Things you should know about Home Solar Panel (System)

In the past decade, the era of solar panels for home use has been brought forth.

Businesses and homes across the globe are currently transitioning from a fossil-fueled source of energy towards a clean energy economy. For example, electric car is now replacing petrol-using car.

This move has been necessitated by the need to reduce emissions in the current time of global climate change.

Within this era of energy reform, the solar-panel systems for homes are being adopted at a remarkable rate.

Also, the cost of using solar energy is dropping at an amazing rate across the nation as more people realize the benefits of renewable energy and prefer more ecosystem friendly products thereby broadening the market and making it more profitable for businesses.

Below are a few things you should know about home solar-panel systems.


How Has the Price of Solar Energy Dropped In Recent Years?

If you are looking for low-cost energy, solar electricity is a great option to consider especially if you’re having high electricity consuming devices at home or office.

One of the electronics consuming much electricity is your air condition and you can install ductless AC to reduce your energy bill.

U.S. solar installation cost has lowered by 70 percent over the past decade. In the previous year alone, the residential market has seen a five percent decrease in solar installation cost.

Undoubtedly, solar has evolved into a sensible home upgrade which most Americans are considering.

As such, acquiring solar panels for your home is one of the best decisions you can make in the current era.


The Difference Between Solar For Home Use and Business

A commercial solar system can be used to power a town or a company’s operations. This means that it varies dramatically in terms of cost and scale with the residential solar system.

By comparison, domestic solar systems are advantageous, and one can install them individually.

On the other hand, commercial solar necessitates a significant investment and a collective group of investors.

The right Home solar panel

The Cost of Residential Solar System

The cost depends on the state you live in and the system size. Fortunately, there is data that you use to estimate the cost of panel installation.

The least demanding approach to figure cost of solar power is in dollars per watt ($/W), which shows what number of dollars sun based will cost per watt of available power generation.

Currently, mortgage holders are paying an average cost of $3.14/W.


Will the Panels be connected to the Power Grid?

Most of the residential panels will be connected to the national power grid.

With matrix associated panels, net-metering is recommended since it ensures you always have power.

Net-metering is a way in which you get charge credits when your nearby group overproduces power.

Whenever your boards aren’t delivering enough power, you can utilize those bill credits to take care of the expense of your power utilization.


How Long Does it Take to Install Residential Solar Systems?

When you have contacted the solar panel installers and done the necessary site visits, the real establishment of your solar board framework will take a couple of days to install.

The exact time relies upon various variables. For instance, if you are setting up net metering, that procedure will require extra time since your boards have to be connected appropriately with the matrix.

Generally speaking, choosing your preferred solar based boards can take some time, but the installation process is fast and easy.

If you are looking for an alternative form of energy, consider installing solar panels. In so doing, you will have clean energy and the energy bills will go down.



Top Reasons you need to Install Ductless AC in your Home/Office

You need to find the right solutions to cool your home as you renovate it to ensure that you enhance your comfort and lower utility bills.

Ductless AC systems have been proven to offer energy efficient solutions for homes, which is an effective way of saving money on your cooling bills throughout the year.

Therefore, if you are still unsure about installing a ductless AC system during your home renovation project, you should take a look at these reasons for getting modern Air conditioner


Enhance energy efficience

Ductless AC systems are by far more energy efficient than the comparable air conditioning units.

The systems are manufactured without the ductwork, which enables them to offer extra energy efficiency for homes.

The ductless systems cut on the amount of money that you pay for controlling climate throughout the year.

Also Read : Tips to getting your AC repair done yourself


Targeted cooling
Central air conditioning systems offer clean and cold air for all the rooms in your home.

However, ductless air conditioners function differently because they direct fresh air to targeted areas in your home.

The systems have a single-zone system that offers each outdoor unit pairs with a single indoor unit, which ensures that rooms or designated areas in your home are supplied with cold air.


Multiple zoning options
The other reason why you can not afford to overlook a ductless AC as you renovate your home is that it offers multiple zoning options especially if you want to cool your whole home or an entire floor of your home.

The unit provides you with smart solutions for your complex cooling needs and you deal with less issues and fixing it.

The best part is that the unit only requires one outdoor unit to connect to as many as six indoor units.


