How Quantum Teleportation is Possible

Quantum telepathy and quantum teleportation are closely related terms, particularly in the field of science fiction and in popular culture. In the movies, the characters frequently use the words “quantum” or “photon” to mean telepathy or mind control. Table of Contents Quantum CommunicationIs Quantum computing real?Laws of Quantum Computing Quantum Communication First, it is necessary …

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What is datafication in business and it's advantages

Datafication – Advantages and Disadvantages

Table of Contents What is Datafication?Examples of DataficationAdvantages of DataficationDisadvantages of DataficationDatafication in Data Science Running Datafication on your Server and its Pros What is Datafication? Datafication definition in layman’s term is simply the process of transforming raw and unprocessed data into a more usable form. Datafication is one of the most powerful concepts in …

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computer animation methods and techioques

Computer Animation Methods and Techniques

Computer animation is about bringing life to inanimate objects in a video. It’s in two categories – Computer-assisted animation, and computer-generated animation. There are different types of animation systems in computer graphics, and each type is subdivided into several other categories. The five basic types of computer animation are the following Cel Animation (Traditional or …

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