.

This will help you to stretch inwards in your expenses and also finding better alternatives (in terms of costs) to goods and services you pay for every month.


  • Stretching inward to generate more money

When your sales are high, you should pay more than your regular monthly loan payment, this will enable you to pay less when sales are averaging.

You can also repay your debts from your other income and resources, depending on your income to expenditure ratio.

This will help you out when you suffer a small monthly loss in your business or when operating cost increases.

You can as well reduce your expenses or try to generate more income from your assets through rentals.

You can lease your properties, offer some of your assets, and even fixed liabilities for rental. Just look inward and you’ll get more ideas.

For you to manage your expenses well, you need to keep a notepad to list all your main expenses for evaluation and adjustment.

You can also utilize your free time to earn more. In this modern time, working at home even at late hours is not a possibility but a reality.

There is an unlimited number of things you can do online to make more money, the earlier you start it now, the better.


  • Through Out-of-court debt settlement

Out-of-court debt settlement is based on a professionally prepared debt settlement plan.

This contains a comprehensive list of all your income, the claims of the various creditors against you, and concrete settlement proposals to your creditors.

The debt settlement plan is used to submit settlement offers for debt relief to your creditors while disclosing your financial situation.

For example, a creditor who has a claim of $10,000.00 against you could be offered the payment of $4,000.00 on condition that the remaining debt is canceled.

Creditors often respond to such offers because they fear that they will receive less in insolvency proceedings due to their disclosed financial situation.


  • Making residual debt discharge after insolvency

All creditors must agree to the out-of-court debt settlement plan. If this can not be achieved, the out-of-court debt settlement has failed.

In most cases, this is followed by insolvency proceedings, which are opened by the insolvency court upon request.

Even in insolvency proceedings, there is still a chance of reaching a settlement with the creditors.
The failure of the out-of-court settlement of debts does not mean that agreement in the insolvency proceedings is also ruled out.

The opening of insolvency proceedings increases the pressure on creditors to accept an offered settlement proposal so as not to go away empty-handed.

If no agreement can be reached, the so-called “good conduct phase” must be observed in private insolvency, after which residual debt discharge is granted.

There are ways of reducing the normal duration of the good conduct phase from six years to five or even three years.

This may require, for example, the payment of the full costs of the proceedings or the payment of a certain percentage of the debt.



It is not easy to adjust your expenditure when you’re on loss in business, especially with many liabilities.

But you’ve to determine your income and expenses to understand your financial status and plan to get out of the debt.

Getting your real net income is very important before you can even think of developing any plan or getting a debt counsel.

If your financial status is buoyant to liquidate your debts, it will be easy to employ the tips on how to reduce your expenses.

If needed, you can create another stream of income to offset the debt, it’s all on what works fine you.

5 Best Ways to make Money with Bitcoins

This year, the attention of investors in digital money will focus on the leading cryptocurrency – bitcoin.
So also attention will be on the development of the cryptocurrency derivatives market and mining.

How can you now benefit from this growing market?

With Bitcoins, you can make money not only by trading but also by mining, cloud mining or even exchanging against other currencies.
Today, I would like to discuss five ways you can make money with Bitcoins.
  • Trading Bitcoins yourself

The first way to make money with Bitcoins is to buy the cryptocurrency or trade it.
You can trade bitcoin with crypto brokers where you will be able to buy and sell any digital currency, or preferably Bitcoin.
When trading Bitcoins, you make money only when you’re able to sell higher than the price you buy.
You can employ candlesticks patterns to identify a bottom reversal for buying and sell when there is a huge supply capable of depressing the price.
Top 5 ways to make money with bitcoin
  • Trading Bitcoins via CFDs

Another way to make money with Bitcoins is to trade the cryptocurrency through Contracts For Difference (CFDs).
In this case, you do not buy coins directly but speculate on rising Bitcoin prices using the Contracts For Difference.
This option is currently very popular with many traders because CFDs use leverage so that only a small part of the trading value has to be raised by the trader.
  • Binary Options on the Bitcoin

The third way to make money with Bitcoins is to trading binary options.
Some Binary Options brokers currently already provide cryptocurrencies as underlying assets, especially the Bitcoin.
However, when trading Binary Options, you should keep in mind that they always have a limited duration and you will usually have to decide whether the price of the Bitcoin at expiration is higher or lower than when you bought it.
  • Bitcoin Mining in the form of Solo Mining

Another profitable way in which you can earn money from Bitcoin is through mining but this method is expensive.
This is not about buying bitcoin crypt or speculating on its price, it involves producing Bitcoins yourself.
In so-called solo mining, you are on your own, so you must observe all the requirements for mining the coins.
This includes, for example, that you have a powerful computer with the appropriate hardware, software for mining is required and you should not forget that high electricity costs must be taken into account for mining.
In the last few weeks, a new way has been established: Masternodes – passive income by securing the network.
  • Cloud mining as an alternative to solo mining