Enhanced interior design options
Ductless cooling systems are ideal for areas that could be damaged by ductwork.

You can save the aesthetics of your interior design by installing a ductless AC unit.

The installation of ductless AC units is not as complicated, and it takes less time than other units.

The ductless units make the most of your indoor space, and ensure that your home remains as attractive as you want it to be because they don’t interfere with your home’s appearance.

Customized comfort zones
Ductless cooling units allow homeowners to have comfort zones in their homes, which ensure maximum temperatures for family members.

You can even connect five units separate air handling units to a single outdoor system depending on your indoor space. Therefore, it enables you to create a comfortable condition for all rooms in your home.


Easy climate control
Central air systems require one thermostat to control the climate of your entire house. However, a ductless AC unit has its thermostat for controlling the climate.

Therefore, every family member can control temperature from their rooms to meet their specific needs without interfering with temperatures of the other rooms.


Environmentally friendly and quite
Ductless AC units are small, and they meet the standards set by energy regulating bodies.

They reduce carbon footprint because they use refrigerant as opposed to the central air conditioners that function by cooling outside air.

Refrigerants have zero ozone depletion potential, which makes them have a positive impact on the environment.

Also, ductless air conditioners produce less noise than the central air conditioners. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about making noise to your neighbors because these units have small components, which don’t produce a lot of noise.



Charlie Teschner started MESA in 1982. Charlie has a journeyman and master plumber’s license.

He was raised with a strong work ethic and he now applies those values to tasks such as Longmont, CO heating repair.

Tips to Redesign your work space without budget as if you hired Corporate office Makeover

How to remodel office space

Do you feel your mood sulk most times you enter your office space?. The dull lights, the bland walls and the general atmosphere of “I didn’t want to come into work today” always gets to you.

It’s high time you considered a corporate office makeover to make your office appealing and make you or your employees feel energized to work.

There’s always positive correlation between office design and productivity so you’ll want to improve your office layout, add some color and make the place interesting. Hoping that your employees will once again find their moxie.

With this resolve, you pull open your laptop and start googling cheap office design ideas to make cool office decoration and you come up with some interesting stuff.

Unfortunately, most of the office improvement  ideas that you’ve read about are simply too expensive and out of your budget if you’re to execute them.

To remodel your office space, it usually costs around $150 to $220 per square feet and this translates to thousands of dollars if you’re having 100+ square feet office space.

Since you don’t have those kinds of funds at the moment, you decide to postpone the makeover idea for another time. Can you relate to this illustration?

Well tough, it’s understandable that expensive makeovers are hard to pull off, but did you ever think that business office makeovers don’t really have to be expensive?

If you’re wondering why, then there’s a good reason for that. So, if you’re stuck because of the high prices of office makeovers then consider why you don’t need to go all expensive on them.

How to make your office look unique

  1. Relying on what you have to showcase creativity

Your first thought was probably, how? Well, most office makeovers start from the office itself. You don’t need to buy things from somewhere for a makeover since the materials found in the office itself are often used to spark up creativity.

Remember, a makeover is something that makes the ordinary look unique. For example, what do you think are the uses of paper? We know the traditional use, i.e. to write information, draw etc., but can it be used for something else? Like, to make a dome for the lamp?

If you’ve never thought on this angle, then now would be a good time. The more you think about different ways you can use ordinary objects, the more creativity it shows.

So, why is this important? Because when people walk in, they realize that they are part of an office that thrives on creativity and cherishes critical thinking. Valued qualities in this day and age.


  • Improves employee productivity

Who says you need professionals to get a makeover done? You have employees who probably never knew they could do something creative. Yet, each time they open their laptop, they have a unique wallpaper of their interest.

This shows that they appreciate a good work of art and already have a sense of what is appealing. Help them tap into their creativity.

Every individual is creative in his or her own way, the point being made here is that they just don’t know it.

So, what can they do? A makeover doesn’t have to be all fancy. It can even involve a revamp of an employee’s cubicle. 

Each one can do something that is unique. That would then mean that in an office of 50 cubicle, each one has something unique to offer.

As a suggestion, something as simple as using an empty lotion tube to store pens is a creative step up.

When the cubicle gets personalized, the employee loves to be there. And when they love to be there, that means a rise in the happiness levels and better customer relationship. Therefore, that means improvement in sales



Saves money

This point although obvious, is worth mentioning. Why? Because we aren’t saying that you will spend nothing on an office makeover.

