How Quantum Teleportation is Possible

Quantum telepathy and quantum teleportation are closely related terms, particularly in the field of science fiction and in popular culture. In the movies, the characters frequently use the words “quantum” or “photon” to mean telepathy or mind control. Quantum Communication First, it is necessary to understand what quantum communication is. Basically, the theories of quantum […]

3 Important Qualities of Customer Service

What is Customer Service Job Online customer service jobs are not new again but for someone who has no idea of it, it is a job saddled with the responsibility to help customers with their complaints and inquiries. A customer support representative gives customers updated information about their products and services. He also guides customers […]

Creative Destruction Application Examples

Creative destruction is a branch of strategic planning that many people overlook or simply refuse to believe is even possible. The main reason for this is that they have been conditioned from birth by society to only think in terms of winning. Creative destruction, on the other hand, is not really something most people want […]

What is Fog Computing & How it Works

What is Fog Computing or Fogging? Fog computing architecture gives a different meaning to the term “web hosting”. In simple terms, Fog Networking or computing can be understood by saying that it is an architecture of delivering applications and web services on the network using IP Multipoint Distribution Service or MIPs. Such services are offered […]

How Geofencing impacts Business and Marketing

What is Geofencing Marketing? It is a form of marketing technique that’s focused on promoting a product or service to audiences that are based in a particular location. In Geofence marketing, a geographic limit is set around a point of interest so that offers can be marketed differently based on different locations. For example, when […]

87 interactive programming learn

70+ Programming Learning Websites to Start from Scratch

Learning computer programming languages is getting easier every day as the field is also getting more lucrative. You can now learn how to start coding, develop programs to accomplish tasks in a better way in the comfort of your home. There are more than 200 programming languages and I’ve researched the biggest active websites to […]

Basic cloud computing models and their features

Types of Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing can be categorized into different types depending on the chosen criteria used. However, there are basically three main types of Cloud computing models. These 3 types of cloud computing are¬†differentiated by their characteristics. The first type, the centralized data store or cloud data center, stores all information for a single customer or application. […]

What is datafication in business and it's advantages

Datafication – Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Datafication? Datafication definition in layman’s term is simply the process of transforming raw and unprocessed data into a more usable form. Datafication is one of the most powerful concepts in business and education today.¬† Raw data collected from the public can now be transformed into information and facts that can be used and […]

computer animation methods and techioques

Computer Animation Methods and Techniques

Computer animation is about bringing life to inanimate objects in a video. It’s in two categories – Computer-assisted animation, and computer-generated animation. There are different types of animation systems in computer graphics, and each type is subdivided into several other categories. The five basic types of computer animation are the following Cel Animation (Traditional or […]

what to consider if you are selling home for the first time

Home Selling Process and Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re selling a house for the first time, you’re likely going to make some mistakes in home selling because it can take a lengthy process and a bit complex. Today, I’ll briefly discuss the process of selling a house, and the most common mistakes you should avoid when selling your house. Also, the reasons […]