Another way to make money with Bitcoins is what is known as cloud mining.
This has become a real trend over the last few years, as it gives almost any interested party the opportunity to participate in Bitcoin Mining.
In this case, you do not have to use hardware and software yourself and there are no electricity costs.
Instead, you transfer an investment amount of your choice to the cloud mining provider and are rewarded at regular intervals on a pro-rata basis.
The mining market is becoming increasingly mature. We do not expect a very high profit from crypto-currency mining unless its price starts to grow rapidly, as it was in 2017.
At the same time, mining continues to attract institutional investors.
Today, the market is saturated with equipment. Manufacturers have learned how to increase their sales flexibly and quickly.
These are a driving force for network growth and keep mining profitability at a relatively stable, moderate level.

How to run a successful small business – No brainer Guide

It is not easy to build a business. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to take a startup to the verge of success.

Though in this technology-driven era, experts consider it as the best time for startups.

Yet, a lot of startups still become failures due to different reasons.

In spite of having innovative ideas and fresh concepts, startups can not emerge in the big picture due to management issues or lack of vision from the entrepreneur.

However, the good thing is that many entrepreneurs have shown the way for taking a startup business to the desired success level.

There is no fixed template to become successful, as different businesses are required to be managed in different ways.

However, a few things can be followed by the entrepreneurs to ensure that the business is going in the right direction.

Discussed in the following section are some of the ways of building sustainable startup companies.

How to grow small business to a big company

Building up Faith in your Startup Business 

As an entrepreneur, one must have confidence in his or her abilities.

A business owner or startup owner should always be a confident person, having belief in his ideas and skills.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that belief is the foundation stone of a successful business.

Different persons come with different views on business.

All business ideas have some amount of future financial potentials. Thus, if you are confident and keen on putting hard work or efforts on your business, you shall definitely experience better business profitability.

With better profitability, business sustainability gets created.

A startup means propagating a new as well as a unique idea.

Since the concept is entirely new, there are always a lot of risks associated with it.

A conventional business may not be profitable, but it would not prove to be a huge failure.

With startups, there is a high risk of failure. But, at the same time, there is an opportunity to become successful.

You can easily move your business towards success with the trust in your idea. You should be a believer and a dreamer.


Embracing and Adapting to Changes

An entrepreneur should not be stubborn with his or her ideas. He needs to make alternations with the changing environment and changing technologies.

To build a sustainable business, business owners should have a technology-oriented frame of mind.

Deploying new technologies helps in bringing better results.

It enhances the quality of the product or service that your business offers.

Technology also helps to curb inflation. The proven way of making high profitability is controlling inflation and lowering down the production cost without harming the quality of products.

This can only be possible with cutting edge technologies.

With the advent of time, a lot of technological change happens around us.

Startup businesses should be quick to ponder upon the changes in technologies to become more self-reliant.

A startup is always based on technology, and thus upgrading technology in a periodic time frame is essential.

Technology will help the startup to reach more people.

It will help to achieve great brand value.

It will also help the startups to become long sustaining by saving unnecessary expenses.

Ways to grow your small business to a big one

You should Focus on Transparency and Business Ethics

An entrepreneur should be an ethical person. If a business owner is ethical, business is expected to perform ethically.

For sustaining in the long run, ethics and transparency have to be maintained.

Remarkable achiever among the modern-day entrepreneurs always prefers on keeping transparency.

They develop successful startups in a way that it can perform ethically, maintaining complete transparency business to customers and employees to the business owner.

For the brand identity of a startup, it is important to invest the money as well as time into ethics as well as transparency.

If you do not run an ethical organization, soon your organization shall be considered as not suitable to be trusted.

To establish trust and to clinch maximum profitability from the customers, your business has to be ethical.

If you are ethically running a business, you need to follow proper guidelines.

A startup business should know the guidelines for standardization.


Growth and Comfort Do no Co-Exist

An entrepreneur always focuses on delivering hard works.

There is no substitute for hard work and passion.

When you want to build a growing and sustainable company, you have to sacrifice a lot.

With more hard work and passion, it is possible to make a startup turn into a trendsetting business.

Hard work is the key to becoming successful.

Hard work would not fetch the result overnight because it’s a long term process, and it brings the best results with perfection.

The startup business needs a lot of management tasks at the beginning.

So, at the beginning stage, the business owners have to put as many efforts as possible for the growth of the business.


You should Understand the Reasons for Business Failure

A few blunders from the business owners lead to slow death or failure of the startups.

