May 21, 2022
free cell phone signal wifi boos

Whenever you want to get the best Network signal strength on your cell phone and you don’t know what to do, probably because you’re off the city for gaming or whatever, these smartphone data connection and WiFi booster apps are right here to improve the signal strength.

Signal Booster App
Signal booster is a network signal booster mobile app developed by Misonicon Ltd. It simply work by connecting your android phone to the most grounded, stong and fast signal Mast in your locality. Dissimilar to numerous other signal booster applications which don’t do anything to improve your signal strength, it will really attempt to help you to strengthen your 2G, 3G, 4G networks signal by reconnecting your smartphone to the nearest cellular tower which will further enhance the call quality.

Whenever you find yourself in a location that has no signal or a very poor network signal, this app is your friend as it boosts your network signal free and get it optimized to improve the overall network service and won’t demonstrate to you some unreasonable representation, but rather help your smartphone reception, improve your phone battery life and internet speed. With android 2.3 version and above, you can download and install this app to join over 2,000,000 already using it

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Network Signal Info
Network Signal Info is an app developed by a german app development company, Andreas Kraemer KAIBITS Software, Frankfurt, Germany. What this app does is to give you the detailed information of your mobile phone network connection; either 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi signal, internet network tower and information on your phone operating system and the app is presently compatible with android operating system.

The network signal application has two gadgets for the free version and six gadgets for the premium version to track mobile network signal and wireless network strength. It has exceptional quality on the representation of the WiFi quality and Internet service quality as it rates the quality as either weak, good or excellent network signal. The developer used bars as graphical representation to quickly recognize the status of the network signal quality.

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In the mobile signal assessment, the app will scan and relay information on the service provider, phone brand and version, your location, IP address and the WiFi assessment focus on the IP address, devise of the phone, SSID,WI-FI speed, BSSID and data activities and DNS data. The app is lightweight which is about 9.5 megabytes and require android 4.0 and above, and  over 2,000,000 downloads recorded

3G 4G WiFi Maps and Speed Test
This app is developed by one of the most innovative “mobile app development Companies” in United kingdom, founded in 2010 and it has attracted global audience.
This app tracks network towers in your location using GPS on a map and notifies you the bearing you can get the best network signal or the network carrier that’s most suitable for your usage in your location in order to improve your internet connection and with some android phone settings, you can reset the whole network settings and reconnect or better use their maps to aid finding public-access wireless networks (WAPs) in your locality.

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The app request your permission to scan and access your phone contacts and sms and once you allow it, it will help you to track your data usage, call rate and sms text with option to set limits and monitor your activities and effect changes realtime. They’re now improving on their Google coverage map as regard signal strength information and also quick access to it on the app and to add  more network towers and more phone brands and more WiFi routers etc. With the current update to 3G WIFI MAPS  &  SPEED TEST, the app has attracted more downloads from Google play store with over 20,000,000 installs from the app store alone.




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  1. My cellphone WiFi strength is always weak whenever I’m in office and once I step out to my friend’s office, it’s just like, there’s a booster somewhere, the signal bar will be full and it will signal good network. My question is that, can these WiFi amplifier apps work for encrypted and private wireless network.

  2. How will these network signal booster app really work to improve signal strength, I’m somehow skeptical.

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