Being innovative and using what you have in the office will definitely reduce the amount of money you spend. By this method, you can use the money you’ve saved wisely.

How about designer architecture? It’s always good to have a weird looking shelf on the walls. Somehow it always keeps the viewers’ attention and adds to the whole creative feel of the place.


  • Resourceful

Being resourceful makes the factor of experiencing a loss at a minimum. Every piece of furniture you already have in the office space comes at a cost.

A makeover would mean, letting go of old furniture and replacing it with new ones. Many times, when old furniture is let go or sold, we never get a fair value in return.

However, being resourceful is advantageous because the best use is made of that furniture. As an example, converting an old door into a table. Fair value received and the best use of furniture made.


  • Nature adds to the makeover

As opposed to an elaborate show of highly priced paintings, a great alternative is faux plants. Faux plants have a soothing effect on its viewers and instills in them peace.

However, buying real plants means maintenance and that means expenses. The plants we’re talking about are faux plants or artificial flowers/ plants.

 Why are they better? Well, for a start, you hardly have to spend money on maintenance. A little dusting is all that they need.

The variety in the type of plants, the sizes, and shapes that they come in are very impressive. You can buy exotic plants and have absolutely no worry about them rotting.

They don’t need specific lightings and are always pleasing to look at. More importantly, they give the office a very classy feel.

The above suggestions show that expensive makeovers for offices aren’t really necessary. Using what you have and being creative, apart from adding to the improvement in productivity, also have another benefit.

When you have spent a lot of money on an office makeover, the scope to change the setting is very limited.

This is as opposed to using your creativity on a makeover. This option gives you the leverage to revamp the office space time and time again.

Always keeping things interesting and new.
Making the office space unique is important because firstly, it defines who you are.

Second, it benefits the organization as a whole and third, coming to office, suddenly isn’t a boring feeling.

So, don’t get stuck on buying expensive accessories for your office and obsess on giving it a posh feel.

You can do all these and more by just getting creative and spending the bare minimum.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Construction Materials And Supplier Services

With the growth of internet use, e-commerce is becoming the most practical business module. In fact, the ever-expanding online market is currently too huge to be ignored by businesses of all kinds.

While the adoption of e-commerce can have both positive and negative implications, exponential developments in technology have improved the quality of the various products and services offered over the internet, including those related to construction.

Unfortunately, the process of evaluating construction materials and supplier services might involve more than it did before.

The quality of building materials, whether it is lumber, rebar, concrete, or any other, needs to meet the specified requirements consistently. This is because quality levels can have a direct impact on the structural integrity of a finished project.

As such, choosing the right building materials and supplier services can play a crucial part in the success of any construction project.


Here are tips to help you get started:

Identify the intended use
Identifying the intended use is the first step towards establishing the type of materials needed.

When it comes to building, the use of one material is no longer feasible. Even today, different types of construction materials serve different building purposes since each type is suitable for specific applications.

As such, you should identify what you’ll require before you purchase any building materials. Having a detailed outline of the structure you want to construct is, therefore, important.

With this kind of information at hand, you are likely to choose the most appropriate building materials and suppliers.

Focus on durability
Regardless of the type required, settling on the most durable building materials is important.

You need to choose materials that can adapt to the conditions they will be exposed to.

When used in a wet environment, for instance, some building materials like lumber can deteriorate faster than others like rebar.

In many construction projects, durability might be a more important consideration than cost since it can help ensure the long-term use of a structure, promoting returns on investment.

The use of durable materials is likely to minimize the repair and maintenance costs incurred over time. As such, it’s important to choose materials that have the level of durability necessary for their area of application.

Consider availability
Some of the most reliable suppliers will have a range of products available for selection. With a variety of products to select from, you stand a better chance of evaluating which ones would match your needs the best.

On the other hand, opting for readily available materials eliminates the need to have the product imported, minimizing the likelihood of delivery delays. Such issues can result in project hold-ups and increased construction costs.

Look for long-term warranties
Whether you intend to use lumber, concrete, or rebar, choosing materials that have long-term warranties would be wise.

Many building materials including lumber, ceramic tiles and roofing sheets come with warranties provided by manufacturers.