So, you need to be careful, and you should understand these crucial reasons for the failure of a business.

These days, startup businesses face modern threats like data hacking, phishing, etc.

So, you need to strengthen your database. You have to focus on database security.

Making the data secured should be the priority of every startup business owner.

To enhance security, a few basic tips are required to be followed.

For example, you need to host business data on the secured server.

You should abide by all the major security instructions with perfection.

Startup businesses can fail due to many other reasons.

We need to learn those reasons and then we have to take measures to protect businesses from the possible losses.

For every startup business owner, it is a daunting process. However, it is important as it is related to the existence of the businesses.



At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that businesses are based upon various strategies as well as planning.

A startup business owner has to struggle more at the initial stage, though once he finds the way to success, everything becomes easy to manage.

Publiseer Co-Founder -Chidi Nwaogu talks about Enrepreneurship Journey

About 9ja Boi and LAGbook
My entrepreneurial journey started when i was a teenager, about just sixteen years. Then i co-founded 9ja Boi Interactive, a  company that’s into video game development.
We combined Artificial intelligence and gamification to help the young ones in learning the concept of global warning and to understand its significance to the ecosystem.
Most importantly, to mitigate global warning so as to build a better living environment.
At about nineteen years, i co-founded another tech startup company – LAGbook. This is a social network that attracted more than one million registered members within three years we developed it.
It was later acquired by Gulf Pearl Ltd, a Canadian tech company. We then moved to another project.
Today, we’ve built a team of young professionals who work every day in their best capacity to make our work stand out, be its best, and even attract more fans.
About Publiseer
With my brother, we Co-founded Publiseer digital media, a platform that helps creative African writers, Song Artists, and filmmakers to get their works published to attract global audience.
We publish, protect, promote and monetize their contents on over 400 partner stores in 100 countries without any budget from them.

At Publiseer, we discover local African talents and provide them a platform to help them promoting what they love doing.

Publiseer handles the tedious work in transforming their creativity into wealth for them and to help them earn and live beyond a low class citizen.
  • We design professional book covers for authors, and get unique ISBN numbers.
  • We offer standard book editing and formatting
  • We offer EPUB file conversion for easy distribution
  • We get them worldwide book distribution on popular online such as like Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google Play
  • Books, Barnes and Noble, and many more
For artists, the expectation isn’t less.
  • We distribute the songs submitted across popular online music stores like Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify,  Apple iTunes, Shazam, Amazon, and several others
  • We also get them free professional cover art, music remastering, unique UPC number, and FLAC file conversion for easy distribution at no cost.
For filmmakers,
  • We get them worldwide video-on-demand distribution via popular online platforms. Some of them are TubiTV, NetFlix, Vudu, Steam, Vimeo On Demand, Shudder, Hoopla and others.
  • We also offer FLV file conversion for easy distribution at no cost
We have helped over three thousand African creatives make over $150,000. We also partnered with International Publishers Association (UAE) and the International Publishing Distribution Association (Madrid)
How Revenue is generated
Each time we sell a unit of any of the work distributed, be it audiobook, song, music video and feature film, we take 25% of the profit realized.
Our authors can monitor the sales of their work across all stores we distributed to, using our centralized dashboard.
They are also able to get their royalties to their local bank account or mobile money wallet.
We want to see more great works by Africans on international and well-established platforms, and this is the reason we’re building Publiseer, a platform that will make this happen.
How we connect with Creative
Many creatives use social network like twitter, FB, Linkedin, Instagram to promote their work to potential customers because it’s easy, free and effective when you run campaign.
Therefore, we use the above-mentioned social media utilities to reach out to creatives who are looking for new avenues to share, promote and monetize their works.
We run several organic and paid social media campaigns, targeted towards writers, music artists, and filmmakers.
Also, we have been extensively covered by the media, mostly blogs and social sites, and this is because we have maintained a very good relationship with social influencers and bloggers over the years.
Social influencers also keep in touch with us on every new milestone we reach, and report it on their page.
Each time we accept authors, artists, or filmmakers on our platform, We take care of the publishing work from start to finish.
We also handle the distribution, promotion and sales. Creatives only have to sit back and get their royalties in an easy and risk-free medium.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies that are infallible now and beyond

In the 21st century, digital marketing is essential for your business. It does not matter how big or small your company is, but if you want your brand to grow, then digital marketing is the key.

how to adopt digital marketing strategies to market your business

Marketers are always looking for digital marketing strategies which will build their brand.


The Top Online Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Focus On

If you do want to spend time choosing the wrong one, here are the top digital marketing strategies to get you started.


  • Social media marketing

In 2018, the most effective digital marketing strategy was social media marketing.

