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How to Scan, Analyze & Change to Best Wifi Channel for Signal Strength

How to discover any password for a Wi-Fi network
Having a good internet band is important for a good flow and access to the different pages you visit, video playback, downloading files among other utilities.

It happens that you get connected via a network cable, internet also works great, but when you connect with a Wi-Fi access, everything changes and it gets slow and difficult to navigate.

    To solve this problem, follow the steps below and dramatically increases the speed of your W-Fi network.


1. How does a domestic Wi-Fi network work?
    Wi-Fi networks use a range of radio frequencies around 2.4 GHz for signal transmission. This range has been distributed in more than a number of bands or small channels, similar to the television channels. There are 14 channels designated in the 2.4 GHz range spaced in 5 MHz spacing.

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The little range leads to the overlap of channels that combined with other electronic devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc. Together with your neighbors ‘ Wi-Fi networks, they can have the same access to the frequency range which generates a great deal of interference and at the same time, affecting your wireless network negatively.

2. Select a new channel for your Wi-Fi
You may have observed that sometimes, there are channels that are separated enough to avoid interference with each other, and are as such the best for the use of a Wi-Fi network.

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To change the channel, your router access the router’s web interface, go to the Wi-Fi configuration and look for the Wi-Fi Channel option (Chanel Wi-Fi) and choose the new channel. Many will ask the next question, Can I select another channel other than the two channels?, Of course, you can.

3. Applications to select the best channel for your W-Fi network
Android-App Wi-Fi Analyzer: One of the best Android apps to opt for the right channel. Wi-Fi Analyzer will give you a glimpse of the wireless networks in your area and the channels that are being used, while also suggesting the best channel for your network.

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Linux-the Iwlist commander

Open the terminal and the following command “sudo iwlist wlan0 scan/grep/(channel”). Then, simply study the output and select the Wi-Fi channel that you consider less congested.

    Mac OSX-Wireless diagnostics: Click on the Wi-Fi option-Select, Open Wireless Dianostics > click Scan. The application makes an automatic selection of the channel that best suits you.


It is a free tool to analyze Wi-Fi networks. It analyzes, the quality and frequency of the signal, name of the supplier, model of router among others.

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