meaning of android system apps a

Meaning Of Android System Apps and other Categories

What is an Android app? An android app is a peripheral phone programme that is compatible with your android phone to give it a better function. Android apps come in different forms to meet different needs of android users. Most times, these are coded applications with different java programming languages.

The functions of each app is based on its virtual program comand encoded in it to suit its activities.The basic reason why there is constant development of app is to meet the need of different users across the globe. Now the question is, why android app, the answer is not far fetched as to everything, there is a reason for their existence. Don’t forget, the reason why it is called “android app” is just to buttress the fact that these applications work only on android devices like samsung galaxy S4, htc onex, Motorola droid e.t.c.

Android phone without android app is like a gun without a bullet. For novice to be informed that android app only work on android mobile phones that cut across different Operating System (OS) You have to understand the operating system your phone operate on to determine the type of app that will be compatible with your phone device.Example, version 4.2 apps can not work on 5.0 Operating system because they are not compatible.

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The beauty of apps is to make your phones to be more resourceful with different design interface.Though there are different apps for different purposes, enabled to run on the same device but yet they all act independently.Most of these apps perform different functions to give the users a better performance.Some of these apps function as a communicating app,security app,network app,multimedia app, utility app and educational app.

Most of android apps come in apk formats as majority of them are written in that format which succeed the previous file format.This gives android users a fresh air as this enable them to turn their device into a technological weapon. In this day, it’s now easy to reach a group of people at the same time with the help of communication app like Nimbuzz, Tango, KakaoTalk, Viber, Snapchat, Wechat, Whatsapp e.t c. You don’t need to indebt your account just to reach out to wider audience, with just social communication apps, you can do that.

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Android apps give you more power to control your choice and taste of usage on your android device.The varieties of those apps give us more edge to manage time,our social life and profession better. Just imagine what you can do with bank money mobile app with just a click, you can transfer money to any of your family members and friends. With map app like google map, you can navigate to different locations with just a click. With security app like mobile trackers, you can track your stolen device and car with the help of gps tracker. Nothing makes you conscious than having apps that can turn your phone into a sophiscated device.
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If your want to empower your android phone to do much more, you have to avail yourself the opportunity to install android apps.Though most of these apps can be found in different online app stores where you can download them for use, the activities of android apps can’t be overemphasized as it bring more and better performance, design, effectiveness than word can express.Less i forget, don’t walk out with that device unless you give more power to your Android phone with most of the apps mentioned.So try out some of the android apps today for a benefit of doubt.

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