A lot of brands ventured into Social Media to create brand awareness and grow their target audience.

Some of the most popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Social media marketing requires that you interact with various audiences on the websites.

A lot of users spend most of their time online; therefore, it creates an excellent opportunity to connect with a target audience.

How to create brand awareness  on the internet

  • Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is one of the latest digital marketing strategies that businesses are adopting.

This means that your company optimizes new and existing voice searches

This will help you earn a featured snippet on accounts such as Google.

Also, you will become position zero on the search results, which means that you will increase your customer base; thus, more products are sold.

Voice search optimization is becoming increasingly popular as more people buy smartphones.


  • Video Marketing

Video marketing requires that you make interactive and useful videos for your target audience.

This will help you create brand awareness to your users.

This marketing strategy has proved to be helpful among millennials who are more visual.

It is estimated that 90% of the customers purchase due to the influence of a video.


  • Email marketing

The goal of email marketing is to ensure that your business will retain current customers and get new ones.

It is a great strategy to convince your audience to make repeated purchases and also increase brand awareness.

The best part about email marketing is that you can segment your clients.

Therefore you can customize a campaign based on what a particular customer purchased.

This will help provide useful information to your clientele, and your business will stay at the top of their brains.


  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the act of improving your website so that it can rank at the top of search results.

This will require that you rank keywords that people are searching. If you are at the top of the search engine, then it will drive traffic to your website.

It is estimated that 30% of the people searching online will click on the first page.

Therefore your clientele will grow, and you can sell your products.

Now, we just have had an overview of the digital marketing strategies you can focus on.

Remember, the actual strategy goes into details that look at your competitors, your target audience and the best and cost-effective way to reach out to them.

Importance of Mobile Apps in Business & Marketing

We have transformed completely into the generation of mobiles.

One business that’s progressing to strengthen especially to company goals, is Mobile apps.


Wish for some more details of this idea?

We have to examine the statistics presented by Google, which affirmed unexpected facts that 78 percent of people’s phone usage is from mobile apps today.

As stated by Google, 90 percent of Smartphone users assume that they use their mobiles for ideas within the middle of a project.

And 68 percent of them require information from their phones prior to buying anything in a market.

Eventually, the overall estimation of mobile phone users is supposed to rise to 5.23billion in 2020 and 5.75billion in 2021.

How mobile apps help digital marketing business

Even the business of Mobile App development in marketing plans was termed by many authorities as one of the most crucial moves which could be practiced in recent marketing and advertising drives.

That’s because it functions on several levels:

  • You might have the primary access for customers
  • The simplification of the purchasing procedure
  • The partition of both special coupons and advertisements along with a source for prospecting customer information.

It is the ideal way to fuel your organization extension with a one-time primary cost investment.

The digital strategy would be currently reshaping markets throughout the mobile app industry significantly more than any other medium.

Checking part of the 2019’s Smartphone’s marketing success stories, we are able to observe that lots of companies have the ability to improve their sales and revenues by concentrating a lot more on mobile audiences.

Since global Smartphone usage continues to expand worldwide, marketing victory in 2020 will depend upon the most thriving commercialization of mobile apps.

In an era from mobile-friendly to mobile-first, entrepreneurs are re-thinking, which can be their common relevant digital stations.

Research by sensible insights demonstrated that mobile App marketing was one of those top-four digital marketing methods in 2019.


Managing Data to Notify Long-term Plan

Organizations may use apps to gather customer information.

This job becomes just a thousand times easier whenever you connect your app to a cloud that provides sales and marketing plans to keep customer information and find patterns into long-term monitoring.

This can be practiced to create stronger powerful tactics based on logical behavioral variations got by the client base.

Mobile Apps have been an essential part of our lives for many years now.

According to a poll, users spend about thirty hours per month using their mobile apps.

It’s a ton of data at your hand in the event that you have the opportunity to come up with an app and determine how your customers are engaging with it.


Digital Marketing

The use of digital platforms like social media, websites, and emails to promote business through modern marketing and advertising techniques called digital marketing.

Digital marketing works as a buffer for all your online retailing needs and works.

Digital channels like social media, Google search results, and email marketing encourage your business to combine with your flow and planned customers through online platforms like a website.

IT Solutions could assist you with the marketing strategy that could associate you together with your target audience at a suitable time, digital marketing is the go-to strategy.

How mobile app is helping driving sales

Growing Your Audience Base

Yet another way that this is a crucial way in growing audiences.

A Mobile app performs it simpler than to review local markets, by setting a connection directly there at the control of the consumer.

You’ve got the possibility to attain people more efficiently, instead of depending on them to test you out on the web.

Having a Mobile app will enable you to promote your brand name on a global scale, not merely a niche or local related one.