But wood products like lumber will often come with shorter warranty periods than metal building materials like steel.

The most experienced and reliable suppliers usually offer products with long-term warranties. They will have been in the business for longer than their counterparts, hence more dependable in terms of quality and delivery.

In case of damages, long-term warranties can mean the difference between low and high repair costs. Warranty durations can also be indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in the products offered.

Consider the cost
Although cost is often a basic consideration when selecting construction materials, affordability should not be prioritized at the expense of durability.

Cheaper building materials are considered less durable than their more expensive counterparts by many people. However, you might still be able to identify durable materials within your budget if you conduct a thorough evaluation.

Make sure you consider the material’s life-cycle cost by assessing the product’s price in relation to its lifespan.

Consider the materials’ ecological footprint
With people becoming increasingly aware of climate change and a greater need for green solutions, you need to assess your building’s effect on the ecosystem.

Apart from minimizing utility costs, eco-friendly construction materials like lumber can help ensure the proper utilization of resources.

When compared to their counterparts, suppliers who’ve adopted eco-friendly business modules are more likely to provide high-quality products and services.

When making construction plans, finding a structural engineer might prove helpful. Your chances of getting the right quality of building materials needed for your project should increase with proper consultation.

So consult relevant professionals like real estate agents, architects, and code inspectors before you settle on any building materials.



Security Building Supplies, OK, in Tulsa provides commercial grade rebar, lumber, fabrication for footing steel and quick response service for many of the commercial contractors in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

What to consider in New HVAC Installation

A new air conditioner can be an excellent investment for a property. New AC units can reduce electricity bills, perform reliably for years, and create great indoor air quality.

It’s important to trust the best air conditioning company available to make sure you get dependable work and equipment the first time.

Howard Air has been creating comfort and trust for over 40 years in Arizona, dealing with all forms of issues with air conditioner  and we have experience with all types of installations.



New Construction AC Systems

Howard Air has experience installing ductless AC systems for new construction projects. This can be for an addition to your current home, or for an entirely new build from the ground up.

We can integrate our plan with your design to create the most effective and energy-efficient HVAC plan possible. We have both a design team and a professional installation team, so builders get the benefit of using one company for the entire process.


3 Benefits of New Air Conditioners
It can be tempting to pursue AC repair instead of buying a whole new system to save some money in the short run. In the long run, though, replacing the system is often the better choice.

Howard Air employs trustworthy technicians who will always give you a clear and honest understanding of your options. Here are just a few of the reasons a new AC installation might be your best bet:

1. Reduced Energy Bills
New AC units are extremely efficient, and may require less energy than your old unit even if you get repairs. This reduces your carbon footprint, keeps your house cooler, and saves you money on monthly utility bills. The long-term savings more than make up for the initial cost.

2. Quiet and Dependable
A new AC system will run with minimal noise, so replacement is a great option if your current unit is noisy. All of our units are built to last, too, so you can stop worrying about whether your HVAC system will make it through the summer.

Air Quality
A new AC unit will make sure the air in your home is as clean as it is cool. This means less breathing problems caused by allergens, bacteria, or other contaminants.

New HVAC equipment can reduce humidity and moisture, so there’s less chance of mildew and mold in your house. A new unit will also filter stale air to keep your home feeling fresh.

When Hiring an HVAC Contractor
Before rushing out and hiring the first A/C company you come accross, following these tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience and avoid getting ripped off.

  • Ask friends and family for referrals – typically, people won’t recommend someone they had a bad experience with.
  • Get more than one quote – by getting two or three estimates you help to educate yourself on what a fair price to pay is.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest estimate just because it’s the least amount – more often than not you pay for what you get.
  • Read online reviews before making up your mind on a contractor – this will ensure the company you hire is trustworthy.


When it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner, count on the brand Arizona trusts.



Howard Air has received all kinds of awards and accolades, and customer satisfaction is our top concern. Contact us today to see how fast we can replace your AC unit.

How To Find The Perfect Contractor Or Construction Service

Finding the right contractors, skilled professionals and construction service providers is an issue of paramount importance for those who are planning to build a new home.

Not every construction company may be able to provide the options, resources and solutions needed to ensure that all work can be completed on schedule and without issue.

