5 best flying camera drones chea

5 Best Flying Camera Drones, Cheap to buy for Beginners & Reviews

Drones are remotely controlled mini aircrafts which is no more a new invention and initiative and they’re now becoming popular and used in different industries, film industry, information communication etc.

Drones are still somehow costly especially where there’s no much competition in producing them.

The drones are fashionable and we know that you have dreamt of having one, either for leisure or entertainment or because you are an amateur film director and looking for the perfect angle to make extraordinary shots from the air.

You don’t really need to be a millionaire to buy a drone. There are many alternatives that are within reach of almost all the pockets and of this great variety of options we have selected five very nice ones.

1. Extreme Fliers Micro drone
One of the most economical ($99 euros), designed drone for newbies in the field. It has four rotors and is the only micro-drone capable of loading a camera, makes turns of 360 degrees. Ideal to start with the world of drones.

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2. Wlakera QR infra x Smartw drone
It is a very economical drone ($ 130) too and is listed among the list of the smallest market. It is equipped with 10 collision sensors that make it almost impossible to collide. Equipped with two ultrasonic altitude sensors that allow you to climb stairs step by step adjusting your height while advancing.


3. R.A. Parrot Drone 2.0
The best drone that you can buy today, because apart from your control with smartphone or Tablets with iOS/Android, features an enclosed HD camera, which sends real-time images to your device, making it easier to monitor live and direct drone images.

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In the market, there are interchangeable parts for this type of drone if you get to damage it or you want to personalize it. There are several versions of the parrot, the most economical one has a cost of $299.


4. DJI Phantom GPS drone
This has a long-distance radio remote control with a range of 300 meters in the round, it also has a high-quality camera mount. It is a drone that can make images at a semi-professional level. Its cost value is about $700.

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5. Lehmann la100.com.ar GoPro drone
It is specially designed to carry a camcorder GoPro, its design is not very common with that of traditional drones, this must be released manually before flying like a paper airplane.

Its elevation can reach 100 meters above ground level and makes flights up to 5 minutes duration while recording. The Lehmann la100.com.ar has a cost value of 99 euros.


NOTE: We don’t have control over the production price and the market value of these drones and we’re not affiliated to the companies, the price is very likely to change but if you find this post helpful and also insightful, you can share with your friends in various networks and we would be glad you did.

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  1. I need a professional camera drone like phantom 4 with HD camera and not too expensive. I’m in india and I’d like a recommendation of the store to get it from as I’m thinking may be Amazon, eBay or some others.

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