Much changing to a mobile-friendly theme can create a huge difference once it comes to cellular lookup positions and user-friendly involvement.

For example, with a strong strategy, an online marketplace for booking and discovering private instructors, that’s marketing its mobile presence as a stand-alone name.


Associating The Points

You use GPS applications to go anywhere, social media apps to get to your partners and family, a calendar application to view your schedules, Amazon application to keep up your shopping listings.

Your business application can show that key segment that relates your item or service to your client’s life.

For instance, Checkmark application uses geo-area to prompt you of your everyday duties.

For instance, if your business gathering takes you close to the laundry, the application will incite you to get your stuff.


Utilizing Pop-up Messages

Pop-up messages have remained a significant blessing for Versatile application developers that need an easy method to make reference to clients for new developments or just to open the application.

For organizations, it has various occasions, as it gives a stage for making them think about new items, bargains, administrations, and so forth.

These warnings are substantial on the home or lock screen of their telephone. However, they aren’t excessively meddling.

It invigorates them to kill the notices on the off chance that they need, which is less hostile than work area site pop-ups that they have no power over.

Timing is the most significant because of the fact that you have a limited amount of time and diligence in which to work.


Focus on Long Term KPI Metrics and Techniques

A unique inclusion in engagement or traffic against launching your Mobile app is definitely an interesting and important indication of success.

Even the short term KPI is not enough to allow one to dominate the mobile field market, simply to assume small needle changes brought on by your very first launching.

Simply like they wish to concentrate on long term developments, then you should be planning a Mobile app approach that’s also focused on the long run.

Customer feedback before development can help with the specific, as can creating a solid, stable product road map for inventions that will work to become an important platform for customers to receive his or her business aims.



Digital marketing is always evolving due to technological advancement. For the time being, mobile apps have become game-changers.

Smartphone usage and engagement can extend to grow within the next few years, driving more companies to develop mobile apps to enhance their sales and engage more customers.

As stated by the DxMinds Technologies research, around 92 percent of all respondents believe their own smartphones to be their main device for several types of interactions with all those brands, to look for services and products and also make purchases.

Mobile apps need to be both engaging and particular to catch and maintain customers’ awareness and make shopping easy and enjoyable.

This is where technology advancement opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Lots of brands have been previously using AR and VR services as a part of their competitive digital creation efforts to drive sales.

Meaning of Additive Manufacturing and How 3D Printing works

What does Additive Layer Manufacturing means?

Additive manufacturing (AM) is an industrial process or methodology whereby products are made from the deposits of other materials layer-by-later to form geometric 3D objects.

how 3d printing technology works and the seven processes involved

It can be also called 3D printing since 3D object scanners or computer-aided design can be used to create new objects in a particular geometric shape from material deposits.

These new products are built layer by layer, unlike the Subtraction manufacturing model where technology will be used to extract excess materials from a product to create a new one.


AM invention

Additive manufacturing started in the early 1980s. There are different people who were seen to have used 3D printing to create new objects.

Stereolithography was invented by Charles Hull around 1980 and known to have preceded Additive manufacturing. It is the Stereolithography designers use in creating a real object using digital data with 3D models.

It is after this invention and successful creation of a real object in 3d forms that other techniques were invented under the 3D printing, including AM

One of the first production systems for 3D printing was also developed in Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute.

Hideo Kodama, working in this institute at that time invented two additive manufacturing processes for producing three-dimensional parts.


Technologies that are used in Additive manufacturing


This is when the material is heated without being liquefied to build complex objects that are high in resolution. Similarly, Direct metal laser sintering uses metal powders as material.

Also, Selective laser sintering uses a laser on thermoplastic powders or composite material so that the particles stick together.

The second melts the materials completely, including direct metal laser sintering which uses a laser to melt metal powder layers, and electron beam melting, which uses electron beams to melt the powders.


It involves the process known as photopolymerization, whereby an ultraviolet laser is fired into a vat of photopolymer resin to create a torque-resistant ceramic part that can withstand extreme hot temperature.


Processes involved in Additive Manufacturing

There are some standardized processes involved in using this methodology in manufacturing. The use of any of these processes depends on the properties of the product you want to produce.


  • Directed energy deposition

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) is another 3D printing technique where a variety of materials with different forms are needed to produce a product.

It is also popularly referred to as direct light fabrication or metal deposition, laser engineered net shaping, 3D laser cladding or Laser Deposition Welding.

For example, when materials such as ceramics, metals, and polymers needed to be melted and deposited layer by layer to create a new product.

Metal powder and wire are melted with a laser beam or electron beam, usually moved by a horizontally moving arm and build up the deposited materials as it moves vertically.


