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Best Photo Editor/Collage Maker Apps Download For ipad

Collage art is a visual art production made using different home materials of different color, size and shapes glued to make a meaningful work of arts. In a digital age we’re, we can not only wait till we get all the materials needed before we can turn our beautiful mental pictures and imagination into reality. Are you skillful in drawing mental pictures? Do you imagine a work of art that could emotionalize your friends, try to make it a reality with nice features provided by the following smartphone applications to make the best collage photos your friends could ever seen.

FotoJet is one of the best free app for turning your photo or image into collage picture, developed by Pearlmountain technology limited. It can design your graphics and edit your pictures with quality features that you will find in other premium photo editing apps and collage making applications with numerous design tools, editing tools, more than 600 collage template and still increasing whenever they update, beautiful collage layouts to enable you to improve your graphics design works.

With the photo editor, you can crop your pictures, rotate it to any degree, add filters and make adjustment to the color, brightness, saturation, radial focus, vignette, hue, exposure and other components generally found in photo editor. If you love to communicate with pictures to show love, appreciate or congratulate someone, you can’t go further with the output of this photo editor.

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Once you’re ready to make your collage arts, just check the tabs to choose whether to start with collage, photo cards or social media design templates, then click tab and choose your format/design in the sub menu based on the ‘property’ that define the template in line with your design; for example, you can choose to work with 3D template, MODERN template or CLASSIC template or templates with specific attributes such as Holiday, Marriage, Love etc.
The app has nice and colourful interface and it’s easy to use by anybody that’s literate. When you’re set working with your photo, you can save your output to your computer set, print it out for offline use or post it online to your social accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and Tumblr for your friends and follower to see and spread it.

This is another great photo editor, collage maker and graphic designer, all packed in one. The application was developed by BeFunky Inc. in California, United States and the developer claimed the app is the best mobile photo editor ever. It has beautiful photo effects that are very distinct, which you can use for your collage art with graphic you can add to change the illustration, interpretation or message the picture communicate.

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It has elegant photo frames, customizable text layouts and lots of fonts to append beautiful text line to your photo. The simple-to-use interface of BeFunky photo editor take away the painful experience of technical issue while making your photo arts in other apps with its inbuilt tools to fix common challenges such as digital noise and other problems.

You can use this app on android smartphone, iPhone or Computers and it’s easy to switch swiftly from the mobile version to web version vice versa with almost the same features. With all the simple to use yet powerful collage tools, templates and stylish effects, the app is free to use; However, you can purchase the premium version of the mobile app for just $2 and have the capacity to share your photos to your camera and social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

The pro version of the app also enable you to remove watermarks from your works, advertisement from the app and gain total control over the app without any limitation to the use of the amazing features provided by the developer. It is interesting to know that, more than 73% of the users of this app have written good reviews about it and this correlated with the whooping 10,000,000 downloads from Google app store alone and the number is still increasing day by day. I believe you can not go wrong for trying out this app.

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Pic Stitch is photography mobile and desktop application for photo editing and video collage making; developed by Big Blue Clip, LLC in Roseville, one of the largest City in California, United States. The app is known for its simple design, ability to mix different photos into one frame, tons of layout to make your collage works amazing.

You can take photo snaps directly from the app, add custom effects and filters to make your photo art mouth watering. The app is integrated with Facebook which made it possible to download photos from your Facebook photo gallery and edit it on the app. The photo output can easily be shared on online social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or export it to Evernote, Dropbox etc in JPEG file extension. The app size is a little large with 27MB and more than 4,000,000 installs from Google play store. I hope you would enjoy these apps as you try to to make good collage pictures.

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  1. Nice post on photo editing apps. I’ve just built an awesome app that can turn your picture to collage and also edit your pictures on the app, make photo grid, and the app is free to download on play store. everything is done online and you don’t need any photo editing software or collage making tool online, our just added feature is the video collage within the app. however, this is premium features, we also have thousands of collage templates which you can tweak, add frames and other things, we’re making it a complete picture editing and collage maker app and we would be glad if you can review this app.

  2. photo collage apps you can download free and get good image are and not limited to Ribbet,Photovisi, Adobe Spark, Photovisi, BeFunky and if you can afford to go premium, you’d have many options.

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