From first-time homeowners to seasoned real estate investors, the following tips can take much of the guesswork out of selecting a construction service, contractor or other professional.


Reputation Is Important

The reputation of a construction company is never something that should be taken lightly, especially for prospective property owners who are seeking to ensure superior results with the construction of their new home.

A construction company known for poor-quality results, contractors who may be less than professional and service providers who have been unable to satisfy their past clients can often be more trouble than they are worth.

With so many different options to choose from, ignoring the companies and professionals that have failed to cultivate a positive reputation within the industry helps to narrow down the available choices.


Seek Out Recommendations

Reputation is not the only metric that may be used in order to identify the best construction services and professionals. Recommendations offered by past clients as well as other contractors or professionals who work within the industry can also be very useful.

Soliciting recommendations from contractors who have already proven themselves or learning more about a construction company through online reviews and client testimonials can provide plenty of useful insight.

For home and property owners who are not sure which construction service to choose, seeking out opinions, advice and recommendations from past clients and other professionals can be well worth the time and effort involved.


Consider More Than One Option

Electing to do business with the first contractor or construction company they come across is a misstep that could end up costing homeowners a great deal more than they might realize.

Casting a wider net and taking the time needed to seek out and consider multiple options is always a smart move. Being forced to make due with lesser options and services that leave much to be desired could lead to complications and compromises that property owners would do well to avoid.

Making it a point to consider as many different construction services, professionals and companies as possible could end up making a world of difference.


Always Confirm License and Insurance Status

Checking up on a construction company prior to making any arrangements is always wise. Contractors and service providers who lack a current licence to work within the industry or who have not been properly insured could quickly become a major liability.

Licencing boards, various municipal agencies and even the Better Business Bureau may all be able to provide the information that homeowners need in order to make more informed and effective decisions.

From shoddy work to the costly fines that may be incurred when dealing with an unlicensed worker, there are plenty of reasons for property owners to learn more about a construction service or provider.


Be Wary of the Cheapest Option

Building a new home is an expensive undertaking and property owners may be tempted to save on costs by dealing with a construction company that is able to provide them with the lowest bids and estimates.

While shopping around in an effort to find a better deal or greater value can be worthwhile, construction services and options that may be significantly cheaper than the competition may not always be on the level.

Saving money by cutting costs or doing business with a second-rate construction company could even end up being more expensive in the long run, especially in situations where homeowners may be forced to duplicate past efforts or deal with premature repairs or an increased need for future maintenance.



Common AC Repair Tips To Be Aware Of especially in Summer

Few things are more irritating in the summer months than when your home’s AC unit stops working.

There are several fairly common reasons why it may have stopped, and they’re all fairly simple for a professional to address. If you’re still using old AC, you should install modern ductless Air Conditioner.


Freon Leakages

Freon is the refrigerant that air conditioners use to cool the air in your home. If the temperature of the air coming out of your vents or your window unit seems to be fluctuating wildly, this could mean that the Freon canister is leaking.

An HVAC technician will perform a recharge, which means that they’ll refill the canister. Once that’s done, they’ll check the canister for leaks and seal those that are discovered.


Frozen Condenser Coils

If your AC unit isn’t running at all or is only blowing warm air, that can be a result of your outside condenser coils being covered in ice.

Although this can come from low amounts of refrigerant, other likely explanations include a dirty air filter or a blocked air duct.

A technician will figure out the cause, and all of these potential issues about air conditioner are easily fixed.


Faulty Compressors

The AC compressor is what’s used to energize the refrigerant and allow it to do its job. When the compressor’s fan stops working, the AC unit can also stop working.

There’s also a risk of the compressor overheating in a situation like this because it’s receiving too little refrigerant. Depending on what’s wrong, it can be either fixed or replaced.


Poor Drainage

If water is coming in through your vents or your window unit, that can simply mean that the outside humidity is very high.

However, it can also mean that your unit’s drip pan or drain lines have been clogged.

In either event, long-term drainage issues can lead to more serious damage of other components.

The technician will check the lines and the pan for algae growth and remove what’s found. They’ll also use anti-algae treatments to keep it from coming back.


Bad Wiring

If your Air Conditioner seems to trip the circuit breaker quite often, then there might be an issue with the wiring inside the unit.