  • Polymerization

Vat polymerization is another AM process in which a vat of liquid resin photopolymer is used to build up layers of the object. Mirrors are used to deflect ultraviolet light so that each resin layer hardens by photopolymerization


  • Powder bed Fusion

Binder jet 3D is known as Powder bed and inkjet and drop-on-powder.

It’s a prototype of AM technology that offers the broadest range of technologies. In this process, a variety of other manufacturing techniques like direct metal laser melting, direct metal laser sintering, selective laser sintering, electron beam melting and selective heat sintering are involved.

Electron beams, lasers or thermal print heads are often used to partially or completely melt fine layers of various forms of material after which the excess powder is released.


  • Binder Jetting

Binder Jetting is used when products that needed to be produced requires powdered or/and liquid materials.

It involves using 3D machines to move different materials in different axes to alternately deposit layers of powdered material and a liquid binding agent.

The liquid material serves as adhesive to join the layers of materials together to make a new product.


  • Wire-arc Addictive manufacturing

The Wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) process uses arc welding power sources and manipulators to produce 3D shapes by arc deposition.

This process typically uses wire as the material source and follows a predetermined path to produce the desired shape. This additive manufacturing process is usually performed using robot welding equipment.


  • Sheet metal lamination

Sheet metal lamination is the process of building up metal foil together to form a part of an object. Paper can also be used in sheet lamination.

Sheet metal lamination is one of the additive manufacturing processes for infrastructure construction and it can be divided into two technologies.

  • Laminate object production
  • Ultrasonic additive production.

The production of laminated objects is suitable for the manufacture of objects with high aesthetic requirements in construction projects and it uses alternating layers of paper and binding agents.

Ultrasonic additive production, on the other hand, uses ultrasonic welding to blend thin sheets; low energy and low-temperature process that can be used for various metals such as aluminium, titanium and stainless steel.


  • Material Extrusion

Material extrusion additive manufacturing process is mostly used in producing plastics, ceramics, and sometimes metals.

It deals with the use of thermoplastic or composite materials to create a 3D object. Coiled polymers that extruded are heated with a die mounted on a movable arm.

As the arm moves horizontally and the bed moves vertically, the molten materials are deposited in layers and solidify by cool temperature or using adhesives.

10 Best Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Manager to help grow your Money

Trading cryptocurrencies is an easy task. Anybody can trade in the comfort of their homes. What you need is a computer, internet and an eye for opportunity.
The secret lies in picking the lowest-priced coins just when they hit the exchange market. Wait for the price to rally up and boom! You become an overnight millionaire. Is it this easy?
best cryptocurrency hedge fund manager
The Truth About Day Trading
Former traders have called day trading nerve-racking and not profit-making. Buying cryptocurrency via Coinbase or LocalBitcoins is easy.
The difficult part comes when you need to track daily price movements and adjust holdings to safeguard your principal amount invested. The volatility of these types of assets makes it even more stressful.

 Crypto hedge funds

You don’t need to rake your hair roots every day and have sleepless nights awaiting the right price to sell. Cryptocurrency hedge funds employ talented investment and management professionals who understand the mechanics of trading and investing your money in cryptocurrency.
Trade your inexperience and pain for trust and expertise in investment. It’s a safe bet for greater potential in earning a handsome return.

Cryptocurrency hedge fund facts 2017-2018

How does a return of between 2000% and 82000% look on your year-end statement?
Well at the peak of 2017, this was the return that top cryptocurrency hedge funds made for their investors.
When bitcoin reached its all-time high of $20,000, appetite for investment grew. 90 new hedge fund launches of the 124 were also recorded as of Jan 2017.
2018 records show the largest decline in the holdings of cryptocurrency hedge funds. According to PWC and Elwood Investment Firm report, 46% of investments made by crypto hedge funds shed due to the decline in Bitcoin price.
Despite this loss, crypto fund launches grew by 104 in 2018. This is due to a renewed confidence that Bitcoin would rebound in price as is evident today at $10,000.
Can cryptocurrency make you rich? Of course. Start by considering this cryptocurrency hedge fund list of 10.

Pantera Capital

A blockchain investment firm focused on blockchain ventures, token sales, and projects related to digital currency and crypto-assets.
Over $450 million in assets managed across three venture funds and four hedge funds. The main crypto assets invested are ZCASH, Ripple, Veem, Xapo, Ripio, and Civic.
In 2017, Pantera reported a 25,000% return and in 2018, a loss of 41% against all its investments.
This top crypto hedge fund is open to accredited investors seeking to invest $100,000 or more in blockchain-enabled companies.

