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Accurate Outdoor Digital Thermometer Apps 4 Body, Phone & Weather

Thermometer is defined as a device, used to determine the intensity of heat in a matter and this rate of intensity of either heat or cold is known as temperature; that’s just the basic meaning in science. The traditional Thermometer was said to have been invented by Santorio Santorio and a similar one, called thermoscope was also developed by Galileo Galilei.

While there are different types of thermometer and their uses, they are classified from different perceptive like the Probe, Analogue, Dual sensor, Infrared Thermometers, K-Type Thermocouples etc.., Some are Digital, Forehead, Electronic ear, Glass Plastic fever strip, Pacifier  and mercury thermometers.

However, searching for mobile app to calculate temperature like thermometer, whether it’s a body temperature, weather, indoor or outdoor thermometer or any variation of digital thermometer that really works and provides accurate readings, it’s a daunting task; especially if the app claims to be a medical thermometer app. Most of those body thermometer apps are only meant for prank.

Having said that, there are some few accurate thermometer apps that work great. Intelligent Thermometer app is an outdoor thermometer app developed by Logic Splash. This app is built to track the temperature of your immediate environment automatically once you install the app successfully on your smartphone.

Intelligent Thermometer works realtime as changes in temperature is updated immediately on the status bar appearing on your phone without launching the app. When this app was put to test, we discover that, it can not measure temperature while you’re indoor; probably in your room. It’s strictly developed for outdoor use.

Thinking of accuracy, I would give a trust score of 70 out of 100 and you should not rely on this to measure environment temperature correctly. As much as the app is simple to use and it’s offered free, it’s one of the best weather thermometer app that I can trust with some custom settings such as, reading temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, enabling or disabling temperature status bar.

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Device Thermometer is another free digital thermometer app developed by This app is meant to measure the temperature of your mobile phone whether you’re indoor or outdoor, it does not matter. Just install the phone temperature thermometer app on your android device and detect when your android is hot and the temperature could damage your phone battery easily.

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The app displays the phone temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius together when you tap the app. It could be very useful during the summer or when you travel to African countries where your phone is likely to react to hot weather. Once the temperature is becoming hot, try to cool your phone. May be switching the phone off and remove the battery.

Hot MeteoThermometer is a weather thermometer app developed by ExaMobile S.A.,app development company in Poland. You can detect if the weather is hot and the temperature readings with relative result to real device for measuring weather temperature. The developer further claimed it can forecast weather conditions. However, there’s no proof for this and the result of the its forecast should not be taken with all seriousness.

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You can verify your location on the app so that your location would be monitored on their server and the app can easily connect to its website to retrieve weather conditions of your location. The readings are made from the website as the app do not have such facility to measure temperature.

Some other features of the app are: choosing your favorite theme from three options, choose weather you want measurement to be in Celsius or Fahrenheit, select your location or using GPS/Network location, check sunrise and sunset, graphical presentation of the status of the weather (Rain, Sun, Cloudy etc).

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