This is also true of instances where it just seems to shut off without reason. If you suspect a wiring problem, it should be dealt with as soon as possible since short circuits are a fire hazard.


Worn-out Contactors

The contactors are what provide the electrical connection that gets the AC unit up and running. If your unit doesn’t start up right away when you change the thermostat, then it could be time to get the contactors replaced. An AC technician can provide new ones for you.


Worn-out Evaporator Coils

These are instrumental in providing the necessary air exchanges to keep your home cool. If they stop working and cause hot air to blow inside, then they’ll have to be replaced. With proper maintenance, however, this can be avoided.

Experts say that a technician should look at these coils every three years.



How to improve the Aesthetics of your Office

When you spend 40 hours at your office, it becomes a second home. There’s no need for it to look like a jail cell or medical waiting room.

You’re better than that and you deserve to feel invigorated and comfortable at work.

Here are some easy ways to spruce up your office space and give it the touch of home.


Lighting drastically affects your mood. There’s a reason why you feel anxious at school and euphoric in Barnes and Noble—it starts with lighting.

Schools and most businesses use fluorescent lights, which might as well be called soul-killing lights.

Add a soft lamp or even one with calming blue, purple, or warm yellow or orange tinted lights and you’ll be amazed at your level of productivity and comfort under soothing or inspiring lights.



A pop of color does the same for your mood as lighting: it can enhance your focus or calm your nerves.

Living in neutrals, earth tones, or white and greys—the typical office décor—leads to despondency and even lethargy. Colors that inspire action and inspiration enliven your office space so much you’ll feel it instantly.

Change it up seasonally to keep yourself surprised and invigorated by the change.

You can add a pop of color with area rugs, placemats for your computer, or even a desk/tablecloth.

Candles or Diffusers

We’ve covered sight, now let’s cover smell. Atmospheres can be revitalized by what you smell as much as what you see.

Smelling humans (think public transportation) or inhaling old stale buildings (most office facilities) dwindles your mood.

You can use a diffuser, where you smell essential oils like peppermint for concentration, orange peel for energy, or lavender for calming down.

Furthermore, essential oils deter insects so you’ll never be surprised by a spider in your office space.

Candles are also a good option; just don’t forget about it and burn down your beautiful office!


Snack Jars

If you haven’t caught on already, the key to making an office space more homey is appealing to ALL the senses.

We did sight and smell and now we’re on taste. There’s nothing worse than hitting the 3 pm lull or working overtime without snacks.

Sure, your office might have some and sure, a walk to a market or convenience store might be an option, but if it’s not, then it’s always nice to have snacks you know you already like nearby.

Putting them in jars kinda adds a child-like charm to it and may add to your aesthetic enhancement.

Gummy bears and nuts certainly look more appealing in clear jars so you can see them.

Of course, if others can see them too, they might steal. Or perhaps it’ll be a good conversation starter for co-workers who will drop by to snack and chat.

You know there are good restaurants you avoid, not because of the food, but for the lack of atmosphere and so making a space where you spend 40 hours a week as comfortable and homey as you can is very important.

We hope these tips sparked your brain with some easy ways to liven up your office space!



Olivia Lind spends her day focusing on her job as a CPA, but, in the evenings you’ll find her organizing and decorating the sets of the local theater guild and helping to arrange showroom floors for one of the largest furniture companies on the west coast.

In her free time, she enjoys hitting up the local club scene with her friends and taking extended weekend jaunts wherever her VW bug can take her in a day or two.

5 Common Issues with Your Air Conditioner & Fixes


Since summer is ahead, you want to ensure that your air conditioner is functioning at its best. The last thing you want to happen is to have a malfunctioning air conditioner on the hottest day of summer.

Air conditioner problems and fixes

Since an air conditioner involves a complicated system of components, there is a lot that can go wrong. But you can also be aware of what parts can break, so at the first sign of trouble you can call in a fully qualified air conditioner technician.




5 Reasons You’ll Eventually Need HVAC Repair

Self guide to repair your air conditioner

If you haven’t already, there’s a good chance you’ll need to call your local HVAC repair company to fix on or more of the following.




1. Contactors and Capacitors

The contactors and capacitors are two of the most common parts that are going to malfunction first, and they’re also the most typical repairs that an AC will need to have repaired.

This is because a large amount of electricity is flowing through these components, causing them to get hot.