Coin capital

An investment firm considered among the best crypto hedge funds that specialize in crypto assets.
Its cryptocurrency hedge fund portfolio diversifies into Initial Coin Offerings, blockchain start-ups and the top ten coins and tokens on CoinmarketCap.
It manages roughly over $25M in assets and admits individuals or institutions with a high net worth of $2.1M

Alphabit Fund

An actively managed cryptocurrency and digital asset investment fund that aims to beat the performance of Bitcoin on a risk-adjusted basis.
This crypto-asset advisory firm specializes in trading cryptocurrency markets, early-stage blockchain start-ups and token sale advisory services.
It invests in Ethereum, Ark, Ethereum Classic and PeerCoin. Initial Coin Offering invested in is MetalPay, Blocktix, Matchpool, Aeternity, and Skycoin. This fund manages over $480M in assets and is open for all classes of investors.


This is a blockchain asset management, utility token listing, and financial solutions company.
Bitspread offers investment management to professional clients such as family offices and asset managers who have blockchain assets exposed to risk. They use financial engineering expertise to mitigate the risk of price volatility.
This fund allows an investor with a starting capital of €100,000.

Silver 8 Capital

This crypto hedge fund focuses on blockchain technology developments and applications.
It is currently investing in liquid markets i.e. cryptocurrencies and selected private investments that it’s invited to. In 2017, Silver 8 Capital returned 770.74%, the best crypto hedge fund performance with a mix of different strategies.
It manages around $350M in assets; a large amount being from institutional investors.

Grayscale capital

This is a subsidiary company of the Digital Currency Group. This top crypto hedge fund invests and manages digital assets.
The major crypto assets invested are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple and ZCash.
This firm manages assets of $1.95B. Family offices, hedge funds and other institutional investors with a minimum of $25,000 can join.

BitBull Fund

BitBull Fund is a subsidiary of BitBull Capital which is a cryptocurrency fund of funds. It manages 10 of the more than 600 cryptocurrency hedge funds in the market.
BitBull Fund also invests in public crypto assets via its Opportunistic Fund.
This fund manages more than $20M in assets across firms under it.
Investors with between $25,000 and $100,000 in the capital are the major beneficiaries of this fund.

BlackMoon Crypto Fund

A cryptocurrency fund that is part of the BlackMoon Financial Group. This is a blockchain-based platform for tokenized investment funds.
This crypto hedge fund allows its users to create, promote, develop, and manage legally compliant investment funds while covering all aspects from technology and infrastructure, to the legal framework and corporate structuring.
It has closed well over $100M in deals. The tokens issued from the platform bases on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Brian Kelly Capital

This is a digital currency investment firm that caters for high net worth individual investors, family offices and institutions.
It has focused investments on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Golem, Augur and Siacoin. It also gears its clients’ funds to blockchain-focused opportunities.

Polychain Capital

Polychain capital is among the best crypto hedge funds that specialize in a diversified portfolio of blockchain tokens.
The main crypto assets invested are Tezos, Rchain, Polkadot, Difinity, and Cosmos.
It has attracted institutional investors who have contributed to its funding and assets under management.
It is always prudent to walk with those who are experienced. They guide you on the right path and shield you from loss or injury.
They even foresee danger and prepare you to safeguard your belongings. That is the right choice you made by walking with a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Choose the right fund among the list and enjoy profits.

Identifying Influencers through Social Listening

There was a time when influencers and advocates were mainly celebrities that almost everyone knew about.

They were often actors, athletes and musicians. That has changed know because influencers are also social media stars that have millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

They may have thousands of followers that happen to be the target audience of a brand.

If you’re trying to identify influencers, social listening can help you achieve that goal. Let’s delve a bit deeper.

How to identify social influencers through social listening and netbase tool

Importance of Social Listening

There are thousands of influencers online and likely many influencers that can sell your products and services.

The question is how you go about finding them. The answer is social listening.

There are highly-regarded social analytics companies that help brands with all aspects of social analytics, which includes finding influencers.

This is achieved by listening to conversations on socials.

This process can help you identify the influencers and advocates in your industry that you want to work with based on their ability to influence others.

Given the volume of influencers that exist, social listening is the most productive way to identify who you’re searching for.


What to Look For in an Influencer

To find the right influencer, you should look for someone that is already having conversations online about your brand, products and services.

It’s also best if they have a following that falls within the guidelines you have set.

For instance, you may only desire to work with influencers that have at least one million followers.

Others may be willing to work with micro-influencers, which is also a valued group become sometimes they are highly effective.

You’ll need to refine your search and social listening can help.


Influencer Marketing

Marketing for the purpose of finding an influencer is important because there are certain expectations that influencers have when working with brands.

Many have become experts at selling products and brands understand this fact.

