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Top Best Brain Training, Pickings & Exercise Workouts Apps

The Brain is one of the most important part of the body if not the most important because, it controls almost all the activities of men. Developing the brain through learning is important to live in this competitive world. The brain is super and could be exercised to perform more effectively just the way we exercise our body.

Elevate – Brain Training app is developed by San Francisco based app developer, Elevate Labs in California. It’s no doubt one of the best brain exercise apps in that it gives your brain the necessary tease and training to improve your cognitive skills and also the cognitive domain.

When you use Elevate Brain app, you would get a personal brain training program which you should follow to improve your self confidence, will power, determination, memory retention, calculating skills, processing speed of information and many more we can not list.

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The games that are in this app are well reviewed by experts in the relevant subfield of education, making sure it’s not just for fun but built as brain workouts to keep it fit and you can track your performance to know how progressive you’re developing in the skills you have chosen to acquire.

You can download the free trial from Google play store to join over 3,000,000; but to really enjoy the app, you need to go premium. You can really tease your brain to get the most out of your brain power especially the mathematics challenge game

NeuroNation – brain trainer app is developed by NeuroNation in Berlin, Germany. If you’re thinking of the exercises or workouts to help you maximize the capacity of your brain to become more effective in info processing and response, this app is ideal to enhance your intelligence, strengthen your logic faculty of reasoning to make quick response to stimuli.

It is not just a brain game app, it has been proved by neuroscientists through scientific research that the brain trainer app works great in exercising the brain to keep it fit, sensitive and healthy. The more you use your brain to solving problems, the more it gets better in proffering solutions to human problems.

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The principle of use and misuse applies to human brain and that’s the reason great thinkers think more and think better to receive hunches that bring about great inventions in history of mankind. This brain training app has been endorsed by neuroscientists in Germany.

Skillz – Logical Brain Game is a mobile app developed by Laurentiu Popa app developer in Arad, Romania. It offers various tests to improve your skills in accuracy, timing, coordination and speed; and your general brain performance. Once you finish a particular test, you graduate to higher level and your performance is assessed and ranked. Outstanding performance would bring about easy shift to a next level.

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Like I often say, the best things you can do to your brain are : eating nutritious meal, put your brain to challenge’ ordinary thinking is not good enough, and have a considerable rest time. Your brain fitness enables you to apply knowledge productively and studies have shown that kids who play this kind of game have their mind more sharpened and they’re very active and responsive.


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  1. Very good brain training apps with lots of games to exercise the brain and mind but there’s one app in this category that I really doff my hat to, and that’s lumosity for memory management and elevate brain is also great one of its kinds.

  2. I do say, reading books is not the only way to make a child to be intelligent, their play is good but have to be controlled and there are games that can really develop the minds of children and enhance their intelligence

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