When the temperature rises outdoors, it makes these parts work much harder. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought a high quality expensive brand, Modern of AC or a much larger unit, these components are often the first to fail. But the good news is that they don’t cost a lot of money to fix.




2. The Fan’s Motor

The condensing fan motor is perhaps the next most common failure in an air conditioner. It has to endure high temperatures in the summer, as it’s also exposed to the elements.

Even though there is new tech every year, it’s still a hard problem to solve as the fan needs to be near the outdoors, but still protected. A fan’s motor can be a bit more expensive to repair.




3. The Compressor

Compressor failure is another thing that you have to worry about in your AC. This is similar to the engine in your vehicle, and it’s also one of the most costly of AC repairs.


In some instances, it may be better to simply replace the entire AC unit than replacing the compressor, particularly if the warranty has expired.




4. Refrigerant

Did you know that the refrigerant should not be refilled in your AC? It’s also not legal to refill the refrigerant year after year.

If it does need to be refilled, this means there could be a leak somewhere. But the issue is that it may not be fixable, so you may simply have to purchase a new AC unit.




5. Dirt and Debris

This can settle inside your air conditioner despite your best efforts at keeping the surfaces clean. Minute particles can collect on the condensing coil which will make it operate more sluggishly.

This can also lead to ice building up on the copper lines inside or outside the unit. While you can do it yourself, technicians recommend you don’t, as it can be an electrical hazard.




A Final Thought

If you think that your air conditioner has some bad parts, now is the best time to get them fixed or replaced before the start of summer.

New parts will restore your old unit to like-new functionality, and even help to save on the energy bills.





This article is courtesy of Howard Air, an air conditioning repair company in Phoenix. Contact us today to learn more about common HVAC issues and how to avoid them with proper maintenance.

Top 5 Plumbing System Preventive Maintenance Checklists

Ah summertime; and the living is easy. Or so the song goes. Actually, summer is a fun time for many; however, it is also a time to be watchful with your plumbing.

There are several easy summertime maintenance tips such as turning your water heater down and your refrigerator up before going on vacation.


These two actions will lower your energy bills. It is also important to remove anything perishable from your frig before going on a trips such as meat, fruit and dairy products.


Caution with your garbage disposal

Many have cookouts during summer months but during these happy times stay cautious, once the cookout has ended, on what you put down your garbage disposal.

Cooking oils can damage your disposal, as well as produce such as hard fruits, corn or watermelon.

Leftover mashed potatoes or stuffing can also cause a problem, especially when water is added to the food.


For best results, before putting anything down the drain, run some cold water down the drain for 15 second before and after you put anything down your garbage disposal.


Summertime plumbing tip for your washing machine

Another easy summer time plumbing tip is to ease up on your washing machine. Many families during the summer put in extra loads; some loads come from swimming or playing outside.

It is important, between loads of laundry, to give your washing machine a break in the action; this will prevent undo stress on your machine.

In addition, some also recommend having a technician look for bulges, leaks and cracks in your washing machine. This could prevent a big problem when you least expect it.


Don’t forget your sprinkler system

During the summer, your sprinkler system sometimes works over time. Because this is true for many, be sure to check your entire sprinkler heads to ensure that they are not leaking and that they are working as they should.


Easy on the toilets

Children at home during the summer, use toilets often during the day. Take time, if you haven’t already, to talk with them about only using certain amounts of toilet paper.

This could prevent a clog in your toilet(s). Of course, it is also important that they know not to flush certain things down the toilet; especially feminine hygiene products and thick paper towels.


Water that is not used should be turned off

Children love to turn on hoses and faucets outside; it helps them to cool off. Blowing up pools or turning on the sprinkler; makes it fun for children and their friends.

Because children are easily distracted during the summer, once they are done having fun with water, check to see that the water has been turned off. This will avoid high water bills.


To conclude, summer is a fun time for everyone; especially when taking a vacation or enjoying a backyard barbeque with friends and family.

However, it is also a time to be watchful with your plumbing. Follow the above easy plumbing tips and have a great summer!



Charlie Teschner started MESA Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling in 1982. Charlie has a journeyman and master plumber’s license. He was raised with a strong work ethic and he now applies those values to tasks such as Longmont, CO heating repair.