The reason why they are so good at it is because they have built a loyal following and people often trust their recommendations.

Once you have identified the influencers you want to work with, you’ll need to reach out by the appropriate means.

In most cases, that simply involves sending a letter or email to the point of contact provided by the influencer.

That message should generally include the deal you would like to offer.

Some brands go above and beyond with extravagant offers to influencers.


Setting Expectations

When working with an influencer, there should be clarity surrounding the expectations.

This isn’t about the outcome of their efforts, but the methods.

For instance, you should know in advance whether or not they use hashtags, post on Facebook regularly, or communicate by vlogging on YouTube.

This information is provided by social analytics and reports that are available through the social listening app/company

While you don’t necessarily have to be strict about their method of promoting the product, you should certainly have guidelines.


Other Considerations 

Another consideration when choosing an influencer is whether or not they work with other brands that may be your competition.

You should also examine their experience working with other influencers and if there seems to be a positive sentiment about their brand when you analyze the results of social listening.

Working with influencers is something that can become a long-term engagement, especially if the results are positive.

You can actually find out the results through social analytics.

It will help with your analysis because technology is employed to get the insights you need during the decision-making process.

Datafund Project: Helping Creators and Businesses to Trade Data

The internet connectivity has become the basic need of life in this modern age, and communication has taken different dimension in recent time.

Today, there are social networks, apps and other programs for interaction between friends and family
With your mobile phones, you can communicate with people, make purchase of goods and subscribe to services.

You can also register blog on free content management platforms to share happenings in your life and your society. Almost anything can be done online today.

Because of the heavy reliance on the internet to do business today, we input large amount of information into the internet.

As we register accounts on these websites, we supply our demographic data, education history, health details, financial records, interest and all sorts of information.

Ironically though, these data are traded upon at very high value without the consent of the original owners of the data. The data can be used by social medias for example to offer products and services of their partners to us through adverts they sell.

While the world is quickly heading towards a data-driven society and content is King of business as it’s being tipped as the oil of the digital era. It’s saddening that the original creators of these data don’t benefit much in the value harnessed from it.

A solution is thus highly called for, which will create an internet ecosystem where your data can be copyrighted, traded and secure.

And for you the owner of the data and businesses which will need it can both harnessed the value on a mutual agreement. For this need, Datafund, a decentralized data exchange system was established.

The Datafund Project

The datafund project is a protocol and a decentralized application which aims to establish a decentralized data exchange system which protects personal data, provides safe storage and enables transparent data storage.

The ultimate goal of datafund initiative is to create an internet ecosystem where people will be able to manage their data, have the control of the transfer of the information.

The datafund project have grouped the active players in the data economy into three: data owners, data users and service providers.

Data owners are the people who’re original creator of data and load it into the system. They are the first line in the data economy.

Data users are the business owners who make use of the data supplied by the creators. The service providers are the intermediary between the creator and users, they facilitate the creation and the use of the data in the system.

Datafund, which is driven by blockchain technology seek to make the transaction between the three participants in the data economy simple, easy and secure.

Blockchain technology will give data owners full control over their data while allowing for censorship-proof exchange of data without intermediaries.

The Datafund initiative is to ensure a smooth and reliable data system which will favor the active players in the data economy as follows:

The data owners will have full control over their data. The datafund initiative will give data owners access to decentralized applications and token wallets.

With these tools, data owners will be able to conveniently define, manage, store and monetize their personal data.

The business owners who make use of he data will have the privilege to know more about their clients, apart from just the data they sell.

Data creators would like to discuss more about themselves with their trusted customers who selling data to them.

Therefore, they can utilize this opportunity to get an insight into their customers and have edge over their competitors.

The service provider who intermediate between the two traders will have to play a pivotal role in accessing the creators and attracting businesses to the datafund platform, aiding them to get access to new data and monetize their existing data.


The actors in the datafund network include the following

  • The individuals:  These are the data creators
  • The Merchants:  These are the business using the data
  • The Data markets:  The data markets will help connecting the data creators, businesses and the service provider.
  • The Blockchain Oracles:  These are systems which interact with smart contracts on the blockchain.

They are the “technological actors” of the datafund network.

  • Service providers: The service providers function to introduce and refer companies to the datafund network.


The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Token

This is the official token used in the datafund network. The DEX token is compatible with ERC777 and still working with the old token, the ERC20.

These tokens are utility and non-security consumer token which will serve three major functions as follows:

  1. Staking for decentralized governance
  2. Payments and staking for listing in token curated registries
  3. Payment for service providers.


With the datafund network, data creators will be able have full control over their data transfer and prevent the usage of data by those who’re not authorized to use it.

This is making a new phase of  data economy where creators will benefit immensely from the value of their contents.